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Erotic Visions (Ultimate)

Erotic Visions (Ultimate)

Studio: Ultimate
Category:  Straight
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astroknight's ratings for Erotic Visions (Ultimate):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Erotic Visions (Ultimate) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Erotic Visions (Ultimate) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Erotic Visions (Ultimate) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Erotic Visions (Ultimate) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Erotic Visions (Ultimate) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Erotic Visions (Ultimate) DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Erotic Visions (Ultimate) A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/14/2003

Running Time: 89 min.

Production Date: June 15, 1995

Director: Cameron Grant

Cast: Felecia, Ginger Hill, Jeanna Fine, Jenteal, Jessica James, Kia, Krista Maze, Morgan Daniels, Olivia, Rebecca Lord, Roxanne Hall, Serenity, Tammy Parks, Taylor St. Clair, Yvonne, Alec Metro, Bobby Vitale, Brad Armstrong, Gerry Pike, Jonathan Morgan, Julian St. Jox, Nick East, and Peter North

Initial Expectations: This cast gives me pretty good expectations!

Initial Reaction: Itís very artistic and quite hot!

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting very artistic sex with a bit of variety

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting their sex quick and easy or who wants long, drawn out sex scenes

Audio /Video Quality: Cameron Grant is well known for imitating Andrew Blake, and itís all on full display here. Virtually every aspect of Erotic Visions is artistic. The talent is rarely heard in the movie, with the music providing most of the audio. The feature was shot on film, with means that the video shows some graininess. Itís noticeable in every scene, but it also helps give the feature much of its artistic feeling. There arenít many shadows throughout the feature, and the few that do exist normally help the sexuality of the scene rather than hindering it. Thereís also a fair amount of slow motion throughout the feature, with also helps give it a more artistic feel.

Music: The music is normally very loud compared to the performers, if not the only audio in the scenes. Normally I donít like this, but the music here is so amazingly sexy that it could almost give me wood even without watching the sex! Sadly, the way it was handled it often brought the scenes down as much as it enhanced them, if not more, as it took much of the heat away from the scenes. You could often tell there was good chemistry, but the lack of audio other than the music took away any depth from the scenes that might have existed. I can easily see the possibility of giving the sex another full point if the balance between the music and the rest of the audio had been handled differently.

Menus: For the age of this DVD, the menus are very impressive. The main menu is animated and the chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene.

The Feature: Erotic Visions collects several sexual vignettes. Each vignette revolves around a certain aspect of sexual nature. They begin with a short voice over to lead you into the scene, and then get right down to business.

Alec Metro starts things out with Tammy Parks in Voyeur while Taylor St. Clair watches them from outside. Tammy is dressed almost as a traditional widow, but with some nice touches of vinyl added, while Taylor is dressed extremely girlish in white with plenty of ruffles. Tammy strips down a bit as she dances in front of Alec before laying back and letting Alec warm up her goodies with his tongue. She gives him some head with great eyes in return before Alec shoves her panties in her mouth and starts fucking her from behind. Finally, Alec pops on Tammyís tits and rubs it in. Throughout it all, Taylor watches from outside and lightly masturbates.

This is a very hot scene, and shows just how sexually artistic Cameron Grant can be! Virtually every instance of this scene feels like it could have been put into an adult magazine, and none of it loses any heat. I was amazed at the beauty of this scene, as well as the sexuality, which made this an incredible winning scene for me.

Cover girl Olivia, a big tittied dirty blonde, takes center stage in Saturnalia, the second scene. Olivia walks down a hall with the walls covered with black plastic and what looks like men with raging hard-ons waiting behind them. She rolls around a black plastic floor with a bronze-like vase while the black hands grasp at her body before opening the vase and pouring the water inside onto her fishnet and latex clad body. She lets the hands make their way around her body and even lets them fuck her with a dildo.

This is an okay scene. Olivia didnít do too much for me, but the scene didnít give me any negative feelings either. It basically came off as an average artistically done scene.

In Opus Peter North takes on Krista Maze. Krista starts things out playing piano when Peter walks up dressed in a tux. They warm each other up orally as Krista sits on the piano bench before Peter slides his cock northward into her from behind, and then as she lays back on the bench. They finish it with one of Peterís typically impressive ball blasts and a spray that looks like it could have blinded Krista for life.

This is a nice and romantic scene. It has a slow pace and a definite romantic feel. Thereís nice chemistry between Krista and Peter, and you can feel it very well despite the music covering up most of the sounds from the action in the scene.

Next up, Brad Armstrong gets the double pleasure with oriental Kia and blonde Yvonne, both of whom are in some very nice fetishwear, in Dungeon. Brad kisses Kiaís nipples as Yvonne starts out on her knees pleasuring Kia, who soon after drops down to give her directions and help her pleasure Brad orally. They move on with a little more oral pleasure before Brad fucks Kia while Yvonne rides her face. He doesnít get a chance at Yvonneís pussy, since Kia dons a strap-on to fucks Yvonne doggie style. Yvonne also rides Kiaís strap-on, which gives Brad the perfect angle to penetrate her ass for a technical double penetration. Brad pumps her ass a bit and then finally deposits his dick droppings on her ass.

This is an extremely hot scene! Thereís great chemistry and energy, along with the excellent vision of Cameron Grant. Yes, it does seem very Blake-ish, but it works here and had me drooling like a fool by the time the scene was half done.

In Nocturnal Twist Jessica James hooks up with Jonathan Morgan. They start out sipping champagne in front of a fireplace before Jonathan breaks out a pail of fruit and a small pitcher of chocolate and cream. He rubs various pieces against Jessicaís body after sometimes dipping them in one of the pitchers before licking off whatís left. Jonathan teases her pussy and tits with his tongue as well as the fruit before letting her suck his cock. He mounts her missionary style while kissing her passionately before giving her a bit of doggie action. They finish things up with a bit more missionary action before Jonathan decorates Jessicaís tits.

This is a nicely romantic scene. It oozes love and passion, and is far different from the previous scene. It has none of the darkness of the previous scene, and keeps a slow and sensualness about it throughout the entire scene. Jonathan and Jessica have great chemistry together, and really make the scene appear like they were a real couple deeply in love. This is a very nice scene!

Serenity and Felecia team up for Oil Annointment next. Serenity starts things off oiling up Felecia for a little tanning. They undress and Serenity works over Feleciaís pussy before the oil flows over both of them a little more. They gradually move around, sixty-nining before Felecia concentrates on Serenityís pussy. Serenity thanks her with a little more finger work before ending it with a little kissing.

Itís a fairly hot scene. Thereís nice chemistry and energy, but it could have used a little more time and toys. Granted, I really like both of these ladies, so some of my disappointment here could have also come from hy expectations soaring when I saw that they were going to perform together.

Bobby Vitale and Morgan Daniels hook up for Wet Glass, the seventh scene in Erotic Desires. They kiss passionately before Bobby makes his way to Morganís chest and she returns the favor with some nice head. Bobby bones her from behind before fucking her as they face each other standing up Finally Bobby decorates Morganís oversized tits.

This is another pretty good scene. I really like the way that both Bobby and Morgan stood throughout the entire scene. Bobby and Morgan have nice chemistry and energy throughout the scene, but thereís very little of the actual audio between them. This brought the scene down for me, and Iím sure that with the real audio going for the scene I would have been able to get into it much better.

Next up, Jenteal takes on Ginger Hill and Jeanna Fine in Triad, what was Jentealís very first scene. It has a nice fetish feel from the start due to the costumes. Jeanna gets Jenteal slightly warmed up and then sits back to watch her work on Ginger. After a bit Jeanna brings the girls over and works on both their pussies with dildos before getting them in a line so they can each get a little pussy eating done. As Jenteal eats her, Jeanna even fucks her own ass with a dildo. Jenteal is rewarded by getting her pussy eaten a little more, but the scene cuts off fairly sharply from there, feeling very unfinished.

This is a hot scene thatís really hurt by the horrible ending. Right from the first moment it oozes heat, and not having a satisfying ending leaves me feeling like thereís more to come that was cut out. Other than that, it progresses nicely and shows why a lot of people think of Cameron Grant as the best Andrew Blake imitator out there!

Nick East and Rebecca Lord hook up for a romantic rooftop dinner in Alfresco, the penultimate scene. He drops down to eat her pussy while sheís still dressed, and then pulls her panties aside to fuck her as she lays on the table. She turns around to let him fuck her from behind and then takes his pop on her ass.

This is a fairly short scene. Thereís a fair amount of chemistry, as well as some nice energy which makes this scene work pretty well. Once again thereís a very passionate atmosphere about the scene, and although the music is annoying at times due to its balance here, it still helps make this a hot scene.

Finally, Dais has Julian St. Jox and Gerry Pike teaming up to take on blindfolded flapper Roxanne Hall. Gerry feeds Roxanne his cock while Julian tongues her twat before Gerry starts fucking her. They trade back and forth a bit before teaming up to double penetrate Roxanne. Finally, Gerry and Julian give Roxanne a nice double facial.

This scene came off as fairly average to me. Itís extremely artistic and very darkly lit. It looks great, but never struck me as having much depth. I found myself completely ambivalent about this entire scene as I watched it.

Erotic Visions is another beautiful feature from Cameron Grant. As usual, thereís a little plot, but itís easily passed by for the visuals. Virtually every single instant here could be captured as a magazine still and would run the risk of being stuck together with itís neighbor by any teenage boy who ran across the magazine. This movie is amazingly gorgeous, and even has quite a bit of heat to make it seem even more worthwhile. There are very few of the scenes that approach average, and many of them are good enough by themselves that I think theyíre all many people will need to keep them satisfied in a night. My biggest problem with Erotic Visions is the music. Itís incredibly sexual, but it holds back the scenes as much if not more than it enhances them by drowning out the action or being the only audio in many of the scenes and also makes it a little too soft at times. Even with the music holding things back and making them a little too soft at times, Erotic Visions is still a beautifully shot and extremely erotic adult film.

Extras: The photo gallery lasts nearly two minutes with roughly six seconds per okay looking snapshot or full screen photo. Thereís also weblinks and bios for Felecia, Jenteal, Olivia, and Jonathan Morgan that include a photo and a little personal information.

Themes: Straight, voyeurism, masturbation, toys, interracial, group, lesbian, anal,DP (technical), and fetishwear

Condoms Usage: None

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, most of Adam & Eveís Cameron Grant DVDs can be found online for between $5 and $22 with several stores offering them for under $10. At the low end this is a steal! Yes, there isnít really anything worth mentioning for extras and the technical aspects sometimes leave a bit to be desired. Itís also amazing sexually, and a must for anybody whoís a fan of artistic porn or Andrew Blakeís style.

Note to Adam & Eve: It would be great to see you release updated DVDs of Cameron Grantís movies!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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