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astroknight Erotic Visions (Ultimate) 3 starsErotic Visions (Ultimate) 3 starsErotic Visions (Ultimate) 3 stars
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Erotic Visions (Ultimate)

Erotic Visions (Ultimate)

Studio: Ultimate
Category:  Straight
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DeathIncarnate's ratings for Erotic Visions (Ultimate):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Erotic Visions (Ultimate) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Erotic Visions (Ultimate) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Erotic Visions (Ultimate) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Erotic Visions (Ultimate) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Erotic Visions (Ultimate) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Erotic Visions (Ultimate) DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Erotic Visions (Ultimate) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by DeathIncarnate  on  10/8/2000
Writer, Director, Cinematographer :

Cameron Grant

Running Time :

89 Minutes

Introduction :

I like Cameron Grant's work for its pure style which, though derivative of Andrew Blake, stands on its own because he never forgets to put in some hot sex and more variety than Blake does in his rather dull pictures. That said, I always thought that 'Fantasy Chamber', the last Grant film I reviewed had some definite flaws, namely the bad special effects that ruined some scenes, and the hokey plot that should have been done awy with altogether.. his films are also a bit too long, mostly clocking in at around 110 minutes.

I'm happy to say that practically all those things have been remedied in this feature, even though AVN only gave it a 7 out of 10 (less than FC or Dinner Party) I found this one the most 'satisfying' experience of Grant's films yet.

The plot is just some brief voice-overs before each (unrelated) segment, and frankly I often didn't listen to them, moreso since the monologues are new-agey gibberish without much sense to them.

Sex scenes :


Alec Metro, Tammy Parks, Taylor St. Claire

We see pretty (if not that young) Tammy undressing and dancing in front of Alec Metro, and while we're treated to soft music and the lady's round buttcheeks, a third participant looks on from outside the window. Though I would have been happier to see beautiful Taylor St. Claire have sex in this scene, she only masturbates a bit while the two lovebirds have sex. Actually this is a very short sex scene, after a few minutes at best, Alec pulls out, sprays over Tammy's chest and rubs the semen all over it. An OK first scene, but not earth-shaking..



Now this is not my type of girl.. big FAKE boobs and a bland face, with too much make-up and collagen lips. Nope, sorry. Anyway, "Olivia" walks through a dark hallway (if you can call it that way, there's no roof) shrouded in mist, and hands push in through the walls. This is a good spooky beginning, but it's played out a tad too long, as is the rest of the scene, where Olivia finds a strange bottle (looks like it might contain a genie), as the hands come out from the floor and fondle her for a LONG time. At one point she rubs some oil over her body (from the bottle, you see) but I couldn't help but to fast-forward through it.


Peter North, Krista Maze

Now here's a nice scene.. notice the great lighting and atmosphere in this segment. Grant knows how to use film to his advantage, you don't get a grainy or overexposed image but a soft and beautiful one. Professional at work! As Krista (never seen her before, but she's FINE!) sits on a stool playing piano, Peter comes to her and they start kissing, which soon develops into clit-licking and some nice cock- sucking. After this opening act, we get some good shots (but always pretty ones) of Peter banging away until he shoots his cum on Krista's face.. at least some of it. It's just too fast, so most of it lands behind her or on her hair!


Brad Armstrong, Kia, Yvonne

Now, I gotta admit that I'm not a fan of fetish- oriented scenes, so I gave this one a pass. And the women.. I don't know. I'm a fan of neither one of these ladies. Though I agree that with 10 sex scenes, you gotta have some variety, I didn't care fort this scene. The expected mix of Brad with Kia, Brad with Yvonne etc. is played out until his climax (butt-shot only)

"Nocturnal Tryst"

Jonathan Morgan, Jessica James

Aaah, here begin the GOOD scenes (OK so the Peter North/Krista Maze pairing was hot too)! After some shots that would rather belong in a food or champagne commercial (not that I didn't like them!), of Jonathan pouring his ladyfriend a glass of champagne, and opening up a box of fruit for immediate use, we get exactly the same fruit in a different place, namely on Jessica's body. Some '9 1/2 Weeks' style food romp ensues but luckily not as messy! Jessica is (fake breasts excepted) a really pretty, woman, I don't know her from any other movies, but her radiant, almost wholesome sexuality (I almost expected her to purr at one moment) got to me immediately. The scene itself is nothing special, but the performers make it worthwhile, and it's well shot too.

"Oil Anointment"

Serenity, Felecia

The best lez scene in the movie features tzhe two georgeous lasses going at it in front of some beautiful scenery (some park, it seems) : After some titular oil appliance, Serenity tastes Felecia's nice slit, before some brief 69 action ensues. This is extremely erotic, in a way that only the good lighting and the 35mm film stock can bring us. Normally, video gives us a raw and more direct view of the sex, but here it's the softness of the bodies and the beauty of the tryst that is accentuated. Felecia goes down on Serenity for dessert and the viewer will be spent after this scene, too!

"Wet Glass"

Bobby Vitale, Morgan Daniels

Bobby stands before a building site(he seems to be a worker) when out of the blue Morgan appears to give him some good loving. A standard boy/girl scene, this doesn't feature anything special (no anal/facial etc.) but is an OK piece of erotica.


Jen Teal, Jeanna Fine, Ginger Hill

Now, don't mix up Ginger Hill with Ginger Lynn, people! This is the equivalent of the Jen Teal/Felecia/Misty Rain scen in "Fantasy Chamber" and like that one, I didn't like it. I love Jen Teal, she's so beautiful it hurts, but she's a relatively boring performer, and Jeanna's definitely out for me. Ms. Hill is not my type either, so I'm left with several minutes of pussy eating and slight verbal domination I mostly fast- forward through.


Nick East, Rebecca Lord

Fans of Ms. Lord will like this one.. in a nice dinner table setting (on a roof, no less!), both go at it without much dialogue to spend. Rebecca's oral talents are in evidence here, and her amazingly slender body is well displayed throughout the scene. No facial, but a goos scene nonetheless.


Gerry Pike, Julian, Roxanne Hall

Roxanne is wearing a black wig and a blindfold. Too bad, because I really like her face! People might rememebr Pike from Ninn's SEX and Grant's 'Dinner Party' but Julian is a colored man, not the Julian from 'Dark Garden' and other movies. The lighting is great (again); in a completely dark room, only the dais on which Roxanne is laid out, and a few faces that stare at her from the background are lit. Sometimes, even the guys that have sex with her are mostly blocked from view and you onyl see their penis. This is a more raincoater-friendly scene, with a double facial at the end, and featurnign a threesome between the 3 participants.

The DVD :

Sadly, there are no extras at all except for chapter stops , a photo gallery and brief biogs. Read the bio for 'Olivia' though, I have never seen an adult DVD before, where the bio of one of the stars actually say things like "Olivia is a regular pornstar that doesn't stand out from the rest.. whose eyes light up for payday and checks.." Shit, I thought this was supposed to be a kind of advertisement for these people?

Audio quality is good, video is slightly soft but much better than usual film transfers. Better than 'Fantasy Chamber' in any case!

Conclusion :

Though some of the sex scenes are not very good, and the director's style begins to grow a bit old by now, I really enjoyed the movie. 10 scenes is a lot, and the production values are rather high, with great music (often classical) and settings. You definitely get your money's worth since the DVD retails at around $ 15 at most shops. And when the sex sizzles (and there are at least 3-4 really scenes where this is the case) it sizzles big time!

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