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Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 6

Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 6

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 6:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 6 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 6 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 6 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 6 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 6 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 6 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 6 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/14/2010
Ok fans time for a new one from Erik Everhard, yeah the Hate Plow's back in business and this time the sites are set on young girls with fine asses. Some pretty ladies too so no need to waste time, let's get right to a few highlights.

Angelica Heart:

Alright we open with Angelica in the bathroom wearing a silky smooth robe which quickly disappears leaving us with our first look at her ass and it's an extended one with great floor shots. Miss Heart's topless too so some good boob shots as well. We need a little liquid inspiration which Angelica nicely lets trickle down her back, rubbing it in all over that juicy bottom. All ready Angelica then moves to the bedroom where Erik's sleeping but her hands soon wake up him along with her mouth, firmly fit around his cock. Erik's not fully sleeping as you see a couple fingers creep up inside to stimulate Angelica's pussy. With an ass like that you just knew Erik was gonna dive in from behind which he does to sample the goods. A little more head from Angelica and finally time for riding, cowgirl was a natural choice giving us more booty time. All the positions shot actually linger on that ass even spoon where she's turned so that ass faces out to us. Alright we do get reverse worked in and I never say don't include that even if the scene is about the ass. P2M also from Angelica here and we end with the pop dropped neatly onto those ass cheeks.

Tristen Taylor:

We move to Tristen's scene and it's a slow mo type start for a few seconds as we get used to that ass, it's dark too for a bit but then hello let the light in and go floor level as we oogle that ass. She's holding a single stem flower but it's not a rose, it looked lavender in color but I digress, we get more and more ass here as the seconds tick away with a nice sensual gaze from Tristen's eyes as she looks back at us. So we get Erik in and he's in a business suit while his girl's wearing nothing but a pearl necklace-- not that kind, cue the ZZ Top!! Erik does see she's sans panties so it's mere seconds before he moves down to sample her cookie, he's lost the jacket at least! Erik then lets the pants fall allowing Tristen easy access to his cock. We get a ringside view as she swallows him up. The sex again heavily features cowgirl, floor shots are perfect to show off an ass too. Erik's good for doggie too and really drills that pussy as we watch. A last dip in cowgirl yields the load and this time it's to Tristen's mouth with cleanup.

Miley Ann:

Last scene on disc one and it opens with a purple hue to the screen color and when the regular color comes in we see the purple theme continued with Miley's outfit- legwarmers but then we get plenty of free and bare ass to enjoy. We also get to enjoy Miley stretching and naturally this involves some bending over and Erik's there with the camera giving great floor closeups as well. This was easily the best tease shot so far, something about a tan ass, bent over, spread out and we have Miley doing some really hot stretches here too, you'll see!! Ok the scene begins for real and she's bringing Erik in, there's a mat and she's gonna show a few stretches I guess to help him out. This does involve demonstration and this gets Eriks attention right away. Now when the stretching excercise involves the intructor 69'ing you to show a move I say where's the signup sheet!! Finally we have had enough tease and time for some real action as the cock comes out and Miley takes him in. Didn't see Erik do his usual face dive into the ass but instead it's Miley climbing on for cowgirl and the view couldn't have been much better, Erik's got both hands all over her ass here. The mish pumping was great too, lots of titty dancing here but we're ass lovers this dvd so it's back to doggie and cowgirl to close it out until Erik's ready to explode and it's another ass pop, the jizz dripping down her ass cheek. That was a good stretching session Miley says as he rubs the jizz in. Now on to disc two.

Missy Woods:

Alright we move on to side two and it opens with a familiar shot. I've seen this roof a few times now. We have Missy coming out wearing a sexy purple robe which quickly gets shed leaving a pink lingerie outfit left. Missy's wearing shades too as she starts shaking that ass. Ok we don't stay outside long, in fact she heads inside where it's nearly all dark to continue the dancing. She's got Erik there to snuggle up to, even put on his fedora hat as she gyrates for hiim. This spurs Erik on to action, face diving between her thighs, missed that in the last scene. Still wearing his hat we watch Missy drop down to engulf Erik's cock, side view is always good here. Erik then stands her up to drive him hard from behind, there's even a standing cowgirl where Erik holds firmly to that ass as she's riding him. They hit a normal version of cowgirl, some P2M, pussy licking and then it's a frontal shot with reverse anal, alright some butt love finally. Erik really pounds Missy anally in doggie, then slows it so she can grind her ass on that cock, yeah! We close with Missy delivering some fine head to Erik until he can take it no more, releasing the load to Missy's mouth, not quite an internal mouth pop but right at the open mouth as she keeps on sucking.

Alanah Rae:

So we move on on Alanah's scene and here I think Erik's got a dilemma-- she's blessed with insanely hot tits so he better deliver some boob shots but we can't forget that ass either which she's blessed with as well. Erik starts this one differently with some chat time with Alanah who's wearing a black dress but nothing underneath as a superb ground shot points out. A crystal clear picture too which we've had throughout shows off Alanah's beauty well and yeah it takes a minute but we finally see that ass and it's bubblicious! Alanah then assumes a doggie pose for Erik and there we get a few fingers taking a walk on the wild side, Alanah helps too spreading that ass, those pussy lips, ok Erik put the camera down and dive in already. Gee he heard me, lol, and there's a fine shot of Erik's face disappearing between those lovely cheeks. The dress top then gets lifted for our first boob shot with a quick kiss from Erik. But he's ready to nail that pussy so it's back to doggie for an ease in. After a healthy drilling from behind Erik lets Alanah up for a short walk-- dimpled ass cheeks looking so good as we follow from behind. It's onto the bed and right to cowgirl for more hot ass action. She rides so good Erik couldn't help it, pulling out to pop on that ass but you just know this one ain't over! Erik then gets a great strong rhythm going in mish with fingers also stimulating Alanah's pussy. Mr. Everhard also samples that pussy once more with his face before going back behind to fuck that pussy hard one more time. Reverse was nice to see but this wasn't a boob scene so it's tucked in at the end along with Alanah sucking cock, we'd missed that during the scene but at least the second pop is to her mouth.

Kagney Linn Karter & Madelyn Marie:

One more scene and Erik's pulling out all the stops here bringing in two hotties, including AVN winner Kagney Linn Karter. We open with Erik leading Kagney in and the two drop by on Madelyn who seems to be using Erik's pad for hers, lol. Ok it's apt. shopping time and Madelyn's here to show the place off to Erik and Kagney who might want it. Everyone sits to go over the specs. It takes a bathroom break for Kags for Madelyn to make her move, she really needs to sell the place. Speaking of specs we get a great shot of Kagney's ass, she loses the panties and the girls certainly seem to be cozy with one another, now to bring in Erik. The girls head back out and it's mere seconds before the ladies are on Erik, there's kissing and hand caressing leading to joint dick sucking! Of course Erik gets his too diving in on both asses before he lets the girls loose on his cock and they take care of him good. You get some g/g play but not as much as I thought there might be. Mostly touching with Madelyn going down briefly but to often one girl will be riding Erik while the other is near fingering herself. It looked good but when there's two girls I'm hoping for more P2OGM or eating pussy or kissing and we didn't see that to much here. It was cool to see the double stacked doggie shot, letting Erik slip from one pussy to the other, Kagney was on bottom here. Erik's pop is spread over both asses from this double stacked shot, I think they'll take the place if Madelyn's one of the ammenities!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was another good one from Erik, lots and lots of ASS shots so booty fans get plenty to enjoy here as Erik's gaze is pretty much fixated on the bottom, even with Alanah who's got a great rack we didn't see much boob play in her scene. Scene wise I'd probably go with Miley who's tease definitely got her scene off on the right foot. Side two Alanah was really really good from her ass to those tits the camera loved her. Extra wise you have a few things from trailers to a cast list to pics and finally 30 minutes of BTS to take a look at when you're up to it. Certainly worth it for fans of the girls here, particularly the two I mentioned.

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