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Driving Mercedez Wild

Driving Mercedez Wild

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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LSBReviews's ratings for Driving Mercedez Wild:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Driving Mercedez Wild overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Driving Mercedez Wild Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Driving Mercedez Wild Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Driving Mercedez Wild Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Driving Mercedez Wild Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Driving Mercedez Wild DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Driving Mercedez Wild A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by LSBReviews  on  7/21/2006
Driving Mercedez Wild
Produced 04/03 Vivid (
83 minutes

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue

Starring: Mercedez, Nicole Sheridan, TJ Hart, Dolorian, Eric Masterson, Voodoo, Julian, Trevor Zen and Barrett Blade.

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Driving Mercedez Wild contains five sex scenes, plus five bonus scenes on the DVD from other Vivid films. There's no story or dialogue. We hear Mercedez's voice in narration while she drives around thinking sexual thoughts. Mercedez is a very sexy and voluptuous Latin girl with dark brunette hair, large man made boobs and an excellent figure. Mercedez is in three scenes, plus three of the bonus scenes. She takes two facial cumshots (one on her chin), and she has anal sex with Trevor Zen. It's the hottest film I've seen with Mercedez and a must see for any fan. The film also includes a threeway with Voodoo, Nicole and Dolorian. Nicole gets fucked anally and is double penetrated with a cock in her pussy and a strap on dildo in her ass. Both blondes let Voodoo cum on their tongues. Sexy blonde TJ Hart has a scene with Barrett Blade that includes oral sex and fucking until he pops on her tits. Along with the bonus scenes are a few other extras that include a positions room that lets you choose your favorite sexual fetish from this film, a bonus room with photo galleries for Mercedez and Nicole plus some BTS footage, Vivid Previews, Phone sex ads, web information and a multi angle indicator that allows you to watch some of the sex from different angles. Vivid includes plenty of sex on their DVD's when you count the bonus scenes, but I hate that I have to wait several minutes when I first insert my DVD for some Vivid promotional ads and some phone sex ads to play. *Condoms are used in every scene during intercourse and anal sex.

Scene One: Mercedez and Eric Masterson.
Mercedez is seductively touching herself as she lies on a bed full of pillows (she's wearing a black bra, black panties and black boots). Eric enters the scene and begins licking her pussy. Mercedez is on top of Eric as she briefly slides his cock between her tits before she blows him, and licks or sucks on his balls as she eyes him. They screw in a few positions. Eric jerks off and cums on Mercedez's upper inner thigh (near her pussy). Mercedez strokes his cock in her hand (a drop more cum lands above her bush). She wipes the cum with her hand. He swats her pussy with his cock. They kiss.

Scene Two: Nicole Sheridan, Dolorian and Voodoo.
Both girls are pretty and sexy blondes who are dressed casually (Nicole has the pig tail, Dolorian's hair is straight). The girls engage in some light foreplay while Voodoo watches. The ladies then blow Voodoo (Nicole deep throats him). Nicole leaves her panties on as she sits on Voodoo's face while Dolorian blows Voodoo. Dolorian helps lick Nicole's pussy as she strokes Voodoo's cock in her hand. Nicole has her pussy and asshole licked, plus her asshole is fingered by Voodoo while she (Nicole) masturbates. Voodoo fucks Dolorian's pussy (Nicole sucks his cock from Dolorian's pussy). Nicole rides Voodoo's cock in her ass reverse cowgirl while sucking on a strap on dildo that Dolorian is wearing. Voodoo simultaneously inserts some of his fingers from both his hands into Nicole's asshole and pussy. Dolorian is jerking off her sex toy while Nicole rides Voodoo in her pussy cowgirl style. Dolorian inserts the toy in Nicole's ass to double penetrate her. Nicole does some dirty talking. Nicole strokes Voodoo's cock while Dolorian moves in and out licking his balls. Voodoo jerks off and cums on each girls tongue. The girls lick and suck on his cock. Nicole catches some cum on her tongue as it drips off of Dolorian's face. *The view from the camera is too far away when Voodoo starts cumming, but does move in closer. *Nicole and Voodoo are a real life couple.

Scene Three: Mercedez and Trevor Zen.
Mercedez is wearing a black dress with heels as she sits on a couch with Trevor. She rubs her hands over his chest and the crotch of his pants. Mercedez blows Trevor. She keeps her tan panties on while she rides his crotch (his cock rubs up against her panties as she moves up and down). She gives more head and strokes his cock between her tits. He swats her tits with his cock. They both finger fuck her pussy. Trevor licks her pussy after tasting her fingers. Trevor also licks her asshole. They screw in a couple of positions before Trevor slides his cock in Mercedez's ass, which she truly seems to enjoy. They have anal sex in a couple of positions. Trevor jerks off and cums on her chin (mouth closed). Some cum rolls down onto her neck and chest. He briefly fucks her tits.

Scene Four: TJ Hart and Barrett Blade.
TJ is a very attractive and sexy golden blonde with long hair and a nicely tanned body (bikini lines on the lower part of her body). She's wearing a black bra, black panties and heels. TJ is on a piano as Barrett tastes her tits before licking and fingering her pussy. TJ rubs and sucks on his cock through his boxer shorts before taking out his cock to blow him. They fuck in a couple of positions. Barrett jerks off and cums on her tits. He briefly rubs his cock on her chin before tit fucking her. TJ eyes Barrett as she takes his cock into her mouth. They kiss.

Scene Five: Mercedez and Julian.
Filmed in a studio. Mercedez steps out of her mercedes and kisses Julian (she's wearing a sexy outfit that has different shades of blue patterns on it). She sucks on his cock and licks his balls. Mercedez briefly strokes his cock in her hand. He fucks her tits. They fuck in a couple of positions. Julian jerks off and cums on her face (some cum lands on her hair and chest). Mercedez briefly licks the side and head of his cock. They kiss. *Mercedez initially had her mouth closed while Julian was cumming, but then open it's a little (no cum landed on or in her mouth while he was cumming).

DVD Features
Play Feature - Starts film from the beginning.

Scene Selection - Choose the scene you want to watch.

Positions Room - Choose the sexual fetish you want to watch (Pussy Eating, Blow Job, Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggie, Cum Shot).

Vivid Girl Extras - Five bonus scenes from other Vivid films, plus a short bio on Vivid girl Mercedez
Bonus Scene #1 from "So I Married a Porn Star" starring Mercedez and Steven French - Pussy Eating, Fucking in a few positions, Mercedez is fingering her asshole while Steven jerks off and cums all over her hand, ass cheeks, asshole and pussy (7:43).
Bonus Scene #2 from "Sweetie Baby" starring Mercedez and Mario Rossi - Blowjob, Pussy Eating, Fucking in a couple of positions, Mario jerks off and cums on Mercedez's chest and tits. He briefly slides his cock between her tits (10:01).
Bonus Scene #3 from "Women In Uniform" starring Nicole Sheridan, Jesse V, Mercedez and Aspen Reign - All girl scene with a few sex toys (16:02)
Bonus Scene #4 from "C-Men 2" staring Ann Marie and Dale Dabone - Pussy Eating, Blowjob, Fucking in a couple of positions, Dale jerks off and cums on Ann Marie's lower back and ass cheeks (he mostly cums on the fishnet body suit she's wearing) (12:17)
Bonus Scene #5 from "Sold" starring August, Lola and Steven French - Girl/girl sex for the entire scene with some dildo use. Steven first appears after several minutes and only watches, jerks off and cums (14:20)

Bonus Room:
Mercedez Gallery - Still photos of Mercedez having sex
Nicole Gallery - Sill photos of Nicole Sheridan having sex.
Behind The Scenes - Footage of cast and crew working on the set with some sex footage and posing for still photos (7:39)

Vivid Previews - In Defense, Titsicle, Taya's Tales and Virtual Love.

More Adult Fun - Phone Sex Ads

The Web - Ad for Vivid's website at

Setup - Multi Angle Indicator: When turned "on", you can watch the sex on screen from a couple of different angles when the icon appears.

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