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fu_q Escort, The (Wicked Pictures) 4.5 starsEscort, The (Wicked Pictures) 4.5 starsEscort, The (Wicked Pictures) 4.5 stars
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Escort, The (Wicked Pictures)

Escort, The (Wicked Pictures)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Escort, The (Wicked Pictures):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Escort, The (Wicked Pictures) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Escort, The (Wicked Pictures) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Escort, The (Wicked Pictures) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Escort, The (Wicked Pictures) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Escort, The (Wicked Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Escort, The (Wicked Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Escort, The (Wicked Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/24/2011
Welcome porn fans to a new title directed by and also starring the lovely Stormy Daniels- it would appear she's in three scenes here so if you've been missing Stormy in action this title is one I'd definitely consider adding to your collection. The story it would seem centers on Stormy and her marriage to Marcus London which is nearing a decade in length. Our couple have settled into their married lives at this point and Stormy has begun to suspect her hubby isn't on the up and up when he talks about staying out late-- oh no cheating! To satisfy her suspicions Stormy hires an escort, Andy San Dimas, to see if indeed her husband is letting his cock stray from the nest and when those suspicions are sadly confirmed this sets in motion events that will change her life forever. Now on to a little dialogue and hopefully some good sex.

Stormy Daniels:

The movie begins with a bunch of shots inside her house and what appears to be the remains of a candlelit dinner- champagne bottle, candles flickering and hello live action with Stormy's lips firmly planted around her husbands cock so lets see these two happy before it is all torn apart. This is a nice bj of some length from Stormy with the shot mostly centered right on her working his cock. Marcus is good enough to return the favor spreading her thighs wide open to taste her pussy. As for the fucking we get a nice full body shot for mish with good boobie dancing. Stormy also goes for the ride in cowgirl and there is spoon also showing off those tits again. From that position comes the pull out and pop shot across her ass and we don't know it now, nor do they that this might be the last time they are together in wedded bliss.

The next day we catch up with the couple and the passion from the night before is now replaced by a definite coldness and Marcus is defensive about being asked why he was working late so much. Ok the night before was their anniversary so I suppose Marcus felt some obligation to have sex, ouch. Move to later that day with Stormy catching up with her two girlfriends, Raylene and India Summer. The girls grill her about the anniversary and this leads to Stormy spilling her guts about suspecting Marcus. India was leading the conversation about her hubby being unfaithful and how she dealt with it- they had a prenup which allowed him to basically fuck whomever but this also let India have her fun and lavish lifestyle their marriage provided her.

India Summer:

So India goes on to recount a tryst with her personal trainer Bill Bailey. The two are involved in a hot session training when India decides to go for the special workout!! A brief kiss and we move to Bill down between her thighs licking that pussy. He makes good use of a few fingers too in working that pussy up, readying it for his cock. The next shot moves to India dropping down to engulf Bill's dick and she shows great energy in making him rock hard, repetition here was key! The duo then hit a series of positions with reverse being the best I think and a little dirty talk too from India. Bill ends this special session nutting all over India's chest just under her tits. Back to the ladies sharing their wine and conversation. Stormy goes home and the frost between her and Marcus is still there and we also have Stormy finding something that furthers her suspicion about Marcus- a matchbook with a phone number inside. Later on India has come over and when she finds out about the number the suggestion is offered to Stormy that she should hire an escort and find out for sure if hubby is cheating.

Andy San Dimas:

So we move on to Stormy making the call and meeting Andy who is a lady of the evening, the girlfriend experience for hire! The girls discuss terms and Stormy has now set events in motion which will alter the course of their lives, perhaps forever. Indeed Andy met up with Marcus and made her move with him falling for everything hook, line, and sinker. We see the events unfold after the fact as Andy is relaying them to Stormy who doesn't want to hear it but obviously has to. It doesn't take much for the two to retire to a more private location with Andy's lips quickly wrapping themselves around his cock. Andy works in some dirty talk about how does it fell having a stranger suck you cock, Marcus is breathless here, clearly enjoying himself. Something happens then you don't often see, Andy takes out a condom and puts in on him leading to Marcus entering Andy from behind. In addition you see cowgirl and some hard driving spoon leading to Marcus popping on her chest- bad hubby!

Stormy & Andy:

Stormy is sad of course learning that her suspicions were true. Andy makes a move to kiss Stormy, offer a little comfort but she wasn't ready for that and leaves. However, her subconscious was ready for it, lol, and later that evening while sleeping Stormy has a very Wicked dream about fucking Andy. Our ladies look great together with Andy leading the action to start kissing her way down to Stormy's pussy, spreading it nice and wide before diving in. In her dreams Stormy shows no hesitation and goes for it licking hard at Andy's pussy when it is her turn, good close and open shot for this. Hell yeah!! We get Stormy moving up then having a seat over Andy's face, loved it. From there we have Andy going to a doggie pose and it takes a bit of camera movement before we get the shot, Stormy right over that ass licking and fingering the pussy! The scene then abruptly ends as Stormy shoots up in bed, wide awake!!! Turns out the dream was much better than what the reality would have been. Andy calls her up and requests they meet, info about the hubby she says. Basically she tells Stormy about meeting Marcus again- he called and you can guess what happens. Stormy was none to pleased and tells Andy to stay away but Andy says it isn't about what you need anymore so out comes the checkbook and Stormy writes a whopper to get Andy to remove herself from the equation.


A short time later we have Stormy on the phone very upset as she tells Raylene what has just occurred. Raylene was a good listener and as we see she's in a lavish location high atop porn valley. Raylene was looking very very good in a blue bikini but she's not alone as Rocco Reed takes a seat next to her. The phone call ends and we have a little action for these two. Great to see those big titties come out and Rocco kisses them. Raylene then lies back, boobs very much on display as Rocco takes up residence between her thighs, licking away. The two are outside and you see it is a sunny day but it doesn't distract to much really from the action which moves to Raylene engulfing his cock. They hit several positions none lasting to long before Rocco nuts on her ass.


The story now returns to Stormy who must decide what to do about her hubby being unfaithful, does she fight fire with fire or try and save the marriage. Stormy heads out for the night, hitting a bar and Brendon Miller pours her a double shot of whiskey and Stormy finally decides to go for it, why not fuck the bartender! So into the bathroom they go for a heated encounter. It's great having another Stormy scene to check out and she clearly has some passion here, why should hubby have all the fun. Out come those big titties, Brendon moves down to lick her pussy briefly before standing back up to insert his cock. There is some good action from behind too with Stormy using a urinal to prop herself up with her heels. Then she's down on her knees, the condom is off and it is bj time. Stormy is doing a great job taking her frustrations out on his cock sucking him with fury until Brendon is ready to explode which he does- very nice open mouth pop here with Stormy giving awesome post cum head. After this bit of fun Stormy plucks up the courage to make a call asking someone to come over, I think it is Andy she called.

Turns out I was right and Stormy figures why let the hubby be the only one to actually have Andy so she is ready to make her move when Marcus shows up and oops it comes out that he actually doesn't know Andy in the way Stormy was led to believe. Andy hurriedly leaves but Stormy rushes to confront her causing Andy to reveal that hubby did meet her in a bar but that he only would talk about how much he loved his wife and was working the long hours to do something very nice for Stormy, a vacation home for their anniversary but it was taking longer than he thought. The phone number Stormy found earlier with the girls name was for the real estate agent he was using, the lady is in her mid-60's. This leads to the final reveal which actually comes from Stormy as the screen goes to black, Sam I've done something terrible, movie over!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was a tight drama from Stormy and co. The story starts one way and you get into it thinking that Marcus was a real dirt bag but turns out the escort Stormy hires uses this mistrust for her own ends and monetary gain. This leads to Stormy's own indiscretion with Brendon at the bar and she was ready to do the same with Andy it seems before Marcus walks in and the final events unfold. The clues were there creating the appearance of infidelity from Marcus and rather than confront him about it directly Stormy takes a different path using the escort who turns out to burn her in the end. Not sure if the marriage will be saved but I think if we watched the story continue that Marcus would have been forgiving since Stormy had only cheated that one time. As for extras here the movie offers a bonus scene featuring Kagney Linn Karter from the movie Inside Job taking on Brendon Miller so have a look see at that. A little disappointed there wasn't a BTS for this one but overall well done from Stormy and she had a great cast too for the dialogue we heard- Raylene, India Summer and especially Andy San Dimas who plays the escort who plays Stormy like a finely tuned piano. An easy pick up for Stormy fans as she is in three scenes plus lots of good dialogue. Andy has two scenes here so her fans might want to take a look as well, single scenes from India and Raylene.

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