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Erotica for Two

Erotica for Two

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Couples
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Erotica for Two:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Erotica for Two overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Erotica for Two Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Erotica for Two Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Erotica for Two Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Erotica for Two Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Erotica for Two DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Erotica for Two A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/30/2002

Running Time: 115 min. (cover states approx. 125 min.)

Production Date: 11 / 10 / 1998

Director: Various

Cast: Stacy Valentine, Julia Ann, Jamie Lee, Colt Steele, Dyanna Lauren, Tricia Devereaux, Shawna Edwards, Roxanne Hall, Maria De Sanchez, Sindee Coxx, Michael J. Cox, Claudio, Steve Hatcher, John Decker, Steve Drake, Julian St. Jox, Juli Ashton, Mark Davis, and Johnni Black in sexual roles and Janine, Leena, Melanie Moore, Eric Price, and a few others in non-sex cameos

Initial Expectations: Adam & Eve’s compilations have been kind of hit and miss, and I have a feeling this is going to be a miss.

Initial Reaction: It’s a nicely organized compilation with some pretty average sex.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes sex with just two people and who thinks sex between couples doesn’t have to be boring

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for more extreme sex

Audio /Video Quality: As with most compilations, the audio and video quality does vary a bit from scene to scene. Most of the scenes are balanced pretty well, but there are a few places where the audio is a bit hollow and out of balance. The video is much the same way, only most of it is slightly grainy. The last scene, which was shot on film, has some excessive grain, and another suffers from excessive shadows, but that’s about it for video problems.

Music: As with almost every other compilation, the music and balance varies from scene to scene. For the most part, it’s your typical porn music that’s balanced anywhere from extremely well to barely allowing you to hear what’s really happening in the scene.

False Advertising: The cover states there are two added bonus scenes, but there aren’t any bonus scenes listed on the DVD. I docked the overall rating by a half point because of this.

Menus: The main menu is extremely plain, and doesn’t even have any animation. The chapter menu lets you choose from a scene number and a small clip of the scene.

The Feature: Erotica for Two, one of Adam & Eve’s older compilations, focuses on just that, sex between two people. Each scene is preceded by a screen that lets you know who the performers are in the scene, but not where the actual movie is from.

John Decker and Shawna Edwards start things out in a scene from My 2nd Love. Shawna starts out on John’s lap kissing him a little before hopping off so he can lick her pussy and ass from behind. They don’t bother with trivial little things like blowjobs, and go straight to Shawna riding John’s cock cowgirl style. He picks her up and fucks her a bit before finishing things out with a pile driver before blowing his nut butter on Shawna’s snatch. It’s a pretty average scene, but I’ve never been too impressed with Shawna. It’s mostly her tattoo of “Joseph” across her stomach, but it flashes by quickly and often enough here that it’s almost like subliminal advertising. I can only hope a guy named Joseph doesn’t introduce himself to me in the near future.

Stacy Valentine and Alec Metro team up next for a poolside scene that I think comes from Habits of the Heart. Alec carries Stacy over to some cushions by the pool and frees her from her ever-so-restrictive sundress and kisses her tits before literally ripping off his pants so she can suck his cock until it turns hard. She energetically mouths Alec’s rod while often cooing softly, and also gives him some great eye contact. Alec returns the favor in kind, tonguing Stacy’s twat with some good energy as she thrusts it against his mouth. Alec slides himself up and into Stacy as she lays there to start fucking her, and takes the time to lick her from behind when she rolls over before he starts fucking her again. After a bit of energetic doggie style, Alec and Stacy return to the missionary position, with Alec decorating Stacy’s entire front to finish things off. It’s a hot scene that has some very good chemistry. It also shows some great romance and caring towards the end when Alec uses a towel to wipe the spooge from Stacy’s eye.

Roxanne Hall and Steve Hatcher show up next in a scene from Winter’s Passion. Roxanne starts out clearly in control wearing knee high fuck-me-boots and forcing Steve back onto the bed. She makes him practically beg her to suck his cock, and in the middle she pours a little hot wax first on her nipples and then on his chest before returning to suck his cock. He eats her pussy in return before sliding his cock into her bald beaver as she continues to lay back. After he takes care of her pussy, Roxanne turns around and lets Steve fuck her ass while she works on her pussy with three of her fingers. Roxanne ends things by having Steve unload himself in her hands, and then pouts in onto her tits. It looks like both Roxanne and Steve like it a little rough, which makes this a pretty hot scene that has some great chemistry.

Dyanna Lauren shows up next in a scene with Colt Steele from Vivid’s Hawaii. They fondle and play a bit with each other orally as the waves roll in around them on the beach. She gives him a nice blowjob before they run into the nearby woods so Dyanna can sit herself on a low branch and give Colt’s tongue easy access to her pussy. Luckily, there’s also a nearby blanket so they can lay down and fuck without worry about getting any rashes, which also assumes that everybody was tested and took some precautions before this condom-free fuck. They start out in the traditional missionary on the blanket, but move into other positions as they make their way around a bit while keeping some gorgeous scenery around them. Dyanna also takes Colt in her ass from behind before his unloads his cum gun on her great ass. It’s a pretty hot scene that has a beautiful location and a nicely romantic feel to it as well.

Maria De Sanchez, a raven haired beauty with nicely natural tits and a nicely fit body, takes on Steve Drake in a scene from New Revelations next. Steve starts out kissing Maria’s nicely natural nipples and quickly moves down to lick her furry, but neatly trimmed, snatch. He doesn’t stay down there for long before Maria’s sucking away on his cock and licking it like a popsicle. She lays back for him to fuck her snatch missionary style, and surprisingly, this is the only position they do it in. Steve plants his seed on her bush to finish things. It’s a pretty tame scene that seems so slow that it didn’t really do anything for me.

Johnni Black and Mark Davis’ scene from Thrust lands next. Johnni is busy training in a simulator (translation - video game at the arcade or maybe just a cheesy set) when she’s interrupted by a horny Mark. I’ve seen a lot better from both performers, but the lighting is the main problem here. There’s so many shadows that you can barely see what Johnni and Mark are doing, but you can clearly tell that he does ream her ass. The scene is fairly amusing as Johnni keeps spouting off cheesy lines like ‘drop your bomb on my face’ before Mark sprays his population pudding all over her face. I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh or cry watching this scene.

The extremely lovely Tricia Devereaux, who looks even hotter than normal wearing glasses, takes on Julian St. Jox on a pool table in a scene from KSEX. Julian starts out working Tricia’s pussy with his tongue and fingers before she starts gobbling his knob as he continues to play. She finally turns around to let him take her from behind on a pool table and then squats on his cock when they move to the couch. They go back to the pool table for Tricia to take it in the back door and end things with a nice facial finish. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen from Tricia in the past, but this one blew me away. Tricia plays this role with a subtly innocence at first while slowly getting naughtier and nastier as time goes by. There’s some great heat and chemistry here that helps out the scene quite a bit since it seems to hang in a few places a little long.

Julia Ann takes on Steve Drake in a scene from Vivid’s Blondage next. Julia starts off dancing for Steve, and does a great job showing off her great body as she strips out of her bikini. She lays down in front of Steve to let him finger and lick her pussy before slowly sucking and stroking his cock. Julia lets Steve fuck her from behind first, and later missionary style. Steve tit-fucks Julia’s amply augmented melons and strokes himself vigorously to finish himself off on Julia’s cans. It’s a pretty average scene that suffers a bit in the chemistry department. I’ve seen Julia do much better work than this, so I’m mostly tempted to blame it on the camera work and editing, both of which seemed to lack during this scene. There are quite a few attempts at using a mirror to show both sides of the action, and it doesn’t work as well as it has in other scenes due to the angle of the camera. The scene is further hurt by the lighting, which gives almost everything a kind of red and blue tint.

Michael J. Cox and Sindee Coxx hook up in a scene from Adam & Eve’s House Party 2. Eric Price opens a bathroom door to find Sindee Coxx naked and demanding somebody to fuck her. Eric leaves Michael to satisfy her, who eagerly walks in. She undresses him and moves him partially onto the sink so she can suck his cock. They move to the shower where Michael lathers Sindee up and then drops down to lick her pussy. He also works on her pussy with a shower attachment that’s kind of like a squirting dildo. I’ll leave it up to your imagination what it’s probably really used for, but it makes for a nice addition to this scene. They get back out of the shower and head back to the sink where Michael fucks Sindee both from behind and in a standing missionary. Michael finishes himself off blowing his baby batter onto Sindee’s stomach before licking it up, which was something I didn’t really need to see. It’s a pretty hot scene that works great despite the spacial limitations of the bathroom. This doesn’t seem like it would be an easy scene to film and capture things right, but it’s done pretty well here. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of closeups or obstructed shots, there are, but there are quite a few well done shots also. It’s also helped out by some great chemistry between Sindee and Michael.

The penultimate scene pairs Jamie Lee and former gargoyle Claudio in a scene from Adam & Eve’s House Party 3. Jamie, a nice looking blonde with a few tattoos, starts off in a nice black latex suit which Claudio helps her out of before they go directly to a sixty-nine. After barely a minute of warmup, Jamie orders Claudio to fuck her. At his age, I’m sure she was threatening to hide his Depends on him, so he immediately starts fucking her from behind. He also obeys when she orders him to fuck her in the ass. He holds up pretty good, and finally pops on Jamie’s nice ass. It’s a pretty good scene despite the limited positions and fairly quick nature.

The final scene comes from Passion In Venice, with Juli Ashton and Mark Davis in an outdoor garden with some ruins. Juli sucks Mark’s cock before letting him fuck her from behind as she braces herself against the pillars in the ruins. Mark also fucks Juli standing up while completely supporting her as well as letting her ride him before unloading on her face. It’s a fairly artistic and nicely romantic scene that’s a great representative of the entire feature it comes from.

Erotica for Two is a pretty standard compilation, although it does show a little care by listing the performers before each scene. The scenes themselves are pretty average, but there are a few standout scenes, with Tricia Devereaux and Julian St. Jox’s scene from KSEX leading the way. Unfortunately there’s also a couple major duds, such as the scenes from New Revelations and Thrust. It’s not a bad compilation, but then again, it’s not a great one either.

Extras: Trailers are included for Sex Spell and Crystal Dreams. There’s also web links and phone sex commercials.

Themes: Straight, rimming (male > female), spanking, hot wax, anal, and tit-fucking

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, Erotica for Two can be found online for between $10 and $25 with most stores offering it for under $15. At this price, it’s not too bad of a buy. There’s a nice range of sex here, with most of it hovering around the average point. The transfer is also pretty average, but does suffer in a few scenes. Unfortunately, there isn’t much for extras here, but that’s not too unusual with compilations.

Note to Adam & Eve: It’s nice to see you showing a little care with your compilations, but please pay a little better attention to your covers. When you say you’re going to include two bonus scenes, do it.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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