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Enjoy 4

Enjoy 4

Studio: Sineplex
Category:  Barely Legal , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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-lunacy-'s ratings for Enjoy 4:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Enjoy 4 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Enjoy 4 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Enjoy 4 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Enjoy 4 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Enjoy 4 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Enjoy 4 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Enjoy 4 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by -lunacy-  on  10/15/2003

Enjoy 4
Rags to Bitches


Tina Wagner
Jasmine Forever




The Basics

-Enjoy 4, Rags to Bitches
-Genre: Straight
-Runtime 1 hour, 39 minutes on the feature + 9 Minutes on the bonus scene

Overall Value- $13.00

The Run Down

Our character, who I'm guessing is in Russia has worked in a toothpaste factory for 20 years and was tired of being the working poor. He met up with a friend who had also worked at the factory but had disappeared one day. His friend clues him into the profession of being a hit man and all around thug and the lifestyle it could bring. And so our character adopts the lifestyle and is now a wealthy man.

The plot is simple but well done, just enough to give an intro to the sex but not too much to sit thru. Although, I was not thrilled that the DVD cover describes this as "...a story of a man's mission to make money pimping young, beautiful, cock hungry girls..." What did your cover writer just watch the DVD on fast forward or what?


  • Play
  • Chapter Menu-
    5 Action Captures, listed by girl
  • Fetish Menu-
    Jump to what you like to see, 5 action captures by position
  • Photo Gallery-
    Aprox. 10 shots of each girl, organized by name, manual navigation
  • Cum Shot Loop-
    Exactly what it's called, 2 minutes 45 seconds of pop shots
  • Bonus Scene-
    9 Min 22 Seconds
    -Unknown- is standing in front of a rack of ropes of chains and her partner comes up behind her and slips his hand down the front of her panties as her kisses and nibbles at her neck and back. He has her climb onto the rack and eats her ass then has her lay down with her legs spread so he can slap her pussy with a tasseled crop, lick her pussy and tease her pussy with the handle of the crop. He finger fucks her till she's nice and sloppy wet then slides his cock in Missionary and fucks her until he cums in her pussy which she rubs in and uses as lube to finger fuck herself.
  • GT Flix-
    Website Ad
  • Teasers-
    3 Previews, also found at the beginning of the DVD.


Cinderella is a gift of appreciation between business partners and is dropped off at a warehouse where the business associate opens his gift. He strips her down, smears his hand in some oil from the top of a barrel and rubs it into her breasts then her ass before she drops to her knees to suck his cock as far down her throat as she can. Without taking a stitch of clothing off he takes her pussy from behind with one leg in the air then has her lube him up with her spit so he can slide it in her ass. Cinderella takes ass to mouth than climbs on in Reverse Cowgirl for some more anal on that fat cock. She lays back onto a tire and he screws her pussy and her ass in Mission as he does some light choking and shoves his fingers in her mouth. He pulls out and hold her head as he creams all over her mouth and chin.

Heat 3 1/2
Looks 3

Jasmine Forever

Jasmine is poolside with her John drinking champagne. He gets a better idea of what to do with the champagne and pours some over her breasts then has her sit on his lap so he can play with her pussy. Jasmine gets creative and  uses some to make a champagne cock-tail. He lays back on the diving board and Jasmine takes him in Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl then hops off so he can cum in her mouth.


Heat 3 1/2
Looks 3 1.2

Tina Wagner

Tina seems to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, she witnesses the locall thugs ruff up her boss for not having the money he owed them. They come to her behind the bar, man handling her then pouring vodka down her front and waving a lighter in her face. They pour more down her throat then lick it lewdly from her face and fondle her breasts. She's led to a table where she's laid down and stripped. Then men paste money to her body with her own pussy juices as the glue then one eats out her pussy as she sucks the other one off. The men stand in front of her and she gives them a double blow job then they both fuck her ass, pussy and her mouth,  passing her back and forth like a pitcher of beer. For their final act they  violate her with a DP then cum on her face one after the other.

*At least they left a tip.

Heat 3 1/2
Looks 3


Viktorie arrives at the spa and hops in the shower where she pays special attention to her ass and pussy, making sure they're nice and soapy. She goes in an lays down on the massage table and as soon as the "masseuse"  touches her she rolls over and starts making out with him. He slides his fingers in her pussy then slides his tongue in for some very nice oral. He takes his jeans and underwear off which Viktorie seems to have a fetish for) and pumps his cock in her pussy. He throws a leg up on the table and she sucks his cock off before he takes her in Spoon and Reverse Cowgirl. The moment before he cums she pulls him out and he shoots his load all over he stomach.

Heat 3 1/2
Looks 3 1/2

Aneta & Sarah

The girls are prostitutes and have brought and very interesting birthday cake to our main character. The girls have a seat on the couch and kiss, take each other's clothes off and find fun ways to make use of the frosting on the cake. After some very sensual oral Sarah fucks Aneta with the dildo in dog. Then all the toys come off the cake and into their twats as they masturbate themselves side by side.

Heat 4
Aneta 3 1/2
Sarah 3

 What I liked

-Excellent menu's! They look great, are easy to navigate and offer options that are practical.

-Some variation to the sex.

-A very healthy extra's menu.

What I didn't like

-The audio was flakey in places, dimming for a moment then coming back. Not too bad, but noticeable.

-The switches between camera's was very obvious, the circle of the lens crops the corners of the scenes in some places.

-Where's Ritta? She's listed on the cover but nowhere to be found. Also, who's the chick in the bonus scene? This oversights are not a happy thing.

-The girls really looked apathetic while they were being fucked. No passion, no distain, just kind present but not accounted for.

My Overall Impression

Well, it could have been better.
The production value in some areas was very good and in others rather weak. The sex was good but passionless. I'm really divided on how to rate this. It's a worthwhile flick, certainly enough to get you off, but it had so much more potential. The silly little things like the lens in the shot, the back cover describing the movie wrong, minor audio problems. All those things add up and detract from the quality of the DVD.
Eh, maybe next time.

3 of 5 wet and wild twats.

Have fun, be safe.


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