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Euro Angels Hardball 4: Fuck Fetishes

Euro Angels Hardball 4: Fuck Fetishes

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Foreign , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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VictoriO's ratings for Euro Angels Hardball 4: Fuck Fetishes:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Euro Angels Hardball 4: Fuck Fetishes overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Euro Angels Hardball 4: Fuck Fetishes Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Euro Angels Hardball 4: Fuck Fetishes Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Euro Angels Hardball 4: Fuck Fetishes Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Euro Angels Hardball 4: Fuck Fetishes Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Euro Angels Hardball 4: Fuck Fetishes DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Euro Angels Hardball 4: Fuck Fetishes A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by VictoriO  on  4/9/2002
Euro Hardball 4: Fuck Fetishes starring: NIKKI ANDERSON, CASSANDRA WILD, DANIELLA RUSH, EVA, Sasha, Ivana, CHRISTOPH CLARK, ALBERTO REY, David Perry, Remigo, Christian, Hatman & Richard DVD special features: Chapters, Photo Galleria, Bios, Fetish Menu & Websites category: Anal, Anal Obsession, Gonzo, Foreign, Fetish (Bondage, S&M) written, photographed & directed by: CHRISTOPH CLARK 1999, Evil Angel/Euro Angel Video

*I have 2 words: Christoph rocks! He's more hardcore than Jules Jordan or even Rocco, more obsessed with anal than Buttman, much better than Joey Silvera & John Leslie & into Euro chicks unlike Stanley Miranda. This guy rocks so hard. The Euro Angels Hardball series is just action packed. I've had a few doubts about this movie, because I read that Nikki Anderson is blindfolded in all of her scene. Other than those things, it looks great!

-Scene One: Introduction/Ivana
The film begins with Christoph looking at photographs of his movies. Then, we see this fat chick (Ivana) with big tits wearing some bondage gear. She sits on a swing & dildos herself crudely. Showing off her meaty body. Though she is fat, it looks pretty cool.

-Scene Two: The Meeting
Cassandra Wild & Hatman walks out of an airport. They meet Christoph. Some bad camerawork here. Not as bad as it was in Hardball 3. Christoph gets interviewed by the guy, mostly.

-Scene Three: Nikki Anderson, Ivana & Christoph
Nikki is blindfolded, unfortunately. She's too sexy to be blindfolded. Why not blindfold Ivana? She looks like she could be a brutal guard in a hellish prison. Christoph plays in Nikki's holes. She gets dildoed & it's all so incredible. Nikki sits her ass on a dildo & fucks it. Great camerawork as the picture turns upside down to see Nikki's ass get rode from another POV. Ivana stands there throbbing. After the self-fucking, Christoph puts his black glove on & goes all up her ass with his fingers. Then, he runs to Ivana, sticks his face between her busters & she demands him to go back to Nikki. Nikki slobs on him with a butt plug in her ass as Ivana throbs herself again. Christoph fucks her ass from behind. Too bad she's blindfolded. Jeez. Soon, he runs back to Ivana & kisses her feet as he jerks off. Later, another butt plug goes in Nikki's ass, then she gets fucked in in in reverse cowgirl. The sex goes from boring, to superb, back to boring. Nikki gets eaten, dildoed & poked in every angle & Christoph remains to be Ivana's dog. He runs to her twice. 2nd time, she jerks him off.

-Scene Three: The Meeting 2
Apparently, Christoph explained to him his favorite scene in porn.

-Scene Four: Cassanda Wild, Hatman & Remigo
Whoa! Cassandra is wearing a killer black outfit. She's in the bathroom freshening up, but sits on a toilet & takes a piss & wipes up with a towel. Hatman watches her from outdoors. She takes her dress off & shows her nice, hot body. Hatman comes in & checks her out. This female is really good. Hatman eats her out from behind & she sucks his dick. He fucks her puss in missionary on the edge of a bathtub. This goes on until they both go to sleep.
*~A dream occurs. Some guy demands Cassandra to show her ass. She's wearing much bondage gear & wears a mask, even. There are some mirror-like special effects going on. Cassandra plays with a dildo & shoves it up her hot, thonged ass. The special effects stop. Remigo comes in to look at this delicious ass-pig get porked. Remigo starts to fuck her in the ass while her mask is still on & she's vocal. Very good editing techniques. But this guy;s dick can barely fit. It's only a matter of time before she takes her mask off. Takes most of that bondage bullshit off & Remigo cums all over her body.

-Scene Five: Dinner/Daniella Rush & Christoph Clark
These people have dinner together, talking. Christoph talks about another story. This time, it's about beautiful, relentless Daniella Rush. Looking good here, before she had her make-over. She's wearing a short, see-thru dress, wearing no panties. She moves her ass with her knees on Christoph's desk. Her beautiful butt gets intruded so much by Christph's fingers & a jumbo dildo. She stays still for a bit before laying on her back & getting her asshole plumped again. This is a fun view. That jumbo-sized dildo gets rammed up her ass! Very nive views of her gaping/closing asshole. Christoph rips her ass much. After he really digs in her dirt like a shovel, he sends her back to work. Bad ending, but good assplay.

-Scene Six: Sasha, Cassandra Wild, Hatman, Alberto Rey, Christian, David Perry & Richard
Sasha is very pretty. The guys run a game on her as Hatman & Cassandra drives there. While Alberto records & meets the 2, Sasha's getting very busy blowing the other 3 guys. Sone of this can really bore me until Sasha rides a dildo with her ass & Cassandra undresses & shows her unforgettable butt. Alberto & ugly Hatman takes turn with Cassandra. Soon, Cassandra comes over to Sasha & fingers her ass before one guy fucks her in it from behind & pilediver. Cassandra's asshole gets dominated by her own fingers, butt plugs, Alberto eats her body & she gets fingered. Some anal beads goes into Sasha's ass. A guy jerks off with her crotchless panties. Sasha's boring butt gets fucked the most for now. By most of the guys; in many positions. But... both females get some very hot DPs. Especially Cassandra. Wow! Soon, Cassandra gets her ass rode in reverse cowgirl. All the guys cum on Cassandra's thighs after the take her ass for under 15 seconds each. Sasha eats her, then. This scene is pretty good. While Sasha is a bit pretty, she bores me.

-Scene Seven: One More Interview/Daniella Rush, Eva & Christoph Clark
Christoph is working out in a small, boring gym. Hatman gives him a call. They meet eachother at the gym where they take a look at photos of Daniella. There's a flashback of sexy Eva (wearing a fishnet body suit) playing with Daniella, who is sitting in the bondage swing, blindfolded. Eva is very sexy, but Daniella os better. Eva plays in her ass. Daniella turns on her stomach & Eva stays into her ass. The 2 chicks move onto Christoph so Daniella can blow him. Then, Christoph slides into her ass in missionary as she lays on a desk. After a while, her blindfold comes off & we get some sweet, sensational, dirty looks by her to Christoph. Soon, Daniella switches to doggy anal. Very, very hot. Eva doesn't do much but throb on herself. After that hot sex, Daniella hunts for Christoph's cum with her mouth. But, he spills like the dressing on my chicken greek salad I had today.

BOTTOM LINE: This movie is very good. Biggest gripe was Nikki being blindfolded. That wasn't fair. But, this movie is great. Cassandra Wild, Eva, Daniella Rush & even the fat Ivana gave great sex performances. The DVD menu is relentless with some futuristic, freakish music. Even the photo galleria is hype. This movie has SUCK-SESS written all over it! Daniella Rush did very great in here. She even did better than she did in Euro Angels Hardball 3. I love Daniella much. Before AND after her make-over. This movie is short (2 hours even), but very good. And Christoph's directing skills grew larger. This is hype!

The Film: A-
The DVD: A-

2002, BlacaneseMale productionz, Ltd.

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