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Ebony Erotica 2 (SMP / Pleasure)

Ebony Erotica 2 (SMP / Pleasure)

Studio: Pleasure
Category:  All Sex , Black , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Ebony Erotica 2 (SMP / Pleasure):
Overall Rating 1 star
Ebony Erotica 2 (SMP / Pleasure) overall rating 1 star
Female Looks Ebony Erotica 2 (SMP / Pleasure) Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Ebony Erotica 2 (SMP / Pleasure) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Ebony Erotica 2 (SMP / Pleasure) Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Ebony Erotica 2 (SMP / Pleasure) Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Ebony Erotica 2 (SMP / Pleasure) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ebony Erotica 2 (SMP / Pleasure) A/V Quality rating 1/2 star
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  4/9/2001

Running Time: 77 min.

Production Date: 9 / 27 / 1999

Director: Sean Michaels

Cast: Donita Dunes, Mary Jane, Kokoa, Tiffany, Annika La Rue, Cuba V. DeMoan, Tiffany Redmond, Sean Michaels, and Santino Lee

Initial Expectations: Although it might be a great movie, Iím not expecting it to be quite for me as there arenít that many black people that I find attractive.

Initial Reaction: It could have been a decent movie but the editing ruined it for me.

Who Should Watch It: Fans of Sean Michaels or all black sex.

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who likes porn thatís easy to watch or those who donít enjoy watching all black people.

Audio /Video Quality: Most of the audio is very clear. The only problems I had were the few parts where it appeared to be dubbed and a couple times where it seemed like the mic was a little too close.

Music: There isnít music in all of the scenes in the movie. What music there is is well balanced and a nice mix of typical porn music with a blend of funk and tribal music. It works for the scenes.

Review: Ebony Erotica 2 is supposed to be held together by a trip through five womenís thoughts, desires, fantasies, and dreams of passion. Instead itís three scenes following two women. Annika La Rue is a businesswoman whoís kind of down on men. Mark Jane, also a career woman, dreams about a couple guys she met in a club. In between the scenes thereís a little snip welcoming you to Sean Michaelsí Ebony Erotica 2 . Thatís about it for plot.

Annika strips down after work and talks to herself a little about her lousy luck with men. She relaxes watching TV and dozes off to dream a tribal dream. She wakes in a cage with Donita Dunes, Mary Jane, Tiffany Redman, and Kokoa all around her. They gangbang her for quite a while before Tiffany, Mary Jane, and Kokoa break off to take care of each other with a double dildo while Donita remains to work Annika over a little more and with a strap on. It seems like a pretty good scene. Mary Jane really gets into the scene and Annika and Donita have great chemistry together.

Next, Mary Jane thinks about a couple guys she met in a club the other night before dozing off on the couch. In her dream, Cuba De Moan and Santino Lee pay her a visit. The chemistry between the three of them is pretty good and Mary Jane puts up a good scene once again. Sheís quite a screamer and everybody works together very well before giving Mary Jane a good double facial.

Last, Annika sits at home down on men again. She falls asleep (apparently none of these women can have sex while awake) and Sean Michaels enters. He wakes her up like a gentleman brushing her face before they get it on. The scene is very long and very well drawn out and benefits from the chemistry between Sean and Annika. Itís pretty easily the best scene in the movie.

Iím not sure whether to call the problem with Ebony Erotica 2 the sex or the audio / video. Iím more tempted to call it the audio / video as the sex appears to be pretty good just not exactly done right. Most of it felt like I was watching a flip book. It also sounded like it was recorded partially by video and partially by film as you can hear the camera in parts. If the flipbook effect isnít enough the camera was also a little shaky and the focus was adjusted quite a bit. The speed also varied a little and the lighting was far from consistent giving it another little effect. Combining them all it gave the movie a gonzo feel in parts but not the good kind of gonzo. I actually had a hard time watching a lot of the movie as is. I normally found it most watchable at about the lowest scan forward scene. It blended together the choppiness of the scenes and also passed by some of the little problems. Although it ended up as a bad feature, it didnít really need to be.

Extras: The photo gallery contains a mix of 15 good quality full screen and snapshots. The bios give a little information and a picture of both Donita Dunes and Sean Michaels. The trailers cover We Go Deep and Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass #1 - #3 . Finally thereís phone sex and web site information.

Themes: Straight, black, group, lesbian, spanking, toys, rimming (female > female), anal, gangbang, toys, and tit - fucking

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently Ebony Erotica 2 can be found online for between $13 (on sale) and $25 with very few retailers offering it for under $20. Rent this one first. If you like black sex or Sean Michaels it may be for you but I found the editing of the scenes to really bring the movie down for me. Itís also a little short on extras.

Note to Pleasure / Sean Michaels Productions: I know that Iím not the best person to review this as I donít find many black people that attractive, but the editing really ruined this for me. I hope that future installments in the Ebony Erotica series can be watched easier.

If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me .

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