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Euro Angels 7

Euro Angels 7

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Foreign , Gonzo
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Euro Angels 7:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Euro Angels 7 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Euro Angels 7 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Euro Angels 7 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Euro Angels 7 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Euro Angels 7 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Euro Angels 7 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Euro Angels 7 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  9/8/2003
Euro Angels 7
Evil Angel / Clark Euro Angel
Christoph Clark
Jil Anderson, Barbara, Melonia, Justina, Sharon, Gaby, Lolita, Jesika, Vanda; featuring Eniko, Tunde, Sarah, Tina, David Perry, Frank Gun, Andrew Youngman, Christopher Rockins, Christoph Clark
Running time:
2hrs 20mins
Video Format:
NTSC / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0

Don't adjust your set - it's simply time for some of those wobbly video effects to take us on a nostalgic trip to 1998. Several familiar faces remind me of just what got me hooked on these girls, but I'd almost forgotten what Euro Angels viewers sometimes had to tolerate in order to get their dose of East European lovelies. Newcomers to Clark's contemporary videos with their sunnier, sexier vibe and bright, colourful style may well be alarmed by the heavy focus on toys, rubber, leather and PVC clothes in tandem with the classic Clark fixation on the gaping female anus, not to mention the girls who offer up their backsides in submissive fashion. All set for some typically raw anal action in a movie that also demonstrates Christoph's keenness to get the most out of the girls he hires - this is perhaps a companion piece to his Private movie The Perversion of Barbara.

This scene with favourite Clark muse Eniko sets the form for this movie, with single-girl masturbation scenes book ending full sex scenes. A little older than the average Hungarian starlet, Eniko, here with dark hair and dressed in a rubber dress and sporting sheer nylons on her superb legs, doesn't look as good as sometimes. She's an immensely capable sexual performer, though this is merely a touch of fun for her. She tries out a couple of different dildos in her pussy and ass, and ends up showing a gynaecological view of her not-so-private parts. This really isn't anything special and sunlight streaming through the louvered blinds is a minor irritation.

Barbara and Jesika
There's a sudden cut to a photo shoot, where blonde Barbara Rose, the star of the aforementioned Perversion of Barbara, is dolled up in PVC and black stockings as she poses. There's an amusingly inept set-up to the sex with a leather-clad duo of Frank Gun and David Perry sitting on thrones awaiting oral service from the terribly obliging Barbara and Jesika, a round faced young lass with dyed red hair (I recall she was notable in the final scene of True Anal Stories 2) who is dressed in a leather harness and tights. There's a tidy shot of Barbara's wiggling ass and her super long legs in sheer nylon as she bends over to suck cock. Slightly less appealing is seeing Frank use a knife to cut open Jesika's black, patterned tights so he can access her pussy and ass by tongue and finger.

The direction of the scene doesn't quite integrate the group action, so we have two separate little encounters happening, contrasting Frank licking, fingering and dildo-fucking Jesika while Barbara sucks David and dildos her own ass. Frank enjoys missionary vaginal sex and a quick foot wank with Jesika before his anal fucking sets her eyes rolling. More anal fingering and dildo action features before we move to Barbara getting a sound buggering from David.

One thing I really like to see, all too rarely, is a shot like one briefly seen here, with Barbara wrapping her stocking-clad, high-heeled legs right around David to pull him into her. More naughty action takes in further dildo play, doggy anal and Jesika moving in to perform ass-to-mouth. Each girl blows one guy to completion to end a quintessentially Clark affair. It's slightly dark and dingy and cheap looking, and I don't know why but the sex in many of Christoph's movies of this period looks rawer and dirtier. Both girls have a certain individual appeal, shall we say, but they perform with reasonable commitment and I enjoyed it, even if it's hardly a classic scene.

One thing about the previous scene is that there's a sense that it and the other full sex scenes have been truncated to make room for more masturbation scenes, such as this. Which, I would suggest, is a mistake. Sarah could be attractive but she's caked in make-up and wearing a fairly unappealing combination of fishnet tights and some PVC gear, while vigorously inserting toys into her nether regions. Unfortunately, the editing of several Euro Angels movies of the period is blighted by the use of some terrible transitions and abysmal video effects and this is one of them. The blue screen effect used here on background curtains just doesn't work and looks like some Bulgarian video art project gone wrong. Next!

Jil Anderson
Relief comes in the heavenly form of Jil Anderson, another of those hot, leggy blondes in the mode of Nikki Anderson and Judith Grant who epitomise the Euro Angels label. To cut a long story short, a sun bed session provides Christoph with the ideal excuse to film Jil peeling off her tiny dress to reveal her outstanding body, all long legs and succulent C-cup (?) tits. A young stud, Christopher, masturbates as he spies on her, and she gets hot and bothered in the UV glow.

Getting bolder, the young chap kisses her feet and she permits him to eat her plump pussy. She offers her ass for him to finger, and then turns that fine frame around so she can kneel and suck. There's some great sexy stuff as they watch each other masturbating and Jil wriggles around in an extremely provocative manner, looking genuinely excited, before hopping on board for a highly enthusiastic reverse cowgirl fuck. It's lovely to see her firm tits in action. Jil fingers her own ass then permits Christopher to ass fuck her in doggy. Sadly, all too soon he's firing a healthy load onto her face - the post come blowjob looks amazing, it's a hot scene too…

…but for some reason Christoph (or more likely his editor) would rather rush on to another sub-standard single-girl scene. Tina is a slightly harsh looking red head, though again strong make up and plastic clothing may emphasise this look. She indulges in more dildo play, quickly double penetrating herself with toys, but again the scene is spoiled by cheap, ugly video effects as footage from another scene is crudely superimposed on the blue curtains.

Thank god for this scene. Sexy, striking blonde Sharon, who I believe shared a scene with Eva Black, AKA infinite pseudonyms, in True Anal Stories 4, is dressed in a doctor's coat in a surgery setting. Such is the way of these things in porn, she happens upon a dildo and starts masturbating. Naturally, she has black stockings, suspenders and lacy black undies on beneath her coat. She begins using another toy on her ass at the same time, her sexy legs akimbo on the examination couch. We see two guys (Perry and Youngman) on their way down a corridor. They sneak into the room and wank as they watch Sharon bringing herself to an apparent orgasm. She's surprised to find them there and initially says no to their advances. But predictably enough, in the blink of an eye, she's down there sucking their dicks.

On the bed Sharon has her ass fingered by the intruders, her panties aside, though I confess I am just admiring those legs in those stockings. Scrumptious. Her body might well be quite admirable too, tanned, slim and small-busted, but Christoph's main focus is on some sturdy anal sex. Sharon really gets going once they DP her, quite hard as it happens, and she fucks back excitedly. David fucks her ass from the same cowgirl position before Andrew resumes the DP. Then Sharon's seen, legs spread, in the gynaecology chair where David fucks her ass and Andrew slips a dildo into her pussy. Finally, and again, rather too soon, she receives a pair of decent facials and sucks the chaps before sending them away. It's a pretty hot, heavily anal scene with a very sexy girl (we see too little of her lovely eyes) but just too short.

It's time for another lonesome girl in a mess of dildo play amid the appalling video effects. By now I am wondering what aim this could have. Tunde is a round faced, shorthaired girl, tits jutting out of her open-breasted plastic number. She's sporting thigh-high boots over her stockings. She plays with the dildos and, like most of the masturbators in these little scenes, she tries quite gamely - anal dildoing, toys in pussy and ass at once - but despite her enthusiasm, it's just not my bag.

Melonia & Justina
David and Andrew play workmen in a studio who are warned by their boss to stay away from his daughters. Predictably enough, when the boss is away, the mice will play. Melanie or Melonia, a sweet brunette popular in movies of this period, and Justine, a sweet, frizzy-haired blonde who is irritatingly familiar but whose other appearances elude me, sneak through to play with the chaps in the studio, which is set up in a rustic, peasant sort of style. Flimsy panties are quickly pulled aside so naturally hairy pussies and ass holes can be licked and fingered, with close-up coverage of digits delving into little pink orifices.

The action proceeds at pace, with Justina rather rudely fingering her own ass as she sucks David, and Melonia enjoying the briefest of vaginal intercourse before taking it right up her tight, pulsing anus for quite some time, the results of which are shown in close-up. As if seeing a sweet-faced, pale young lass rimming another girl's open ass wasn't kinky enough in itself, the implication that these pair are sisters adds an extra dimension (though I suppose that's just make-believe). Justina appears fascinated by the cocks going into Melonia's ass, and seems so mesmerised that she gives not a moment's thought to the hygiene implications of repeatedly sucking a penis that's been in another girl's bottom. But now that she's doing it, I suppose I'll have to look at it…

More anal rudeness ensues and finally Melonia wanks David off and gets the come as much on Justina's hair as anywhere. The pair of them work over Andrew's tool and he tries to share the come with both girls. This isn't a bad scene at all, with lots of naughty stuff going on and respectable energy. What I like most are Justina's almost naïve reactions, even though her actions are anything but. Melonia is sweetly compliant as always.

Gabby and Lolita

We return to the pile of blue fabric, thankfully free of FX, for a girl-girl scene. As a wise man once said, and I quote loosely, "Pussy Galore? What a fucking misnomer!" And similarly, for one of these rubber and stockings clad ladies to claim the nom de porn of "Lolita" misleadingly implies youth and beauty. This brunette pair might enthusiastically pursue a 69 with some genuine pussy licking, not silly tongue dabbing that would barely wet a postage stamp never mind bring a woman to screaming orgasm. They might well stuff the numerous dildos into their own and each other's genitals with an abandon that would make proctologists wince. Things might even get a little bit heated. But they will never convincingly portray teen temptresses of any description.

This might be unfair - being a little older isn't really the issue, nor is it a problem anyway - but it's just my way of saying that I didn't like the scene and that the women are a little too hard looking. Much of Christoph's stuff with "fetish" wear, toys and so forth (sometimes narrowly) avoids the stylistic connection with the hard German porn of a line such as DBM's Tornado series which this scene unfortunately makes, to my mind anyway. Like him or loathe him, Christoph's personality usually avoids that more clinical feel (and I know that's a lazy generalisation but I am tired, it's late and I've seen one too many gaping assholes for today…)

Being hard looking is not something that could readily be levelled at that well-loved brunette cutie Vanda (AKA Anita and many more) but for reasons best known to himself, Christoph has obscured her pretty face with a tacky, studded leather mask while shrouding her sexy body in a full-body PVC suit and boots. She's seen playing with toys and fingering herself through the unzipped crotch of her outfit. There are some close-ups of her gorgeous pussy contrasted with cutaways to her sweet mouth as she inserts one and then two toys simultaneously into herself. She moans away, but it's anyone's guess if this is really doing anything for her.

In comes Christoph, naked and ready for lurve. He starts fingering her ass and then uses a fairly chunky dildo on her bottom too. Again, we're treated to some very raw close-ups of her gaping anus, and Vanda assists by submissively holding her ass open. Christoph sodomises her in doggy with lube leaking from her ass. Seriously hardcore gaping…hmm, it's all getting a little bit messy, as Christoph goes into her ass "the wrong way". She turns around and strokes him off till his come splashes all over the place, an act thoughtfully replayed for us in slow motion.

Combining the roles of cameraman and performer, Christoph repeats the formula of this scene in Euro Angels and Hardball (with Eva Roberts and Daniella Rush among others) with mixed results, sometimes creating intense, intimate porn and sometimes creating finicky action blighted by his constantly leaping up to change position or reposition the camera. This one falls in the middle, being somewhat lacking in personality but briskly edited to avoid such awkwardness. It is a very rude scene with most appeal to hardcore gaping fans.

For me, I have some affection for the movie and the series so I admit I am biased. As a viewer I enjoyed the highlights and as a collector I'm delighted to get this movie on DVD, as I missed it on VHS. Viewing it through more objective eyes, I'd be slightly disappointed. The qualities that initially attracted me to Euro Angels (beautiful girls, strong anal sex) are present in some measure. However, while I could argue that stylistically this movie is, not for the only time, something of a mish-mash between Euro Angels and what subsequently became Hardball (the original VHS release of EA 7 predates Hardball by a few months, so you can see what Christoph was developing), in truth I'm happy to see a variety of styles. The cast is extensive but it looks like a case of quantity over quality, as I'd venture that the real problem is that the fetish styled material here is of notably lower standard. The single-girl masturbation scenes don't appeal to me as much as the full scenes - less attractive women don't help. The dire visual effects are the low point.

The good points are some very sexy women (Jil Anderson and Sharon in particular) and some cute young things (Melonia, Justina) giving it a pretty decent shot in some decidedly anal-fixated action. Being strictly critical, Euro Angels 7 has those high spots and as usual I can trust Christoph to give me material that I enjoy - just not quite enough of it. That might well be a criticism of many Euro Angels volumes; this isn't the best I've seen in what is an inconsistent series, nor has it aged too well by comparison with Christoph's current, excellent material. I won't pretend Christoph is now making slick features porn, but Euro Angels 7 looks distinctly cheaper, grubbier and much less polished, properties that may have appeal in some quarters!

DVD Comments

The picture quality isn't at the level we know expect from Evil Angel, but it's far from disastrous either. I'd guess Christoph was using different cameras and the general look is a little grainier, but those close-up shots are as sharp as they need to be. Too much detail, perhaps! The sound is fine; I didn't notice any problems but then it's rarely crucial to the movie. The selection of extras is limited to photo gallery, cast list, filmographies and Clark biography - there's no extra footage, which I'd presume is down to the movie being shot before the need for extra material for the DVD was given consideration. The usual chapter menu and Evil Angel fetish menu are available.

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