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Euro Angels 11

Euro Angels 11

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Coyote22's ratings for Euro Angels 11:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Euro Angels 11 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Euro Angels 11 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Euro Angels 11 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Euro Angels 11 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Euro Angels 11 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Euro Angels 11 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Euro Angels 11 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Coyote22  on  5/29/2004


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This is my first encounter with Euro Angels but from what I have seen from Christoph’s other films I expect it to be good. I love the title, “Pink Tunnels”… makes me think of a few things..hehe. The women all look fantastic which is nothing new and something I expect from Christoph.


The video was in full frame and was a little grainy. The quality was good for how old it is (made in 98). The audio was in stereo and was okay.


2 Hours 15 Minutes & 41 Seconds


Oral, Anal, ATM, PTM, Toys, Rimming (m/f, f/m), DP


Photo Gallery, Filmographies, Biography, Cast List, Fetish Menu

I rate in an un-bias way; meaning I will not let something come in my way of reviewing a film before I see it; I make sure to give every film I review a fair chance! I will try to give a detailed description of the film that way you (the reader) will get a real sense for the film and what it contains. I will give a film a 5 if I like all of the scenes, all of the stars, enjoy the performances (you get the picture); I rate descending upon that. I like: anal, atm’s, atm’s, atogm, ptogm, rimming (f/f,m/f), spitting, kissing, choking, gapes, titty fucking, low amount of toy usage, dp’s, girl on girl, eye contact, ass worship, female ejaculation, 2 on 1 (f/f/g), and intensity. What I don’t like: excessive toy use, strap-ons, dap’s, feet worship, rough bondage, orgies, more than 3 guys per 1 girl, excessive slapping, golden showers, and anything that causes pain. Of course that is just the broad stroke of things, and I adjust accordingly.



(Beatrix, Cinitia, Christoph Clark, ? Guy)

Beatrix and Cinitia are the ones featured on the cover in the middle. They are in a bedroom across from one another. Beatrix is standing up against a wall while Cinitia is sitting in a chair. The camera zooms in on Cinitia’s pussy as it is not covered by underwear. Beatrix moves on the bed and licks a rubber cock which Cinitia soon joins in. The camera gets shots of both girls’ asses as they bend over. Soon a guy comes in the picture and licks and fingers over Beatrx’s ass and pussy. The girls then crowed around his cock with their mouths licking and sucking it. Beatrix sucks his cock while he enjoys licking and sucking on Cinitia’s tits. Cinitia lays on her back while the guy fucks her pussy with the toy/strap on while Beatrix sucks his cock. He then fingers Beatrix’s asshole with his fingers as she bends over on her knees while Cinitia fucks her pussy with a vibrator. Cinitia sits up and pushes two of her fingers down Beatrix’s asshole then the guy takes over and uses both hands to fuck her ass then pulls it apart. Cinitia sucks on the vibrator then the guy uses it to fuck Beatrix’s ass. Beatrix soon has his cock shoved up her ass during some spooning while she sucks the strap on which is now around Cinitia’s waist. Christoph jumps on the bed and kisses Cinitia then she sucks his cock. Soon she is getting her pussy fucked RC by Christoph then she gets off to suck his cock. The guys move the mattress on the floor and the fucking continues. Beatrix has her asshole stuffed by Christoph as she bends over against the wall and has her ass gaped with the camera zooming in while Cinitia gets fucked missionary on the bed. Christoph moves on the bed and fucks Beatrix anally RC gaping her while Cinitia sucks the other guy’s cock. Cinitia hops up on her guy for some cowgirl while Christoph continues to fuck Beatrix up her ass and gape her.

He soon pulls out and pulls her ass wide open as she bends over then fucks her on her side. As he fucks and gapes her ass Cinitia licks his ass while getting fucked then she hops up on Christoph for some RC while Beatrix moves to the other guy and sucks his cock. Beatrix soon has her ass stuffed with cock RC then Christoph fucks her pussy giving her a DP. She gets lifted up and her ass gets fucked by Christoph then he feeds his cock to Cinitia to suck. Beatrix then has her pussy fucked in cowgirl but not for long because Christoph plunges his cock down her ass for another DP. Cinitia plays the cock sucker tasting their cocks when they pull out of Beatrix! Beatrix moves over to Christoph where he gapes her ass then fucks her ass doggie gaping it of course. He then sucks her toes and has his cock jerked off with her feet while Cinitia has her pussy fucked doggie. Beatrix’s ass faces Christoph while he spreads open her asshole and finger fucks it then she fucks him RC with the camera moving behind and in front. She sits on his chest facing him and spreads opens her asshole for him to gaze at then we see Cinitia getting her pussy fucked and her sucking on Christoph’s cock. Beatrix has her ass fucked while she lays on her side then has her asshole gaped once again. The girls then take facials from both men to end the scene.


Pretty good scene! There was a lot of gaping from Beatrix and no anal from Cinitia. I would have liked to have seen more screen time of Cinitia’s ass because it was so beautiful, but I’ll live!



(Szonya, 2 Men, Christoph)

We have this lovely lady in a kitchen wearing a little dress bending over on a sink. She can be seen on the cover in the lower left side! She sits on the counter and then finds two men walking into her kitchen. She seems a little startled then we see them licking her tits and rubbing her pussy (how’s that for a greeting). One guy gets down and spreads her ass and pussy then she bends over the counter as her ass gets fingered as does her pussy. After some hefty anal fingering and some rimming she lays on her back on the counter while her ass continues to get fingered. Her pussy gets spit on and fingered as well as licked while two fingers are being pushed up her ass. She gets up and bends over having her pussy fucked while she sucks the other guy’s cock. Her ass gets licked then fucked while she continues to suck on cock. Her ass gets gaped a couple of times then she gets up on the counter and bends over where she has her ass stuffed with cock some more and gapes as well. The camera zooms in extremely close during some of these gapes! Soon Szonya finds herself in a cowgirl DP. The guy who is fucking her ass pulls out and gapes it then she has her ass fucked then it is gaped once more. She gets off the counter and sits up where the guys cum on her face. Christoph then walks over to her and she sucks his cock then she stands up for him to spread her ass. She sucks his cock some more and he cums on her face (with slow-mo).


This scene was okay. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first but it was still good. There was some good gaping throughout the scene but that was the only real good thing going for it.



(Rita, Christoph)

Rita is lying back in a chair fingering her ass and pussy then the scene cuts to her sitting on Christoph’s lap in the chair. Christoph stands up and watches her finger her pussy and ass then pulls out his cock to stroke to her pleasuring herself. He then moves in to finger her pussy then has his cock stroked by her feet. He sits down in the chair while she sucks his cock then he lifts up his legs for her to lick his ass. She gets back to sucking his cock then removes her bra. Christoph stands up and bends her over on the couch and licks her ass. He sits on her back spreading and fingering her ass while she jacks him off with her hand. Christoph sits on the floor while she jerks his cock with her feet as well as finger her pussy and asshole. While bending over on the chair Rita has her ass fucked then she gets down to suck his cock. She stands up while he sits down pulling off her thong then has her ass fucked RC. After a few minutes she gets down and sucks off her ass cream then takes a facial. The camera shoots her playing with her tits then bending over spreading her ass to end the scene.


This was an average scene with some serious problems in editing.



(Timea, 2 Guys, David Perry)

Timea and the three guys walk into a Kitchen where they pull out some glasses and champagne. She has champagne poured over her ass then it is licked while she sucks on a cock. David and a guy pull open her ass while it is fingered. She squats and sucks on everyone’s cock. Timea sits on a stool with her legs spread open over it and sucks on a cock while her ass is fucked. She gets down on the floor and bends over sucking on a cock while taking another cock down her pooper. Here her ass is gaped several times not to mention the guys play musical chairs with her asshole..hehe! She gets on top of one guy for some cowgirl then she has a cock shoved up her ass for a DP while having a cock in her mouth. She turns around and has her butt fucked RC then she is DP’d while continuing to have a cock in her mouth. She is helped up where she takes loads on her face then licks up the dropping off of a platter. 


Well this was better than scene 3 and had a lot of anal. The gapes were pretty as was the sex! These three guys did a number on her ass so whatever they were celebrating…..



(Claudia, Christoph Clark, Buttman)

Claudia walks into a hotel room where her ass is admired by Christoph and Buttman then she is bent over while on a bed where Christoph fingers her ass. He then pulls down her underwear and takes off her shirt. He pulls her tits out of her bra making sure to suck on them then fingers her pussy. She sucks his cock for a while then he rubs her pussy as she lays back on the bed while stroking his cock. She sits up and sucks his cock as well as licks his ass (lucky guy). He kisses her then fucks her pussy as she bends over on the bed. He fingers her ass then she sucks his cock followed by him spoon fucking her. Eventually he slides his cock up her ass then pulls out to gape it. Pushing his cock back up her ass he continues to spoon fuck her. Claudia moves up on top of him for some anal cowgirl where her ass is spread making for an easy entry. The camera zooms in to capture the action along with the gape. She turns around and for some anal RC then moves to some vaginal spooning. Sitting up she sucks his cock then he fucks her tits followed by him cuming on her tits and her licking his cock clean. Christoph then rubs his cock over her tits then she plays with her tits to end the scene.


I liked this scene. Claudia wasn’t that attractive but her body was great. She didn’t seem to enthusiastic about what she was doing and she had to be led around but still it was nice to watch her ass get fucked.



(Edina, David Perry, 1 Guy)

Edina (pictured in the top right of the cover) rubs her tits in a bedroom while David and a guy jerk off. She gets on the bed and crawls over to suck on a guy’s cock. David stands up and has his cock polished by her as well as she bends over on the bed. She really uses her mouth to suck his cock and while she does that her ass is getting eaten by the other guy (yummy). The guy uses four fingers to fuck her pussy then uses his fingers on her ass. David fucks her on her side while she sucks on the other guy’s cock then licks his ass as he squats on her face. She bends over on the bed and spreads her ass for an anal invasion. Popping his cock in and out of her ass to loosen it up then starts to fuck it while she sucks David’s cock. The guys trade off fucking her ass then they give her a DP as she bends over burring her face into the sheets. The guys then fuck her ass one at a time giving her some gapes followed by another DP. After she is fucked beyond belief she sits up takes cum over her face.


This was a pretty good scene. Edina wasn’t that attractive but you really only see her ass getting fucked so I guess it doesn’t really matter. She didn’t do much in the scene other than bury her face in the bed while the guys fucked her. The gapes were pretty good as was the ass fucking.



This was made back in ’98 at least that is what the production date was on the back and stands up to today’s porn relatively well. The sex varied between scenes with the first and last being the best. There was a lot of anal and gaping in this film which is why a lot of anal fans will probably want to see it. The picture wasn’t that bad considering when it was made. I would say rent this to see if it’s something you want to purchase.

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