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Euro College Buddies

Euro College Buddies

Studio: Oh Man
Category:  Gay
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joeblow69's ratings for Euro College Buddies:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Euro College Buddies overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Euro College Buddies Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Euro College Buddies Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Euro College Buddies Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Euro College Buddies Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Euro College Buddies DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Euro College Buddies A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by joeblow69  on  8/31/2001
Director: Oliver Magyar

Cast: Michael Nyilas, George Fekete, Peter Demeter, Leslie Lorant, Frank Einstein, Motti May, Gregor Benedek, Paul Nick, Leonard Bee, Fulop Daniel

Story: Seems like every studio is heading over to Europe these days. I sure can’t blame them…Europe is home to some of the most gorgeous men I’ve even seen in porn. The story here reminds me a lot of Hungarian College Jocks. Hunky euro men go to class, take a test, then go get laid.

Scene One
The first one to finish his essay test goes home, where a very twinkie little friend is waiting. This guy is a true stunner. I think he also goes by the name George Vidanov in Falcon films (I thought he was supposed to be a Falcon exclusive??) Anyway, when he took off his shirt, and those massive furry pecs popped out, I damn near melted! After a little sausage sucking, the twinkie boy hops ontop of George’s stiff cock and goes for a nice little ride (and stays hard the entire time he’s being plowed!) I think I might have preferred to see George paired up with someone as big and beefy as he was (and maybe even see him bottom??), but this is still a very hot scene.

Scene Two
The next three guys who finish the test stop by a friend’s house, where a four way ensues. There’s a nice variety of men in this scene: two really beefy guys, and two more slender, swimmer’s build type guys. The beefy dudes get the ball rolling first. They quickly get naked and start sucking each other off while the other two guys watch. The mood has been set, and before long, everyone gets in on the action. The two couples stay pretty separated, though. While the beefy guys are on the couch play bury-the-bone, the other two are content with their dick sucking. Once the big guys blow their chunky loads, they take off, giving the other two some privacy. The slender guys get down on a very expensive looking rug, and commence with the butt lovin. So I guess this wasn’t really a four way after all. It was more like 2 couples going at it in the same room. Don’t miss the beefy bottom’s cockhead, though… it’s huge!!!

Scene Three
Two more guys finish the test and stop over at their personal trainer’s house for a little workout. They ride the stationary bikes for like 20 seconds before they all get naked and adjourn to the living room. Two of these guys are in great shape… nicely tanned and toned. The other guy is a bit lacking, though. He’s kinda pasty white and a tad flabby. Just keep your eyes on the other two guys… they’re doing most of the action anyway. These two hunks really seem to get into each other (literally!) but flabbyman just gets in the way. My only other complaint here is that one seems to drag on a bit too long. Other than that, it’s not a bad scene, but would have definitely been better as a twosome.

Scene Four
Well, it looks like everyone finished the test, and to celebrate, four of the beefier guys go out to some club and start dancing. Apparently the club owner doesn’t mind that an orgy just broke out on stage. Beefy guy number 1 looks like he’s truly in heaven with a big stiff dick lodged up his ass. The other two guys are busy blowing each other when who should show up, but the man of the dreams, George (the hunk from scene 1)! Goddamn, I love this man. We even get a few shots of him bulging in some very skimpy white briefs! And he even gets fucked in this scene! (Geez… can Oh Man! Studios read my mind, or what??) Please excuse me while I lie back in bliss and watch this dreamboat get filled up with cock from both ends. Before this scene is over, all four guys get a chance to plug away at George’s ass. There’s a lot more to this scene than just George, though. I especially like they way they hi-five each other after they cum.

Audio/Visual Quality
The video quality is generally pretty good, though there are a few moments of pixilation. Every now and then a transparent Oh Man Studios label shows up in the corner. I don’t know how often it shows up, or for how long it stays up. Every time I try to determine that, I got distracted by all the hunky men cornholing each other.

Some of the music doesn’t really fit the movie either. I think some classical stuff would have worked better than some of the upbeat keyboard tunes. Also, there are a few parts where the constant moaning gets a tad annoying.

If you haven’t bought an Oh Man Studios DVD release before, you’re in for a treat. They included a ton of previews for other movies. There’s also a photo gallery, cum shot compilation, and menus in four languages.

I just wish they had identified the guys, so I could match the names to the faces.

Final Word
For Oh Man Studio’s first European flick, I have to say, I’m pretty impressed! They found great looking euro dudes (except for that one guy in scene three… how’d he get in here??), shot in good-looking locations, and captured some pretty hot sex. If I had to complain about something, it would be that sometimes it seemed like they were padding the scenes to get the movie to hit the 90 minute mark. Honestly, I’d be happier with a 75 minute movie, where every minute is riveting, then a 90 minute flick that loses me every now and then. But, hey, it has George V. in two scenes. That more than makes up for it. And God knows I love watching hairy holes get poked… this flick has that in spades!

Running Time: 90 minutes

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