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T0MBOne Engagement Party, The 2.5 starsEngagement Party, The 2.5 starsEngagement Party, The 2.5 stars
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Engagement Party, The

Engagement Party, The

Studio: New Sensations
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Engagement Party, The:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Engagement Party, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Engagement Party, The Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Engagement Party, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Engagement Party, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Engagement Party, The Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Engagement Party, The DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Engagement Party, The A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/11/2011
Good afternoon porn fans. Time for a little feature love and we have a story here centered on Ann Marie Rios who is about to get married so she's having an engagement party which brings an unexpected guest connected to Ann's past. So will this dampen the happy mood, guess it's time to find out with a few highlights.

Ann Marie Rios & Chris Johnson:

So the movie begins with Ann arriving home, this is a few years back we're told. She's looking good and her man Gabe is there to greet her. The two seem very much at ease with each other, dare I say it, love is in full swing. As the two talk we are provided some nice plot development from Ann who talks to us/ herself reflecting back on this time in her life when the passion was blazing with this new love. The picture is very good and we get Chris going down to warm Ann up with some pussy eating. Ann is quick to return the favor and the sound is quite good as you hear her sloppy bj crystal clear. The two then work through a few positions with Ann on top and Chris nailing her from behind being highlights. They end with Chris pulling out and leaving his load on her ass. Well turns out this was a last hurrah as we see Chris leaving her as Ann is drifting off to sleep. She's on the way up in her career and he's not at the level of success in his life so he ducks out. 5 years later then comes up on the screen.

Reena Sky & Ramon Nomar:

As the movie comes back into focus we see Ann has found someone new, Rocco Reed, and it appears the two are living together and are hosting a party, my guess it's the engagement party! The first guests arrive as they let in Reena and Ramon. The next shot shows the party in full swing with more people there but Rocco keeps getting dragged away by this big case he's working on so Ann will have to live with the fact she's not the only highly successful attorney in this relationship. You see Natasha Nice is here too and she's the third main girl listed in the cast. She has a few words with Ann with a playful slam about inviting a certain guy that I guess gives her the dropsies!But back to Reena and Ramon who start to get frisky right there on the couch, mainly kissing but they do have the fuck me eyes working- how to get in some sex! So they manage to slip off to a quiet area of the house and get naked! Reena's looking good as she loses her oufit, Ramon behind to cup her breasts and slip his hand down inside her panties. Reena then kisses her way down to his hard dick, side view was great as she works him in, no hands even! Enjoyed the oral Ramon gives in return especially going behind Reena to lick her pussy- awesome shot. Sexwise cowgirl is a big winner- I'm a breast fan so reverse is my fave but watching a nice ass ride in cowgirl is pretty hot too- no anal here but you see her ass/ pussy so well. The picture is so good here you can see the sweat on their bodies as the two get the passion working big time. A mish finish yields a pretty good pop sprayed over Reena's lower belly. I'd say this was a pretty good couples scene.

We head back to the party and Ann still doesn't seem to pleased about Rocco not showing her more attention and she started walking over I think to have a few pointed words when the doorbell rings- perhaps saving her from saying something she'd regret. Turns out it's Gabe and she's shocked dropping her champagne glass on the floor. Rocco then joins her asking who this guy is. Rocco has no idea who Gabe is, he even shakes his hand. Gabe is led away by Ann and I guess it's go time, lol. Ann gives him a piece of her mind, how it took a toll for her to rise up from him suddenly leaving her with no explanation. Gabe tries to apologize but doesn't give a big reason for his leaving beyond being afraid of getting in the way of her rising success- pretty lame reason right. Gabe keeps on talking but Ann is almost a basket case as those raw emotions had all risen back from this terrible break up. Gabe tries to give her a cd of songs all about her but Ann isn't hearing it. Rocco is the man she's marrying so she walks off cutting this reunion short-- but will she return?

Natasha Nice & J.Jay:

Returning to the party Ann has a few words with the guy Natasha has the hots for and he was seeking her out so maybe a little more nookie time! Ann senses he likes her and in turn she knows Natasha likes him but she finally lets it out so J goes and finds Natasha! Going outside he finds her and the two get to have that first awkward conversation you have once you realize you both like each other in that special way. The talk here was good and the two handled it well but now it was time to celebrate this newest love! So they have the first kiss but thankfully don't stop there as we get to see Natasha get naked and we all know what a fantastic natural rack she's been blessed with. J also shows some nice attention to her pussy using some fingers too. Funny thing, though, she actually keeps her tits covered with the bra for the longest time even after she starts sucking his cock. It was during the bj that J unlocked the bra letting it fall off- it's a crime to keep those perfect tits covered this long. Spoon and reverse go a long way to making up for the lack of boobage as she gets those tits rocking in time with her riding him. They finish off with some doggie action leading to a pop up her ass/ lower back. I think these two will have more sessions like this as this new relationship progresses.

Ann Marie & Rocco Reed:

So we head back one more time to the party and Ann takes Rocco off to their room and it's time for a serious conversation. Ann decides to do the big reveal about Gabe. She was going to keep that her secret but him coming back has prompted her to have this important chat with Rocco. She reveals how passionate this relationship was- firey I think were the words but also there was a tenderness there underneath which was obliterated the morning he walked out so Ann had to recover from that and I think she's telling Rocco he needs to be a little more passionate and not so focused on just his career as her heart's with him now. Rocco hears what she is saying and the two have the big kiss but she's got to close that chapter in her life with Gabe so she goes to say goodbye and hands him back the cd telling him those songs need to be for someone else and he'll find that person. But now she's heading to have the big closing scene with Rocco. The guests are gone and it is just Ann and Rocco. Right off we're into some good strong cock sucking from Ann, again the sound is quite good here. Rocco then returns the favor even licking her toes briefly before his face finds a home in her pussy. Cowgirl was another big winner, gotta love a nice ass being shown off as hers was here. Good doggie and spoon action too help get us to the close which sees the pop fly up her lower belly.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was a pretty good story here with Ann Marie Rios being affective as the leading lady. She experienced two strong passionate scenes in this movie though we know the first one led to the big heartbreak. They don't try and be to over dramatic with that. Ann does good in relaying how this affected her in words and some good facial shots. Rocco as her leading man has few good lines too and gets to close the show with a hot romp with Miss Rios. In between we had good scenes with Reena Sky and Natasha Nice- though in her scene we should have had those awesome rocking boobs out much sooner. Extra wise you get a photo gallery, the ability to pick your own pleasure which basically allows you to see a fave position from any of the scenes. There is some behind the scenes to check out too. For Ann Marie Rios fans this is a strong vehicle and shows off her acting chops as well as her ability to handle a big hard cock.

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