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European Ethnic Honeyz 4

Studio: Killergram
Category:  All Sex , Foreign
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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stinkfist's ratings for European Ethnic Honeyz 4:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
European Ethnic Honeyz 4 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks European Ethnic Honeyz 4 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks European Ethnic Honeyz 4 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex European Ethnic Honeyz 4 Sex rating 0 stars
Plot/Acting European Ethnic Honeyz 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras European Ethnic Honeyz 4 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality European Ethnic Honeyz 4 A/V Quality rating 0 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  5/9/2008
If you are a fan of Ethnic girls and dream of seeing them getting fucked hard,sucking cock,taking facials etc..then you stand at a crossroads.Do you dream on or do you step inside to the world of Killergram and have all your fantasies come true in the form of European Ethnic Honeyz 4..glad you made the right choice,leave your inhibitions at the door it's time to enjoy what you craved for so long.

Scene 1-Alexis Silver

Alexis looks amazing in this scene,she has long dark hair with red flashes through it at the sides,big pouting lips coated in red lipstick.ok i will try and catch your attention here and mention that she has tits so big she could breastfeed a nursery,a beautiful curvy figure and looks every inch a top class babe.She is wearing a black sheer see through top with no bra on,i'm sure if she walked past a Monastery like that there would be carnage as grown men fought each other to get a good look.Alexis talks to the camera in a posh sexy voice and as the camera pans back i nearly fell of my seat,her long black see through skirt has ridden up and her long sexy legs are on show and as she spread her legs i suddenly began to think maybe there is a god after all.She has on a black thong and strokes her pussy,i still cant take my eyes of her tits and i am beginning to sweat like Elton John in a sausage factory.If you love dirty talk to the camera you will love this intro,soon she is pulling the ties on her top to release those tits,phew i think i'm going to pass out with asphyxiation of the penis.Alexis teases the camera and what a body she has,she cups those huge breasts and licks her nipples then sucks on them this is amazing to watch..i just know i'm going to end up with a groin strain.The long skirt soon comes off and as Alexis sits back on the couch she slips of her knickers then rubs her pussy with them,her pussy is shaved,she begins to finger her cunt and lick her fingers while she talks dirty,she reaches for a pink dildo from the couch and begins to tease her tits with it sliding it between those huge mammaries.She puts her legs to the side high in the air and crosses them and jams the dildo in and out of her cunt.I just love the look of this it looks so sexy,she fucks her pussy till she orgasms then licks the dildo.Now it is time for Alexis to take on some male talent,a cock gets thrust in her face and she goes to work on it,she sucks on it spits on it and wanks it off.She really deepthroats this guy and just to show how much it meant to him he sticks his cock between her tits and fucks them.I work a 40 hour week i think i should get to swap places with that guy..please.Alexis soon makes sure she is in charge as she goes reverse cowgirl on him and really rides him hard,she gets it doggie and her pussy gets stretched open and we get a look inside her love tunnel.some spooning then she gets it missionary.Then the guy pulls out and gets her to wrap her feet around his cock as he fucks her feet while Alexis sucks on her nipples.I think i am going to explode,she uses her feet to play with his balls as he wanks and she rubs on her pussy.I think i need about four eyes to see whats going on.He could hold back no longer and shot his load all over her body then Alexis sucks him dry.

This was a great scene Alexis was just so sexy and beautiful looking.I loved the tease intro and to watch her dildo her cunt to orgasm was hot as hell,her breasts are perfect and the sex scene was great too and if you like a bit of foot fucking you will enjoy the end sequence.I am now a fan of Alexis and will seek out other titles she has been in.

Scene 2-Anaya Leon

The first thing you will notice is this girls hair,it is long,blond and in ringlets it looks amazing i think her hair must be her crowning glory,that must take ages to get it to look so good.Anaya is a pretty girl she is slim has piercing eyes and wears a sexy pink dress.She is on a balcony and as the intro music plays she wastes no time in showing of her sexy body,i think this scene is going to be a treat and a half.She has great little tits and a cute bum she is slender and normally that is the type of girls i don't really get off on..but Anaya looks so sexy i cant help but be captivated by her looks.As the action swings to inside the flat she soon has a cock either side of her face thrust towards her..and there i was thinking she was the shy quiet type no wonder im single.Anaya wanks on the two cocks and takes turns sucking them off it looks really hot to watch.One of the guys soon peels of her knickers and exposes her shaven pussy as she stands wanking off both guys.Anaya soon mounts one of the guys cowgirl while sucking off the other,doggie style follows as she sucks the other guy off.Some blowjob action swapping between cocks is next before she goes reverse cowgirl.Then a treat and a half as Anaya is on her side and a cock gets eased up her tight ass and she gets fucked hard,this looks great to watch.She soon goes reverse cowgirl and takes his cock deeper.Anaya is not happy with just her asshole full of cock she wants both holes filled with man meat and she gets her wish,for such a slight girl she takes this double penetration well.One of the guys soon has her doggie and pumps away on her tight beef lips and we get a great view of them stretched full of cock.Anaya then sucks both guys of and then they spread her legs and hold a foot each and rub there cocks along the soles of her feet,she rubs on her pussy and talks dirty as the guys wank against her feet with one of them cumming on her feet and she calls him a dirty bastard for doing it.

Anaya looked really pretty in this scene,i never thought i would see her do double penetration when the intro started so that was a treat and a half,an enjoyable scene and at the end more foot fucking with one guy popping on her foot.A cute sexy girl

Scene 3-Anjali Kara

Scene starts with Anjali wearing a dress,she looks sexy and has those smouldering good looks that can reduce a guy to a nervous wreck.She pulls her tits out of her dress and i remember looking down at my wrist and saying out loud "well what you waiting for".Anjali's hand reaches down and strokes away on her pussy it is shaved and looks sexy.Her nipples stood out like two Jehovah's Witnesses at a hells angels bar.She faces the wall and slaps on her curvy bum,she has such a great figure and teases the camera with her poses.Then from nowhere a cock gets thrust in her face has that guy been hiding in the loft or something.Anjali gives this guy a blowjob so good that he will take those memories to the grave with him,i'm not going to his funeral i'm jealous of him.She slaps his cock of her tongue and dribbles her saliva on it and spits on it,and he moans like a guy who has found out it's his round at the bar.Anjali is a woman who knows what she wants and goes cowgirl to get her pleasure.It is great to watch that curvy sexy bottom move around as she rides him hard.As he pulls his cock out we get a great look at Anjali's gaping hole,She stands against the wall hitches one leg up and the guy takes her hard from behind.We get a good pov view of Anjali getting done missionary before she is on her side getting fucked and this looks amazing to watch.Reverse cowgirl next and as she slams up and down you can hear all her juices squelching around..fantastic.Anjali gets it hard doggie while the guy pulls on her hair and the camera is right in her face to catch her screams.The scene ends with Anjali dirty talking the guy to spunk all over her face,she rubs on her pussy then slams fingers into her soaking wet cunt and fingers herself really hard you can really hear her juices slurping around.The guy eventually could take no more and splattered Anjali's face with cum.I can just picture him down the pub trying to tell mates that he got to fuck an Indian princess..and being made to buy everyone beer all night as they think he is lying.

Another great scene Anjali always delivers on the big stage she has such a great body and those sultry looks,another winning scene.

Scene 4-Lala X

This is a girl i have never seen before and she looks nice,she has shoulder length dark hair with red flashes through it and looks mysterious.As the camera pans around her body she does a teasing dance she has a tight toned body,long legs and a great ass.This girls figure is beautiful,she has a shaven pussy and large tits that could cause a disturbance at a bird spotting convention.Some of these guys want great tits in there back garden..i want great tits in my bedroom.Lala is smoking hot,a cock suddenly gets thrust into her face and she takes it in her mouth and wraps those lips around it.She gets off on sucking cock and it looks good to watch.It's not long before she is in missionary position and is getting done,her pussy is tight and really grips his cock as he pounds in and out.As she climbs aboard him cowgirl we get to see those really long legs and that tight butt.Soon he has her on her side and pumps away and her pussy looks like it is strangling his cock,some cock sucking in between and it's back to missionary for pussy stretching.Think of something that you have that does not fit you anymore without a struggle that's right a pair of jeans from 4 years ago yes you can maybe still get them on but it is a struggle and a tight fit..well how do you think Lala's pussy feels and judging by the pace this guy is picking up she might be getting some of his genes.Some more fucking takes place in a variety of positions then the male talent wanks off into Lala's mouth.

This was another good scene Lala had such a tight toned body and an even tighter pussy,if you love seeing pussy's that get stretched by cock then get yourself to the doctor and admit you are a i'm first appointment 9am on monday

Scene 5-Nasrin Moore

Another girl i had never heard of next,she looks sensational,tumbling blond locks,great smile and pretty looking she is slim and sexy she wastes no time in stripping off and sliding her hands down her knickers and sitting down and cupping her big tits.I think im going to like this girl its scene 5 and i am going blind,i must have lost about 10lbs of sweat,cant stop pulling ridiculous porno faces and my penis is going up and down like a schizophrenics mood swings..and do you know what i'm loving it.As Nasrin poses around and shows off her bum etc she looks incredible.This girl has it all..and i was right as a cock gets put in her mouth she has got it all now,she sucks and wanks on his cock and looks to the camera and its one of those looks that send electric shocks surging towards your groin.Nasrin talks dirty to the camera and foam starts to escape from my mouth,it is great being a pervert it really is the best decision i ever made.Soon Nasrin goes cowgirl and rides away but does not really slam up and down as much as my penis craved her too.She lies back and fingers her pussy i could watch this all day..She takes it missionary but the guy takes it easy as she is struggling to cope with his big if she wanted something a bit smaller she could have got in touch with me.Nasrin soon is on her knees and is sucking and wanking this guy off,she dirty talks about wanting her pussy full then sits back on the couch and spreads her legs the guy did not need asked twice,now if that was those shelves he promised to put up or cut the grass it would have been deaf ears all round,but mention sex to a guy......Back to the action and he fucks her hard Nasrin turns the air blue demanding that he cums in her pussy,it was all too much for the guy and he flooded her pussy with cum..right now go and get those shelves and the grass cut or else.

Nasrin was a sexy babe indeed,great body,great tits and shaved pussy that got stretched and fucked hard in the end.I need to seek out some of her other scenes

Scene 6-Simone Banks.

Now this is a pretty girl,she has long hair and a nice smile she is slim and petite and as she gets interviewed she is told that she is getting not 1,not 2,but 3 cocks to play with,she smiles and then gets quizzed about the biggest cock she has ever had etc.This is going to be good and it calls for a cold beer.Ahh thats better as Simone sits on the couch smiling like a shy girl i have a feeling her pussy is tingling at the thought of being taken by 3 guys.She gets told the guys are going to just come in and deal with her,her reply "i'm looking forward to it" Right on cue two guys appear and Simone smiles and goes to work on there cocks..wait a minute he said 3,am i the third person i checked my phone and no messages so my lucks out.Just to rub salt into the wounds a third guy appears and Simone tries to shove all 3 cocks into her mouth,It's not long till Simone is in reverse cowgirl and taking turns sucking of the other guys cocks,the guys take turns about fucking her and Simone is loving it and smiles and laughs to the camera.She gets done in a variety of positions and handles the 3 guys with ease this is one tough little cookie,Simone takes a good prolonged fucking from the guys i bet her pussy is wetter than a weekend in London.The finale ends with the 3 guys wanking off into Simone's face as she lies back against the couch,only one guy manages the pop shot before the film ends..i'm getting onto my lawyer about this.A stunning babe and 2 don't pass the pop shot me Killergram i'm ready.

Simone looks amazing i really like her,she took on the 3 guys with ease and smiled and laughed her way through her scene.That wraps up what has been a fantastic offering from Killergram,i loved every scene the girls were amazing and if you are a fan of Ethnic girls put this title on your wish list,if anyone wants to know about the male talent they were all white guys no Ethnic guys banging the girls.With this title the focus is on the girls anyway and you wont see any head shots of the guys,just some grunting and groaning i suppose that's what we are famous for.The End

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