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Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters)

Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters)

Studio: Abby Winters
Category:  All Girl , Amateur , Foreign , Masturbation
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Endorphin's ratings for Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) Female looks rating 2 stars
Male Looks Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Erotic Pleasures (Abby Winters) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Endorphin  on  10/27/2010
Pros: Women masturbating! Mutual masturbation!!! Mutual masturbation with good to great chemistry. Half the scenes were really good. The women masturbate like they would without an audience (I assume).

Cons: I didn’t care for half of the scenes due to the physical appearance of the women. The front and back covers feel a bit deceptive.

Erotic Pleasures is a masturbation DVD that includes solo scenes as well as mutual masturbation scenes. It offers some very great moments, but also invokes the urge to fast forward because of chatter or physical appearance. However, fast forwarding may come at the risk of missing seeing some great sexual chemistry.

Abby Winters has a knack for showing the beauty of ordinary women embracing their sexual pleasure. ( I also assume she has a knack for making the women feel comfortable with sexually expressing themselves on camera.) While watching her work you can almost hear her saying “Watch this woman give herself sexual gratification. It is a very beautiful thing.” Sometimes it is very easy to get on board because from the very first moment you see a woman you consider to be very attractive to begin with. But other times a scene may start with someone you really aren’t very attracted to. That is where Abby’s magic really comes in to play. Upon first look you might say, “She is okay, but she is not the reason that I buy porn.” But by the end, you may fully be on board. However, I can see where boundaries, when it comes to appearance, can only be pushed so far.

At first viewing, I thought this would be my first negative review of an Abby Winters DVD. However, I gained greater appreciation on the second viewing.

The first scene started out incredibly slow. It is a mutual masturbation scene with Roxie and Susie that takes a while before they masturbate. I can appreciate women chatting in porn. I can appreciate a slow build up, but the first scene does try the patience a bit and should probably detract ten minutes or more from the DVD run time consideration. This 25 minute scene consists of a lot of chatting followed by some intense masturbation and several minutes of the afterglow and chatting. The chatting has its appeal because it shows the women being comfortable with each other and it provides a bit of a tease to the viewer, especially due to the fact that they gradually undress. The masturbation, though short, is quite intense. The afterglow provides a few minutes of just enjoying naked bodies in the afterglow as they chat a bit more.

The next two scenes featured Aleit and Aisling in solo scenes. I was put off by both. Sexual intensity lost to appearance. Aleit came across as Gigantor to me and Aisling was just too chubby for my taste. I’d feel a bit guilty in singling out the women for their appearance, but in a later scene where these two women mutually masturbate, they are more appealing and the chemistry is great. They both watched each other’s faces intently as they masturbated side by side. The solo scenes were a poor a choice, in part because the women were more appealing when paired up, but in Aleit’s case the director may have made a very bad choice in setting because it made her look like Gigantor. She looked quite different in the mutual masturbation scene.

A later scene featuring Katrina and Maria may linger with me as being one of my all time favorite masturbations scenes. One is a brunette and the other is a redhead to the fullest degree. Both are attractive, but the brunette is the type on non-porn-star that I can really get infatuated with. The first several minutes consist of chatter that is only really appealing because it shows the girls getting comfortable. The real appeal, though, comes from two elements beyond my infatuation for the brunette. First, I like the slow, natural build up of the scene. Second, I like how it stands out from other scenes involving two women. As much as I like seeing women interact sexually, I have always wanted to see two or women just masturbate together without aiding each other physically. This scene provides something that I have wanted to see for a long time.

Lisa is the covergirl (I think) and she provides my favorite solo scene because I am quite attracted to her and it has a nice slow build up. It is also nice to see her in the afterglow.
I need to mention Col’s(not a typo) solo scene as well. For me, it epitomizes Abby Winters’ gift for taking and average looking woman and using her pleasure to create something mesmerizing. Col doesn’t have an amazing body nor an exceptionally pretty face and I absolutely hated her hair (short on one side, long on the other), but it was an absolute pleasure watching her masturbate. And the sounds of her breathing and moaning were a sweet symphony.

The other scenes are a solo scene with Kellie and a mutual masturbation scene with Jodie and Monika. I did not care much for either scene due to not being physically attracted to them, but I must admit that Jodie and Monika had great chemistry.

Bottom Line: This is a great DVD for viewers who like to see women masturbate and masturbate together if they place high priority on sexual intensity, honesty, and chemistry. However, if you buy all female only porn for the lipstick lesbian porn stars, you will probably find that some of the women are too chubby or butch.

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