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Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters)

Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters)

Studio: Abby Winters
Category:  All Girl , Amateur , Foreign , Masturbation
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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nvs's ratings for Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by nvs  on  11/30/2010
Starring: Roxy, Susie, Aleit, Aisling, Jodie, Monika, Katarina, Maria, Lisa, Kellie, and Col.

Scene 1
Roxy and Susie

The girls, Roxy, dirty blonde in a blue dress, and Susie, raven haired in a yellow dress, lay back on a bean bag and slowly get out of their clothes to just their bras and panties. They spend a long while talking. Roxy takes off her bra to show off some beautiful tits; Susie follows. Something rings in the background and Roxy leaves the room. She comes back and more talking. The girls clothes their eyes and start to touch their pussies over their panties. Both sets of panties come off to show off two fully nude girls. They play with their pussies in missionary. Susie, followed by Roxy, orgasm. More talking. They lay back and relax. They start to get dressed. Scene ends.

Both girls have some nice bodies, but Roxy’s body has some nice curves to it. Roxy also has a cute face. Both girls look very hot masturbating and as they orgasm. Hearing the girls get off tops their scenes off. What makes the scene suffer is three things: too much talking, only one position, and one fixed camera position. Finally, Roxy getting up to see what the noise was is distracting--one word: editing. Okay scene.

Scene 2

Aleit, in jean shorts and pink top, lays on a tiny bed and gets naked. She starts to work on her pussy and clit in missionary until she cums.

Aleit is a slender tanned brunette. Nice tits. Only one position and fixed camera position. Distortion-like sound in the background annoying--this is heard more than the girl. She’s very quiet, but gets herself off. Boring, but watch-able scene.

Scene 3

Aisling, in a blue and white striped skirt and pink top, reads on a bed. She puts the book aside and starts touching herself in missionary. She rubs her pussy over her panties. She removes her top to show off her boobs. Her panties come off and she licks her finger and goes back to her pussy with some titty caressing. Finger insertion. After a nice long while she orgasms. She continues to touch herself until she finishes off by licking her finger and closing her eyes.

Aisling is a curvy blonde which enjoys herself. She gets into her body and the scene. This girl looks like she has a nice juicy ass and big natural tits, but because of the single position and fixed camera angle we cannot see much of her body which is a huge negative. Nice audio catches her wet pussy and girly moaning nicely. Seeing her finger herself is pretty hot. Good scene.

Scene 4
Jodie and Monika

Jodie, blonde in green top and jean skirt, and Monika, reddish brownish dreads with skirt and lacey top, lay back on a bed as they talk. The girls take off clothes and underwear until nude. They start to play with themselves in missionary. Monika moves closer to Jodie and they both touch each other’s tits. Jodie orgasms and Monika follows a little later. They talk and get dressed as they plan to get some lunch. Scene ends with a kiss.

This is the best scene in this film. Jodie has a curvy body which looks just right naked. Monika, unfortunately, has a chest tattoo which can be an eyesore. The girls are really into each other and the scene. They touch each other’s boobs and body which is lacking in the other scenes. Even the orgasms are top notch. As the past scenes have shown, this scene also suffers from the talking, single position, and single camera angle. Good scene though.

Scene 5
Katarina and Maria

Katarina, dark auburn haired girl in a white tank top and purple shorts, lays back on a couch and talks to Maria, light natural redhead in a green top and shorts as she sits on the floor. Maria takes off her top and shorts and shows off her new yellow bra and her lacy yellow panties. Katarina also takes off her shorts to show off her panties followed by her shirt to show her tits. Clothes talk gets into sex talk. Maria takes of her panties to show off a beautiful red haired pussy. Down to some business as the girls start to rub their clits--Maria’s pussy is heard more as she’s the more vocal one of the two. The girls cum after a nice clit session. Scene ends with the girls relaxing.

Both girls are fun to look at. Katarina has a nice slim body and Maria is a pale skinned honey with natural red hair--yes, the carpet matches the drapes; sad shame she doesn’t show her tits. The girls interact nicely with each other which makes the scene flow good. The audio picks up some very wet pussies--a plus. Same old in the negative factors which brings the scene down, but it is always fun to see a natural redhead. Okay scene.

Scene 6
Aisling and Aleit

Aleit in a tank top and red short shorts, lays on a bed when Aisling, in jean skirt and white tops, enters the scene lays on the bed as well. They talk about their day and wanted to relax. The girls take off their clothes and underwear. The girls play with their pussies as they lay side by side in missionary--Aisling uses fingers inside of herself. They play with their own tits and occasionally hold hands. As Aisling orgasms she grabs onto Aleit’s stomach. Aisling licks her fingers and touches herself waiting for Aleit to cum, which she does. The girls talk about how nice this was and about what they’ll do tomorrow. They continue touching themselves as the scene eventually ends.

Aisling is hot in this scene. Her body is shown a bit more than her solo scene. Her voice is also heard which is very girly. She gets into herself nicely. She licks her fingers and rubs a very wet pussy. This is just fun to see. Aleit, however, is still boring and can be overlooked next to Aisling. The hand holding between the girls is a nice touch of romance. The scene suffers with the same complaints as the other scenes. Aisling is has a good scene, but with Aleit’s boring performance added into the equation the scene is okay.

Scene 7

Lisa, in a striped blue overall short number and purple shirt, lays back on a couch. She gently caresses herself. She takes her shirt off to show off her tits which she plays with. She also rubs her pussy--over the panties and under. The overalls come off and the panties follows. She continues on her tits and pussy until she orgasms. She lays there resting up until the scene ends.

Lisa has a cute face and nice body. She also has a cute hairy pussy--which looks just right. This is all the good in this scene. The bad: the scene is shot in a bad angle bad--she plays with her pussy, but it is never seen; her leg covers up her pussy as well. As she gets nude, we see more. She’s not loud and the orgasm is lackluster. She does enjoy her body which is a plus and seeing her rest up after her orgasm is fun. Okay scene.

Scene 8

Kellie, in a green top and green/red panties, lays back on a couch and touches herself. She takes her top off and goes back to working on her pussy--under the panties. She takes the panties off and a fully nude Kellie continues on her pussy--some finger insertion. She orgasms several times until she calls it quits as she lays on the couch stretching and sighing.

Kellie is a short haired raven haired girl--with some red thrown in. Her body is pale, long, and sexy. The fixed camera and single position hinders a complete shot her body, but what we got is still pretty hot. Some piercing on this girl, but not a negative. This is the best solo scene in the film as she attacks herself from the start until she orgasms--which she seems to have many off in this scene. Nice audio catches her wet pussy which sounds delicious--her moans are hot as well. Her shaking body is fun to see. The humming in the background is annoying, but does not deter from the scene. I enjoyed this girl a lot. Good scene.

Scene 9

Col, in a blue skirt and white top, lays back on a couch. She starts to touch her pussy over her dress. She removes the dress and touches her pussy under her panties. The panties come off and she goes back to her pussy. Her top and bra come off and she works both her tits and pussy. Some finger licking throughout. She focuses on her clit under she orgasms nicely. Scene ends.

Col is as cute short haired blonde with an even cuter body. The scene starts slow but improves as it progresses. She takes it easy on herself which is still hot. The audio is top notch as the sounds of her wet pussy are caught nicely. She even looks into the camera at times which is sexy. Same old problems with one position and one fixed camera angle. Good scene.

Abby Winters delivers Aussie girls which range from smoking hot to normal looking and this is a huge attraction to their films. These girls are just your average girls which is a nice change of pace from the token porn lady; this is the quality which makes me enjoy their films and the girls are nice to see. This film is no exception to their formula--nice looking Aussie chicks with some very nice bodies. The girls are very much into their bodies and are fun to see masturbating. All the girls have their charm except Aleit--she somehow comes across as boring in both her appearances. Now the bad. The film suffers from lots of talking, mainly in the duo scenes, and only one position in each scene coupled with the fixed camera position is just awful. These problems seriously hinder the film. The audio is good at times as it catches the girls moaning and their wet pussies nicely, but at times it can be awful as it catches lots of humming from the background which can be very distracting. Whether it be solo or duo, the scenes are fun to look at once and really, this film has no replay value. The film, overall, is okay as it’s intended for a single viewing and it is only for those to love watching girls masturbating.

The Main Menu features: Play All, Scene Selection, and Previews--which includes trailers, and are divided in three parts, for:

Masturbation DVD Previews--Naughty Pleasures, Enchanting Desires, Lust Desires, Alone For You, Juicy Pleasures, Tempting Desires, Lustful Temptation, and Natural and Alone.

Girl-Girl DVD Previews--Girls Teasing Girls, Tantalizing Girls, Girls in Ecstasy, Girls Make Love, Alluring Girls, All Natural Girls, Naughty Girls, and Luscious Girls.

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