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Euro Angels 13

Euro Angels 13

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Euro Angels 13:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Euro Angels 13 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Euro Angels 13 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Euro Angels 13 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Euro Angels 13 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Euro Angels 13 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Euro Angels 13 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Euro Angels 13 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  5/3/2009
Euro Angels 13: Fun Funnels (1999)
THEMES: Anal, Foreign, Fetish
Starring: Daniella Rush, Laura Angel, Nikki Anderson, Eniko, Carmen, Carly, Silvia Saint (cameo), Katty (cameo), Erika, Bacchy, Valentino & Christoph Clark

You know, I have never, ever seen a Euro Angels flick before. I’ve seen a few Euro Hardball flicks and never seen one that I didn’t like. I picked this one because the female cast is brilliant. In fact, it’s the same exact cast that was in Euro Hardball 3, which is an instant-classic. Let me also say this for the record. The Euro Angels series and the Euro Hardball series is different from each other. Euro Angels focuses on the beauty and the glamorous side of the female beauty. So, the women get to be glamorous, glitzy and they get some nasty anal treatment as well. In the Hardball series, there is more focus on rough, edgy and disturbing ass worship, ass obsession and ass play and there is more focus on that than the women being all glamorous. Yes, the female cast remains beautiful and get to show off their beauty as well as their booties, but Hardball is more rougher than the Euro Angels series. Also, I have yet to read a 5-star review for any Euro Angels flick from anybody. So, here’s my review for another Christoph Clark classic!

At first, we see two legendary beauties sharing a scene with Bacchy. Laura Angel & Nikki Anderson are together taking photos of each other, if not the both of them together. They wear nice lingerie and there’s some quick and wonderful shots of Laura Angel’s butt. Laura Angel is a major favorite of mine and aside from the photo shoot and the shots of her beautiful face and buttocks, this scene wasn’t remarkable, but acceptable. There’s more sexual attention being paid to Nikki Anderson rather than Laura Angel. Both females are anally fucked, but softly. In the second scene, you see Carly & Christoph, but they are both wearing bondage masks. There’s major ass play and anal sex and I must tell you that Christoph is a funny motherfucker! His French accent and the way he says “You’re my bitch!” It’s priceless! After that simple scene, we see Christoph sightseeing in some European country. The third scene pops up and we see this insanely beautiful woman who looks as if she was made of sin! Her name is Carmen (who also starred in Euro Hardball 3). Christoph fucks her so good in various positions, keeping her buns spread open for his dick. A pale blonde joins them, named Erika and fortunately, there’s more attention paid to Carmen than Erika. While the scene is far from energetic, it’s mind-blowing. Simply because of Carmen! After the end of this scene, we see more of Christoph at some porn convention in Europe, where he meets up with Katty (a regular in some older Rocco Siffredi flicks), Silvia Saint and he also meets Daniella Rush (for the first time, maybe?). Her and Christoph are in private, she undresses and shows him her beautiful body. This is also before Daniella Rush had her makeover and could be one of her very first international scenes.

The fourth sex scene stars Christoph & Eniko. This scene is similar to the second scene with him and Carly. She’s wearing a mask the entire time and she’s Christoph’s sex slave. He warns her that if she’s not good sexually, there will be trouble for her. Again, his accent is funny as hell. It’s priceless, again, to hear him say “You are only for me, you understand what I say?” Then when he tells her to “Suck ze dick!”, again, priceless! She rides a few dildos and gets anally intruded by Christoph.

But here’s another legendary scene with Daniella Rush! Daniella Rush was one of the purest females in the porn industry and I mean, she was all woman. I enjoyed seeing her before and after her makeover, before she left the industry due to an unfortunate circumstance. She’s exercising at a gym, wearing some blue-jean daisy-dukes and she meets up with Bacchy & Valentino in a living room. She gets fucked smoothly and greatly by the two men. While the sex was not rough at all, it was a bit domineering at times. She rides and gets rode with her vagina and mostly her anal funnel in various positions (mainly cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and spooning). She also takes a hot DP. While her butt hole is riding a dick in cowgirl with her thong pulled to the side, it’s such a beautiful thing. Christoph’s camera focuses on Daniella’s booty and the dick pouncing her the entire time. The sex is very passionate and intimate, which makes it a plus. Another instant-classic scene starring Daniella Rush, it damn-near resembled her winning scene with Nacho Vidal & Hakan from Face Dance Obsession. Again, this scene wasn’t as rough, though. There’s also shots of Daniella’s moving buttocks in motion as she’s on her knees offering the guys a blowjob towards the end. Something that I love deeply, which isn’t often seen in pornography anymore. Right after the guys come on her face and she does some double-dick-sucking, Christoph comes and clears the room. He bends Daniella over on her knees, masturbates to the sight of her barely-open butt cheeks and makes weird noises when he comes. He puts a finger in her butt hole and then a second one. Then, he falls to the floor, smelling her ass fumes on his fingers and he falls in love! Something which has become more common in today’s porno-flicks from Evil Angel (ass-smelling fetishes). Him and Daniella greet the camera with a goodbye and that’s the end of a legendary scene!

The a/v quality is great but this is a disc with not many extras. There’s the usual cast info, Filmographies, a small photo gallery, a fetish menu and a biography for Christoph Clark. No BTS footage at all! The picture quality is very decent and grainy at times but some of the editing and scene transformations are the most awful I have ever seen! I mean… The editing in the film is fucking awful and terrible. Fortunately, there’s no bad editing for Daniella Rush’s scene. I guess you can say Christoph saved the best for last in this one!

While the female cast is awesome and I love Daniella Rush, Laura Angel and Carmen, Hardball 3 is a better flick (which stars the same exact women) and has more replay value than this flick. Yet, aside from the terrible editing and not enough attention being paid to Laura Angel, this is a very good flick that does have some mild replay value. Just not as much as something like Hardball 3, Hardball 6 or Hardball 8, which are three Christoph flicks that are his most flawless and classic. Again, the Hardball series is more intense and on the rough side. Euro Angels is more on the exotic side, yet there’s still a lot of bondage-themed sex and anal sex, including gapes. Just not massive. So, this series focuses more on anal sex than ass obsession itself. Christoph and his pipe layers are more rougher on the ladies, sexually in the Hardball series. Yet, Christoph’s flicks are nowhere near as rough, sexually, as flicks from Jake Malone. I highly recommend this one mainly because of the female cast and especially Daniella Rush. Plus, Christoph had me cracking up in this flick very much! Euro Angels 13 is worthy of owning if you are a major porn aficionado and you have a limitless porn library. You’ll be highly aroused if you are new to pornography. But if you want a better movie all-around that you can watch over and over and enjoy constantly, grab Euro Hardball 3 instead. Then, grab Euro Hardball 6 (also starring Daniella Rush) & Euro Hardball 8, too. And you’ll thank me for making such a wise decision!

Replay/Stroke Value: 70% - Mild.
RATING: 90% - Highly recommended.

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