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Everybody Loves Big Boobies 2

Everybody Loves Big Boobies 2

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Busty , Compilation
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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MD James's ratings for Everybody Loves Big Boobies 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Everybody Loves Big Boobies 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Everybody Loves Big Boobies 2 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Everybody Loves Big Boobies 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Everybody Loves Big Boobies 2 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Everybody Loves Big Boobies 2 Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Everybody Loves Big Boobies 2 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Everybody Loves Big Boobies 2 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by MD James  on  3/10/2006
MD James - A mystery wrapped inside an enigma

Title: Everybody Loves Big Boobies! Volume 2
Released by: Adam & Eve
Reviewed by
MD James

Okay, there’s no real secret behind this video, is there? This is yet another one of Adam & Eve’s compellation videos, which means they pulled up a couple of scenes from the database of their movies with a common theme and slapped a cute title on it. In this case, it’s "big boobies".

Now when it comes to compellations, I’m a stickler for the overall theme. When the box cover promises "massive meat muffins" and "bigger, bouncier boobies", then that’s what I expect! I expect to see nothing but girls with "big boobies".

There’s a lot to over, so let’s just get right into it. Remember: the qualifiers here are "Big Boobies".

Scene 1: Carmen Luvana & Eve Laurence from "Snow Job"

This reviewer has a problem starting a compellation with a girl-girl scene, even if they’re relatively fresh faces. Watching Carmen and Eve go at it is somewhat boring. There’s a bit of foreplay and tugging of clothes, some pressing of boobs, Carmen goes down on Eve, then Eve uses a toy on Carmen to get her off. I’m sorry, but it wasn’t really interesting. That’s not a good way to start off the "4 Hour Boobie-Palooza" (or so claims the box cover). It would have been better if there was a guy in the mix.

Scene 2: Brittney Skye & Chris Cannon from "True Hardwood Stories"

We start with Brittney showing her stuff on a little stripper’s stage. She takes off her top to reveal her artificial fun bags, then she slides off her panties to play with herself for a moment before crawling over to him to work on his cock. She sucks his cock, then she lays down on the stage while he licks her pussy, then he fucks her in doggie-position over a barstool, then in spoon position on the stage, then scrambles over her mouth to blow his load all over her face. Not really arousing as far as I was concerned.

Scene 3: Kianna & Eric Masterson from "Miko Lee & Friends"

Okay, at least Kianna has the required "big boobies", but so far this is the fourth woman with assets courtesy of a plastic surgeon. Mother Nature HAD to have been kind to someone in the industry! Kianna lets Eric play with her mellons for a few moments before they start pulling some more clothes. He goes down on her to get her off, then they’re both completely naked and she’s sucking on his cock. Then she rides him in reverse-cowgirl, then he fucks her in doggie position, then he blows his load all over her mouth. In terms of scenes, this one was better than the first two, but not by much.

Scene 4: Justine Romee & Brett Rockman from "Natural Selection"

We start out with a nice view of the city lights and Justine’s backside as she gives Brett a little lap dance wearing a bra, garter belt, and stockings. He helps her out of her bra so we can see her fake Barbie boobs before she goes down on him. (Cripes! Is that a dick or is she sucking a kielbasa? That fucking thing is as big and as long as her forearm!) She does some sword-swallowing, then some tit-fucking, then he goes down on her for a while before fucking her in missionary, then in doggie-position, then she kneels down as he blows his load over her open mouth.

This is getting to be too predictable.

Scene 5: Carmen Hayes & Scott Nails from "Poundcakes"

Carmen doesn’t play around. She immediately starts for Scott’s "nail", although it’s more a spike than a nail. She sucks on it for a bit and even pulls her big boobs out of her dress to play with. Then when they’re both naked he goes down on her for a while. Then he fucks her in missionary position on the sofa, then she rides him in reverse-cowgirl position, then in standing missionary over the couch, then regular missionary, then some oral, then some missionary, then doggie-style, then she kneels down while he blows his load into her mouth.

A much better scene, with more positions, and for once a woman who’s HUGE boobs are NATURAL and not the product of saline bags.

Scene 6: Taylor St. Claire & Steven St. Croix from "Sweetheart Trilogy"

We start with Taylor’s boobs already exposed and getting sucked on. She returns the favor by sucking his cock before he fucks her in doggie-position, then in missionary, and then finally blows his load over her belly.

As far as scenes go, it wasn’t too bad. No full nudity but at least the pop shot was a little more spontaneous.

Scene 7: Lisa Sparxxx & Brett Rockman from "Over 30 & Dirty"

Naturally busty Lisa looks rather hot in her pink lingerie as she tempts Brett to blindfold him with a stocking. She blinds him, then they start pulling at clothes. She pulls her boobs and his cock out to play with. After a little bit of sucking, she pulls her panties off, he pulls his blindfold off, and she sits on his cock and rides him hard in cowgirl position. Then she flips around for some reverse-cowgirl fucking, then some sucking, some tit-fucking, then missionary, then more sucking and tit-fucking, then doggie-position, and then finally she gets on her knees for him to blow his load into her mouth.

Scene 8: Nicki Hunter & Byron Long from "Black In White 2"

Nicki & Byron are the second interracial couple in this video (Carmen & Scott were the first) and when we catch up to them, they’re already half-naked and into the foreplay. He goes down on her, then she does a little 69 with him before she rides him in reverse-cowgirl, then he does her in piledriver position, then moving into missionary before finally blowing his load around her mouth.

Another relatively short scene, and Nicki’s status as having "big boobies" is somewhat questionable.

Scene 9: Kylie Ireland & Mickey G. from "Club Freak"

Ah, a couple of professionals! We see Kylie with her ass already exposed for Micky to paddle over the bar. Nothing too hard, mind you. Then he props her up on top of the bar so he can dive into her fire-red pussy with his tongue. He plays with her pussy piecings as she lays back in her schoolgirl dominatrix outfit and rides the waves of pleasure. Then she goes down on him before fucks her from behind, then he fucks her missionary on the bar stools before finally blowing his load over her pussy.

Not much nudity, but some good action, and again some spontaneity in the pop-shot.

Scene 10: Candy Roxxx & Ian Daniels from "Dirty Dancers II"

We see Candy already naked and about to get into the hot tub… after she takes off her shoes of course. There’s a little bit of foreplay before she goes down on him. Then she rides him in cowgirl position. She doesn’t make too much noise as she rides him, at least until he mounts her in missionary position and grabs hold of her boobs. Then she rides him again, this time in reverse-cowgirl position, then right into doggie position, then he tit-fucks her until he blows his load all over her mouth and boobs. Not bad.

Scene 11: Avy Scott & Steven St. Croix from "Hot Rods"

We start with some fully-clothed foreplay, but pretty soon her top comes off, and soon his dick comes out so she can suck on it. He finishes stripping her down then goes down on her for a while before fucking her over the hood of his car in doggie-position. Then he fucks her in missionary until he blows his load all over her belly. Another short but sweet scene.

Scene 12: Rowan Fairmont & Luc Wylder from "Their First Time"

We start with Rowan wearing just a top as Luc is finger-fucking her as they watch over the beach. Then he fucks her from behind over the balcony. They take the action inside as he fucks her in the ass in missionary position before finally blowing his load over her face. Another somewhat disappointing scene and it really didn’t show off much of her "big boobies", which was questionable anyway.

Scene 13: Victoria Givens & Steve Hatcher from "Under the Influence"

Steve is already between Victoria’s legs as we join in. He licks her to orgasm as her nipples stand up in attention. Then she goes down on him for a while before she rides him in cowgirl position, then in spoon position, then in missionary until he can jerk off into her mouth. Not bad, but she’s not that busty… at least in that particular scene.

Scene 14: Shy Love & Talon from "Upskirt Cam Girls"

Shy coaxes Talon up to her exposed pussy from her office chair. He quickly licks her as she stars opening her blouse to reveal her naked funbags. He pants on her pussy like a thirsty dog, much to her pleasure, until she gets off. Then he quickly gets his clothes off so he can stick his saussage into her ass from over the desk. They fuck in anal-doggie position until she gets off at least once. He fucks her in missionary position on top of the desk for a while before she deep-throats him, then they go back to fucking in missionary, then some more deep-throat action, followed by her riding him in cowgirl position on top of the desk, then she kneels down and blows him until he shoots his load into her mouth. It’s a pretty intense scene

Scene 15: Brooke Haven & Kurt Lockwood from "Poundcakes"

We start with some foreplay as Kurt gets Brooke out of her robe and panties, and then her bra and shoes, then he gets a nice taste of her pussy as she talks dirty to him. Then it’s her turn to please him as she sucks his cock before she rides him in reverse-cowgirl position on the bed. Then it’s doggie-style over the bed, then she rides him hard in cowgirl position as she continues to talk dirty to him, then in missionary position, and then finally he blows his load all over her breasts. Another intense scene, and much better than some of the earlier ones.

Scene 16: Aja and Jereme Steele from "Twisted"

Wow! Aja’s a blast from the past!

We start with Aja going through a photoshoot with Jereme. They talk about what he wants, and she decides she’s going to TELL him what he REALLY wants. He gets her to crawl up to her and lick her pussy under her leather skirt. She tells him to take his pants off so she can see his dick. She sucks him slowly before telling him to fuck her in missionary position. Then he fucks her in doggie position, then she rides him in reverse-cowgirl for a while, then finally her jerks off all over her leather boots.

This one wasn’t too bad for a femdom scene, although Aja’s not what you would call having "big boobies". Yes they’re pumped up (artificially of course), but she certainly doesn’t fall under the category of busty.

Scene 17: Mason Storm & Mick Blue from "Latin Fantasies"

Two seconds into watching this scene, I was wondering where I’ve seen this before… and then I remembered… I reviewed this SAME SCENE for ANOTHER Adam & Eve compellation called "Brunettes Deluxxxe"! Since they like to rehash, I’ll do the same…

We start off with our dark-haired couple already in a passionate embrace. She’s quick to get her bra off, but she keeps her knee-high boots and black bustier on as he licks and finger-fucks her for a while. He struggles to get his pants off as she reaches for his burrito while they still kiss. But once he gets it off, she’s quick to comment on it as she’s sucking on it. They fuck in spoon position for a while, then she sucks it some more before going at it in modified missionary. Then she sucks him for a while longer before straddling on top of him and riding him in reverse-cowgirl before he tosses her off and she sucks him off to a facial pop.

As sex scenes go, it was okay. Not great, or even good. Just okay. Mason is quick to play up to the cameras instead of paying attention to the guy she’s sucking and fucking, which makes it look like she’s not really interested in him.

Scene 18: Vicky Vette & Eric Masterson from "Naughty Little Nymphs"

Our last scene stars with Vicky teasing Eric in her black bodysuit. She plays with herself until he dives in between her legs to lick her off. Then it’s her turn to pleasure him, which she does with her mouth and her boobs. Then she mounts him in reverse-cowgirl position and rides him until he blows his load all over her big breasts. Somewhat short, but then again it seemed to be par for the course for this video.

Whew! There’s a lot here! And right after the final fade-out, there is a quick promo for the Free Speech Coalition, which I suppose is better than having it as a forced trailer when you put the disc in, but this really should have been an extra instead of an afterthought.

In terms of extras… we have a VERY lengthy animated photo show of the various women from the video which lasts about 14 minutes long, three back-to-back trailers for other Adam & Eve videos, and a single-page plug for both Adam & Eve’s website and their VOD site. It’s not really much, which is a pity because previous compellation videos from that studio have put a little more work into the extras.

All in all… I was somewhat disappointed by this video. Adam & Eve put all of their effort into cramming as many clips as possible with as many names as possible, but apparently didn’t think about whether or not the women featured in this collection had "big boobies"! Lisa Sparxxx and Carmen Hayes stood out, but that’s because they have NATURALLY big breasts. Some of the others barely qualify as "busty" in this reviewer’s eyes, and some not at all. There IS a difference between having boobs and being busty. I’d say get this video ONLY if you’re a fan of ANY of the women in it. Don’t get it if you’ve got a thing for really busty women, and don’t get it if it costs more than $10.

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