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European Bitch Funkers 7

European Bitch Funkers 7

Studio: Killergram
Category:  All Girl , Foreign
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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stinkfist's ratings for European Bitch Funkers 7:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
European Bitch Funkers 7 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks European Bitch Funkers 7 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks European Bitch Funkers 7 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex European Bitch Funkers 7 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting European Bitch Funkers 7 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras European Bitch Funkers 7 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality European Bitch Funkers 7 A/V Quality rating 0 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  4/26/2008
There are two things in life that smell like fish..and fish is one of them. Yes I had decided to go for a bit of Lesbian action today and my choice of title was Killergram's European Bitch Funkers series number 7. If you enjoy lots of rough lesbian action, hair pulling, spitting, slapping, gagging, dirty talk, messy food play, huge toy insertions then you just might have started a love affair with the Bitch Funkers series. There is no air guitar pussy licking in these titles or some saxophone music kicking in, just the sound of hot woman barking out orders as they violate each other. If your penis suffers from a form of Narcolepsy then watching this is the best thing you could ever do for him. It was time to press play on the dvd player and step inside to a world of fish that I could only dream about.

Scene 1-Cherry Treats and Morrigan Hell

Scene starts with dyed blond haired Cherry with her legs wide apart it is not until the camera pans back a little that we see chains from the wall attached to Cherry's ankles and her legs are spread wide open..and i mean wide open,this is not taking place in a bedroom and all sorts of fetish toys adorn the walls,oh god i can sense my penis getting a restraining order on me already.She has big tits and pink knickers on and she says "It looks like im in trouble again as last time i don't think my friend Morrigan was tough enough with me,and now it's time for an annihilation rematch"..yes she would be in trouble if i walked into the room and found her like that i thought to myself,Suddenly we get to see Morrigan she is wearing black knee high leather boots she has on a black strap-on,red latex dress and her massive tits spill out,she has black latex gloves that go to her elbows,a tattoo on her arm and long black hair and is wearing red lipstick.She looked every inch the strict Mistress and i just love women wearing all this fetish gear,my cock was liking the look of this too as he awoke from his slumber and twitched about like a newbie at his first pop concert.Morrigan holds a pair of scissors in her hand and says "That's right i will finish what i started" in reference to Cherry's earlier outburst,she walks forward obscenities pouring out of her mouth as she begins to cut Cherry's knickers a nice set of beef curtains stare back at us some people close curtains Morrigan was choosing to slap them,her arse gets the treatment as well and soon Cherry's pussy lips get spread wide open and get spat on and Morrigan is being really strict and fingers get probed deep inside Cherry's fuck hole.Morrigan starts slapping Cherry's face and forcing her mouth wide open as she gets made to lick her own cream from the latex gloves,Morrigan pulls on Cherry's huge tits i could watch this kind of stuff all day.Next up her pussy gets covered in what looks like cum or is it thick lube and lots of it as her arse is now getting fingered as well as her cunt.Before i knew what had happened a cucumber got produced and slid deep inside her pussy as Morrigan makes sure she will never look at fruit and veg in the same light again,i guess you could say the same about celery as a piece of that went up her arse which she gets made to eat afterwards, that's one of her 5 a day indeed.Next up corn on the cob or in this case up the paradise valley it goes.She soon gets slapped across the face for being a slut,now her pussy lips get fishhooks put on them and Morrigan pulls the chains to really stretch her wide open,plenty of dirty talk from Morrigan as she puts pegs on Cherry's tits and some strawberries get forced in her mouth.She also gets her ass and pussy whipped as she is still chained up and at Morrigan's mercy.At last the moment i had been waiting for and Morrigan spits on her strap-on and wanks on it talking really filthy about what she is going to do,She squashes strawberry's into Cherry's cunt then begins to fuck her.It looks hot as fuck and i guess i will tell my grandkids about this scene one day..ok im joking.The camera is behind Morrigan and she slams in and out of Cherry's hole more dirty talk continues from Morrigan,the camera changes angle and we see her really going for it it's great to watch.Cherry is soon made to suck on the strap-on as Morrigan fucks her mouth with it tills she gags on it.She is soon in reverse cowgirl as she bounces away on the black beast with Morrigan reaching for her tits.Cherry is really going for it and so am i you should see the faces im pulling.Finally Morrigan orders Cherry to get off as she has had enough of her and orders her to "Lick up the fucking mess she has caused".Thank god she never seen what i got up to or the mess i made.

This was a hot scene and if you like big tittied girls and love to see a girl getting dominated by another then you have a problem..get to the doctors..only teasing.Good scene indeed Morrigan is in control over Cherry and it makes for perverted viewing,it gets messy at times with the food play,both girls have tattoos and are are attractive.

Scene 2-Crystal Lei and Loz

Scene starts with the camera focusing on Crystal in the house,she is wearing pin striped trousers as the camera moves up her body we see a huge bulge in her trousers which she is rubbing i would take a guess and say that is a strap-on or at least i hope it is or i am pulling up my pants and terminating this review.All is fine as the camera shows her face and she starts talking dirty she has a slim figure,blond hair which is tied up and flashes of pink through her hair,she has on a black top and is wearing a collar and as she strokes the strap-on she talks dirty to the camera.She puffs on a cigar blowing smoke into the air,i have something else which is bad for her health in my hand.Then the sound of high heels a sound that can make any man sit up and take notice as in walked Loz wearing a pink bra and short skirt which has black fur around the edges and pink fishnet tights and high heels on,she is blond and has a great figure with belly piercing i prefer her to the other girl.She gets made to dance in front of Crystal lap dance style.She still puffs on that cigar(at one stage i thought a new pope was going to be elected with the amount of smoke i seen)and rubs that strap-on as Loz grinds her arse against her,she rests her knees on the couch and pushes her arse in the air and gets her arse spanked for her trouble.I used to get a clip round the ear for wearing my shoes on the couch.As Loz sinks to her knees it's time to for her to meet that strap-on,teasing down Crystal's trousers soon she is taking it in her mouth and making a good job of sucking on it she does look hot,as Crystal talks dirty maybe it's just me but she talks so fast i do not have a clue what she is saying i strained my ears at times but could only make out some things she said.Its great to see this hot little blond suck on that strap-on something about girls and there toys does it for me all the time,she sucked and wanked it off that long that i feared she would get lockjaw.She got pushed onto the couch and her pink fishnets and skirt pulled off.She had a gorgeous shaved pussy and gets it spat on and licked roughly for her troubles,some face slapping and a dildo violates her cunt as both girls turn the air blue,imagine staying next door to them i would have a glass against the wall trying to listen in.Holy fuck another dildo goes in at the same time as Loz's pussy gets stretched,both girls stuff there fingers up her cunt it is soaked in lube.A big black dong gets used on her she gets her hair pulled really rough her pussy is getting assaulted with that thing when it gets pulled out lube was everywhere.She takes the dong and sucks and wanks on it like it is a real cock this is hot to watch.The camera pans down is that a fucking whole fist sliding in and out of her fucking is.I looked at the calendar on the wall was it my fucking birthday.As she gets fisted Loz rubs on her clit till she is screaming like hell as the pounding continues.She now has her legs crossed pulled up to her chest and is on her back as more lube gets poured on her pussy.The black dick gets used on her again eventually she gets the strap-on treatment till the fake cum shoots out of it what's the word on the lesbian streets for the name of these things.It does look like cum and lots of it is all over her pussy and tits.She rubs it all into her pussy and it looked fantastic.

This was a great scene,Loz with the pink fishnets was the one for me and im glad she was on the receiving end as she loved to take it deep and rough.Crystal was slim and pretty and knew how to use her toys with plenty of force too,i will go back to this scene when the swelling between my legs dies down.Plenty of dirty talk on offer here again,this is the type of lesbian action i love to watch.

Scene-3 Lexi and Lolly Badcock

Scene starts with Lolly talking filthy to the camera really filthy about what she is going to do to Lexi the Polish girl,she is saying she is going to "Fuck up her holes" This makes me proud to be part of the human race,Lolly has on a smart trouser suit with white blouse opened up,she has black hair and looks sexy as fuck and the dirty talk adds to her charm,she puffs on a huge cigar and blows smoke into the camera continuing with the dirty talk.As the camera pans down she is not wearing trousers but a short skirt and black stockings and a strap-on dangles between her legs.Hope she never came straight from her office job like that,in comes Lexi and she looks good she has on very little,just a pair of black fishnets,black thong and black lace dress which shows off her bum,she dances for Lolly as she turns around Lexi has dyed red hair is slim and pretty and has that sparkle in her eye that says stinkfist get your pants off.Lexi sinks to her knees to suck on the strap-on and if you like dirty talk get the surround sound on and enjoy.Lolly spits in Lexi's mouth grabs her hair and makes her suck harder,Lolly is all talk again ordering Lexi to strip off we get to see her little titties with bullet like nipples which Lolly soon sucks on.Lexi's panties soon get removed and stuffed in her mouth and im beginning to sweat like Elton John in a sausage factory.Lolly gets to work on Lexi's pussy getting it lubed up and ready for action she lies on the floor and then gets a big black double ended dong and rams it into Lexi's mouth before sliding it deep inside her cunt using both hands,Lexi gets made to fuck herself with it as Lolly makes her take the strap-on in her mouth this looks great to watch.Next up Lolly has Lexi bouncing up and down on her strap-on in cowgirl as Lolly urges her to fuck her harder.Then she moves to reverse cowgirl and thrashes about while smoking a cigarette at the same time,It's now Lolly's turn to lie on the floor as Lexi sucks away on the strap-on then makes her way to Lolly's tits to gorge on her nipples if Lexi has never been with another woman before she is making a great job of this.She spends ages licking and sucking on Lolly's boobs and biting her nipples.Soon Lolly is back to work with another dildo on Lexi and this time the walls of her pussy get stretched with this monster.The scene ends with Lexi licking the black dildo and the strap-on at the same time.

This was great as i had already seen Lexi in another Killergram title and to see her get the Lolly Badcock treatment was very enjoyable.Lolly was turning the air blue with her dirty talk in this scene and it made the temperature rise as well as a few other things.Im happy although my cock looks like it wants to sleep for a week.

Scene 4-Lydia and Cherry Treats

No rest for the wicked here as the scene kicks in with Cherry on one of those sex swings which is suspended from the ceiling,her legs are spread wide open exposing her pussy and she wears a leather french maid outfit which has ridden up.The camera zooms in on her pussy and my penis might try and lie that he suffers from a form of narcolepsy but even he woke up at this point.Lydia comes into view and berates Cherry for being on her favorite chair she has long dyed red hair and is wearing a sexy black latex outfit with red piping to match her hair she is attractive.Lydia gives Cherry a slap in the face and pulls her hair then spits on her face.As Lydia is smoking she announces that Cherry is going to be her ashtray and tips ash over her big tits this is not a girl to mess with,smoke gets blown in her face and more hair pulling and she pulls on Cherry's nipples and bites them hard and lets her know who is the boss.She gets her mouth pulled wide open and Lydia spits on Cherry's face again,she grips really hard on her big tits and rubs ash into her boobs burning her with the cigarette.Ive got a feeling she is going to fucking kill her.More spitting follows as Cherry actually spits on Lydia's face and laughs before Lydia returns the compliment.Someone inform this girls next of kin,as Lydia rams her fist in Cherry's mouth she now begins to slap Cherry's pussy and as her legs are wide apart as she sits in the swing chair she can do nothing about it.Lydia appears with lube and a massive red double dong,it looked like something you could unblock the toilet with,it soon gets rammed in her cunt only coming out to get stuffed in her mouth and between her tits then back into her cunt.Lydia attaches fishhooks to Cherry's pussy lips and then pulls the chains to really open up her cunt.The end of a spanner gets used on Cherry's cunt,imagine going home to Lydia with an empty pay packet all hell would break loose.Lydia now puts loads of lube on Cherry's tits and as she works it in it looks fantastic as she jiggles them about.She continues talking dirty to Cherry and pulling open her mouth and saying"This slut wants to show the world how much of a whore she is etc"as she rams her fingers in her mouth till she gags.

This scene is excellent that is if you like really dominant women,Lydia really takes charge of Cherry and spits on her,bites on her big nipples,slaps her,makes her gag,burns her with a cigarette,spits on her again and just oozes authority.Cherry really gets off on being treated like this and plays the willing Sub and dirty talks all the time.It was a messy scene with lube getting smeared on Cherry's face and her mascara was all over the place in the end.I loved it when Lydia bit and roughly squeezed Cherry's tits because they are a massive pair and to see them lubed up was fantastic too.Cherry has a fantastic curvy figure and massive tits i will seek out her other Killergram titles.

Scene 5-Lolly Badcock and Summer Jayne

Scene starts with Lolly wearing a trouser suit,she has a white blouse on and is puffing on a cigar and did i see her grope a strap-on as the camera followed up her body.She blows smoke into the camera as intro music plays and does indeed grope a strap-on which she is wearing under her trousers.Lolly says"She has a big hard suprise in her trousers" makes two of us darling i whispered..Suddenly she is telling Summer to"Get fucking over here bitch" and Summer walks over and goes behind her and starts playing with the bulge in Lolly's trousers,wish someone would come behind me and play with my bulge.Summer looks cute about 19 years old she is wearing a black leather basque and has a short black leather skirt on,she has dark hair and does look really pretty just like a rock chick and has a lip piercing soon she is on the floor and groping Lolly who slaps her face and pulls her hair tightly as they trade dirty insults.Summer now has the strap-on in her mouth and looks sexy as hell as she glides her tongue up and down it,Lolly forcing it in and out of her mouth and slapping it against her face.Summers reward for sucking on the strap-on was to get put over Lolly's knee and spanked.This was great to watch as she was made to say"Thank you"as Lolly spanked her little ass and what a pretty little ass it was,then Summer turned naughty to the camera shouting out she"Fucking loved it" as Lolly spread her ass cheeks to show us Summers wet pussy.She is made to suck on the strap-on again then masterbates as Lolly wanks away on her strap-on.She gets her tight wet hole finger fucked from Lolly then a double dong used on her.Three cheers for double dongs thats what i say.Summer has a lovely little shaven pussy and great tits Lolly grips the dong with her teeth and fucks Summers pussy with it now that is fucking hot.Now a bigger toy gets used on Summer only stopping to kiss each other,i love seeing girls kissing.It was time for Summer to get a hold of Lolly's body and as her white blouse was opened we see she has on sexy lingerie.Summer plays and sucks hard on Lolly's tits and again this looks great,Lolly makes her suck on the strap-on while she hits her arse with a big dildo and makes Summer fuck herself with it.More hot action follows as Lolly sits next to Summer and makes her wank the strap-on while Summer fucks herself with a dildo.the scene ends with Summer sucking on the strap-on and another dildo as the filthy talk from both girls continue and the fake cum erupts from the dildo and showers her mouth and face with it,Lolly makes her lick it up from her hand and then rubs it into her face,a nice messy end.

This was another feast of dirty talk and a great performance from Lolly i get the feeling she really gets off on all this and who can blame her when she had the body of Summer to do as she pleases with.Summer was a hot sexy looking rock chick with a slim body and dark hair and a perverse streak running through her.I would have liked to see Lolly fuck her with the strap-on but it did not happen,I could still watch this scene again no problem at all.

Scene 6-Loz and Crystal Lei

Scene starts with Loz wearing a pin striped trouser suit only one button is properly done up so we get a teasing glimpse of black lingerie and sheer black top underneath.and she puffs on a cigar,her hair is tied back.Smoke gets blown into the lens as intro music plays away and it is a strap-on that she squeezes underneath her trousers,they are taking over the world i'm telling you.On the couch behind her i can see numerous sex toys laid out.Oh good i thought to myself Dildogeddon here we cum.The music stops and in walks Crystal and straight on her knees before Loz she went,she has very little on and starts to lick the bulge in Loz's trousers,i will need to listen really carefully if she starts talking,again i cant make out what she is saying.Loz blows cigar smoke into her face and they kiss,Loz gets stripped off and she was indeed wearing black fishnet tights and the strap-on soon gets put in Crystals mouth as she deepthroats it.She gets her face slapped with it and spits on it taking it deep in her mouth as the camera pans down she is fingering her cunt.Ok that makes up for me not understanding her,Crystal rips the crotch out of Loz's tights to get to her pussy and spits on it and sets about it with her tongue and fingers her real hard too.More spitting on her pussy is welcomed by Loz,Its not long before Loz has her tongue buried deep inside Crystals hole and she gets fisted really hard,now it was time to put those toys on the couch to good use plenty of lube gets used to ease the first monster toy into her cunt,this thing was pink and resembled an elephants tusk i bet she never forgets that,as she cums she squirts all the lube out her hole.Loz uses both hands to prise her cunt wide open then spits deep in her hole,it was time for another assault and this was a big black fist by the looks of things that got forced into her cunt,no wonder girls go to the toilet in pairs i thought so they can head home and get up to this sort of thing.Oh shit here comes another huge toy did they break into a sex shop or get vouchers for christmas with all those toys lined up waiting to be used.As this black toy gets used on her she squirts when it is pulled out and spreads her hole to show us the tunnel of love.As she goes on her knees her ass is marked where she has been slapped so hard with toys and Loz's hand,and just to make it worse she gets spanked.Crystal is now on her knees and sucking the strap-on,another toy gets rammed down her throat and this one would not look out of place in your car if you lifted up the bonnet im sure you would see one of these things with smoke coming off it.Crystal spits on Loz's face and she does the same back.The scene ends with Crystal wanking off the dildo and getting the fake cum treatment.

Another great scene to wrap up the movie, Crystal takes a pounding from the toys and her pussy gets stretched and it's all thanks to Loz, there is plenty of dirty talking although i never caught all of it,i need to clean out my ears. Quite a bit of spitting takes place as well but i was happy with what was on offer from Killergram European Bitch Funkers series. Its a good hard dirty lesbian title that will appeal to viewers who like rough dominant scenes with dirty talk, slapping, gagging, spitting etc. There is only one thing to say now and that is I am now a fully fledged lesbian who is hungry for fish.

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