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bono-ONE Elastic Assholes 3 (Red Light District) 4 starsElastic Assholes 3 (Red Light District) 4 starsElastic Assholes 3 (Red Light District) 4 stars
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Elastic Assholes 3 (Red Light District)

Elastic Assholes 3 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Elastic Assholes 3 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Elastic Assholes 3 (Red Light District) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Elastic Assholes 3 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Elastic Assholes 3 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Elastic Assholes 3 (Red Light District) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Elastic Assholes 3 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Elastic Assholes 3 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Elastic Assholes 3 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  7/1/2005


Mike John has amassed some great talent for his third outing in Elastic Assholes. Nobody in the industry is hotter than Marie Luv as of this release and Courtney Cummz is one of the most popular new girls in town. Kelly Wells has been melting zippers for the last several months and Melissa Lauren needs no introduction. Always intense, her combination of glamorous looks and sexual deviance is hard to match. That leaves us with Simone West, who has been a pure delight in her short career. I trust that everybody is going to be put through a very physically taxing gauntlet. I hope I have the strength to survive it.
The video opens on Marie Luv's firm booty being jiggled, shook and reshaped by her panties. She is soon set upon by most of the male talent at RLD. There must be some kind of backstage intrigue concerning who gets to fuck this chick everytime she works for them. They probably just say "What the fuck. Let's all do her" and Marie has her dance card filled. She goes right to her knees to suck some cock. Her face is clear and beautiful, but the way Marie smokes pipe, it won't stay that way for long. She starts with John Strong and takes his dick to the short hairs. Manuel Ferrara has his face in her ass, a prime location. Mike Stefano sticks his cock in her face and Marie has it down her throat drawing slobber immediately. Manuel gets some throat action as they circle her, and Marie tries to take Stefano, balls and all down her gullet. That brings the mascara down her face. Strong sits back on the couch and pulls Marie onto him in CG while she orally services the other two with increased enthusiasm. Stefano taps her ass for the DP and Ferrara makes her airtight. She slides onto Manuel's cock in CG and Strong takes her ass with Stefano filling Marie's mouth. He gets in there so deep that Marie has a rush of gooey slobber from deep in her throat that she unloads into her hand and uses as cocksucking lube. Strong brings her ass juice to suck off and Stefano replaces him in Marie's ass. The energy this gorgeous woman has for this debauchery is amazing. She unseats her pussy from Manuel and hops onto his cock in RCA. Stefano and Strong close the gaps immediately. They gape her and Stefano punch fucks the open anus a few times before they settle back to the airtight. She does A2M and Stefano goes up and over in doggy to fuck her ass and gape it a few times. RCA on Strong and another airtight as quickly as they can reposition themselves. Another little gape and Manuel uses it for a few strokes of anal. He leaves her to Strong alone for a quick one on one and Stefano fills her empty pussy. She's getting tore up and demanding more. Manuel gets back in the game, taking Marie's pussy while Stefano pushes into her mouth. She does some gaping with Strong and her ass still looks amazingly tight after all this abuse. A2M and Manuel does her dumper in doggy. Stefano follows him into her ass as Strong throat fucks Marie from below. More attempts at gaping, then she hops onto Strong's cock and he picks her up for a flying DP with Stefano. Manuel replaces Stefano on the fly. When she's back on the ground, Manuel hammers her bung in standing doggy with her mouth being used by the other two. Stefano pulls Marie into a piledriver and punch fucks her now gaping hole. Strong and Ferrara keep the train running. She's pushed back onto the couch for some mish anal, then A2M with Strong. Stefano follows, then Ferrara. Manuel turns her to the side a little and they run the train again. A2M and Manuel puts her face down, ass up for an up and over doggy. Stefano follows and feeds her the juice. Spoon anal with Strong and Manuel sticks his fat cock in her throat. They pull Marie to the floor and use her mouth as a cum receptacle. She guzzles and swallows after the first two loads delivered by Strong and Ferrara. Stefano gives her the last creamy load, which Marie finds lip smacking good. A beautiful smile on her pretty face and one last look at her abused asshole to end an astounding scene done with almost no cuts. In fact, I think I only spotted one. Marie Luv is turning into a sexual and physical marvel.
Courtney Cummz opens the door and lets us in. She silently walks up some stairs and sits her blue booty shorts on Erik Everhard's face as he's lying on an ottoman. She fishes out the christmas tree from his jeans while his tongue is digging out her sweet pussy. Courtney gags herself on his big cock and Erik gets a taste of ass. Her halter is tossed and Erik gets up for some serious face fucking. Courtney does some ball sucking, taking both nuts in her mouth at the same time. Her shorts come down and she's mounted in doggy. He tans her hide a little, leaving some big red handprints on Courtney's lovely ass. Speaking of ass, that's his next project as he fingers her anus and gives Courtney a taste. Up and over doggy anal in the newly opened hole. She has a very expressive face and looks back at Erik with a combination of anger and trepidation as he slides deep into her shitter. Erik is pretty relentless once he gets started and shows Courtney's gape, which is pretty raw looking. The doggy anal has Courtney rubbing her clit furiously to keep pace. Some punch fucking and then Erik gets four fingers up her ass. She sits on his cock in CG anal. Her nice round ass looks great crammed with cock. She takes Erik deep and even looks like she really cums at one point, then cleans the cock off. They move to RCA, four fingered reach around, and Courtney's pretty tits are nipping nicely from all this sensation. More gaping, this time in the JYL style, but without the infantile sound effects. Erik jills her and Courtney's caught somewhere between heaven and hell with his fat cock still embedded in her colon. A2M and a change to mish anal. They both collaborate on working her pussy manually while she continues to be plumbed. More gaping and Courtney tastes her juices from Erik's cock with some hot tongue swirl action. Courtney's lobbying for cum and insisting on taking the load in her mouth. Erik, ever the gentleman, gives her what she requested, streaking her cheek and sending the rest onto her tongue. Courtney swallows, licks up the overshoot, siphons the last drops from his pipe and displays her now elastic asshole.
If there's one scene I've anticipated even more than Marie's, it's this one. Simone West, a chocolate colored cutey is sunning herself on a deck. This girl has made quite an impression on me, and from the looks of it, there was a mad rush in "The Valley" to get as many scenes with her as possible in a short time. She's the real deal when it comes to attitude and energy, and adorable to boot. Mike John's camera catches her stroking herself lazily as the sun's rays heat her up. She starts to get into it and her top comes off showing a perfect set of tits. Simone gets up and the view from behind reveals a foreign object sticking out of her ass underneath her bottoms. Those come down and Simone pulls an acrylic butt plug from her bung and gives it some of nature's lube before reinserting. This horny little fuck doll makes her way into the house and spots a flesh and blood cock to play with. Simone gets on it and gives some passionate head to the celebrated member of Mr. Everhard. Simone's not a deep throater, but she doesn't suck shallow either, and she's very thorough about licking the shaft and nuts. She also makes a nice mess and gets her face right into it. Erik also titty fucks Simone's luscious swells and tries to make a liar of me by face fucking her deeply. Some cheek popping and he sets her up on the bed for a doggy insertion. Simone loves getting pounded and that's the "Hate Plow's" specialty. The move to spoon for a nice view of his big dick deep in Simone's pussy. Now, over the last few weeks, I've heard a variety of women make convincing pleas to their partners to fuck them harder. Usually it doesn't really happen. Simone is one of them, and this should be filed under "Be careful what you ask for" because it's right up Everhard's alley. Simone asks and Erik lights up. Deep, hard strokes and P2M. Cut to a doggy anal insertion. As difficult as it looks for her, she fucks back on his cock. He goes up and over, jamming all of his meat into that little tight hole and making her hot pink pussy flap. They do some gape shots and Erik gives Simone an A2M face fuck which she takes around the world. This is definitely a spirited girl. Spoon anal with slobber hanging down from her chin and Simone demanding it harder. She gets in some trash talk and fucks back at his cock with zeal. They try more gapes but Simone is tight and her sphincter is swollen. No hands A2M and she hops on the CG anal ride. Simone gets wild up there, practically throwing a hissy fit on his cock. She demands that he take ownership of her ass and he fills her to the rim. The frenetic ride and intermittent gaping continue. They try RCA with a reach around. Simone can't seem to get enough dick inside her. Ass filled with cock and pussy engorged with fingers makes Simone a happy camper. A2M and back to RCA with gaping games. Simone challenges him to pound her harder. Her sphincter is throbbing. Slobbery A2M leading to a deep mish anal. More gaping and rectal throbbing. If she wasn't loving it so much it would be brutal. Erik pounds away, working up the load she wants in her mouth, then pulls out and streaks Simone's cheek with his seed and leaving the rest on her tongue. He scoops the errant cum toward her open mouth and searching tongue. Simone doesn't want to be cheated out of a drop. Some loving PCH, they thank each other, and Simone puts her ravaged rectum on display.
Melissa Lauren is presented here with her platinum tresses. Mike must have been holding on to this scene for a little while. She works her holes for the camera and tastes the moisture. Melissa descends some stairs and encounters a naked and hard Brian Surewood. She slips her shitter over his cock in CG to give him a little tease ride and some A2M. A few more steps down and John Strong is waiting. He pounds her in RCA and she does A2M for him, too. They repeat it and then Melissa rims him briefly. When she reaches the landing, Melissa crawls over to a naked and seated Brian Pumper. She sticks her ass in the air and he mounts her in an up and over doggy anal. No shortage of A2M here either. Cut to Melissa surrounded by cock and working a little blowbang. They use her head for their pleasure and work out a lot of slobber from her throat. Cut to Melissa riding Pumper in RCA and getting the other cocks stuck in her face. She shows a pretty wide gape on the first try and Strong fills it on one pass. He and Pumper DP Melissa for a short while. Melissa moves onto Strong in RCA, getting face fucked by Surewood, then pussy filled by Pumper. Melissa's intense, but quiet. She does a CGDP and gets airtight when Surewood joins in. Melissa gets her guts deeply probed as the Brians trade in her ass and mouth. Cut to Melissa in RCA with Strong and asking for another cock in her ass. Pumper provides the courtesy. She takes it well and cleans the cocks off after. A little one on one RCA pounding and gaping with Strong and another DAP with Surewood planting his member. More A2M all around and Strong drags Melissa into the toilet and dunks her head, face fucking her after. She goes back into the living room and does a flying DAP with Strong and Surewood. Melissa gets her gaping asshole pried open and displayed by Strong. Pumper fucks her bruised bunghole in mish. She's reading his slow strokes and tells him to cum in her ass. He pulls out and Melissa lets out a nice load. Getting to her knees, Melissa takes all of Strong's load in her mouth and swallows. Surewood lays a nice facial on her. Melissa shows off her well fucked asshole.
We're following Kelly Wells up some stairs and her ass is mesmerizing in white booty shorts. A lot has been said about this woman's performances the last year but I don't think many people take the time to drink in her great body. This is one fine piece of woman flesh with a firm, round ass and very nice tits. She stops to reliever herself of the aforementioned shorts and shake those lovely globes for the camera. She works her pussy into a lather and gives herself a taste. Kelly's shirt is raised over her tits and she juggles them for us. She walks over to a full length mirror and plays with herself in front of it, fingering her tight ass. Kelly walks into another room where Manuel awaits and he puts a lip lock on one of her tits. Some pussy stroking gets Kelly's passions stoked and Manuel bends her over the couch for a digital rectal exam. Some smacking by both of them and a touch of rimming before Manuel slides up there in spoon. He pounds that fat cock in Kelley's dumper and rolls her into RCA. Kelly fingers her pussy and Manuel displays her gape. She beats on her own tits while being soundly sodomized, then does A2M. I love watching Kelly jack Manuel's cock after sucking him. He fucks her in an up and over doggy anal and shows some big gapes. More A2M that turns into a short bj. Cut to CG anal insertion. Kelly's lovely ass is filled and gaped. She has to stick her hand in there to check out how opened up she's become. Kelly vibrates on his dick while he beats on her tits. She gets into some self deprecating trash talk and even slaps her own face. After a good reaming from underneath, Kelly turns for RCA. She scarfs up Manuel's cock in another A2M and cut to a side entry anal. Manuel dips his toe into her rectum and has Kelly lick it off. She slobbers over his balls while he's jering off and she's trying to pry her sphincter open some more. Manuel plants his cock in there before she hurts herself for a deep and satisfying up and over. Her gape is huge. Kelly fishhooks herself to receive Manuel's seed. He shoots into the open target and pours the last drops from his foreskin. Kelly plays with it like a lizard and puts her wrecked rectum on display.
Jamie Elle is shaking her booty for the camera and actually doing a very amateurish job of it. She's young. She spreads her cheeks and shows a sphincter that looks like it's had company in the past. Jamie is thoroughly adorable and her body is nice and tight looking. John Strong joins her on a bed and this little minx lets him stick his cock in her mouth and fuck up at her. Strong attacks her tits, then pushes her head back on his cock. He makes sure to get in deep enough so her eyes are tearing, then her panties come off so he can fuck her pussy in mish. She looks like a teen dream all stretched out on the bed and taking his insistent thrusts. Cut to RC, and after she's good and warmed up, asks for it in her ass. The transfer is made, then a cut to spoon anal. They hold that position for a good while, then A2M and RCA to follow. They do some gaping from this position. CG anal and Jamie's been giving us a high pitched narrative throughout her sodomizing. More gaping. Jamie's ass looks raw and she takes tastes of her innards as they're offered. More A2M and a cut to up and over doggy anal. The gapefest goes on unabated. Facefucking A2M followed by Strong punch fucking her little shitter. Periodic clean-up of his greasy cock. They move to mish anal and do more gaping. Jamie sucks his cock nice and deep, then positions herself in piledriver. She's spent the last half hour serenading us about her "tight little ass", but that bad boy ain't tight no more. Strong gets his cock cleaned off deep in Jamie's throat, right down to the pubes. She gets to her knees for the coup de grace and Strong face fucks her to prime the pump. He lays his load into her open mouth and Jamie swallows to end the scene.
Epilogue Another solid outing for Mike John with some flashes of brilliance. The first three scenes were everything I could hope for. Marie just exhausted me. She brought so much energy and nastiness to her scene. Either the editing was spectacular here or Marie went almost end to end without a break to cool off her hot ass. Courtney combined her beauty and innocence to deliver another great scene. Simone took everything that Everhard could dish out and asked for more. I think she earned the Hate Plow's respect and she certainly has my affection. Melissa and Kelly were nasty and intense, bordering on pathalogical with their self flagellation. In the BTS, Pumper is totally taken aback by Melissa's antics, admitting he'd never seen anything like her before. It probably got to be too much for me, especially with the almost non-stop gaping. It's a given that there's going to be a lot of gaping in a video called Elastic Assholes, but there can be too much. In the bonus scene, Jamie Elle started out nicely but she started getting on my nerves after a while with her high pitched squeal reminding us of her tight little hole.
The Disk The bonus scene, photo gallery and BTS.
Recommendation A good anal sex feature with all the trimmings. Rent it for sure. Not likely to disappoint if you purchase.

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