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astroknight Educating Alli 4.5 starsEducating Alli 4.5 starsEducating Alli 4.5 stars
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Educating Alli

Educating Alli

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Educating Alli overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Educating Alli Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Educating Alli Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Educating Alli Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Educating Alli Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Educating Alli DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Educating Alli A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by GGG  on  10/20/2009

Educating Alli (Wicked, 2009)

Written and Directed by Brad Armstrong

Plot Overview: Down and out Alli (Alektra Blue) is offered a place to stay by rich and well-attired Stuart (Randy Spears). After her first night at his swanky home, she learns that Stuart enjoys “training” women in sexual agency and empowerment. So begins an unconventional and sometimes frustrating relationship, building up to a finale in which Alli learns of Stuart’s true motivations.

Scene 1: Alektra Blue

Alli meets Stuart after she publicly falls out with her boyfriend in a diner – she has no money and no home, and Stuart offers to take her in. After accepting Stuart’s card, she takes him up on his offer and goes to his home. Stuart, we learn, likes to help young women with his wealth, and Alli is his latest waif-in-need. With a lot on her mind, Alli decides masturbation is the best way to instigate sleep, and gets right to it. Stuart hears her and boldly enters the bedroom, much to Alli’s horror. Stuart tells her not to be ashamed, and persuades her to carry on and “focus on the task at hand.” Alli carries on with a pretty decent solo scene, telling us via voice-over, “this was to be the first step in a very unusual journey, a journey that would change my life, and Stuart would be my guide.” Solo scenes are hard to pull off, so to speak, and Alektra does an admirable job, culminating in an aural orgasm.

Scene 2: Alektra Blue and Tanya James

The next day, Alli goes to get dressed, only to find sexy lingerie to be her only option. Naturally, she goes downstairs naked and bemused, and is introduced to Melissa (Tanya James, doing a notably poor acting job, at least in comparison to Alektra and Randy), her “tutor.” Alli is perturbed by the lingerie, but Melissa enamors her to it by dressing Alli and kissing her neck. It’s an erotic set-up, but unfortunately one that isn’t topped by the sex scene itself. It starts out well, with some extended kissing and fondling after the initial “makeover” seduction, progressing on to some oral love and diddling for Alli. It’s Melissa’s turn next, as Alli uses a dildo on Melissa, who after a little while announces she’s cumming. The scene culminates with Alli’s ass being stuffed with a string of beads, held at the other end by Melissa’s mouth, while Alli fucks Melissa with a dildo. It’s at this point that things start to feel a bit boring, in spite of Alektra’s efforts, and the attempt at switching things up with the beads. It’s just lacking heat, after such a hot opening scenario. Alli announces she’s cumming, after having fucked herself in the ass for a little while, and the scene ends by pulling back and showing Stuart standing there. He tells Alli, “You look really nice…but you moan like an old cow.” Nice!

Scene 3: Alektra Blue and Alan Stafford

After the preceding scene, Stuart ensures that Alli understands the sex with Melissa was “a test,” and they leave the house, stopping off at a public bathroom so Alli can pee. The ladies bathroom is shut, so Stuart tells her to go in the men’s, and puts the “out of order” sign on the men’s door, promising to keep a look-out. Predictably, he lets the first random guy into the men’s – luckily he is good looking, and has a ripped but slender body (what are the chances). After initially acting coy, Alli quickly realizes she’s being tested, and with a roll of the eyes switches gears, asking the random guy to get his cock out and jerk it for her; meanwhile, she starts fondling herself.

It’s worth noting at this stage that if this were made in the 1970s, this scene could easily be a mutual masturbation scene, and be a whole lot better off for it. Instead, according to contemporary requirements, Alli gets down for an obligatory BJ, leading to some missionary and various other positions on the sink (a nice touch). It’s during this part of the scene that you really get to see Alan Stafford’s awesome physique. The random deposits a shot to the face, and Alli sucks him clean, as well as wiping the extra cum off her face and eating it.

Scene 4: Charisma Cappelli and Randy Spears

So as not to spoil the movie, I won’t detail the narrative that takes place after the last scene; all you need to know is that it’s decent and interesting, as well as well-acted, and it ultimately leads to Stuart going back to a store to fuck the girl who works there. After some kissing, fondling, and butt play, we’re treated to the obligatory BJ, which gives us a good view of some unfortunate artificial breasts (I don’t think I’ve seen a natural pair so far in the movie, and I’m not holding out much hope at this point). The couple indulge in various positions – Reverse Cowgirl and missionary – ending with a facial (a typical gloopy Randy-load). This was not a terribly inspirational scene.

Scene 5: Alektra Blue, Chris Johnson, Tony De Sergio, and Steven Knight

Having returned from his rendezvous, Stuart joins Alli, who is quickly notices a cinema showing Kung Fu Nurses A Go Go 2 and wants to go in for the matinee performance. If anyone knows of cinemas showing recent porno, drop me a line. Stuart is disgusted by such base interests, but Alli convinces him to go in with her, and they take a seat. It’s not long before Stuart gets an idea for a “game” and offers Alli $2000 to fuck all three of the dudes in the cinema. She is resistant, but accepts the challenge as another “test,” muttering, “Enjoy the show, you twisted fuck,” and gets to work blowing the first guy. It doesn’t take long for the other two dudes to realize what’s going on and get in on the fun. This all turns into a blowbang, culminating in two of the guys cumming on cue onto her chest, while the third guy arrives a little late on the face and chest. Another scene that didn’t float my boat, but furthered the narrative in some way at least.

Scene 6: Alektra Blue and Danny Mountain/Randy Spears

This is a rather creative scene. After some narrative that I won’t divulge, so you can enjoy it for yourself (it’s really rather good), Stuart agrees to fuck Alli to “get it done already,” as Alli puts it. They meet at a motel, where Stuart blindfolds Alli, instructs her not to remove the blindfold until instructed, and then tells her to imagine him touching her. Then some random guy comes in from the bathroom and starts orally pleasuring Alli – the plan is to make her think it’s Stuart, when in fact it’s some other guy. The rest of the scene cuts between the reality – Danny Mountain – and Alli’s fantasy – Randy Spears, with the acts performed matched really well. I thought it was really neat, and the scene involved a lot of clit play, which always gets a gold star in my book. After a BJ, missionary (with lots of diddling), and a facial (only Danny – Randy doesn’t cum), Alli is allowed to remove her blindfold. She leaves the motel still believing she had sex with Stuart, and disturbed by his cold demeanor.

Scene 7: Alektra Blue, Randy Spears, Mikayla Mendez, Brad Armstrong, Charisma Cappelli, Rocco Reed, Pat Myne, and Tyler Faith

At dinner the next night, Stuart starts making out with Charisma, which in turn prompts Alli to angrily start making out with one of the dudes in attendance. All of this quickly turns into an orgy, involving various shenanigans that I lost interest in, mainly because I’m not that big of a fan of orgies – they’re too confusing, and not particularly erotic, unless done just right. The orgy is followed by some pretty cool dialogue, and a scene that reveals the twist in the tail of this narrative – I won’t give anything away, but you should see this if you’re into features. It’s really pretty interesting.

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed this movie – Armstrong has written another thought-provoking feature, and the plot and dialogue make up for some sub-par sex scenes. The DVD blurb promises to make you a fan of Alektra Blue, and they are partially correct in my case – she does a pretty good job in the sex performances, and an above-average job in the acting scenes. I enjoyed her performance overall, and I found the movie to be an interesting update of The Opening of Misty Beethoven. I recommend this movie to folks who enjoy features that are thought-provoking, and fans of Alektra Blue.

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