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Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  All Sex , Couples
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Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Eden:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Eden overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Eden Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Eden Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Eden Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Eden Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Eden DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Eden A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/10/2007
Hello fans, wanted to say a few words on this anticipated release from Adam & Eve pictures starring their contract hotties Carmen Luvana, Ava Rose, and though not one at the time she's is now Bree Olson. Just watching the opening credits is breathtaking with the beautiful footage coming into the island, you will think of Lost perhaps or maybe Jurassic Park with the excellent shots given. This is most definitely a couples flicks so the hardcore gonzo fans might take a pass but for me I like these changes of pace every once in awhile plus you add in Bree I'm instantly curious to see her work and she's got three scenes in this running the full spectrum of g/g, b/g, and b/g/b! You get a solid layout of the characters everyone's playing as they land on the island paradise so pay close attention! Supplying the cocks for these girls you have Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, Jerry, and Jean Val Jean. Again fans the scenery here is just amazing and I'd say it's a big character in selling the movie along with the excellent cast. Lots of blue water, greenery everywhere, just what paradise should be and yeah even better with hotties taking cock while you get to watch. I should also add you get the presence of Courtney Cummz too so kudos for Zero Tolerance for loaning her out! Now for some of the sex you get to watch.

Carmen Luvana & Courtney Cummz:

Before we get to Courtney in the scene you're treated to Carmen riding around on horseback with Jean riding beside her, she looks great on a horse! As they let the horses graze you see the two of them engaging in the time honored tradition of the slow seduction and I must say Jean's got that dime store romance novel look down pat. Under a tree you see the action heating up with her titties coming out and Jean drops a few fingers inside the moist pussy of Carmen's. Propping her up against the tree, actually lifting her would be a better description you see Jean eat her pussy out and I loved that and I bet she did too. Carmen then gets to work those sweet lips around Jean's cock and trust me when I say she does a superb job here. Then we get Courtney strolling up and joining right in like it's no big thing, some very nice shared knob polishing is done too. Gotta love it when Carmen goes for a ride in reverse, damn those tata's were looking very nice here, even better with Courtney darting in to lick the nipples. You then have a shot with Carmen riding in cowgirl while Courtney's moved up to have a seat on Jean's face, pretty much any mans dream I bet to have girls doing this to him at the same time. No worrie's Miss Cummz gets some cock in that cooch too and we end with the pop on Carmen's ass and very very nicely we get Courtney licking it up along with some cleanup to Jean's cock.

Bree Olson & Ava Rose:

I will jump around here giving you a taste of the 10 scenes shot for this, I'm already on record recommending this big time for couples fans as well as fans of any of the girls. Anyway, to this scene we get Ava enjoying some sun poolside when Bree walks over and quizzes her on a show she does, playing a lesbian and you can guess one thing leads to another and the girls are soon kissing! My only problem with the scene as it unfolds is we to often have a long distance view of what the girls are doing, guess it's my gonzo roots coming out in me but I want good tight closeups especially when they're licking pussy or kissing and you get some but they aren't close enough. Having said that I've watched Bree in enough g/g scenes to gauge her interest and she has a few good climaxes here due to Ava's tongue work! Another good thing is the scene has no toys and the ladies do a fabulous job of going back and forth eating each other out but it's not a do me, then do you type vibe, it is long sessions of pussy licking which I really liked but wish we would have seen more closeups. This was a great pairing and now that Bree's a contract girl I imagine we'll be seeing these two girls hook up a few times.


This scene here takes us on a boat at sea and Jerry's pursuit of Carmen reaches it's zenith here as the two have a fabulous tryst on the bow. Again the scenery is just spectacular here along with Carmen's yellow bikini!! The dialogue here was good and like the rest of the movie delivered well by the actors. Jerry is another performer I've noticed that does a good job pleasuring the women he makes love to on camera and this time was no different as he's the one who does oral first. As the waves gently crash against the boat you watch the scene slowly unfold with pussy licking, a little breast play by Jerry and finally some strong oral by Carmen. He closes out with a huge blast across the tata's, damn she was amazingly beautiful here.

Bree Olson:

On we go and it's Evan Stone we see surprising Bree while she's enjoying the day gazing out to the ocean. More good dialogue delivered by the two leads to Evan and Bree locking lips and he picks Bree up so high that her pussy is at face level for him! I enjoy Bree's pleasure moans and having been there in person to hear them live I can have a sense of how much she's into a scene and she was enjoying the pussy play trust me. No doubt about Bree's oral skills and she works over Evan's cock like a pro once it's unleashed. Right there on the lawn they go at it, awesome, of course reverse was totally hot with those titties bouncing all over and when they get mish worked in you get more good boobage. Evan leaves a pretty good load on Bree's outstretched tongue and from the side we watch her do good cleanup also.

Carmen & Courtney:

The two hooked up earlier but now they do it again but this time with no cock. The scene begins with Jerry on the beach fiddling around with some equipment when suddenly in the water appear Courtney and Carmen doing some fine tease poses. If you think Carmen looks hot in the yellow bikini just wait until you get a load of the blue one she's got on here, just jaw droppingly hot and add in that her hair is slightly askew/ wet you have one sexy sexy sexy woman and let's not forget Courtney who's right there looking superbly fine herself! The girls put on a great show as Jerry watches, losing their tops, moving in close and caressing over one another and yes doing some very hot kissing while giving Jerry/ Us sexy eye contact. Now out of the water and Jerry gone the girls get more intimate with each other on some rocks just on the beach, out of the water. As the water's smashing onto the shore you watch as Courtney works her tongue over those boobs and also plays with Carmen's pussy. In the BTS you learn that Carmen was really pumped for this scene as was Courtney and their chemistry was sizzling no doubts about it. There were some better close shots too of the pussy play unlike the Bree/Ava scene which I don't think had enough shots like this. It's hard to describe accurately how sexy some of these shots were but there is one with Courtney straddling Carmen's face as the water is heard in the background and you get tits, pussy licking, and gorgeous scenery all in the same shot and I was thorougly impressed with that. Again no toys and the passion factor for this scene was off the charts, good thing they had some water nearby so they could cool off this scene was smoking hot.

Bree Olson:

This is the final scene featuring Miss Olson for this title and nicely it's got her taking on two strapping young guys, Tommy Gunn and Jean Val Jean. Just off the beach we get Bree enjoying some double fisted cock sucking with some double stuffing also and there are better close in shots on this beautiful Indiana native. Bree works in that trademark dirty talk she's so good at and I guess the added manmeat helped bring her inner whore out to a much stronger degree than in the other scenes. You get that ass fucked too in this scene, no dps's but still strong fucking to Miss Olson which is no shock to me. Reverse was super with the beach behind them, crashing water, bouncing tits, and Bree sucking cock and working in dirty talk! They actually end the scene fucking just inside the water's edge, more anal, reverse, doggie and the guys deliver the goods with the pops too, awesome scene.

Ava Rose:

As the sun sets on another day in paradise we get some soft piano music playing as Evan and Ava enjoy some quality alone time. The slow way in which she's undressed was very passionate and caputured beautifully. Like his other scene but not as forceful we have Evan going down first enjoying those juicy pussy lips and eventually they end up with Ava on top sucking cock and Evan continuing to dine on her cooch. Oh baby I loved watching Ava rock Evan's work in reverse, the hair cascading down around her shoulders, tilting the head back as she's wrapped around his cock, very good. Oh fuck me!! You get a shot of her turned around, ass facing out to us and she's riding Evan real good and this shows off what is one fabulously hot ass. Not a huge pop but Ava does a little cleanup after she's done working the load out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans I didn't hit all the scenes but trust me when I say they are worth checking out. The location here was totally off the charts hot, sexy, you name it and add in the hot cast who obviously enjoyed their surroundings you get a top notch couples flick. The dialogue was believable and delivered well. Bree and Carmen stood bigtime for me, Carmen more so because I've not seen her as much but Miss Luvana is without a doubt beautiful beyond words and fully commands the screen whenever she's on. Now for the extras you get to pop in a separate disc and you get a nice selection here to browse through. There are a few interviews with selected cast members and the director too. You get a gorgeous photo gallery along with auditions from other girls who didn't make the cut as well as bloopers from the time they were filming this movie. Of course you also get a BTS segment as well as trailers for this title and shorter teasers also for the movie. Like Island Fever 4 last year this movie takes porn to an exotic location, adds in gorgeous women and we're the beneficiaries of one terrific adult movie, I highly recommend it.

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