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Erotica for Two: Final Ecstasy

Erotica for Two: Final Ecstasy

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Couples , Straight
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Erotica for Two: Final Ecstasy:
Overall Rating 0 stars
Erotica for Two: Final Ecstasy overall rating 0 stars
Female Looks Erotica for Two: Final Ecstasy Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Erotica for Two: Final Ecstasy Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Erotica for Two: Final Ecstasy Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Erotica for Two: Final Ecstasy Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Erotica for Two: Final Ecstasy DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Erotica for Two: Final Ecstasy A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  5/22/2002

Running Time: approx. 142 min. (cover states both 83 and 120 min.)

Production Date: 12 / 27 / 2001

Director: Various

Cast: Stacy Valentine, Chloe, Rebecca Lord, Sindee Coxx (possibly), Raylene, Valentina, John Decker, Steve Drake, Steve Hatcher, Rick Masters, Tyce Bune, Buck Adams, Tom Byron, Tony Tedeschi, Michael J. Cox, Colt Steele, and a few more who can rest easy at not being named here

Initial Expectations: The original Erotica for Two wasnít that impressive, so Iím not expecting much here either.

Initial Reaction: Wow. Suddenly Girl Power doesnít look quite so bad. Adam & Eve has such fraudulent false advertising here that it should be used to introduce their entire quality control department to anal sex.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who just wants some couples sex without caring about who the performers are or what the original features were.

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a well made compilation

Audio /Video Quality: Although compilations normally vary in technical aspects, Erotica for Two: Final Ecstasy is fairly consistent. Unfortunately, itís consistently below average. The audio level varies and is frequently a little muddled. Thereís also a fair amount of dubbing, some of which is highly obvious. The video is worse. Almost every scene shows some grain, and a few of them even have some horrible pixelation and focus problems. This is not a pretty picture.

Music: As usual with compilations, the music varies quite a bit. Itís often balanced nicely with the rest of the audio, but thereís also plenty thatís overpowering.

Disc Problems / Complaints: Okay, this isnít an actual problem, but it is a noticeable and fairly sloppy problem. The feature is spread out over two titles, one lasting about 82 minutes and the other lasting about an hour. If you want to move between the two titles, the only way you can is to go through the main or chapter menu.

False Advertising: Roxanne Hall, Dyanna Lauren, Johnni Black, Tricia Devereaux, Julia Ann, Steve Drake, Mark Davis, Julian St. Jox, and Alec Metro were all listed on the cover as appearing in this feature, yet were nowhere to be found. I really wish that Adam & Eve would have had the class to include a little of what they were smoking or drinking when they made this one along with the DVD so maybe the rest of us could enjoy it and ďseeĒ some of the people they listed too. This is so bad that I would have deducted a full two points, but I couldnít go negative.

Menus: The main menu has a nice little bit of animation that gives it a decent feel. The chapter menu is very plain, and allows you to choose a scene based only on a small clip of the scene. Although nothing special, they are probably the best thing about this DVD.

The Feature: Erotica for Two: Final Ecstasy is one of Adam & Eveís latest compilations. Iím starting to feel awfully old lately. I kept having the thought ďIím so old I remember when Adam & Eve mostly put out new movies!Ē go through my head as I watched this one. As with many of Adam & Eveís compilations, outside of one scene nothingís identified, which leaves the average Joe or Jane to guess at the stars and movies.

Peter North starts things out with Krista Maze, a nice looking redhead whoís playing piano, in a scene from Cameron Grantís Erotica Desires. It has many of Grantís standard features, such as film grain, a slow pace, and soft classical styled music. They warm each other up orally as Krista sits on the piano bench before Peter slides his cock northward into her from behind, and then as she lays back on the bench. They finish it with one of Peterís typically impressive ball blasts and a spray that looks like it could have blinded Krista for life. Itís a nicely romantic scene that gives the feature a nice and slow start.

Steve Drake pairs up with an okay looking blonde in the next scene on the often used couch. He drops down and eats her bald pussy as she writhes around on the couch and then lets her swallow his manhood. They move through several of the standard positions on the couch while going through many of the standard motions. Steve finishes off spooning her and then pulling out to pop on her stomach. Itís a fairly boring scene and one that might make you want to keep your remote control handy.

Returning to a Cameron Grant movie, the next scene with Valentina and a guy who at first glance reminded me of Tony Tedeschi in a scene from Passion In Venice. She arrives at the door wearing only a trenchcoat, and like any other guy, he lets her in when he sees that sheís not wearing anything underneath. Having second thoughts, he fights her off very nobly until she gets to his zipper, at which point he gives up. Valentina is really hot in this scene, although the competition doesnít seem to be since she works herself over with a vibrator in addition to what heís doing to her. They go at it with some very nice energy, and Valentina finishes things with a very nice facial. After she wears him out, she grabs his lap top on her way out the door.

Shayla LaVeaux and Rick Masterís final scene from Heartfelt 2 is included next. They donít really fool around with any kind of foreplay and get straight to the fucking. They start with a bit of reverse cowgirl and move on to spooning, doggie, and missionary before Shayla gets a little bit of decoration for her tits and sucks out the last bit. Although not a great scene, it gets by very well due to the enthusiasm and energy in it.

In a scene from the first Heartfelt, Raylene, a great looking auburn starts things off in bed with Buck Adams, who I think celebrated being able to legally drink around the turn of the century. The eighteenth century that is. Raylene gives Grand-uncle Buck a nice little hummer with some good energy before writhing around and moaning loudly as he eats and fingers her pussy. Buck climbs on Raylene to start fucking her, and with the obvious energy Rayleneís showing the reasons are obvious. Rayleneís putting in so much energy it looks like sheís trying to collect a life insurance settlement out of Buck. Buck remains in control for most of the scene, fucking Raylene as sheís on her stomach and back, but she does get to be in control with a little reverse cowgirl in the middle. She finishes things off with great style by taking a slow pop from Buck and then swallowing it down. Itís a pretty average scene due to the camera work, but Buck and Raylene do look like theyíre having a lot of fun here. They both put a lot of energy into the scene, and it pays off. Unfortunately, I didnít care for some of the camera work, so others might enjoy this scene a lot more than I did.

Chloe works with Tom Byron next in a scene from Eyes of Desire. Theyíre supposed to go to a formal event, but Tom would rather wear one of Chloeís dresses than the tux heís supposed to. It starts off as a lot of fun, and continues as Chloe and Tom strip each other out of her clothes. Tom and Chloe give each other a quick oral warmup before Tom flops himself down on Chloe and thrusts his cock into her snatch. They move on to a bit of scissors and reverse cowgirl. Tom has Chloe watch his cock before he gushes into the air like Old Faithful, and then lets her drop down to get a taste. Itís a really great scene that surprisingly, especially with these two people, doesnít contain any anal sex. Tom and Chloe also have great chemistry together, which helps to make this one heck of a fun and great scene.

Tyce Bune gets it on with Dakota, a kind of trashy looking bleached blonde, next in a scene from Desiree. She sucks and tit-fucks his cock before he gives her pussy about two licks and starts fucking it from behind. They donít stay there long, and move onto reverse cowgirl where Tyce takes care of both of Dakotaís her holes before unloading on her tits. Itís a pretty good scene and both Tyce and Dakota appear to be having quite a bit of fun, but the editing seemed a little jumpy, which brought things down a little for me.

Michael J. Cox starts out licking Rebecca Lordís pussy in a scene I think comes from Corporate Assets 2. He moves on to fuck her from behind alongside an outdoor pool in a couple variations before popping on her tits. Itís an okay scene thatís fairly quick. Thereís nothing really noticeable about it in any way.

Dakota returns in another scene from Desiree, this time with Colt Steele. She sucks his cock and tit fucks him while theyíre in a hot tub, and then moves outside for him to fuck her as she lays on her back. She offers him access from the rear also, although not in the rear, and lets Colt finish himself off on her ass. Itís a very warm scene, mostly due to Dakotaís energy in the scene. Although she isnít one of the best looking girls no longer in porn, she did have some nice energy.

Stacy Valentine and John Deckerís bathroom fuck from Thrust is next. John carries her into what might be the worldís cleanest bar bathroom and them drops down to tongue her twat. Stacy returns Johnís oral favor, and even takes him all the way down her throat. They keep things moving through reverse cowgirl, a standing doggie, and then finish things up with every girls dream, missionary on a bar bathroom floor before John decorates Stacyís tits. Itís a pretty good scene thatís kind of amusing due to the cleanliness of the bathroom.

An overly implanted brunette gets it on with a bald guy other than Mark Davis in the next scene, whoís origin I have no clue to. It appears that sheís some kind of model, as she switches outfits in the middle of the scene. She climbs a ladder and lets the guy lick her twat and see if he can somehow stretch his hands over her mammoth mams. They fuck in cowgirl, doggie, reverse cowgirl, and missionary before he decorates her tits. Itís an okay scene that only stands out because its done in sepia tones.

In another unidentified and unrecognized scene, a dark haired guy emerges from a pool to pleasure an average looking bleached blonde. She seems happy about it, which I guess is a good sign, and rolls over for him to lay on her before rubbing lotion all over his cock and halls. She crawls onto him and continues to massage his cock and balls before making it look like she might be fucking him. Due to the angles, Iím not sure if they ever really fuck. You never see any real penetration, and their positions look a little off. She normally straddles him about half way between his cock and navel, and when she hops off his cock is pointing towards his toes. You donít get a pop and he dives in the pool as soon as its done. Make sure you know where the skip forward button is on your remote before starting this scene.

Mickey G. and Missyís final scene from Eyes of Desire appears next. He gives her directions for stripping and masturbating across the phone, which Missy gets into pretty well. He tells her to come up and see him, and has her strip for him again. He admires her ass, fingers it, and kisses it before letting her admire his body and suck his cock. He plays with her a little before they move on to fuck with some amazing chemistry before ending things with another internal pop. Itís almost obvious that Mickey and Missy are married here with the chemistry they show. Itís a hot and long scene, and probably the best one here.

Erotica for Two: Final Ecstasy might have been better named Erotica for Two: Put to Sleep. The scenes are all average at best, but there wasnít a single scene here that really grabbed me and held my attention through the entire scene. Even worse, the picture quality is all sub - VHS or shot on film and not given the proper attention. Between the low technical aspects and not labeling any of the scenes (except Shayla LaVeauxís) this one comes off as a dud, and that doesnít even begin to take into account the insulting Adam & Eve has done to anybody who buys this based on a cast list. Iíd put buying this one on the ďTo Do:Ē list right below cleaning out your toilet with your tongue.

Extras: Trailers are included for Crystal Dreams, Goddess, and Pure Bliss.

Themes: Straight, toys, tit-fucking, anal, voyeurism, masturbation, and spanking

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Most of Adam & Eveís compilations can be found online for around $10 after a month or two. Wait until somebody gives you this one rather than paying money for it.

Note to Adam & Eve: If youíre going to release compilations, please take the time to do them right rather than putting out stuff thatís half-assed. Although I donít really blame you for not wanting to sit through this one, itís piss poor (sorry but this is as tactful as I can come here) quality control when roughly half the people listed on the cover arenít in the feature! I hope that you didnít have many of these made, since you might have to have them surgically removed by many of the people who bought it due to your false advertising.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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