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European Bitch Funkers 9

European Bitch Funkers 9

Studio: Killergram
Category:  All Girl , All Sex , Foreign
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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stinkfist's ratings for European Bitch Funkers 9:
Overall Rating 4 stars
European Bitch Funkers 9 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks European Bitch Funkers 9 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks European Bitch Funkers 9 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex European Bitch Funkers 9 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting European Bitch Funkers 9 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras European Bitch Funkers 9 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality European Bitch Funkers 9 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by stinkfist  on  12/14/2008
Scene 1-Ashley Rider and Lolly Badcock

Straight into action we go and Lolly is the Dom female in this scene and she is wearing the following,a red basque short black skirt and black fishnet stockings with sexy heels and holy shit a red strap on dangles from her crotch ready to use on Ashley.Lolly has a great figure and with her jet black hair and dirty talk..i wish i was a lesbian lol.Now we get to see Ashley and as she crawls on all fours over to Lolly she has a great ass,she gets made to say "pretty please" as Lolly makes her beg for the strap on.This is done in pov style looking down on Ashley and she looks sexy as hell she has short blond hair and she is wearing a red bra which contains a great set of tits,i think i like this girl.

More dirty talk continues and then Ashley wraps her lips around the red shaft and sucks away like it is going out of fashion,she is such a sexy little minx and it looks great to watch and as she gets filthy instructions from Lolly this adds to the debauchery i think i will cut my cock of and become one of the girls.What follows next is some hair pulling and then Lolly sits back on a sofa and orders Ashley over and slowly begins to strip her,as Ashley lies on the floor with her legs wide apart she gets made to spread her pussy lips then finger her cunt this looks so sexy and she has a fantastic figure,she also has some tattoos but looks so cute and adorable.The toys soon come out to play and Ashley gets her pussy stuffed with a pink vibrator

Lolly stuffs the pink vibrator deep inside Ashley's pretty little pierced pussy and talks dirty to her and it's great to listen to and watch as this pink vibrator stretches her little pussy,now i am not clued up on my sex toys but this vibrator has a bit for the clit to and Lolly puts it to good use as she gets really rough with the cute Ashley who then gets to taste her juices from the vibrator.Next up Lolly fucks Ashley with her strap on missionary position and this looks fucking hot then a change of position with Ashley choosing to go reverse cowgirl to ride away.She gets done in more positions and some more toys come out to get used on Ashley's little pussy which must have been drenched.

It is fantastic to watch several toys getting used on her she even squats on the pink vibrator as Lolly fucks her mouth with the strap on,i could watch this kind of stuff all day.In fact i am going to lol.More dirty talk and some great close up action as the girls put on a great show and Lolly begins to feel the heat as she gets her tits out and rubs away on her erect nipples as she orders Ashley to use some toys on her,then as Lolly uses a dildo on her she gets made to blow bubbles with one of those little fun packs that have the plastic holder etc.She does look cute as hell and pours the soapy contents over her tits and Lolly rubs it all over her and down to her pussy,more toy action follows and the finale is an intense orgasm for Ashley.

Fantastic scene to start the movie Ashley is so cute,a little darling and what a sexy figure she has and yet she loved to be roughed up with the sexy Lolly dishing out the punishment.

Scene 2-Emily X and Louise Skye

Straight into action we go and the pretty long blond haired Louise is already getting down and dirty,she is wearing a pink fishnet body stocking and is moaning away like crazy..i would love to hear her at the January sales lol.As the camera pans down her body her nipples are already rock hard and then we find out why as she is rubbing away on her shaved pussy and with the camera looking up at her pussy this is a great view of the sexy Louise.I cannot wait to see her get used and abused with toys etc the silence is soon broken as Emily has arrived and demands to know what the fuck she is doing.

Emily is wearing black stockings,heels and a black pvc outfit and with her short dark hair she looks sexy as fucking hell,she takes one look at Louise and says to her "So you think thats how you play with your fucking pussy,i will show you how you play with your FUCKING pussy" and with that she pours cold lube all over Louise's cunt..gimme a chance to take my trousers of i want my fifteen minutes of fame to lol.Emily barks out the orders to Louise and with her stern voice and crude talk i think i love her ha ha.Louise gets told of for playing with her dripping wet pussy,so if you love your women talking dirty this scene could have you going to the doctors with high blood pressure.

Emily reaches for a toy and as i have mentioned before i am not so up to date with my toys but this thing looks like one of those lamps you would get from the gadget shop lol,it soon gets forced up Louise's glory box..god i love porn so i do.Plenty of lewd talk from Emily continues and i swear to god my cock must have an ear as he sat up and looked at the television and was straining to hear every foul mouthed obscenity that poured from the stern talking Emily's mouth.When Emily pulled the toy from Louise she shouts out "Look at that creamy slutty fucking pussy" fucking hell now my cock has opened his eye lol.The toy action continues and Louse is really getting of on being called all the filthy names under the sun.

Louise asks to taste her juices from the toy and Emily forces it down her throat till she gags on it then she spits on the toy and makes Louise lick it of,Emily plays the Dom part really well and i found myself wanting to see her on the receiving end..imagination is a great thing..a wet patch on your pants is not such a good thing back in 5 minutes there has been an explosion lol.Now my prayers have been answered and Emily says it's time she had some fun and gets her tits out and orders Louise to get her mouth around her nipples,she has a great pair of tits,nice and big and juicy and by the looks of them firm as hell.

Louise gets ordered to chew and bite on Emily's nipples as hard as she can and all the time Emily talks dirty to her,this is good on the ears,eyes,cock,biceps lol.Emily pushes her tits into Louise's face and both girls are getting of on this.More baby oil gets used to lube up Louise's cunt for some dildo play and what follows is some great nasty toy action as Louise is made to fuck herself while Emily shines a small torch onto her pussy to watch the action then she gets made to lick her juices of the black dildo and all the time Emily is really crude and foul mouthed to her,three cheers for Emily thats what i say.More toy action and Louise brings herself to orgasm as she goes into doggie position and uses 2 hands to grip the dildo and really fuck her wet slit.She goes on her back for the finale which sees her have another shuddering orgasm as she really drives the dildo in and out of her cunt.

Another great scene and Emily the Dom was sexy as hell i was really into her,i would have loved to have seen her fuck Louise or take a pounding with a strap on but it was not to be,we only get to see her tits but i will seek out her other titles as i think she would be a great ride lol.She bossed about Louise who was pretty and she gave herself up to the Dom to be used and it made great viewing a scene to watch again and again.

Scene 3-Franky Babe and Louise Skye

Blond haired Frankie is next up and she looks fantastic,she has her hair tied back and wears a black and white striped pvc outfit and she has a large dildo in her hand ready to give little Louise's pussy another seeing to.Christmas has come early guys and so did i in scene 2 lol.As the camera pans down Franky rubs the dildo against her knicker clad pussy and she looks fucking beautiful,she has one of those looks that could drain the balls of any man from 100 yards away.I hope i meet her on my way to work one day lol.Holy shit she is wearing black knee high boots,there is something about those boots that just drive me crazy.

Louise crawls over to Franky and gets made to lick her boots and since she is only wearing bra and knickers i am fucking loving this.Fuck Santa Claus thats what i say,well cmon who's knee would you rather sit on this Christmas.After some great tease of Louise licking Franky's boots it was time for her to sniff Franky's panties then she gets her tits out which are a fantastic pair.How the fuck do Woolworths not have these in there closing down sale lol.Do you know what i think i would have had a great life if i had been born a woman even 6 months in Prisoner Cell Block H would have done kidding lol.

This is a joy to watch as the 2 hot chicks get down and dirty with each other,Louise sucks on Franky's nipples like a drunk would chew on some peanuts at the bar,in other words she is savoring the moment.She then gets ordered to lick Franky's ass and what a peachy ass she has got and it looks as soft as velvet.Jesus i am going to get about 50 wanks out of this dvd lol.Louise goes on all fours and asks to get her ass spanked and Franky slams the dildo against her cheeks then pulls on her hair.A dildo gets put on the floor and lube poured on it and Louise ordered to sit on it and stretch her pussy with it.

She begins to ride away on it reverse cowgirl and Franky grabs on her tits really hard then she gets made to squat on it cowgirl and as the camera is overhead the cleavage of Franky is out of this world,i really like Franky she has that total sex look about her.Has she got room in her life for stinkfist,has she got room in her mouth,pussy or arse for stinkfist lol.As Louise bounces away on the dildo Franky covers her mouth with her hands and urges her on we get a great close up of Louise with her pussy stuffed with this dildo then as the camera zooms in on her face we see that she is between Franky's legs sniffing her knickers again.

Franky forces Louise's face into her tits and squashes them against her and all the time i just sat in my wanking chariot and smiled,time for more toy action and Louise gets made to give her cunt another seeing to then Franky joins in and uses a toy on her clit.Back to more toy play and Franky uses a dildo as a cock and gets Louise to deepthroat it and gag on it.Franky tells Louise she has a treat for her and winks to the camera then pulls up her pvc outfit and her knickers are coated in fake spunk and Louise gets ordered to get down and lick it up.

Franky was so sexy and with a great body she just looked a total babe,again i wanted to see Franky getting done or even having her pussy licked but it never happened.Louise loves the toys but some of her performance was over the top,she does not have to act that way.I could easily see when she was trying to play the camera.Still as i sit here with swollen testicles who am i to argue lol.

Scene 4-Loz Lorrimar and Shay Hendrix

Time for a religious experience,no i am not going to have a bath lol.I am talking about the sexy Shay she is dressed as a Nun and blesses herself then as she clasps her hands together she says a prayer out loud,she has dark eyeliner and eyeshadow on and penciled-in eyebrows,she also has a small piercing at the top of her cheek and a lip piercing i just know this is going to be a great scene.I could make a habit of watching fetish Nuns and when the camera panned down Shay is still on her knees and her black fishnet stockings are on show and her red slutty shoes compliment her outfit.The silence is broken as in walks Loz wearing a slutty outfit,she is a short blond haired babe with tattoos she tells Shay she is going to "Fuck the Devil out of her"

She then grabs a big black dildo and presses it against her crotch and orders Shay to suck on it,this looks hot as hell to watch and the way she sets about it you can tell she has had Nun all her life.How many Nuns do you know who are into gagging,in fact how many Nuns do you know who are into shagging.As the camera pans back Loz is wearing a tutu which is held up with braces,in other words you would just shag her to death.Her dirty talk is great and Shay seems to be loving it and Loz soon has that dildo slapping against Shay's face getting her all wet with her own saliva.Now it was time to see Shay get her virginal pussy used and abused with some toys.

As she at back on a sofa her red knickers get pulled aside and her shaven pussy is on display Loz spreads her lips and says "She is so fucking wet" and that she is going to "Shine her torch deep inside her cunt to see if she can see the Devil".I thought the Devil hung out in rancid back passages lol.Shay really gets her pussy stretched wide open and Loz shines the torch deep into her hole then a toy gets pushed into her wet cunt and its one of those toys that change colors and Shay's pussy looks great as the toy stretches her.Shay gets told to shout out "Fuck of Satan" if he gets wind of what is really happening he will be round there with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a case of Budweiser and will stay in Shay's wet pussy all day and night.Shay gets her pussy stretched open again as Loz shines the torch in looking for Satan lol.

Loz dishes out plenty of verbals to Shay as she continues to pound her pussy with the toy then Shay clasps her hands together and says "Thank you Lord for this sexorcism ,thank you Lord for sending Loz to fuck the Satan out of me" another bigger toy gets used on her soaking wet cunt and all the time she still has her outfit on,this is sexy as hell to watch.Loz spreads her cunt again and looks in her pussy and Shay says "Loz is Satan still in my pussy"lol.Shay gets led over to the sofa and kneels doggie style and as Loz pulls up her dress she has "Jesus Wept" written on her cheeks oh how i laughed pmsl,she gets spanked and has such a great ass and a tight little asshole.Loz gets her to sit right back and take her knickers of and put her legs right back behind her head and then she pours lube all over her cunt calling it holy water

She then stretches her cunt wide apart and shines the torch deep inside her,i honestly do not think i can take anymore this is fucking great.Loz crams another big toy in her pussy and the camera is right in there to capture it in all its glory and she tells Shay to "Say 20 hail mary's",Shay gets her tits out and what a great pair they are she is soon licking on her nipples while Loz drills her cunt with the toy.She gets made to shout out that she is a "Virgin" and cries out "Forgive me father for i have sinned " and as she nears orgasm she shouts out that "Satan is cumming,Satan is cumming" and Loz is soon pulling her pussy lips apart and shining her torch up her to make sure that "Satan is gone" she then goes on to shine the torch in her mouth,and her ears looking for Satan and gets her to turn around and spanks her ass nice and hard.

This scene was excellent both girls were beautiful Shay was the sexy Nun and Loz the little Dom,i really loved the role play and there was laughs to be had as well as Shay looked to have the Devil/Satan removed from her cunt.The chemistry between both girls was fantastic,a great performance a religious experience indeed.

Scene 5 Shay Hendrix and Simone Banks

The scene starts with Simone giving Shay a lap dance both girls are wearing fishnet body stockings Simone's is turquoise and she has on a black bra and panties and black fishnet stockings and Shay is clad in shocking pink and has a leather skirt on and goes for matching bra and panties and she also wears black fishnet stockings.Both girls look really sexy and slutty Simone is a slim sultry babe and Shay is a short blond haired goddess with a cute lip piercing,sounds like a recipe for lurrve lol.It is going to be great watching these two hot babes in action let the lez fest commence.As Simone grinds herself against Shay she is soon groping the living daylights out of her what a saucy little minx and to look at her you would think that butter would not melt in her mouth,but i bet a big dildo would melt in her cunt.

Simone teases to the camera and we get some great close ups of her little bum,it is not even Christmas and my cock is delighted in fact i want to change that last statement as Shay peeled of Simone's panties my cock is now ecstatic lol.Shay begins to lightly slap Simone's bum and it is horny to watch then she gets made to lie back and Shay rubs a coat hanger all over her shaved pussy,yes a plastic coat hanger?The dirty talk starts as Shay slides the end of the plastic coat hanger along Simone's already wet slit.Tell you what if these two girls came round to my door asking for donations for a sperm bank...i would give them a right mouthful lol.Shay lubes up Simone's pussy and i prayed to god she had some big toys to use on her pretty little pussy.

Simone rubs the lube all over her pussy and slips a couple of fingers into her lovehole and begins to finger fuck herself,i am going to walk over to the television and twang my cock against the screen lol.Ok i will just lick the television i am getting a complex now.Back to the action and the camera zooms in on the lubed up pussy of Simone as she continues to finger her fudge tunnel,at last a big black dildo gets hammered deep inside her pussy as Shay goes to work on her and this looks fantastic.As the camera pans to her face Simone looks sexy and almost unfazed by the pounding she is getting.Simone then gets made to lick her cream from the dildo and i think i am going to end up with my wrist in plaster over the festive period lol.

Simone gets made to gag on the dildo and Shay calls her all the dirty names under the sun,what are all the dirty names under the sun in fact who the fuck made up that saying..lets blame Stephen Hawking we have got to blame somebody lol.Back to the action and the dildo gets slapped against Simone's face as Shay pulls on her hair then she lies down spreads her panties to the side and places the dildo against her pussy and order Simone to "Get down and fucking suck on it" this looks great and the action is caught pov style.Simone spits on the dildo and clamps her mouth around it while Shay gets out her big tits and pulls on her nipples and talks dirty i am enjoying this,Simone gets ordered to suck on Shay's tits and as she stuffs as much tit in her mouth as possible this is horny to watch.

The action is captured looking down on the girls and as the dirty talk continues Shay tells Simone she has a treat for her,the next thing Simone is gagging on a huge black dildo one of the ones you squeeze to pump up,for christ's sake this looks like something you would find in a plumbers toolbag then Shay tells Simone she "Has had her knickers on all day and to get down there and lick and sniff them".Fuck sake i think i am going to cum lol.The last time i wore my underwear all day i got stopped with the police and they asked me for a urine/stool and sperm sample..just take my underpants i whispered to the officer lol.Back to the action and some great pov style action as Simone traces her tongue all over Shay's knicker clad pussy.

More pantie licking continues and if you have a fetish for this kind of thing then join the gang lets call ourselves the Pantie Krew lol.Simone pulls Shay's panties to the side and begins to tongue her wet slit and slips a finger deep inside her,her pussy looks so wet and juicy so if you can put your hatred of God on hold and forget about the Wars and all the other shit that happens in this world and reflect for a second and celebrate what he really gave us..beautiful sexy women,what the fuck am i on about lol.Another treat for Simone and this time she is getting a bottle used on her cunt,a bottle of Scorpian Mezcal Tequila with a real Scorpian floating at the base of the bottle,Simone gets her pussy lubed up and lube is smeared over the neck of the bottle and she wanks it of then Shay slides the bottle all over her pussy and slips the neck of the bottle into Simone's juicy pussy.Shay gets out the bubble making fun pack and blows bubbles all over Simone's pussy to end the scene.

This was great,2 very sexy girls but i wanted more from the scene i wanted strap on action some facesitting etc.What we did get to see was very enjoyable and both girls are smoking hot but i felt Simone could have been roughed up more.Toys get used on Simone and the neck of a bottle used on her but i still wanted more lol.Shay was sexy as hell and with her barking out the orders to Simone this made for great viewing both girls are so hot you might melt your dvd player and your ball

Scene 6-Simone Banks and Shay Hendrix

The scene starts with Simone lying back on the sofa she is wearing a black basque and black patterned stockings and she is looking at a porn mag holy shit i just realized that she is holding a glass dildo,the intro music is still going and already she is tracing that dildo over her pussy lips and jamming it in her love hole,i think i love this woman lol.She looks great fucking her pussy with the glass dildo and as she looks right at the camera your cock will grow an extra inch lol..well mine did.The sound of high heels clunking across the floor welcomes the arrival of Shay and she has on a black pvc number,very sexy indeed and her great cleavage is on display she also has black knee high boots on and black fishnet stockings and a studded collar and black elbow length fishnet gloves,i am dripping pre cum girls lol.

Shay grabs hold of Simone's toy and forces it up her cunt what a welcome that was this is going to be a hot scene,Shay looks every inch the slutty commanding Dom and orders Simone to her knees and gets her feasting on her big tits.I am going to check my bank balance after this scene and see if i have got enough money for an Escort girl i kid you not,my plums need emptied badly lol.Simone gets a dog leash draped around her neck and Shay pulls on it as Simone lies on the floor while Shay pounds her hole with the glass dildo and pulls on her leash,this looks fucking great i am enjoying this more than there last scene.Another big black toy get produced and this thing has a handle and would not look out of place in an id parade lol.Shay rams it up Simone's pussy and with the camera close up this looks sexy as hell... think i have just white washed the ceiling.Shay then gets her to gag and spit on this dong and slaps it of her face.

Shay pulls on Simone's leash and gets her between her legs to lick her pussy and the beautiful Simone is soon eating her out like her life depended on it,we get a great close up of the action as Simone laughs away to the camera and tells us that she loves licking out pussy,the camera looks down on Simone licking away and she spits on Shay's shaved cunt and with dirty talk thrown in this is a hot as hell to watch and listen to.A flesh colored dildo is next and Shay grabs Simone by the hair and forces it in her mouth and rubs it all over her face and gets her to spit on it,she gets ordered to sit on the floor and Shay forces this monster up her pussy.Simone looks really sexy with her basque and stockings and leash on,Shay pulls on her leash again till she is between her legs i fucking love this scene.

Simone talks dirty to Shay and as she flicked her tongue all over Shay's pussy i could watch about 6 hours of this quite easily,the camera again looks down on the action and Simone looks amazing with her tongue buried deep inside Shay's bald pussy.She then goes on to tongue fuck her,it is going to be a torrid time in the bedroom of stinkfist tonight i can tell you lol.Simone fingers Shay's pussy while she licks her out and you can hear all her juices squelching away.Yum fucking yum now its time for Shay to have some fun with Simone and she gets her pussy lubed up as she sits back on the sofa and Shay hands her a big double ended dong and she gets made to fuck her pussy with it as Shay pulls on her leash.The finale has Shay grabbing the dong and fucking Simone's pussy with it then making her lick her juices from it.

This was a fantastic scene to end the movie and much more intense than there last scene together but that is only my opinion,both girls were dressed really sexy and i really loved it.Great toy action and prolonged pussy licking made this very enjoyable to watch i will watch this scene again and again.So another Bitch Funkers title has come to an end and i must say i loved this edition which had a fantastic choice of girls my faves were the sweet looking Ashley,i also loved the dirty talk of Emily the white hot Frank babe,Shay as the slutty Nun who wanted the Devil fucked out of her pussy was my favorite scene and to cap it of i loved the last scene with Simone and Shay.You really are spoiled for choice in this title and If you like your lesbian titles a bit rougher than usual and enjoy toy action,light slapping,hair pulling and dirty talk then the Bitch Funkers series will appeal to you.Killergram have delivered another winner here and i will be patiently waiting on number 10.

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