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mr october Elastic Assholes 2 (Red Light District) 5 starsElastic Assholes 2 (Red Light District) 5 starsElastic Assholes 2 (Red Light District) 5 stars
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Elastic Assholes 2 (Red Light District)

Elastic Assholes 2 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Elastic Assholes 2 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Elastic Assholes 2 (Red Light District) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Elastic Assholes 2 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Elastic Assholes 2 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Elastic Assholes 2 (Red Light District) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Elastic Assholes 2 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Elastic Assholes 2 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Elastic Assholes 2 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/13/2005
Well, when I see Katin on the cover posed as she is and I see that Mike John is directing then that dvd is already bound for my player and I bet many of yours as well. Also you add in Missy Monroe, Jessica Fiorentino, and cute little sparkplug Kat that dvd will move! So let's see just how elastic these girls let their booties get.

Missy Monroe:

Well we lead off with a very hot lady, Missy Monroe and she is sporting some Army colors in her clothing. Guess we will see if Missy can be all she can be in this scene!! Mike starts us out with some bootie shots then we move around to check out Missy's awesome boobs and her eyes are staring right at you as she squeezes her tits. The floor shot looking up was particularly good and Mike also uses that to show off her ass some more. Missy then gets in a doggie pose on the bed and starts to finger her ass/ pussy with us getting ring side seats staring right at her ass! Missy also uses a toy to pry her bootie open. We then get a male pair of hands taking over toy duties with Missy doing plenty of cleanin her ass juices off the toy. Manuel ends up using a couple toys to create a nice gape in her ass. Then he uses his cock to fully get her backdoor open. Moving to spoon anal lets us see more of those great boobs of hers and they start shaking rather nicely as Manuel increases the pace. Check out Missy's reaction shots when they change to reverse cowgirl anal, very hot and I enjoyed the floor shots here as well. Missy finally sucks some cock when she gets off for some A2M but she's quickly back on his cock this time in cowgirl anal and the pace here is off the charts. You even see Missy squirt on Manuel's chest while riding here and she hops off to do A2M plus she licks up her cum, very hot! Going back to cowgirl anal we see a few gape shots plus we swing around to check out Missy riding his cock from Manuel's pov. He also works in a small toy in her ass while he's buttfucking her so a bit of double anal for Missy. You get a unique position when Missy leans forward off the bed and Manuel gets on top of it fucking her ass leading to some huge gapes plus she does more ass tasting. We soon see a good load shot right into her gaping mouth and Missy takes it all in before swallowing. A very good scene for her and Manuel.

Nikki Sinn:

Up next we have a pretty blond who saunters in the room having a seat on the couch. She's got a cute face and she's clad in blue to start the scene. Nikki does some nice rubbing over her legs and breasts while Mike lets the camera take in her body. Nikki also turns around to show us her ass before unloosening her top and letting her tits fall out, they are very nice with big nipples. Her bottoms soon follow off her body and Nikki lies back spreading her legs wide for some pussy stroking and there's even some anal right away here as a cock slides in. Nikki is a quick gaper as well as you see early on. Nikki does some A2M before two other cocks enter the frame and we are treated to a most excellent three man blowjob from Miss Sinn. She eagerly takes on all that manmeat using plenty of spit to lube their dicks. She nicely fits a couple of those schlongs in at times plus some gagging is seen from her. Soon they go back to some sex with Nikki climbing on Steve Holme's cock in reverse cowgirl anal and she is quickly dp'd leaving only one cock which she immediately starts sucking including some skull fucking. The men switch nicely from her pussy to her mouth with the anchor cock of Mr. Holmes staying in place, at least as far as I could tell. There is also some dp lovin for Nikki in cowgirl and she seems to easily handle all that cock spearing her ass and pussy. The three amigos also dp her standing up and then it's one final push in the cowgirl dp before the men unload and she pushes some out as they give her lots of jizz to taste. I really enjoyed Nikki here and she should make some new fans with this scene.


This next scene starts with a pink toy sitting all along on the very clean floor and we see in the background cute little Kat come walking in with her outfit having holes in the top so her tits are visible. She walks over to the toy, picks it up and then has a seat on the couch where she begins sucking it while rubbing her hands over her tits. Kat soon unzips her top all the way down to her pussy and this helps the outfit slide off easily yielding a very naked Kat! Using a nice floor shot we see Kat in a doggie pose slide the toy right into her ass and she is soon ably assisted by John Strong. With her ass suitably ready we begin the fucking with some doggie anal and John also continues to spread her ass with his fingers letting Kat lick those clean. Mike uses the floor shots nicely when they change to reverse cowgirl anal and Kat sits back spreading her legs real wide, always like this shot. After a couple of gape shots we have Kat get off for A2M then hop back on in cowgirl anal where she has a little more gaping plus more A2M. You then see the twosome back in doggie with a toy in her ass and John's cock in her pussy and after letting her clean the toy off the two objects switch holes. John then fucks her in mish anal until he pops in Kat's ass per her request and she gets a taste from his fingers and a toy. Kat isn't done though as she gets up and walks to another room where an erect cock is waiting which she immediately starts sucking. Kat is ready for more sex also hopping on in cowgirl, then changing around to reverse cowgirl anal where she gapes again, does more anal in doggie with A2M and one more pop which she swallows. Oh my Kat is a three cock girl as she still isn't full, moving on to one more schlong which she gags on a lot. Kat is then fucked some more starting in doggie both vag and anal, there is more RCA, spoon anal, cowgirl anal and we end with John Dough leaving some dough right in Kat's open mouth. I would certainly say she proved herself to be a very elastic girl in this scene and along with Nikki Sinn I'd say Kat has done the best so far.

Jessica Fiorentino:

We start this scene with Jessica showing us her body and Mike gives us an awesome floor shot of her ass plus Jessica bends over giving us some extra incentive to do our thing. Jessica follows this with some sexy poses on the couch then like a laser seeking missile a cock zeroes in on her ass and we get splash down into mish anal. Jessica also gets to taste her ass early on and it kinda goes back and forth from ass to mouth. Jessica then gets in a beautiful POV position where two other cocks join in and she expertly handles this additional meat to her diet. I also liked that she did some slow sucking which I always find more sexy than the gagging bj's. Plus she gives some great eye contact as she takes on these cocks. Jessica then gets to hop on Mr. Holme's cock for some reverse cowgirl anal while Erik and Franco Roccaforte continue to feed her their cocks. The hate plow soon makes this a dp and Jessica keeps up the great oral on Franco's cock with some fine close shots from Mr. John. Jessica does some nice pussy and ass to mouth sucking before the action moves to a cowgirl anal with lots of moaning by Jessica and the guys. This gets followed with a standing dp, then a cowgirl dp with some good gapes captured, moving to a RCDP with some skull fucking and we close with two nice loads left in her smiling mouth. Jessica easily takes their loads in showing each off before swallowing. Steve then finishes the scene fucking her in mish anal leaving some jizz in there which she lets seep out while she cleans his cock off. This was a very good scene from Jessica who is never flashy but definitely gets the job done as good as anyone working today.


Our last girl just happens to be the cover girl and while she presents a pretty face on the cover you'll be even more struck with her beauty when her scene opens. Mike lets her ass get the first exposure and it's nice and meaty like I know many of you like. Katin does some some rubbing and some hard slaps to it before we move up to see her smiling face greet us. Michael Stefano knows a thing or two about the ladies and he's no fool when he comes in and buries his face right between her ass cheeks also slapping her bountiful bootie a few times. Mr. John gives us some great underneath shots of Mike licking her pussy and ass plus there is some finger play with both of them licking the fingers clean. Michael then works a few more fingers in Katin's ass eliciting some loud moans and he smacks her ass some more. Michael then does some caressing to Katin's best assets as far as I'm concerned, those tits of hers are so wonderful to gaze at. Both Katin and Michael then use a small toy to further expand her ass and you might like it when Katin asks to be fucked in her ass and Michael doesn't need to be asked twice! His big schlong easily slides into her ass in doggie and the fine floor shots used take you right there. Katin sits on the barstool being ass fucked in doggie for quite awhile and Michael also uses his fingers to really pry her ass open, I think a medium sized grapefruit could now fall out the hole is that big. The action then moves to a bed where she's fucked in spoon anal where we get some good boob movement with each stroke. Her ass is so wide by now Michael easily fits four fingers in there and almost a fifth but the fingers were under her ass so you could tell how many total but at least four. I bet in the footage they didn't use Michael fists her ass a lot, it really would have been to easy as the expansion was so great by this point in the scene. Reverse cowgirl anal was very nice to see, more fine tit flopping and finally you have Katin sucking some cock, can't believe it took so long as she's an excellent knob polisher and she does some gagging here too. They end with some doggie anal, further ass spreading, then his load is shot right into her mouth with Katin swallowing it all down. This was a good scene from Katin and if it's one of her last ones it sure was worth watching.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Like Jules Jordan you can almost guarantee a Mike John release will rock and this one is the first awesome one I've seen from him in 2005. The girls kick butt from beginning to end with Nikki Sinn and Kat leading the way with Katin being her usual awesome self and Jessica in a quiet way turning in another solid scene and let's not forget blond bombshell Missy Monroe who has rocked the gonzo world strong since the summer of '04 and shows no signs of slowing down. So there you have it a must have for any Mike John collector and now let's hit the extras for this baby. You are offered a photo gallery, some behind the scenes which any Mike John fan knows is usually full of laughs and tits!! The one big extra here is an extra scene and luckily for us it's Haley Paige. She starts out lying down as Manuel samples her pussy and then a long toy is thrust into her mouth. Haley then lets those world class tits out for display and Manuel titty fucks her with the glass toy. I really think Haley is looking good here and seeing those tits up close sure makes me feel good! Manuel then has her turn over to doggie where he eats her ass from behind and the toy is also used on her bootie. Manuel and Haley then get close together for some kissing, boob play, and Haley plays with her pussy. Haley seems pretty adventurous here and Manuels cock provides a tempting target and she moves down to partake of his long cock. There is more titty fucking for Haley this time with the real deal, then Manuel and Haley lie down and he starts boning her in spoon. Next up is reverse cowgirl and with those tits moving beautifully this was a very hot piece of footage. After a little P2M Haley gets back on this time with her ass hugging Manuel's cock and the floor views continue to impress in this dvd. Haley does A2M a couple of times before the action moves to doggie anal and they close with spoon anal leading to Manuel splooging to her face and Haley offers some cleanup making this a most welcum addition to an already great dvd. I can't recommend this one highly enough!

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