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astroknight Escort (Digital Playground) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) 4 starsEscort (Digital Playground) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) 4 starsEscort (Digital Playground) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) 4 stars
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Escort (Digital Playground) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack)

Escort (Digital Playground) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Feature film , High Definition
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Escort (Digital Playground) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Escort (Digital Playground) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Escort (Digital Playground) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Escort (Digital Playground) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Escort (Digital Playground) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Escort (Digital Playground) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Escort (Digital Playground) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Escort (Digital Playground) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/12/2011
Welcome porn fans to a new title featuring three of Digital Playgrounds contract girls, Riley Steele, Selena Rose and Kayden Kross. You add in Jynx Maze for a little more added star power and we have a title definitely worth slipping into your player. On to the highlights.

Selena Rose & Jynx Maze:

Pretty good way to lead off a show featuring these two hotties in the same scene. It's Marco's birthday and after everyone has left the party save for Jynx and Selena we get to watch a different type of cake be enjoyed and what a sexy pair of cakes we have! Lots of kissing amongst the trio as the clothes are peeled off and I wasn't disappointed at all to see a great open shot of Jynx Maze and her sexy ass with Marco and Selena enjoying that view from behind. Selena doesn't makes us wait while she loses her clothes too with a little pussy licking for both worked in from Marco. I've read where Jynx doesn't really want to do g/g but doing a scene with a boy and girl intrigues her in the sense of pleasing both and this shows up here bigtime with the g/g interplay well done but the ladies don't forget Marco either when his cock finally comes out. Some fine shared knob polishing by the ladies here and the side view was nicely worked in. Jynx seems to do a lot of pussy licking and kissing with Selena in this scene and I never got the vibe she wasn't fully into the action and I have to say this trio looked great together. The scene closes out with Selena riding in reverse leading to Marco blowing his load into her mouth and then Selena turning to share it with Jynx in a cum kiss! Well done ladies and Happy Birthday!

So afterwards we go to Kayden Kross in bed talking to her hubby Tommy Gunn and discussing whether or not to invite her sister along for the wine tasting they are supposed to do that weekend. Tommy then lets her know he can't make it due to work and he'd known about this for a couple days but had not told Kayden who was none to pleased. So she calls up Selena who we learned in the first scene was an escort and she wants her to do a little investigating on whether or not Tommy really has "work" that's keeping him away or if it is another woman. Selena agrees but it is a hefty price tag but Kayden pays up as she really wants to know. This to me is the classic soap opera deal. Rather than directly confront the spouse you try an elaborate plan that has a big chance of screwing up but this is a porn movie so the screwing is what we are here to watch!!

Riley Steele:

Kayden then heads to where her sister Riley works and lets her know what's going on. This is cut short when Riley is called to a meeting with her boss, Manuel! Let's just say there was no dictation done but something else was done with a dick that's for sure. First, though, Manuel samples Riley's tits moving nicely down to her pussy/ ass. They used the desk top as base of operations and the open shot for the oral was captured well. The two then change places with Riley working his cock out and into her mouth, side view was used plus a little titty fucking too. It takes a few positions but they finally get to cowgirl where there is good riding done and more comfortable too using the chair rather than the desk top. A nice ride in reverse too for the boob lovers leads to a side view for the pop and Manuel fires off several blasts into her mouth with clean up after from Riley. I'm a little bummed this is her only scene but it is another good one for the Riley faithful.

Selena Rose:

We get a brief glimpse of Kayden and Tommy in bed watching a movie and she tries to find out if her sis Riley told him anything about her stopping by the office to see him other than her visiting. Tommy wasn't really interested in talking then so you see there is a most certainly a distance between the two. On to the next day where Selena has called Kayden for a meeting and an update on her seduction of Tommy. Well we learn that it was a success as Selena did what Kayden told her and put in an application for a job/ interview with Tommy. We learn and see what happened at this meeting and if Selena goes to a job interview with the blue see thru top she had on her I think she'll get many job offers-- blow jobs I mean! What a top she had on and Tommy doesn't stand a chance. We watch as Tommy works around/ down to Selena's pussy/ ass licking them from behind, love this shot plus there is some fingering too. They make use of his desk top as well for some of the fingering with Selena licking his fingers clean before dropping down to engulf his cock and she has very nice energy here taking him on. The fucking was briskly paced with Selena doing P2M too. The duo make good use of the nearby couch for wide open shots in reverse and cowgirl in succession with more P2M. A fine open mouth pop and clean up wrap this one up.

Kayden Kross:

So we get a little bit of story here with Kayden giving Tommy the cold shoulder in bed that night after hearing the story from Selena and I am just wondering if that was all it was. The next day Selena actually comes walking into the kitchen surprising Kayden who wonders how she knew where she lived- I followed you one day after one of our meetings- this can't be good. Selena offers this advice to Kayden, don't get mad, get even! Tommy's voice then rings out announcing he is home and Kayden wants to confront him with Selena there but for some reason she isn't interested in staying and leaves. Hmm we don't see Tommy come in, instead we go to Manuel coming in and evidently Kayden called him and expresses her vulnerability to him. Don't talk, take my clothes off and fuck me!! Well you don't need to tell Manuel twice as we just saw him telling Tommy how hot he thought Kayden was. Tommy was worried about Kayden not wanting to have sex, again I wonder about Selena here. Anyway we go to Manuel undressing Kayden and kissing his way down her body until his face is buried in her pussy. Kayden just lets go and gives in to this feeling of anger/ despair/ confusion and Manuel is the chief beneficiary. Kayden helps rip his pants off moving in to engulf his cock, using both hands to grip the shaft while she takes him in. Kayden really gives in here going underneath his balls to bury her face, ass licking perhaps but we don't actually see it but she's really letting loose here. Several positions later and we get another strong pop shot from Manuel with Kayden offering some clean up but we have to wonder about her emotional state and will there be a final confrontation with Selena/ Tommy/ Kayden.


Sure enough we get just that in the next scene as Kayden calls Selena to come over and she lets her know about fucking another guy. Selena is supportive but I think she has other motives which soon become clear-- leaning in to kiss Kayden who is so vulnerable now and she gives in. Well Tommy walks in and is flabbergasted about what he sees. Selena isn't there long offering a meek I'm sorry before running off. Tommy obviously doesn't know who she is and that is evident to Kayden who breaks down telling him about her being unhappy but stopping short of expressing her infidelity. Tommy says they can split up or try and fix it. Next day comes and we have Manuel at the house writing a check to Tommy buying him out of their shared company. Tommy goes and shows the check to Kayden who seems happy about this change and the two decide to celebrate right in front of the big aquarium. Kissing was good here with Tommy working down to lick her pussy. Kayden was nice returning the oral favors as we get a good close up for that and of the fishies behind them, lol. The two hit a couple positions with reverse the best shot and we end with a blast to Kayden's face/ open mouth and a bit of clean up from her.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a good story with easy to follow plot points and I wasn't surprised that Selena hadn't fucked Tommy and that Kayden would do what she thought he had and that's fuck another person. I was a bit surprised there wasn't a full disclosure in the end as they instead did a neat ending where Tommy sells out and the two seemingly live happily ever after. The sex was strong in this movie with the fantastic three way leading off with Jynx, Selena and Marco Rivera. Riley sadly only has the one scene but it's a good one with Manuel, one more Selena offering - the fake coupling with Tommy before we end strong with a heavy dose of Kayden Kross both dialogue wise and fucking as she gets the last two scenes. I think it would have rocked to include a Kayden/ Selena pairing perhaps a fantasy scene for one of the ladies in this show but it was still a good one with what as presented. Extra wise you have a gallery and there is some BTS as well so check that out. Good for Kayden fans who want to see her strut all her talents-- sex and acting were both great with her in this. Selena Rose was the other actress with some meaty dialogue and handles it well so her fans should snap this one up too.

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