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Euro HardBall

Euro HardBall

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Foreign , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Nutty Buddy's ratings for Euro HardBall:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Euro HardBall overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Euro HardBall Female looks rating 2 stars
Male Looks Euro HardBall Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Euro HardBall Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Euro HardBall Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Euro HardBall DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Euro HardBall A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Nutty Buddy  on  6/23/2002
Title: Euro Hardball
Cast: Beatrix(Julia Taylor), Nikki Anderson, Eva(Eva Roberts), Eniko, Monic, Annie, Christine, Kata, David Perry, Philippe Soine, Chris Charming, Tarzan, Johnny La La, Alexandre Murphy & Christoph Clark
Studio: Evil Angel
Director: Christoph Clark
Action: Straight, Lesbian, Anal, Double Penetration, A2M, Gaping Anal, Toys

Well, Christoph has come a long way since the original Euro Angels Hardball. Forgive me for bringing it up again but Euro Hardball #16 really raised my eyebrows. Since that was my very first experience & first impression of a Christoph flick, it’s fair for me to say this one sucks.

Scene 1 Annie, Eva Roberts, Nikki Anderson & Two Guys: This scene takes place in a room with a marble floor & a big black dildo in the middle of it. Annie’s instructed to crawl over to the dildo & simulate a blowjob. She’s a attractive brunette with a nice body, wearing a latex outfit with black stockings & high heels. While she bores me to death, blonde Nikki Anderson spectates along side brunette Eva Roberts. They’re both wearing some sort of fetish wear with high heels. Eva stands blank faced while Nikki pumps the big black dildo in her mouth. Annie gets propped up on the couch, bent over & analyzed for a good while. Nikki lubes the Dildo up & puts it in Annie’s ass so she could pleasure herself(but not me).There’s continuous & infuriating gaping anal before any sex even starts. To make a long & boring Christoph scene short, Eva has no anal sex(no sex at all actually), Nikki gets fucked up the ass doggystyle & Annie receives double penetration. Only Annie takes facials & they were pretty hot but if the sex isn’t hot, facials mean very little. 1 ½

Scene 2 Beatrix(Julia Taylor), Nikki Anderson & 7 Guys: Well, This scene starts out in a room with Julia bent over on a table being analyzed by Philippe Soine. It switches back and forth with up skirt shots of various women on a Escalator. It also shows Nikki at a Budapest subway being tail gated by six young guys. She calls Philippe on his cell phone & tells him she has six guys. They all go over to Philippe’s & basically have Julia bent over, fucking her ass. Julia has no vaginal sex, only anal, doggystyle. Once I saw the six guys in the same room with Julia bent over, I was afraid it was going to be a “fuck away at your ass fest”. Christoph clearly uses more camera rotation & full body shots nowadays.I’m glad because I don’t know if anybody wants to see ONLY a bunch of guys going at a girls ass. Nikki is merely a uninspired prop in this scene & doesn’t do much of anything. After every single guy in the room has their turn at fucking Julia, they all gather & jerk off on Julia’s face. This was the first & only time I’ve ever seen Julia Taylor not into the sex at all & not care for the man juice. She takes plenty of facials but no post cum head. 1 ½

Scene 3 Christine & Two Guys: In a room with a pool table & two guys, Brunette Christine leans over their game wearing a mini skirt & high heels. At first glance, Christine is very damn hot but Christoph’s up skirt shots(close up & from a peephole perspective)show Christine has a horrible case of boils & sores. That immediately made me say “oh lord” & ruined the remainder of the scene for me. Even if you somehow enjoyed connecting the dots, the sex wasn’t much of anything. She gets bent over & analyzed before any action of course. Both guys basically try to see how many fingers they could fit, disgusting. She also experiences the huge black dildo from the 1st scene, providing perverse gaping anal(if you even like that kind of thing). She gets fucked up the ass reverse cowgirl, doggystyle(vaginally breifly) & receives double penetration. Both guys jerk off on her ass & she sucks them off afterwords. 1

Scene 4 Monic & Two Guys: I liked this scene because Monic is hot & enjoys every second of it. She’s a brunette wearing a latex get up with black stockings & high heels. She teases David & Philippe on the floor of a room for a good while & rims & sucks toes. She sucks David’s cock first & then gets analyzed with the big black dildo. Monic has anal sex of course, doggystyle with a lot of gaping anal. She receives her first DP doggystyle & takes DPs in several positions, including standing up, very hot. She finishes off both guys crouched between them, making both cum in her mouth, with a lot of post cum head. Gaping anal & rimming aside, I thought this was a good scene. 3 1/2

Scene 5 Annie & Christoph Clark: Well, this scene opens up in a room with Annie masked up like that guy from “8mm”. Off the bat, I knew what Christoph was going to do & it would either frighten or bore me(mostly both). Annie crawls on the floor wearing that leather mask with the Skeletor zipper, a bra, stockings & high heels she keeps on through out. Christoph does various & meaningless things to her asshole, pretty much only pleasuring himself. Fast forward.

Scene 6 Eva Roberts, Kata, Eniko & Four Guys: Back in the same setting as the 1st scene, gorgeous Eva Roberts has no sex, AGAIN. She starts off by analyzing Eniko & Kata on the floor. Both are blondes bent over, wearing stockings & high heels during all the action. Eva steps out of the picture & the guys go at Kata & Eniko. They get fingers shoved up their asses & use dildos on themselves. They then suck all the guys off & take it straight to the “A” , doggystyle. Christoph mainly keeps a “fuck away at your ass” camera angle & doesn’t take much of a break. Both blondes receive DPs in a few positions & facials with a lot of post cum head. 2

Sum it Up: I'll admit, I pretty much don’t know what porn is without anal sex. There is a big difference between anal sex & anal emphasis though. There’s nothing wrong with less vaginal & more anal but stuff like this is stretching it(pun intended). I think it’s a fair assumption to say this was meant to pleasure Christoph Clark himself. Can’t say he started off great with this series but he has came a long way & should be proud for the burners he’s putting out now. His camera angles & instructions in this one produced little to no heat. The up the skirt escalator shots were a nice twist but ended up being hotter than the actual sex. Gonzois like art to me & Christoph handles the abstract. It does seem like he trys everything in his power to disturb you but dammit … this Euro Hardball thing has came a good ways. I get this stuff so it covers everything & I have less chance of being disappointed but that doesn’t always work. If you’re collecting or just love assholes for the hell of it, you might want this.

The extras include: Chapter Menu, Fetish Menu, Photo Gallery, Christoph Clark’s Biography & Web Info

As far as the women & the sex goes, this lacked. I usually enjoy watching Julia Taylor(credited as Beatrix), Nikki Anderson, Eva Roberts & Eniko but I didn’t here. I only liked Monic’s scene because she actually enjoyed the sex & looked extra hot. Christine, Annie & Kata didn’t do anything for me either though. The women looked great but the sex was uninspired & none of them seemed to like it besides Monic.

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