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Euro Angels Hardball 6: Anal Maniac

Euro Angels Hardball 6: Anal Maniac

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Foreign , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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VictoriO's ratings for Euro Angels Hardball 6: Anal Maniac:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Euro Angels Hardball 6: Anal Maniac overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Euro Angels Hardball 6: Anal Maniac Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Euro Angels Hardball 6: Anal Maniac Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Euro Angels Hardball 6: Anal Maniac Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Euro Angels Hardball 6: Anal Maniac Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Euro Angels Hardball 6: Anal Maniac DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Euro Angels Hardball 6: Anal Maniac A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by VictoriO  on  4/22/2002
Euro Angels Hardball 6: Anal Maniac starring: MERIDAN, VENUS, DANIELLA RUSH, Gloria, Linda, Angela, Sheila Rossi, Mystery Girl, Nicol Taylor, Carla, Michaela, CHRISTOPH CLARK, MIKE LOVECHILD, MIKE FOSTER, LESLIE TAYLOR, DAVID PERRY, YANN SCOTT, ALBERTO REY (not credited), Richard (not credited) & Mystery Guy category: Anal, Anal Obsession, Foreign, Fetish, Gonzo DVD Special Features: Cast Info, Fetish Menu, Photo Galleria, Extra Footage & Websites writer & director: CHRISTOPH CLARK 1999, Evil Angel/Euro Angel Video

*~This one looks pretty nice. 4 old females & the rest are new.
Lucky to find it on DVD at my video store to rent. Let us see...~*

-Scene One: Introduction/Mike Lovechild, Meridan, Gloria, Angela, Linda, Sheila Rossi, Mike Foster, Alberto Rey, Yann Scott, Leslie Taylor & David Perry
The film begins as we see a crazy Black guy (Mike Lovechild) obsessing over females shoes laying around a house. He's also talking to himself about how women are 'evil'. He makes a phone call for some females, steps into another room where he meets a naked Meridian. A few other females are in the mix, but I am not familiar with them. Another female (Sheila Rossi) walks in, Mike greets her. She walks into the room full of females & she quickly becomes a slave. But, she disappears soon. The guys come & walk Meridan like a dog on a leash. She sucks on all the guys, gets her butt spanked. Isn't Meridan lovely? She blows on them for so long & Mike comes to watch along with the 3 females. He eats Meridan's ass, lubes it up & fingers it. The 3 females have gloves on & they come together to finger up Meridian's ass. A butt plug goes in her ass. Soon, Mike orders the 3 chicks to leave. Then, some of the guys fuck her in the butt. The sex is pretty nice. Soon, she rides one guy in cowgirl with her pussy & that part is just too wild & steamy. She gets a nice, quick DP before another guy rides her ass in missionary. Shiela who came in & Mike made her some slave, he forces her to watch as the guys cum all over Meridan. It's all annoyingly nasty how all the guys cum on her. Although there were a lot of guys here, few of them didn't participate in many things.

-Scene Two: Mystery Girl & Mike Lovechild
Mystery Girl is sitting on a weights bench with a mask on. Mike approaches her and spanks her with a whip a bit. Next, please...

-Scene Three: Sheila Rossi & Christoph Clark
Christoph sneaks into a room where Sheila is sleeping. He peeps at her & she awakes. He explains to her what he wants. He plays with her feet, eats her ass out & she sucks his dick & balls. The anal sex begins in cowgirl, missionary, doggy, laying doggy, standing cowgirl & reverse cowgirl. In this scene, the laying doggy & standing cowgirl positions are the best & has the best sex moments. Later, Christoph puts on a dildo mask, lubes up Shelia's ass & puts the dildo in her ass. She sucks on the dildo later & Christoph fucks her pussy from behind. The sex goes on & there's more anal until Sheila sucks on him until he cums.

-Scene Four: Mystery Girl, Venus, Mike Lovechild & Mystery Guy
This scene is pretty freakish. Mystery Guy comes in with a nasty bondage outfit on. Venus arrives later. Mystery Guy plays in Mystery Girl's ass. This female's ass gets played in so much. Not much attention paid to Venus yet. A dildo goes into her ass, a butt plug & even some anal beads, too. Later, Mystery Guy fucks her ass & vocally, she can't take much of it. Venus puts on a dildo & fucks her ass from behind with it. Later, she gets a DP. It stops, soon. The guys worship the asses of both females. Venus gets anal from Mystery Guy in reverse cowgirl. So, the guy cums. This scene was a bit boring to me.

-Scene Five: Clara, Michaela, Christoph Clark, Yann Scott & Richard
Christoph has a dream of Clara & Michaela (that Art of Noise like music plays). They are in a nightclub at first, but the dream transforms into the girls & guys at another place. The females suck on the guys & their asses get played in. Michaela has the most attention in this scene. Richard fucks her ass, rips apart her outfit & does all kind of things with her ass. A butt plug goes in her ass & he fucks more. Clara comes back & he fucks her. Yann is out of the picture now. And... (I forget which one) one chick gets a DP. Dream transforms. Christoph has Clara suck his dick. He fucks her from behind up the ass. Fingers her ass too much, this guy. But... Christoph wakes up.

-Scene Seven: Nicol Taylor, Daniella Rush & Christoph Clark
Christoph talks to Mike from a cell phone. Nicol Taylor is beautiful. Daniella is sitting on a toilet in the bathroom while Christoph has Nicol show her ass & he plays in it. She plays in it, too. Her body parts get really greasy before she orders Daniella out of the washroom. She crawls around back & forth. Both females blow on Christoph. Then, Venus takes her hands (gloved) and shoves them up Daniella's poor asshole. Christoph does the same, too. Daniella's asshole is very exposed in this segment. So, Christoph fucks her ass in the same fashion in Hardball 4. Later, he fucks Nicol's ass in reverse cowgirl, then from behind as Daniella sits on a floor riding a dildo. Soon, both chicks bend over next to eachother & Christoph fucks their asses before he cums & has them crawl back into the washroom. Before the film ends, he talks to the camera & talks about Mike, acting wild, too.
WARNING: Christoph opens Daniella's asshole too, too much & shows all of her insides as he rips it open. Spreading her asshole open with all of his fingers & showing all of her insides & gets opened like a ripe tomato! (Very disturbing. Viewer discretion is strongly advised)! Then, he shoves some anal beads up there. This is not for the hyper-sensitive. This is not for everyone. You have been warned.

BOTTOM LINE: This Hardball installation is pretty great. There's some cool pip shot techniques, disturbing anal acts done to Daniella Rush, Mike Lovechild is annoying to me and the DVD as well as the film is very flaw-filled. There's some VHS-tracking flaws at the very top of the film transfer (you can see it only if you have shrink zoom on your DVD player) & many people are not credited. The scenes with Daniella Rush/Nicol Taylor, Meridian, Sheila Rossi are the best. This movie, as a whole, is great. Will I buy this DVD? I don't know. I may, but then again I may not. It is worth buying, but I have seen better Hardball movies (3, 4 & 13 are still the greatest to me). Yet, this is so much better than the later Hardball movies I've seen (that goes for 11, 12 & even 14). I am so, so tired of that same old music on these EA DVDs. I will explode!

The Film: A-
The DVD: B+

2002, BlacaneseMale productionz, Ltd.

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