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Erotic Interludes 1

Erotic Interludes 1

Studio: Knob Ryder
Category:  Couples
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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CP's ratings for Erotic Interludes 1:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Erotic Interludes 1 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Erotic Interludes 1 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Erotic Interludes 1 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Erotic Interludes 1 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Erotic Interludes 1 Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Erotic Interludes 1 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Erotic Interludes 1 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by CP  on  1/3/2003

Couples Friendly: Somewhat. I define "couples friendly" as having a semblance of plot, not containing extreme or bizarre fetish material, has little or no anal (CP is not a fan of anal sex, with apologies to those who are), and is not gonzo. In this case, the heat somewhat negates the lack of a plot.

Plot: There isn't one; scenes are set up by Mickey G.

Director: Who is Father John? An industry insider will need to provide some insight about this -- I haven't a clue. However, he does resemble a UCLA-attending theatre major son of a colleague of mine (now wouldn't that be something?), if the director is who I think it is (check the scenes during the end credits).

Cast: Lola, Nikita Denise, Shay Sweet, Taylor St. Claire, Dominica Leoni, Eve Palindrome, Mickey G., Tony Martino, John Strong. For those who don't know what a "palindrome" is, look it up!

From: Knob / Ryder Productions - Note that both the box cover title and declaration of compliance on the back of the box use the title Erotic Interludes 1, while the title on the disc itself and in the movie's titles is Erotic Interludes (period).

Production Date: November 4-5, 2000

Condom Use: None that I could see.

Raves and Rants: While not an award winner, the girls and guys are easy on the eyes and in all scenes the actors seem realistically excited, except for Taylor St. Claire. Note that the Knob Ryder site offers memberships for moolah and I never saw this particular web page (Erotic Interludes - New Stories Dailey [sic]) available on their brief free tour. Duh. To take advantage of their film membership online, it looks like you'd need a pretty big pipe (read fiber optic) to your PC, but I didn't shell out any dough to do any tests. About a minute is wasted before beginning credits to show a bit from each scene -- I hate that, so that's my rant. I don't want to see any cut from a scene at the beginning of a movie, it's not necessary, and detracts from the whole experience. Don't copy this practice, kids.

Who Might Like It: Couples not looking for plot, but perhaps some background, or a jump start; bored party-goers.

Who Won't: Those looking for a critically acclaimed film and gonzo fanatics.

Audio: Speech is OK, audible with an echo at times, and the sounds of sex seem to be real time and can be heard over the music. A couple of off-screen directions are heard in a scene or two. The editor needs to work on improving audio by cutting the off-camera noises and the shooting crew needs to eliminate the echoes with better prep, or better equipment -- sound is one of the toughest things to get right (I know).

Video: Some pixelation (jaggies) noticeable here and there but not enough to mar a sale-bought DVD. Lighting was adequate and flesh tones accurate, except for the first scene, where a wall lamp casts a yellowish hue, while the spot casts blue, both picked up uncomplementarily on the actor's bodies by the camera.

Music: Standard loop fare, a la ACID music construction software, I even have at least one of the rock guitar loops that were used, which are royalty free. Loops range from hard rock to acid hip hop and match up fairly well with the heat in the scenes.

Run Time: 01:31:12

The Flick: To introduce the film and each sexual encounter, Mickey G reads aloud erotic stories from the (fake) Knob Ryder Erotic Interludes web page to Lola in a bedroom, while Lola does her nails. Each story gets Lola hotter and hotter until she needs Mickey to give her some real loving in the final scene.

The film begins with Mickey G reading a page on one night stands from the Erotic Interludes page of the aforementioned web site. As Mickey finishes the first narrative the scene switches to Eve Palindrome crossing what looks like a cheap motel's floor toward John Strong, laying on a cheaper bed. To start, he tells her, she can begin sucking, which she promptly does, with relish. I don't think most women would go along without at least a little foreplay, but this is porn, after all. John, who would look more at home sitting in front of a TV with a 6-pack, just lies there. After some condomless doggie, cowgirl, cowgirl anal, and mish anal, John pops on Eve's chest and chin.

The film returns to Mickey's browsing the first time lesbian lovers page. This story perks Lola's interest and as we fade to a piece of home gym equipment, Lola starts licking Shay Sweet's bulbous breasts. Fondling begins in earnest as the girls strip down, and Shay tongues Lola's pert nipples to fully erect. The contrast between Shay's voluptuousness and Lola's lean teen body are hair raising, among other things. They trade seats and licks on the machine, and Shay's nipples puff out in excitement as Lola goes to town on her nether region. Some of the two cameras' angles are great in this scene, capturing the action just right and illuminating the girls' lust, but they also capture themselves once in awhile, unfortunately. The girls get the dildoes out next and trade colors, Lola getting rogered while standing and Shay laying back on a bed.

Back to Mickey, still engrossed with his web page. This time he checks out a story about romantic lovers spending their first anniversary in a jacuzzi. Sure enough, we segue into an outdoor deck scene between Nikita Denise and Tony Martino. The place looks inviting, although I'm not sure about Nikita's proclivity for wearing heels in a hot tub. Tony mouthes her mound thoroughly and then she wets his willie. Mish and reverse cowgirl follow, and Nikita seems completely aroused with stiff nipples and a dark and puffy mound. A standing doggie gets Tony to finally pop his rocks with a little help from Nikita's tongue.

Whoa. Back to Mickey, surfing. He finds a page about a taste test between two girlfriends that share everything, including each others bodies. We're in a kitchen next, with lovely ladies Dominica Leoni and Taylor St. Claire. These girls are romantically entwined and once again the contrast between the full-bodied Taylor and the demure Dominica sets ones blood to boiling. After trading wet, lip-smacking kisses, both upper and lower, Taylor brings out her surprise, an 8-inch red strap-on, and gives it to Dominica missionary style on the kitchen bar. I'm not positive that Dominica is Catholic, but the cross-shaped pubic patch and her Italian name may give it away, as she then sits reverse cowgirl on Taylor's plastic peter. An even longer double-red-header is retrieved and the girls end up humping it together, and vigorously. Taylor unfortunately is not as excited as her partner, which detracts from the scene a little bit. I've seen her in other features where the sheets end up wet. As in any job, sometimes our energy lags, and this was Taylor's time. She's a beautiful girl though, energy for this film or not.

Back at the ranch, Lola's finally had enough of Mickey's bland delivery and lets him know it. Mickey gets the message and gets to cunny quizling quick, curling Lola's pretty toes. She returns the favor with an energetic oral attack on Mickey's member, and her nipples resemble extra-long pencil erasers. Micky gives it to her doggie style, then reverse cowgirl, where Lola gives as good as she gets. Both sweating, they move into a blistering 69, and then a spoon with Lola fretting her pointy part and Micky slapping her titties. At several points in this coupling Lola tightens up her already taut body with orgasms while Mickey continues to pound away rhythmically. This scene is well-shot and well-cut.

After Mickey comes, the scene segues into a graphic of the title and then as the credits begin to roll, we're treated to some production scenes, some of them worth a chuckle or two, a la the bloopers we used to see on Home Improvement at the end of that show. According to the director (?), Mickey and Lola's scene comprised over 37 minutes of film, plus stills, "and all that." Considering the editing and the length of the scene, it's pretty efficient film-making, as normally a final cut runs about 10% of a raw film's length.

Menus: A single, simply animated title menu allows the viewer to play the movie, go to Chapter selection, or view trailers (see Extras).

Extras: Chapter selection, photo gallery (about 20 production stills -- on my PC I had to advance them manually), a trailer for Taboo Entertainment's $ex $ells, Knob / Ryder's From Lust Till Dawn, and the Knob Ryder menu selection includes another five and a half minutes of trailers for Gush II, Gush III, Carnal Secrets, Agent 69, and Psycho Biker Sluts from Hell (this one I gotta check out), plus brief scenes of the production at the end of the movie while the credits roll (see above). Other than these, there is nothing to write home about.

Themes: Straight, oral, anal, G/G, dildoes, strap-on, rimming (male >> female).

Conclusion: As of the date of this review the lowest price for this DVD is about $10, and the highest around $18. I probably wouldn't keep this in my permanent library personally, but it is watchable, so if you can pick it up for a $3 rental, you should check it out. At $10, given the heat and looks of the performers, some may want it as a keeper in their own library, and at $10 it's not a bad addition, but anything more may be a waste of your hard-earned budget available for porn. Also note that there is an Erotic Interludes 2 film out that I haven't seen yet -- I'll try to give you the low down in the near future. CP notes that one web page on Mickey's PC, "My Neighbor," he never looked at, and so it stands to reason ... Well, I hope this helped you assess this DVD, and all my best! If you have any reaction or comments about this review, please e-mail me at -- CP

Final Note and Dedication: This is my first review for Adult DVD Talk. I've been a reader, and a user, of ADT's reviews. There is one reviewer I always seek out and am sorely disappointed if I don't find his (or her's) review for a title I'm looking for, and that is astroknight. I have used his/or her's reviews to model mine, unashamedly, and with what I hope resembles great honor and respect. I want every reader of this review to know that my model and inspiration for this review are completely due to the prior work of astroknight. I've always received great guidance for what I might be looking for. I hope astroknight is more honored than offended by my takeoff. Thanks astroknight!

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