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Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 5

Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 5

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  All Sex
Starring: , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 5:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 5 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 5 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 5 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 5 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 5 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 5 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Erik Everhard's This Butt's 4 U 5 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/19/2009
Well fans time to check in with Erik Everhard who's got a new cast of hotties who all have gorgeous butts that they're willing to let him play with, not necessarily doing anal but there's other things to do besides tame the ass, there's licking which I imagine Erik will do a fair amount of. Lots of hot flesh here to admire, let's get right to a some highlights.

Jayden Jaymes:

Up first is a girl I had the pleasure of watching in person just after the Erotica LA show wrapped. Erik opens with some fantastic floor ass footage and Jayden's great with the quivering of the ass cheeks and the zoom in look definitely suits that ass. But Jayden's not just a great ass, nope she's got a pretty face and an amazing rack which is shown off beautifully from the floor shot and she's nice with the nipple licking too. Erik keeps on with the ground shots as Jayden loses the bottoms and you will most certainly spring a woody with the bare ass/ pussy shots you get here, just awesome and we add some baby lotion poured down over the cheeks also. Toni Ribas then joins in and snakes Erik on banging Jayden first- she'd been tied up briefly but that's removed to allow easier banging.

Toni's good with a few pussy licks too before sliding his tubesteak in there. Well alright, after a short mish bang we get Jayden rising up to smother Toni's face and he digs the tongue in there tasting that freshly fucked pussy. You see fine riding from Miss James in cowgirl and then reverse and we end with some fine head from Jayden until he pops, right in her mouth. so much it immediately flows out due to volume with Toni still blasting away as cum also hits her forehead and Jayden gives cleanup too. Pretty good start to this one.

Kylee Strutt:

Onward to the second scene which begins with a floor shot on Kylee's heels and you see also black stockings adorning the legs and these last all the way up to her panties which are also charcoal black as is the dress she's wearing. Erik used the floor shot well in the first scene and judging from what I see here we have another great set of titties to enjoy. Erik enjoys a few words with Miss Strutt who caresses the breasts, squeezes them, teasing us about pulling them out. Erik also hears she's got a great ass so we move off the boobs and head back down to her booty which is still covered but you see hints of cheekage revealed, Erik cups a cheek here too. Well we return to the boobs and those are pulled out revealing a nice big pair of hooters, zoom in thanks!! The upward boobage shots were great here, nearly obscuring her entire face. However, we are here for the ass and we return backside with the dress moved so now we have pretty much bare ass save for the thong.

Erik does some good following behind, again with the shot looking up and Kylee does a couple nice pauses for effect. You see the thong moved then so the pussy lips are revealed and then gone altogether leaving bare asshole too! With the girl in doggie and her ass arching up like this you want someone to dive in and thankfully Erik is here and does just that, eating ass/ pussy like this just looks so fucking hot. Erik maintains his perch behind and eats that ass for a nice bit before sliding his cock out for standing doggie-- great ground shots here show the penetration as well as the dancing titties. Kylee then gets her chance to taste his cock and doesn't disappoint there. Hitting the bedroom for the remainder of the scene you get reverse, mish and the pop which is a pretty good one, first hitting her nose but Erik's got a good one here and leaves plenty in her mouth for Kylee to swallow. Very good job Miss Strutt.

Kirra Lynne:

One more scene on the first disc and seems Mr. Marcus will be along for the ride with Erik shooting cam. The two are shooting the breeze as they walk along some LA street. The guys are scoping the area for local girls and find Kirra sitting on a bench. The trio strike up a conversation and Mr. Marcus lays on the charm and Kirra seems to fall for his line, lol. Marcus needs a model for his clothing line and offers Kirra a shot to try some clothes on and she agrees. So we move to Marcus's pad and we get a nice strip out of her normal attire which reveals a great ass on Kirra and then her bra comes off and we see a good set of tits too. But she's here to model so she slips on some sexy blue lace lingerie but not before we get a fantastic floor shot of her bare bubble ass, oh yeah that needs to be licked and licked soon.

So things start turning sexual pretty quick when Marcus joins her in the bedroom, grinding back against him, surely that helped his cock. Climbing on top we get more hot ground shots on Kirra's bod and finally she's on her knees working on his cock, good side views and the eye contact was nice. This is a nice long oral session too from Miss Lynne who seems quite capable of handling Marcus's cock. A little titty fucking, then there's more leaning back against Marcus but now his cock is out and allowed to slip between her ass cheeks, that had to feel good! Kirra then goes for great rides in both cowgirl and reverse with very nice up close views on her ass and you see the titties dancing too. Marcus finishes off banging her in doggie until he pops== this sprays from her forehead down to Kirra's mouth. Solid scene to close out the first side, now it's on to disc two.

Chayse Evans:

The second side opens with Erik leading Chayse up the stairs, crawling. She's got a horsefeather buttplug sticking out of her ass and he's leading her by a collar/ chain attached to her neck. You also see that Miss Evan's wearing a mask like in a masquerade ball. Ahh there's another pet here as a small doggie walks up and she kisses it. Erik goes to get a water bowl and it even has her name on it. She hisses to chase the pup away and laps up the sweet H2O. Chayse then goes for a little crawl and we follow, she gets on the furniture but Erik shoos her off, bad girl!! Erik then tries to sleep and Chayse hops on the bed waking him but again bad girl and she's pushed off. Times aren't good for Chayse here, ahhhh. She goes foraging for stuff to try and pass the time as Erik's not giving her any loving. It gets so bad that you see Chayse pissing on the floor, leaving a nice puddle which Erik finds, not pleased as you might expect and he spanks Chayse-- sure hope this turns sexual soon, lol. Erik then goes to the phone book to call in a specialist, she needs to be taught proper how to be a good pet!

So who shows up to train Chyase, why it's Papa Steve Holmes in his finest business attire. The dark shades lended some seriousness to his persona. Erik turns the reins over to Mr. Holmes and he walks in confidently to 'train' Chayse. As Steve examines Chayse he sees some of the abuse that Erik's done to her and he chastises Everhard, you need a more Zen like approach and he demonstrates, Chayse is soon eating out of his hand, so much so that we get to a little cock sucking on her master Erik! Chayse doesn't forget Steve either and works some on his rod too. So the guys then take turns on nailing Chayse's holes which soon include her ass and there's some DP action too before all is said and done. The loads then get left in her bowl with Chayse then leaning down to lick it up like a good pussy! I think she's now properly trained.

Memphis Monroe:

We keep on moving and seems Memphis had a fight with her boyfriend and needs a place to pause and collect her thoughts. Erik is very neighborly and allows Memphis to come in and crash at his pad. She sees the lights and gets inquisitve. Erik likes to shoot and the two discuss this as Memphis tells him about how her boyfriend's always putting her looks down. Her ass is flat, her boobs are to big and of course I'm going this guy's an idiot and Erik swoops in posing the proposition of Memphis shooting for him and she agrees. She's already shown off her ass which Erik's felt and he knows that's a fine piece of booty and I'm sure he has designs for more than just shooting her for photos.

Pretty soon we have Memphis topless and down to just her black thong. Erik moves in and the flirting intensifies, so much so that he buries his face in her ass!! Miss Monroe needed a pick me up emotionally so perhaps cheating on her idiot boyfriend will be just the tonic needed. Erik has fun munching from behind on her ass/ pussy, again love this shot and we get a few nice glimpses of her tits here too. Erik eats her pussy so much here as we also get Memphis climbing up to squat over his face, ass facing out to us but she also turns so she's facing tits to us-- both shots were great. Memphis then gets to shine a litle herself working over Erik's cock, using hands, spit and mouth to get him rock hard. No bad shots sexually either, reverse, cowgirl, spoon all rocked before Erik blasts his nutjuice down on her face. We get a few good cum bubbles here as Memphis delivers cleanup, working those last few drops out.

Aletta Ocean:

One more scene fans and it opens with a fine shot looking up at Aletta who can see herself in a mirror that is about 15 feet away give or take a few feet, lol. You see she's wearing some long black heels-- great for kicking and she's got on a pink/ black corset with black mesh stockings on her heels and as part of her top. To add on we get a riding crop which I'm sure she'll put to good use. You will note too that her ass is bare adn we get some fine shots up close of her booty and Aletta does a lot of self gazing in the mirror, using the riding crop to tease her pussy lips which are bare, no thong on. Her facial structure is very European, loved the dark hair which just did a beautiful job of setting off her eyes, gorgeous eyes. Well Aletta then goes to a closet where she finds a sub in, meaning a guy in a mask-- maybe this is called a gimp-- think that was the term I heard in Pulp Fiction.

Anyway, Aletta abuses him if you can call it that by pushing her ass back into his face, well I guess it is abuse because the mask covering his face had no outlet for his tongue so he could only breath in her ass and not taste it. Aletta does this facial smothering for a bit before she allows her pet to stand and she does give some relief sucking on his cock. Miss Ocean gives some very good head here, those eyes so piercing as they looked up. We see then there's a second gimp, more cock for her to play with and she brings both in close so she can trade off their cocks in the classic kneel down position. The gimps are allowed pretty free movement from here on out and do some fine trading off fucking this woman and yes they tap that ass a few times with some gaping seen. Good pops to close it out showered down upon Aletta's face and we are done.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a pretty good one from Erik with a great emphasis on shooting the asses, not neccessarily fucking them, in fact only Chayse and Aletta give it up. But you do get lots of fine shots of their asses with some good face burying by Erik and the guys. Solid oral from the ladies here too. Extras include a popshot recap, some pics and there is BTS as well, about 42 minutes with Everhard and the girls, enjoy.

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