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joeblow69 Euro College Buddies 3.5 starsEuro College Buddies 3.5 starsEuro College Buddies 3.5 stars
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Euro College Buddies

Euro College Buddies

Studio: Oh Man
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
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TouchDown Tony's ratings for Euro College Buddies:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Euro College Buddies overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Euro College Buddies Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Euro College Buddies Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Euro College Buddies Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Euro College Buddies Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Euro College Buddies DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Euro College Buddies A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by TouchDown Tony  on  3/9/2002
Studio: OH MAN! Studios
Director: Oliver Magyar
Starring: Michael Nyilas, George Fekete, Peter Demeter, Leslie Lorant, Frank Einstein, Motti
May, Gregor Bendix, Paul Nick, Leonard Bee, Fulop Daniel.

With a downright silly framing device, EURO COLLEGE BUDDIES opens with an over-miked narrator telling us about a bunch of school boys who must complete a test before they can leave the school room to do something fun. He orates in English with a slight foreign lilt in his inflections. The narration is supported, as is the rest of the film, with a jazz-inflected score that
more often than not, makes the film come alive with the sound of Muzak. Purporting to have a plot, EURO COLLEGE BUDDIES is actually a series of nearly un-related scenes concerning the sexual exploits of a group of University students. The framing device is laughable; these hot young men - each and every one uncut, must finish a written exam before being dismissed from class, where they can then get onto their sex-filled lives. And, yes, these lives are full of sex! Sex on a soloflex; sex in the living room; more sex in a different living room; sex in a discotheque.

First up, George and Michael get quite a workout after a workout. George is hairy and chiseled, while Michael is twink-like. Both men are enthusiastic, and the camera work offers great glimpses of the boyzí hairy buttholes as they go at it doggy style, with George on top; followed by a great sidewinder fuck. The sweaty sexual workout leads to a shower of manjuices as George S-P-R-A-Y-S his load all over the place before Michael drops his own load.

Two more guys finish their essay - these guys are definitely speed writers, and trudge off to a friendís house for cocktails. Yessirree, bob, the screwdrivers are flowing, and all that vodka creates a sexual tension which just cannot be ignored. Our scholars are burly, muscular men; their hosts are lithe and slender. The camera captures all of their beauty, as well as lingering on the cute little knick-knacks on the shelves - who is this director? Someone with a kitsch fetish? What I thought would be a hot four-way, turns into a double-duo, but what they do, they certainly can do. All this public-displaying-of-affection gets the nubile hosts hot; so while the guests are going at it doggy-style, the hosts indulge in a lot of oral action. The scene goes on far too long, with too little effect: the muscular guys are hotter than the slender ones, and their sex is vibrant whereas the others seem to be going through the motions. I prefer the muscular motions, and suggest that the top man can come and give me a ride any old time. By the time the hosts have finished, their guests have up and gone. Donít you just hate it when your friends just cum and go?

As a couple more finish their exams, they head off for a little personal fitness training. Unfortunately, their trainer is in need of a lot of fitness, heís far flabbier than muscular, and his skin tone would look more appropriate on The Vampire of Budapest. This is probably the only time in my life that I wished that a three-way were only a two-way (except maybe for that time in Phoenix, but thatís another story)! Itís not so much that the trainer gets in the way, itís just that the two others are so into each other, that it seems a waste of space to have him intruding on an otherwise hot scene.

The last of the students finish the exam, and everyone hops over to a pseudo-disco for a spot of dancing. The dancing gets down and dirty as an full-fledged orgy gets going. The set looks more like someoneís basement than a club, but hey, the guys donít seem to mind shedding their clothes and sucking and fucking to the disco beat. When everyone is spent, the film develops a case of the cutes, but everyone has spent his load, and I assume that they all passed their test.
EURO COLLEGE BUDDIES suffers in the Audio and Video presentations. At times the skin tones verge towards yellow, and unless these guys are very, very far to the East of the European Continent, then you know thereís something just not right. The score itself tries for a jazz-like quality, but better music has been known to flow through elevators. The score, if it can be called that, never really fits the movie until the final scene. The narration is way over-miked, feedback can sometimes be heard, and the post-film dubbing of the sounds of sex are downright vexatious.
The dvd almost redeems itself with Oh Man's usual array of special features. Lots of trailers, the usual slide show feature gallery and the ever-useful cum shot feature.
Hey, the guys are hot, the sex is, well, alright; but itís the first Euro feature from a trusted company. Things can only get better the second time around.

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