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Eva Angelina Vs. Teagan

Eva Angelina Vs. Teagan

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Compilation
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Sean Renaud's ratings for Eva Angelina Vs. Teagan:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Eva Angelina Vs. Teagan overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Eva Angelina Vs. Teagan Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Eva Angelina Vs. Teagan Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Eva Angelina Vs. Teagan Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Eva Angelina Vs. Teagan Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Eva Angelina Vs. Teagan DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Eva Angelina Vs. Teagan A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Sean Renaud  on  7/14/2010
Expectations: Zero Tolerance is a company that is more hit than miss as far I’m concerned. Normally I would tell you to run from a title like this. The truth is that compilations are crap but can you go wrong with Teagan and Eva Angelina? I mean I’m not

Scene One: Teagan in Fishnets #8

Teagan, the blond bombshell, starts the scene off in the buff and then slowly dresses herself just for our pleasure. Trust me this woman can make putting on cloths the sexiest thing on earth. Doesn’t hurt that the clothing in mind are fishnet stockings and a lingerie one piece that doesn’t even make a legit effort to keep her tits in check.

She struts to her man and after a bit of foreplay, fingering and stroking she skips right to the straight reverse cowgirl, just pulls the outfit out of the way. She only slowly strips out of the rest of her clothing during a nice aggressive fuck that sets Teagan out to a nice start.

Scene Two: Eva Angelina and Gianna Lynn in Pussycats 2

I’ll start with a simple undeniable fact. Eva Angelina and Gianna Lynn are two amazingly beautiful and sexy women. These are the kinds of women that cause twenty car pile ups with a smile and start wars. The fact is I’m not into lesbians, particularly not when they forget the toys and are playing nice. Eva takes the lead and is always first to taste Gianna for her part makes it look like no Eva is really about to drive her right round the bend. After they switch positions a few times they for a sultry sixty nine finish.

Scene Three: Teagan in Dollhouse 4

Goddamn. Teagan knows how to rock a pair of fishnets, this time black over red with matching heels. Until you’ve seen this you’re gonna laugh but Teagan honey, the men are trying to see the car also, please share the camera space a little better. (Yes gentlemen it’s that damned sexy that Teagan’s warm up routine, admittedly hotter than most is still somewhat distracting. Well at least it doesn’t take too long. . .

Teagan has her fun teasing us for a while then hops up onto a man’s piano so he can get a taste of what’s really good in this world. I love the way Teagan can snarl when she’s getting what she wants. Damn and it doesn’t take long before she’s in her proper place, kneeling, sucking, slurping, looking up with those doe eyes.

This busty blond can really go to town. If I’ve got a major complaint with this scene, and I don’t I’m making something up so I don’t sound like I’m gushing, the two spend a lot of time per position. Sometimes you have to give the stud credit for bringing his half of the game and our stud does that so even though they are in the same spots, it’s not boring and they actually use most of the room to fuck in, not just the piano bench they started with. Average can’t complain but wouldn’t want it on the recap cum shot.

Scene Four: Eva Angelina and Savanah Gold in Goo for 2 #6

Eva has a habit of working with the most beautiful women she can find and Savanah is not trying to change that habit. The stunning blond dances along side Eva for a few minutes until they go crawling in search of cock to and take turns cramming it down their throats. Eva wins here just by the fact that she makes it look easey to take it to the hilt. A girlie sixty nine with some man help is a nice twist and it keeps Savanah’s mouth in the right position for quick Pussy to mouth action.

Both girls get to taste cock fresh from the other girl a few times. They have better chemistry than most girls and when one of them can’t find cock nor cunt to play with they slip just off camera so we don’t notice them trying so hard to keep interested in the action as a whole. The energy between these two girls is intense and not just the regular screams and moans but giggles and laughter. Eva and Savanah are having fun and it shows. The girls take turns riding and cheering each other on before finally sharing a cum shot. After two tries Eva gets herself on the board!

Scene Five: Teagan Presley in Roller Dollz

Teagan has a habit of finding the sexiest things in the world to wear and to do. In this case it’s a pair of tight biker style shorts with a pink half jacket. She can’t quite figure out the knee pads with her skates so she just keeps em on. First getting eaten out then getting fucked. I’m a huge fan of girls with there clothes on so Watching Teagan slowly work her way out of her outfit while she’s fucking. . .well it takes a good scene and makes it a selling point. The scene is practically over when she finishes undressing. Bonus points for the reverse flying cowgirl. There isn’t much in this scene that really truly stands out as something you’ve never seen before, it’s just that everything from the costume to the location to that perfectly sculpted for sex woman all comes together.

Scene Six: Eva Angelina in Strip Tease then Fuck 10

As usual the strip tease open is less tease and more a reason to make real close friends with your fast forward button. She’s not a terribly amazing dancer, just wriggling about for a while and keeping what little clothing she started with still basically in place and the music is bland to the point of being distractingly bad. Just do us a favor. I took one for the team, you fast forward.

Once Eva gets her lips around some cock things pick up. I love the way this woman slurps and swallows and sensually worships every inch of cock. She lets us know just how much she enjoys it even when she’s struggling for a gasp of air as her windpipe is filled with dick.

Eva as always fucks with the kind of energy that could almost make you feel bad for the stud she’s wearing out. Then you remember the last time you were worn out and couldn’t feel your knees. She talks dirty manages to get her hair mussed just right. All the expected positions are here and Eva looks great in every one and better getting the pussy to mouth each time.

Scene Seven: Teagan and Lindsey Meadows in Piece of Ass

It’s rare that I find an opening tease to be anything other than a reason to be thank for the search button and in most cases better yet just the skip to function. That said these two ladies toying with each other isn’t the worst thing, just pretty bad. At least they start the anal in the tease and even get the first ATM as Teagan cleans the glass dildo straight from her ass.

I’m not much for feet and foot fetishes. It doesn’t turn me off but it doesn’t make my day. What does make my day is two girls very nearly competing to suck cock while one drills her own ass with a dildo. That I can get behind and makes me want that behind!

They have their fun for a bit and then Teagan takes the first turn at bat, doggy style on the stairs with her face buried in Lindsey’s twat. They take each other’s P2Ms which is always a sexy treat and the dildo sticks around pumping Teagan’s rump until she’s ready for the real thing.

The good points are we get anal, we get ass to mouth and two ladies who work together very well. Lindsey doesn’t get anything crammed in her crap shoot though leaving Teagan to do all the real work. The cum shot is nearly hypnotic.

Scene Eight: Eva Angelina in The Doll House 4

Just make friends with the fast forward button here. You’ll need it to get to the blowjob. Eva is again at her cock sucking best as she frees the stud’s cock and saturates it with her saliva occasionally lightly gagging as she tries to devour it. I love this woman.

Eva manages to make even the most common positions look like you changed her life. The way she’s moaning and clawing at the tiger print sheets is. . .I think gripping might not be a bad word to use here. She twists, turns and is absolutely put through it before getting splattered with cum.

Heading Out: Personally I’m an Eva Angelina fan. That woman is amazing in every single way that could possibly be imagined. There is no mystery why she’s managed to stick around in the business as long as she has. And yea yeah Teagan’s the same way. Just she never quite made me a believer. To watch a near complete knock out like this is embarrassing. Eva doesn’t deliver the same quality and she doesn’t go anal.

Bottom line is if you are a fan of both girls this is going to be worth it. If you’re an Eva fan and could do without Teagan, skip this. If you’re a Teagan fan pick it up. There are probably better films out there. I should point out that as compliations go this is damned good. Almost on tier with the wonderful “I Love” series put out by New Sensations and with just a tiny bit of work could make for a good competition with that series.

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