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Euro Angels Hardball 16: Anal Training

Euro Angels Hardball 16: Anal Training

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Foreign , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Euro Angels Hardball 16: Anal Training:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Euro Angels Hardball 16: Anal Training overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Euro Angels Hardball 16: Anal Training Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Euro Angels Hardball 16: Anal Training Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Euro Angels Hardball 16: Anal Training Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Euro Angels Hardball 16: Anal Training Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Euro Angels Hardball 16: Anal Training DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Euro Angels Hardball 16: Anal Training A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  5/31/2002

(Evil Angel / Clark Euro Angel)
Directed by Christoph Clark
Starring: Sandra, Venus, Mandy Bright, Orsi Shine, Alissa, Brandy, Angie, Nastia with Gary, David Perry, Frank Gun, Choky Ice, Alberto Rey, Leslie Taylor, Steve Holmes, Franco Roccaforte, Christoph Clark
Running time: 2hrs, 19mins, plus extra footage

This edition of Hardball has a slender thread of plot holding events together, as the fascinating Sandra arrives in Budapest and foolishly accepts Christoph's offer of help in finding accommodation. This outwardly ordinary girl has hidden dark desires that mean she is readily drawn into Christoph's web of perversion, an eager pupil in debauchery.

After Christoph has taken her to a hotel, with some in-car hi-jinks en route, she is eager to fuck, but he cruelly denies her after she has exposed her sexy body to him. If she wants it, she must be his slave. Next day will be the first part of her education.

Orsi, Venus and Sandra
In a darkened room, Christoph is enjoying watching Orsi, a busty (enhanced) blonde with long, slender legs but rather odd looks, and the wonderfully sexy brunette Venus play together. Sandra arrives in time to see a male slave (played by Christoph's regular right-hand man Jean Michel) ream the girls' assholes with a facemask dildo. Lots of anal play with the very eager girls (I particularly like Venus - she has a real naughty sparkle in her eye - and observers of this kind of movie will have seen her before) with Sandra joining in for a spell before being despatched to wait for Christoph at the hotel. Christoph jumps into the action and coarsely makes use of Orsi and Venus's very open orifices before finally spunking over their butts. The dark setting for this scene and high-contrast lighting are visually striking but perhaps not the best when it comes to observing the gory details!

Back at the hotel, Sandra has prepared herself for Christoph with tight shorts (a pair of denim shorts that Christoph's starlets have worn in countless movies - costume budget? What's that?) and stockings to set off her smooth, tanned thighs. A swaggering Christoph arrives and shows her he is the master. Sandra is made to don a hood before Christoph proceeds to treat her bunghole in the most outrageous fashion. Massive toys and very crude rubber-gloved fingering turn Sandra's anus into a gaping hot-pink maw, before Christoph sets about her with some demanding sodomy. It's not for the squeamish, but it's compelling viewing. Sandra willingly submits to this delicious anal torture, compliantly offering up her rear for Christoph to use as he desires. Christoph takes full advantage until he comes over her backside. This scene is one of Christoph's "one-man band" affairs, but with what seems like two cameras and some smoothly progressive editing it produces an intimate and much less fragmented feel than many of Clark's scenes of this nature.

Alissa and Stella
Gorgeous blonde nymph Alissa and the almost equally horny Stella (my colleague Speelie tells me there's a mix up on credits here - Stella is credited as Nastia, but that should be the ID for one of the girls in the following scene) are the playthings for Franco and friends. The girls are on raised podiums, Stella looking hot in a black fishnet catsuit and those denim shorts again (hope they were washed!), as Franco goes back and forth between them, sampling their oral talents. In an atmosphere of ever-increasing excitement, Franco orders his troops (Alberto, Gary and Csoky) into the fray, and we see Franco feast on Alissa's orifices. Looking on, Sandra is in the clutches of Jean Michel, who fingers her ass but doesn't let her join in. Instead she is forced to watch Alissa having her holes relentlessly plumbed by various cocks and Stella with the aid of a facemask dildo.

The action is crude and demanding all the way. Stella is taken anally in doggy with Alissa doing A2M duties and even licks her playmate's ass. As ever, I still find it amazing, but wonderful, that such a beautiful girl could do such nasty stuff with such ease! Stella and Alissa take a couple of facials each, though this part is not handled with the same degree of competence as the rest of this well-paced scene, which uses the denial of Sandra's anal desire to build the tension pleasingly.

Brandy, Angie and Venus, with Sandra
Again this scene has a real flavour of mind games about it, as Venus attaches smart-suited, stockinged Sandra's collar to a chain in the centre of the brick-built studio set that is location for most of the scenes. From under her hood, Sandra is again forced to watch as Venus presides over a group romp with slender brunette Nastia (who is credited as Brandy on the filmography) and brassy blonde Brandy (who is credited as Angie) taking on a group of bikers (David, Leslie, Franco and Steve). The closest Sandra gets to the action is a taste of the dildo that Venus has provocatively been sliding into her own ass, and instead has to make do with watching the guys rip Nastia's fishnets open to get at her shaven pussy, and later watch Brandy take a DP pounding. Finally, Sandra is freed and ordered to her knees. She takes four loads of come shot on her hooded face. Brandy comes over and licks her face clean, telling her that tomorrow she is going to be fucked! This is a reasonably hot scene but perhaps a little too long, and neither Brandy, despite long legs in black nylons, nor skinny Nastia is my cup of tea.

Sandra and Mandy Bright
The next day, Steve escorts Sandra by limousine to the location, where David, Frank Gun and Leslie are being entertained by Mandy's sexy dancing. En route Steve is whispering filthy stuff about what's going to happen to Sandra into her ear. She's dressed again in a smart black suit and stockings and looks amazing. At the location, she slinkily steps from the car and into the middle of the group of men. She's ready to take the lot.

Now, those of you who think women really ought not to do such things with their bottoms - and I don't deny you have a case - should avoid the next part. After frantically sucking the guys' dicks, like a woman possessed, Sandra is encouraged to squat down on a massive, thick dildo, taking it right into her ass with brief respite provided by Mandy's flickering tongue. She also sucks the dildo, which probes Sandra's innards. After some serious ass stretching it's time to fuck, and boy, do they go for it!

Some fiery sex between Mandy and Frank, while David stuffs her mouth with his dick, threatens to overshadow our star turn, but never underestimate the capacity of the sensational Sandra. Not happy with conventional DP, Sandra accepts a DAP (where they really do fuck her) and, with some serious contortion by the chaps to avoid unnecessary all-male contact, she takes one cock in her pussy, one in her mouth and two up her ass. I think - by this time I was running a cold shower! After this it's freewheeling all the way through more DP for Sandra and A2M from Mandy (she doesn't do anal but performs with a real verve) until Sandra is caught in a crossfire of spurting cocks and Mandy and she exchange spunk-splattered kisses to complete Sandra's descent into debauchery.

I must confess that I am totally fascinated and entranced by the wonderful Sandra (or Maria, as they call her in the movie) who is transformed from the ordinary plain but pretty girl who gets off the train to black-stockinged, red-lipsticked vixen in heat, getting stuffed beyond all reason and still wanting more! Bearing in mind this is just a movie, it is also, in part, a case of art imitating real life. The simple plot is reasonably effective and the psychological dynamics of the situation are handled well.

Be warned, this mood of dominance, kinkier than some Hardball editions, means there's a lot of dialogue of the nature of "she's such a slut, she's a fucking dirty bitch!" and so forth going on, but hey, it's all good filthy fun. One aspect of the dialogue that I didn't like, and perhaps, like the comments by Dora in Animal Trainer 8 I am reading too much into it, but there is possibly, shall we say, a lack of racial enlightenment in Sandra's remarks that Franco is like an animal as he ravenously eats Alissa's orifices, but maybe she's just referring to his uninhibited performance. Alissa seemed to like it anyway!

It's hard to know how to rate this, by comparison with my ratings for past efforts, because despite some flaws such as the less attractive girls in the fourth scene, I enjoyed it from start to finish and as a package it's one of the most polished efforts Christoph has produced. This is thanks to some first rate shooting and also, in no small part, to some excellent editing that maximises the available footage. Add to this the superb talents of Sandra and her co-stars Venus, Alissa, Nastia and Mandy Bright, and extremely strong sex throughout, and you have a movie that will surely delight many fans whose tastes lie at the harder end of the scale, but who also desire some provocative atmosphere with their hardcore gaping-ass smut!

DVD Comments
As if that wasn't enough for you, there's another sizeable wedge of extra footage on the DVD along with some of that always entertaining "on set" material. How they decided which shots to include is beyond me, given that I can imagine shooting some of these scenes would be really marathon affairs, and hard going for the performers. With typically well-done menus, excellent picture and sound quality, this is as ever a fine product from Evil Angel. The only thing I could fault is the box cover, and that's only because Sandra, the star of the show, should have been the main feature!

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