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LSBReviews Erik Everhard's The Art of the Cum Fart 4 starsErik Everhard's The Art of the Cum Fart 4 starsErik Everhard's The Art of the Cum Fart 4 stars
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Erik Everhard's The Art of the Cum Fart

Erik Everhard's The Art of the Cum Fart

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Anal , Compilation , Cream Pies
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Erik Everhard's The Art of the Cum Fart:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Erik Everhard's The Art of the Cum Fart overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Erik Everhard's The Art of the Cum Fart Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Erik Everhard's The Art of the Cum Fart Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Erik Everhard's The Art of the Cum Fart Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Erik Everhard's The Art of the Cum Fart Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Erik Everhard's The Art of the Cum Fart DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Erik Everhard's The Art of the Cum Fart A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  9/3/2007

The Little Details

Running Time: 289 min. (153 min on DVD 1 and 135 min. on DVD 2)

Production Date: 7 / 11 / 2007

Director: Erik Everhard

Cast: Angelina Crow, Courtney Cummz, Ellen Saint, Jasmine Byrne, Julie Silver, Katja Kassin, Lara Stevens, Lucy Anne, Teagan, Dillion Day, Franco Roccaforte, Jay, John Strong, Jon Dough, Kid Jamaica, Michael Stefano, Robert Rosenberg, Steve Holmes, and of course, Erik Everhard

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Everhard has turned out some great anal creampie action. I can't help but have very high expectations for a two disc compilation of some of those scenes.

Initial Reaction: It's a must-own for any fan of anal cream pies.

Who Should Watch It : Anal cream pie fans

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft and cuddly sex or short scenes

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced, and the very few background noises are always extremely minor. The video is presented in the full frame format. It's normally well lit, but there are a few places where you get a touch of grain.

Music: None

Watermark Warning: Watermarks don't bother me when they're done right, but I know that some people refuse to tolerate them. There are a couple scenes with watermarks in them here, but they're done very tastefully with small and transparent lettering which stays in one place so it's very easy to filter out mentally.

Menus: The menus are nicely done. There's a little animation and a bit of the movie combined with the boxcover for a very nice first impression. The chapter menu also shows some nice care by letting you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and the name of the girl in it.

The Feature

With series like Cum Filled Asshole Explosion and Cum In My Ass Not In My Mouth it's no surprise that Erik Everhard is one of the highest thought of directors when it comes to anal cream pies. Here he collects eight anal cream pie scenes from his previous releases.

Scene 1 – Angelina Crow, Lara Stevens, Erik Everhard, Kid Jamaica, and Steve Holmes

The opening scene comes from Cum In My Ass Not In My Mouth 3. Erik starts out talking with Steve wondering where Kid Jamaica is and is told that Jamaica's off trying to find beautiful girls for them. Moments later an excited Jamaica runs up telling them of a pair of beautiful girls he found. They run down a path to find smoking hot brunettes Lara, in a little white top and a blue plaid skirt, standing up as Angelina, in a little white top with a red plaid skirt, checks her ass out from behind. Jamaica moves in to suck Lara's tits as Steve encourages Angelina to eat Lara's ass and gives her a big cock to suck. Jamaica lets Lara suck his big back cock as Steve starts giving it to Angelina from behind and Angelina starts working her mouth around Jamaica and Erik. Jamaica doesn't even bother with Lara's pussy and goes right to fucking her ass from behind. The guys move all around fucking the two lovely ladies in each of their holes from behind, in reverse cowgirl, and in missionary before throwing them over their shoulders and heading back where they stand a smaller chance of interruption. Erik and Steve start back out with a little oral action for the girls as the girls share Jamaica orally before going right to fucking their asses doggie style and letting the girls gape wide. They move on to fuck the girls in the cowgirls, and naturally get in a little double penetration action for the girls with Angelina taking it in reverse cowgirl while Lara takes it cowgirl style. They even mix in a bit of ass to mouth action and some ass eating for the guys as they and the girls move all around. Kid Jamaica starts out the pops dribbling a nice load into Angelina's beautiful gaping ass from behind as Lara watches from below while licking her lips and moaning. Erik follows it up with a second load that he launches inside before milking out the last few drops into her gaping ass before Steve also unloads in her ass. Angelina sits up to let it run out of her gaping ass and into Lara's eagerly awaiting mouth, which captures most of it and swallows it down. Lara licks Angelina's pussy clean of any other cum before opening wide for the camera to show it being all gone.

This is a wonderfully nasty scene. There's a great balance between the girls and both Lara and Angelina do a fantastic job taking it up the ass. Their gapes are amazing and they take a complete anal pounding with plenty of DP action. There's a small part of me that was disappointed that Lara didn't take an anal cream pie as well, but she does such a great job eating up the cum as it flows out of Angelina's ass that I quickly forgot about my hopes to see both girls getting the anal injection of joy juice. This is a darn hot scene and a great start for the movie.

Scene 2 – Courtney Cummz, Erik Everhard, John Strong, and Michael Stefano

Courtney's scene comes from Anal Cavity Search 1, and starts with Courtney wearing a blue and green bikini under a baby blue fake fur coat with a sequined belt and collar running her hands around herself and masturbating lightly. Erik can't resist licking and playing with her a bit either before Courtney takes him upstairs to play with him following around to admire her great ass. Mike and John strut up in jeans and LAPD shirts and caps as Courtney drops down to start sucking Erik's cock with a great smile and fantastic eyes, and interrupts their fun demanding they open up. Everhard answers the door with the guys demanding his permit to shoot porn and starting to search the house when he can't provide one. They make their way upstairs where Mike has Courtney strip off her coat and cuffs her before deciding they should check her for drugs since all porn chicks do drugs. They bend her over for the anal cavity search, and Mike licks her ass a little to get it ready for lubed rubber gloved fingers. John and Mike decide to have a little fun with her, which is just fine with Courtney who has her hands uncuffed and starts sucking John's cock while Mike continues to work her ass over orally. Mike goes right to rectally reaming her doggie style with Courtney turning around to suck him clean and to keep working him over orally as John fucks her ass from behind. She sucks John clean and keeps taking a dick at each end as they move to the bedroom for some spooning and a reverse cowgirl anal ride that naturally turns into a double penetration. Erik joins back in as well so they can make Courtney airtight in each of the cowgirls as well as taking turns spooning her and fucking her doggie style while she sucks more cock. Courtney takes the first pop across her face from Mike before getting on all fours and letting John and Erik load up her ass with their cock cream before cumfarting it back out.

This is another darn hot scene. Courtney does a great job with the tease and oral to start the scene out, and Mike and John help just as much adding a bit of humor while kicking the scene up a notch. Courtney takes on the three guys amazingly well with her mouth and each of her holes, and looks fantastic doing it all. This is another great anal cream pie scene.

Scene 3 – Jasmine Byrne, Erik Everhard, John Strong, Jon Dough, and Steve Holmes

Jasmine's scene comes from the original Jailbait. Erik start the penultimate scene out checking Jasmine out in the playground as she swings back and forth wearing a plaid skirt, white socks and button down skirt, and a black tie and porno shoes enjoying a lollipop. When Erik moves in to chat with her she shows off some of her skills on her lollipop as well as opening up her shirt to show her great natural rack. They head underneath the jungle gym for Erik to give Jasmine something to suck on after she drops her lollipop. She bends over and shows him her “Luscious” panties before pulling them down and letting Erik fuck her from behind. She turns around to suck his cock again, but before he pops Erik lets Jasmine know he has some friends who’d love to meet her and they head off to meet them.

When Jon Dough answers the door, he lets Erik know that he’s more than a little busy and doesn’t really want to be bothered. He also isn’t happy when Erik tells him that Strong and Holmes may be coming over, but starts to check her out. He seems to like what he sees as he has Jasmine drop down so he can start fucking her face with his semi-hard cock. Jasmine seems to do an okay job, since soon after Jon’s fucking her throat. She lets him pop in her mouth, and swallows it all down after showing Erik and the camera. Satisfied with Jasmine, Jon wishes them luck with their scene.

When Jasmine, now wearing only her plaid skirt and panties, calls out to let the guys know she’s ready, she’s immediately greeted by three cocks. She works them over with her mouth and throat, taking each of them all the way down one at a time. She bends over so Erik can pull down her panties and lick her holes before fucking her, and soon after is getting double stuffed by the guys cowgirl style while also eating some man ass. Of course Jasmine makes sure to suck her ass off any cock that’s offered to her, and gives up both holes in both cowgirls. She shows off some nice gapes after getting buttfucked doggie style and letting the guys work between pile driving her ass and fucking her face. Finally Jasmine lets the guys fuck her doggie style and bust a nut in her ass. She cumfarts it back out and then licks and slurps it up from the floor.

This is a darn hot and nasty scene. The playground scene is wrong in so many ways, as well as being extremely hot and giving the scene a fantastic start. Jasmine keeps things going throughout the rest of the scene with ease, making sucking a cock look just as easy as getting both holes plugged at the same time while giving your mouth something to do as well. The camera moves around to capture the action nicely while still staying focused on Jasmine, and helps to make this a simply fantastic scene.

Scene 4 – Julie Silver, Erik Everhard, and Steve Holmes

The final scene on the first DVD comes from Cum In My Ass Not In My Mouth 2. Bottle blonde Julie emerges from a door and pops open a black coat to show off in her silvery blue lingerie and short, tight jean shirts. Erik follows her up a staircase to a flat where she shows off her tits and strips down a bit as Steve arrives to help her. He gives her holes a little tongue and finger action with Julie sucking his cock. Steve starts fucking her ass from behind, and as he comes around to let Julie suck it clean Erik moves in to start shafting her shitpussy from behind as well. They roll her over so they can double stuff her reverse cowgirl style, starting with Erik in her ass and Steve in her pussy and moving on to both fuck her ass at the same time. They repeat the process in cowgirl with Julie showing off some nice gapes and sucking the guys clean and even let them fuck both of her holes at once with a midair cowgirl ride. The guys mix in a fair amount of fucking her ass just one at a time, and finish things up with Steve filling up her ass doggie style and then letting Erik move right in to give her a second load in her ass. Julie pushes it right out after Erik pulls out and blows some nice cum bubbles out her ass while cumfarting it all back out.

If you want hard anal sex with plenty of nastiness, this scene is going to be a dream for you. I'm in awe of the stretching Julie's ass puts out and how hard Steve and Erik hit it. She's very vocal through it all, but also shows a bit of the coolness that so many European performers show off. Although Julie might be a little cool, neither of the guys are and they hit her ass with all the enthusiasm one can think of from both of these guys. The scene might go on a little long for how repetitive some of the action gets, but with the enthusiasm of the guys it's fairly easy to look past. This is an amazing scene.

Scene 5 – Teagan Presley and Erik Everhard

The second DVD starts with a scene from Anal P.O.V. 1. Erik walks in as Teagan practices a little foosball outside in a white bra and fishnets, black frilled rubber panties, and a black and white striped tie outside. He admires her outfit and her great little titties when she pulls up her bra as well as following her around to admire her ass. They head inside where he worships her ass a bit more before Teagan drops down to help him out of his pants so she can suck his cock. Erik fucks her from behind before letting her have it missionary style as she lies back in a chair and on a bed, and naturally lets her suck it clean as well. They take a break so Tegan can have a little drink and let Erik admire her ass and take off her bra. She sucks him a little more before letting him take her doggie style and then fuck her ass and pussy missionary style. Teagan gapes for Erik a little before letting him fuck her ass doggie style, and Erik finishes her off nutting in her butt. They decide to have a look at it, so Teagan chases the cum with a couple fingers in her ass but can't seem to get much out so she sucks her fingers clean.

POV porn is always hit or miss for me, but Everhard completely nails it here. He actually makes himself a part of the scene so there's plenty of chemistry, which is the main thing that seems to be missing from most POV porn for me. Better yet he knows just how to let his camera devour Teagan's body. I mean, do you really need to know more than POV Teagan in doggie, that she gives up the ass, and finishes the scene with an anal cream pie? That says it all for me with this smoking hot scene.

Scene 6 – Lucy Anne, Erik Everhard, Franco Roccaforte, Kid Jamaica, Robert Rosenberg, and Steve Holmes

Next up is a scene from Cum Filled Asshole Overload 2. After a quick artistic opening, Lucy takes on all five guys orally. Steve quickly works his way behind her to start fucking her, and as soon as possible starts stretching her sphincter. Steve rolls back onto the bed so Lucy can ride him reverse cowgirl style, and as soon as he does Franco moves in to give her the double penetration. They work Lucy through both cowgirls as well as standing for her double penetrations and even let her have a little pile driving for each of her holes. The guys finish Lucy off popping in her ass pile driver style and then tip her up to let it all run out.

This is a very fun scene while remaining just as hot as the first two scenes. Lucy is cute and has some great banter with the guys. I love her frequent smiles through the scene as well as how her eyes light up as she teases them a little and plays nastily with them. She takes the cream pie nice and patiently, but I was a little disappointed that there was no cum eating this time.

Scene 7 – Katja Kassin, Erik Everhard, and Steve Holmes

Things move to the original Cum In My Ass Not In My Mouth for Katja Kassin and the penultimate scene. Super hot Katja arrives at Erik’s door with a feather duster and a sexy outfit that makes it clear that she’s much better at getting dirty than cleaning up. While bending over and cleaning things up she finds Steve’s cock (which thankfully is still attached), and is determined to get it up too. She gets down and kisses it deeply, taking it into her throat when it’s grown enough. She moves over to let Erik fuck her throat while Steve briefly eats her from behind and then fucks her. Naturally they quickly get on with a little double penetrating and giving Katja a few tastes of her ass. They even give her a break in the middle to just fuck her ass, but of course go back to DPing her and finish things up giving Katja’s ass a nice and creamy finish that she pushes out very well.

Not surprisingly, this is a great scene! Katja has one of the best bubble butts out there right now, and she put it to great use with Erik and Steve here. She looks really into the scenes, and gets nicely vocal as they work her over throughout this scene. Finally, I’m amazed at how well Katja pushes out the cum at the end and I love how she doesn’t bat an eye when Erik brings it up with his finger for her to lick it clean.

Scene 8 – Ellen Saint, Dillion Day, Erik Everhard, Franco Roccaforte, Jay Lassiter, Robert Rosenberg, and Steve Holmes

When hot dirty blonde Ellen heads down to her car, the guys keep an eye on her as she crosses the underground parking lot. When she drops her keys she finds herself surrounded by them with their cocks out. She's more than happy at what she sees, even without Franco being the romantic bringing her a flower, and works her way around them orally. They take her upstairs and have her strip down as she continues to work her mouth around them. They take turns fucking Ellen missionary style, and almost as soon as they get her into cowgirl start double stuffing her with Ellen taking some nice tastes of her ass from their cocks. They keep it going reverse cowgirl style and even double team her fucking her in midair. The guys finish Ellen off loading up her ass with their spunk doggie style one at a time both dropping it deep into her ass and unloading on her gaping asshole. Afterwards Ellen cumfarts it back out nicely and the guys feed her a little of it off a finger as well as spooning some up off the floor for her to eat. Not satisfied with just that, they capture some hanging off her pussy with the camera lens and let Ellen lick it clean as well.

This is a great scene. Ellen is very beautiful and I love her pleased reaction when she sees the guys all around her with their cocks out. She does a great job taking on the guys as they work her over, and looks like she loves every single thrust. She does a great job taking the anal cream pies at the end, and eats it up just as well. This is yet another smoking hot anal cream pie scene.

The Art of the Cum Fart is not just a great anal cream pie compilation, but a great compilation in general. Every scene here is a winner and the scenes nicely mix up the sex. Most of the scenes are group scenes, but there are some one on one segments mixed in as well as a little girl on girl action. There's plenty of hard anal, double penetrations, and even double anal action, and every girl takes it here amazingly well. Of course the anal cream pies are the main draw here, and they're all done extremely well too. Surprisingly Teagan has the weakest anal cream pie scene due to her not being able to get much back out, but the rest of her scene is hot enough it's hard to come down on it for not having a big enough cumfart. The only real complaint I can have about The Art of the Cum Fart is that there's nothing here to let you know where each of the scenes comes from if you want to check out more scenes that might be like it. One of the things I really like about this compilation is that no two scenes here came from the same release, which gives you a good feeling about some of the series and different releases. It seems like it would have been very easy to list the original movies either in the cast listing by scene or the chapter menu. That's a fairly minor complaint, and I hope it doesn't stop anybody who's interested in this release from checking it out. If you're a fan of anal cream pies, The Art of the Cum Fart is a must-own compilation.

The Extra Stuff

The only extras on the first DVD are a listing of what's on the second DVD and a “Cum Fiesta” cumshot recaps. The second DVD starts off with trailers for Anal Prostutes on Video 4, Anal Cavity Search 3, Innocent Until Proven Filthy 2, Jailbait 3, and Beyond the Call of Booty. The photo gallery lasts just over three minutes with about six seconds per very good looking snapshot or full screen photo. There's also a behind the scenes featurette, more “Cum Fiesta” cumshot recaps, a female cast listing by scene, and weblinks.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts just under twenty minutes. After a little time around the set with Lara and Angelina smoking, there's a little extra sex both outside and in the apartment. Courtney is next and chats with Erik a bit as she gets ready before they check out the LAPD aspect, explore Courtney, and watch her pee. There's a little extra sex before another pee session, a little more chatting between Erik and Courtney, and some bathroom sex. Julie also gives a little extra show as well before Erik and Julie work things out for the scene and Steve continues to be amazed that he gets paid to fuck ladies as lovely as her. There's also a little extra sex with Teagan between shoots. This is a nicely done behind the scenes featurette. You get a little fun and plenty of extra sex. I'd be impressed with it on a regular release, but this one is all the more impressive to see put together for a compilation. This is a great extra that adds a lot to the overall DVD.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, lesbian, group, rimming (male > female, female > female, and female > male), interracial, anal, ass to mouth, cream pie (anal), cum farting, swallowing, and masturbation

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Jules Jordan Video's DVDs can be found online for between about $20 and $35 with many stores offering them for around $25. If you're a fan of anal cream pies, this one might even be worth the top end. Every scene here's a winner, and is filled with hot and filthy sex and great anal cream pies. The technical aspects are pretty good, but there's some nice effort put into the extras to help out the overall DVD. This is one of the most impressive compilation releases I've seen in years.

Note to Erik Everhard / Jules Jordan Video: If you would have listed where each of the scenes came from somewhere on the DVD (the start of each scene, the chapter menu, or in the cast listing by scene) this might have been the best compilation I've seen. Also, give the guys a little love in the cast listing by scene! As a male performer who gave as much as you did, did you want people to know who you were or did you want to be just another cock?

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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