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Enjoy 1

Enjoy 1

Studio: Sineplex
Category:  All Sex , Foreign , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Coyote22's ratings for Enjoy 1:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Enjoy 1 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Enjoy 1 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Enjoy 1 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Enjoy 1 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Enjoy 1 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Enjoy 1 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Enjoy 1 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Coyote22  on  3/28/2004
I have come to expect good quality dvd’s, rough sex, and sexy cast members from Sineplex. Toni Ribas is one of the top male performers in my book, so when I saw that he was not only staring in this film but also directing it I knew I had to take a look. Top it off with a hot female cast and it’s an eye grabber. My taste for sex has stayed the same over the last couple of years (perverted and nasty) so when I go to review a film that is in the hardcore genre I have some tough standards. With all of this in mind, I hope that Enjoy will deliver to my high expectations!

The video is presented in full frame. There is a bit of pixelization and grain present. The audio is in stereo, and it is pretty well done. I have heard better from other Sineplex films though.

Oral, Anal, 2 on 1 (g/g/b, 2 on 2, ATM, PTM, ATOGM, PTOGM, Rimming (b/g), Titty fucking, DP, Gapes, Toys.

I rate in an un-bias way; meaning I will not let something come in my way of reviewing a film before I see it, I make sure to give every film I review a fare chance! I will try to give a detailed description of the film that way you (the reader) will get a real sense for the film and what it contains. I will give a film a 5 if I like all of the scenes, all of the stars, enjoy the performances (you get the picture); I rate descending upon that. I like to see: anal, atm’s, atm’s, atogm, ptogm, rimming (f/f,m/f), spitting, choking, gapes, titty fucking, low amount of toy usage, dp’s, girl on girl, eye contact, ass worship, female ejaculation, 2 on 1 (f/f/g), and intensity. What I don’t like: excessive toy use, strap-ons, dap’s, feet worship, rough bondage, orgies, more than 3 guys per 1 girl, excessive slapping, golden showers, and anything that causes pain. Of course that is just the broad stroke of things, and I adjust accordingly.

Fetish Menu, Cum-Shot Loop, Behind the Scenes (7 minutes and 36 seconds), GT Flix, and Trailers (No Limits, Bella’s Perversions, and Chasin Tail)

(Julya, Monika, Toni Ribas)
Julya and Monika are lying on their backs on a bed with their legs up in the air rubbing their pussies (thongs still on). They are on their sides facing one another kissing and licking each other’s tongues. The camera zooms in and blurs out, only to come back to focus on the girls getting on top of Toni. He’s on his back on the bed, in grey boxer briefs. Julya gets on top of Toni and starts to kiss him and then takes off her top. Monika pulls down his boxers and he starts to lick Julya’s pussy. Monika starts to suck on Toni’s cock. She pays a lot of attention to his head, making sure to really suck on it. Julya’s thong doesn’t stay on long before Toni and Monika team up on it. Julya starts to suck on Toni’s cock while he finger fucks her pussy. After Toni finishes fingering Julya, Monika goes back to licking Julya’s pussy. Toni goes to work on Monika’s rear end while she’s licking Julya’s twat. He fucks her pussy with his fingers while licking it occasionally. Toni pulls the girls on their backs and starts to finger their pussies together. Julya sucks on Toni’s cock a bit more before she puts it in Monika’s pussy. Julya licks his dick while he fucks Monika. Julya then hops up on Toni’s cock for a bit of cowgirl while Monika licks his cock and her ass cheeks. There are some nice shots of her butt as she pushes herself up and down on his dick. Monika sits on top of Toni’s face for some deep pussy licking/fingering while he keeps on fucking Julya. Monika then switches with Julya for a bit of RC pussy fucking. Julya licks Monika’s tits a little bit while Toni fucks her pussy with his fingers. Julya rubs his balls a little bit before he pulls his dick out of Monika for some PTM. Toni continues to fuck Monika RC, lifting her legs up and pulling them together. Julya soon gets fucked from behind while she licks Monika’s pussy. Julya gets on her side while getting fucked by Toni and rubbing Monika’s pussy. Toni spits on his fingers and rubs them all over Julya’s asshole and then starts to finger it. He pushes his cock into her ass and starts to fuck her. She takes it like a champ right away, still keeping her attention on Monika’s pussy. He gives her a real good pounding for quite a while, and you know what, she still keeps a good rhythm rubbing Monika’s pussy. Julya then gets on her stomach so that Toni can really give her some deep ass fucking. I love this position, though I don’t see it too often (she’s a real lover)! Toni switches girls, and starts to fuck Monika’s pussy while she’s on her side. Julya’s on her back, which Toni then goes back to her ass while Monika starts to suck on Julya’s nipples. The camera gives us some close ups of Toni fucking her asshole and also some close ups of her face. Toni lifts one of her legs towards her face while he kisses Monika, still giving her ass a good fuck. She gets on top of him for some cowgirl pussy fucking, and then gets off to suck on his dick. While getting is knob polished by Julya, he licks and fingers Monika’s pussy. Julya keeps on sucking his cock then starts to jerk him off when the camera goes to slow-mo so we can see him shoot straight into the air. She sucks his cock a bit more, and then he starts to fuck Monika’s pussy. She rides on top of him cowgirl, while he really fucks her fast and hard, then the girls switch He vigorously fucks Julya’s pussy! Monika pulls his cock out and then jerks him off again and sucks the cum off his cock. Then the two girls share his cock licking it clean, one after another!

Pretty hot scene with only minor complaints. I thought Toni should have paid more attention to Monika than he did. I really wanted to see her take his cock up her ass, but wasn’t given the opportunity. Too bad, because she has a great round ass! The girls seemed really into the scene, and Julya really took the ass fucking he gave her wonderfully.

(Barby, Black Widow, Toni Ribas, ? guy)
Barby and Black Widow are walking down a winding flight of stairs. They are both wearing blue flashy dresses and blue sparkly eye liner. They walk over to a bar where Toni and another guy are sitting. Toni starts to kiss Barby, while the other guy is kissing Widow. Toni is massaging Barby’s breasts while Widow is sucking on the other guy. Barby starts to unbutton Toni’s shirt and licks his chest. Soon both guys are getting their dicks sucked while sitting on two bar stools. Barby is by far the best at sucking cock in the scene (Jesus she’s hot)! She makes sure to suck on Toni’s balls while she slobbers over his cock. She tries to take his whole cock in her mouth, but can’t quite get there. Still she does a really good job. Widow is now getting her pussy fucked while sitting on the stool, and Toni is licking Barby’s pussy. She’s sitting on the stool with her legs spread while he continues to lick and finger fuck her pussy. Eventually he starts to fuck her pussy with his cock. Her nice natural breasts bounce heavily as she opens her mouth expelling aah’s and ooh’s! Widow gets on the other guy’s cock for some RC pussy fucking. There’s a nice close up of this, then we get a wide shot of both the girls getting fucked. Barby gets on her side on the stool while Toni continues to fuck her pussy. He grabs onto her shoulder so he can really pound his cock into her deep wet pink hole! Widow is now getting her pussy fucked, but this time she’s riding the guy’s cock cowgirl. Barby leans over to suck on the other guy’s cock after pulling it out of Widow’s pussy, while Toni is fucking her from behind. Toni pulls her Barby back and Widow continues to get her pussy fucked. The guy spreads her ass cheeks a bit and we see her asshole as the camera zooms in. The guy then starts to fuck her pussy from behind, as Toni does with Barby. Widow moves over to suck on Toni’s cock while the other dude fucks Barby from behind. Toni goes to work on Widow’s pussy while she sits back down on the stool. Barby is getting some pussy pounding as well from behind. There is a nice close up of her wet pink hole getting fucked, and then we get to see some shots of Widow’s breasts bounce back and forth. Barby soon sits back on the stool for some more pussy fucking, while Toni gets his dick sucked by Widow. Barby does the same to the other guy as well. Again she works a lot on his tip really sucking on it hard. The guys switch ladies again so that they can cum over their faces. The girls then get together to kiss one another!

I thought that this scene was really good! It wasn’t very nasty, but I still enjoyed it. I credit it to Barby’s performance! I really think she did a great job, but not just getting fucked. Her facial expressions were enough to get me off! I love watching a woman’s facial expression, so even if she faked it, it was still fucking amazing.

(Dora, Tolly, Toni Ribas, ? guy)
Dora and Tolly are standing at a bar kissing one another. Tolly is wearing a black dress with black stockings and a black thong. Dora is wearing a shinny sliver and blue top with a light blue short skirt, and a white thong. The girls kiss a little bit more before Tolly moves down to Dora’s butt to rub her cheeks. There’s a nice “worm” cam shot between her legs. She rubs her pussy while Tolly runs her hand up her thigh and ass cheeks. Toni and another guy walk up to them. The guys both start to kiss them lifting one of their legs up so we get a great shot of their asses. Tolly gets a nice rubbing from behind, while Toni Takes off Dora’s skirt and top. He rubs her pussy and sucks on her nipples. Both guys are warming the girl’s pussies up, and then Toni slips off Dora’s thong. He gets down on his knees and lifts one leg over his head and starts to lick and finger her pussy. There’s a great shot of her ass! The other guy is facing Tolly while he reaches behind her to finger her pussy. Toni now is fingering Dora’s pussy and ass, while Tolly is sucking on the other guys cock. Dora soon does the same to Toni. Tolly does a great job at licking over the other guy’s balls and an equally good job at sucking on his rod. Toni pulls Dora up and starts to fuck her pussy. He’s lifting her up and fucking her pussy pretty hard. The camera gives us a good shot of her ass from down below as well! Tolly is getting her pussy fucked from behind on all fours, while Toni is fucking Dora’s pussy. He soon turns Dora towards Tolly where she’s getting fucked RC. Dora licks Tolly’s tits a bit before Toni pulls her back up for more pussy pounding from behind. There is a nice close up of her pussy getting fucked, then immediately we see Tolly getting fucked from behind (great mixing of shots!) Now Dora is on top of Toni getting her pussy fucked RC while Tolly is getting fucked cowgirl. Dora then switches so she’s lifting herself up and down on Toni’s cock for some deep fast cowgirl. Tolly is getting fucked on her side from the other guy for a bit, before he rolls over to have Dora suck on his dick, then goes back to fucking Tolly. Dora moves down towards Toni’s face, and sits. She’s rubbing her pussy in his face, while the camera has a great shot of her asshole! Both girls are now getting fucked RC, and both getting it in their pussies. Dora gets up from Toni’s cock to suck on him, while the other guy lifts Tolly up so he can fuck her in the air. Toni then stands above Dora while she’s on all fours and tongues and finger fucks her asshole (Oh, what a sight). He gets behind her and slowly starts to fuck her ass, then quickening his pace. There are some great close ups from behind as he fucks her ass. Her ass juices are starting to run down her pussy! She gets up to suck the juices of his cock, while he gets back to fucking her ass from behind. The camera stays focused on her ass throughout the whole time. She then sucks his dick some more to taste her ass. Again, Toni starts to fuck her ass. He pulls out, and spreads her ass cheeks for a brief shot at her warmed up asshole (still tight and gorgeous). Toni and the other guy switch girls. Dora sucks on the other guy’s cock a bit while Tolly sucks on Toni’s. Both of the guys then proceed to fuck the two girls. Dora is getting her ass fucked from behind while Tolly is getting her pussy fucked RC by Toni. Dora gets up and gets some RC anal. She rides his cock like a circus whore, stopping periodically to circle around his cock using her hips. Tolly is still getting her pussy fucked when Dora gets up off the guys cock. She strokes his cock for a bit, then leans against the bar. The guy starts to fuck her ass from behind, and we get some more close ups. Dora now is with Toni getting her ass fucked, while Tolly is sucking the other guy’s cock. We get another close up of Dora getting her ass fucked and then a wide shot of the four of them. Dora now is getting a nice DP, while Tolly is just sitting back playing and licking her tits. The scene ends with the girls taking a facial then kissing one another.

Damn, that was a good scene! From the moment I saw Dora’s ass I was praying to see her get it fucked, and I was not let down. After a lot of anticipation and worry that she wasn’t, she did, and Jesus, it was great!! Tolly’s performance was not really all that, but it was because of Dora that this scene smokes!

(Suzy, Patricia, ? guy)
Suzy and Patricia are walking over to a white sofa, but with a Predator-ish Camouflage thing going on. I don’t find Suzy all that attractive, but I do think that Patricia is rather stunning. She’s got a nice natural rack, and a deliciously looking ass. The two girls are kissing and touching one another. Pat takes off her leather jacket and exposes her natural beauties, which Suzy licks and fondles them. Pat now is lying on top of Suzy and we get a nice shot of her ass with her see through thong. Suzy pulls out a blue cock and Patricia rubs it between her breasts. Suzy gets up and starts to lick Pat’s pussy and grope her breasts. Pat is now lying back in the sofa, while she’s getting her breasts fondled by Suzy. Pat rubs Suzy’s pussy with the cock for a bit then Suzy pushes Pat down on back and starts to squeeze and rub her pussy. Suzy pulls off Pat’s thong and gets on top of Pat, which she does the same thing to Suzy. Both girls are rubbing their pussies when some guy gets there. He sits on the sofa and Pat starts to suck on his cock. Suzy is behind Pat fingering her pussy. There is close up of Pat sucking on his cock; soon Suzy take over. Pat is licking Suzy’s pussy from behind when the guy gets behind Pat to fuck her pussy. Suzy quickly goes over to suck Pat’s juices from his cock. Suzy gets on top of the guy’s dick for some cowgirl pussy fucking, while Pat is waiting to suck his cock clean from her juices. He pulls Suzy up off his cock to spread her ass and finger it, then continues to fuck her pussy. Pat soon sucks his cock again, which then he tosses Suzy off to the side and starts to fuck Patricia. He fingers her asshole a bit, and then sticks his cock inside. He starts off really slow then builds up to pounding her ass. We get all of her ass in the shot, which I have no gripes about! He pulls her off of his cock spreading her ass apart while Suzy sucks his cock clean of her ass juice. He then sticks his dick back in her ass for more fucking. The guy gets up and has Pat suck his cock. Suzy is lying on her side while getting fucked in the ass from behind. Pat is playing with her tits and fucking herself with the rubber cock. We now get some RC anal from Patricia. The camera zooms in for some close ups of her getting her ass stuffed while she spreads open her pussy. She then gets DP’d with the rubber cock. The guy bends her over on the couch and slowly pushes the rubber cock in her pussy and ass. There are some nice close ups of both! He pulls Suzy over so he can feed her Pat’s pussy juice after he fucks her with it. Pat now is sitting on the couch masturbating. It’s nice to get to see her just sitting there rubbing herself while her tits are bouncing! Right next to her Suzy is getting fucked in the ass from behind. The guy pulls out to have Patricia suck his cock then starts to fuck Suzy’s pussy. Suzy is licking Pat’s pussy while pat is squeezing her breasts. Pat now gets some attention from the guy’s dick as he fucks her pussy then her asshole. He fucks her ass while spooning her. He pulls his cock out and rubs her asshole with his fingers, having her lick her ass juice off of his fingers. The scene ends with a facial on both the girls. They kiss each other then start masturbating on the couch!

I was really into this scene all the way through. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Patricia’s breasts and ass! She’s got a great round ass, which gets a lot of attention in this scene. Suzy really wasn’t all that great, mainly because Patricia steals the show!

(Rita, Claudia, ? guy, ?guy)
Rita and Claudia start out by walking up some winding stairs (the same ones we saw earlier). Claudia is wearing a tight leather dress thing, and Rita is wearing a silver-ish small bra/top and matching bottoms. Rita is a sexy big busted blonde with a small frame that I have come to really love, I don’t know much about Claudia, but she’s hot…lol! They both walk over to two guys and get their bodies worked over. Rita is getting her breasts kissed, while Claudia is getting her dress taken off. Rita undoes her top and the guy starts to suck on her large breasts. Claudia kisses her guy then he gets behind her pulling down the rest of her outfit. He starts to lick her ass then tongues it a bit. He soon fingers her pussy, and licks her ass some more. Rita is sitting on a table getting her pussy eaten out by the other guy. He fingers her a little bit while she rubs her clit. Claudia is now sucking on her guy’s cock. Rita gets down off of the table to start sucking on her man’s cock. She’s on her knees slobbering all over his rod, as he hits her tongue with it. He fucks her tits a bit before we see Claudia getting her pussy fucked from behind. She has a really pink pussy which gets pounded like there’s no tomorrow! Rita is still sucking cock, making sure to suck on his balls! She then sits back in a chair and gets her pussy licked some more. Claudia gets on top of her guy for some cowgirl pussy fucking. The camera stays centered on her ass as she pushes her self up and down, side to side, around and around on his dick. She spreads her ass open so we can see her sexy asshole a bit. The guy starts to finger her ass as she’s getting fucked. He grabs on to both cheeks and really pulls her into his cock! We see Rita getting her pussy fucked while she’s sitting on a chair. Her tits bounce as the guy fucks her. There’s a close up of her face, primarily her eyes, then we get a shot of her tits. She pulls them up to her mouth to lick her nipples. Claudia is getting fucked from behind through bars. (it’s a prison with a She gets on her knees to suck his cock then he starts to fuck her pussy again. This time she’s facing him, and we get a great shot of her ass again. Her leg is being held up so when we get a close up we see a lot! She is now on the same side of the bars as her stud, and he fucks her from behind again. Rita is getting her pussy fucked RC. We get a wide shot of her taking this guy’s rode, and her breasts really bounce, MY HEAVENS! Claudia is on the table on her side while the guy continues to fuck her pussy. Rita is now getting her pussy fucked cowgirl, and the camera zooms about two ass hairs away from her ass hole, then back out, then back in again. They guy spreads her ass cheeks a bit then starts to fuck her pussy from behind. She is bending over as her tits hang and bounce. In a nice close up, we see Rita’s guy push his cock in her wet asshole. We get a great side angle of her getting her ass fucked so we can also see her beautiful tits hang and bounce. The camera stays on them for a bit! Claudia is getting her pussy fucked on the table cowgirl style while Rita is getting her asshole stuffed on a chair. The guy pulls his cock out of her butt and her ass juices run down her pussy (very hot). We get a great close up of her ass getting fucked from behind. The guy pulls out and jerks off while she plays with her tits then he starts to fuck her ass again! Rita now is on top squatting on his dick ramming her ass up and down. Her wet asshole keeps bouncing off his cock’s tip, so each time we can see the inside of her hole! Rita then gets DP’d on the table while Claudia watches. Nice little close up here as she’s getting stuffed. Finally a guy pulls his cock out of her ass so her juices can gush out. Slipping his cock back into her asshole, he continues to fuck her some more! There’s a quick gape then we see both girls getting fucked simultaneously. The scene ends with the girls getting popped in the face and mouth, then tonguing one another.

One word….AWSOME! This was the best scene in the movie and it was perfect. It had everything I wanted and more! Rita and Claudia both were fantastic in this scene, though I wish Claudia would have taken it in the ass, but from the terrific performance that Rita did, I totally forgot about it until now! Great job girls!!!!

There isn’t many films that deliver in every scene, but this one did. At first I was thinking that this was going to be more for a softer audience, so I adjusted accordingly, but after seeing the 2nd half of the 4th scene, and then the 5th I was unprepared for what I saw! It caught me off guard and I don’t believe I have ever had that happen. Though I had some discrepancies with some of the scenes, they were all good. I like nastier stuff than what was present earlier in the film and walked into this film in that mindset. I quickly however changed that mindset (due to the performances), only to have it change again from the last part of the film! One thing that would have been nice: Patricia and Barby pairing off. They both were too good for the scenes they were in, and should have been together; However they held the balance of the film together by making up for their partner’s weaker performances. I felt that 90% of the cast had great intensity, which really let this film shine. Rita had an outstanding scene along with Claudia which I must say would be near the top of my favorite scenes list. I would recommend this title to anyone without any hesitation. It brings with it a tame side, and a nasty side which is great, but being perverted and always wanting more I still wish all of the scenes were like the 5th. This film was a great way to start off a series so great job Sineplex and Toni Ribas, and I am eagerly awaiting seeing the 2nd in this line!

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