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Drive (Vivid)

Drive (Vivid)

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Drive (Vivid):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Drive (Vivid) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Drive (Vivid) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Drive (Vivid) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Drive (Vivid) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Drive (Vivid) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Drive (Vivid) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Drive (Vivid) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  7/7/2005

The Little Details

Running Time: 87 min.

Production Date: 1 / 20 / 2005

Director: Red Ezra

Cast: Savanna Samson, Sarah Blake, Manuel Ferrara, Monique Alexander, Steven St. Croix, Austin Kincaid, Katie Morgan, Katsumi, Brad Taylor, and Rick Patrick

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Red Extra normally puts out a very good movie. Iím really looking forward to seeing what he can do with Savannah Samson!!!

Initial Reaction: Itís very nicely done.

Who Should Watch It : Couples who want an artistic eye as well as a little nastiness

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting completely soft and cuddly sex or a long feature

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very well done. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I donít think I noticed a single background noise. The video is also nicely done. Itís nicely lit, and although thereís a little grain it seems to give the movie a slightly artistic look rather than detracting from it.

Music: The music varies in balance from scene to scene, but normally keeps a soft and friendly feel.

Disc Complaints: Thereís dang near six minutes of crap that you canít skip before the main menu, although you can scan through it. This has been pretty standard for Vivid lately, and I donít know of a single person who likes it. Although I donít really like commercials before the main menu, I can understand why companies do it. What I donít understand is forcing people to do it, because pissing people off with a product advertisement isnít the best way to attract them to the product. Iím deducting a half point from the overall score because I couldnít skip part all the crap.

Menus: The menus are nicely done, when you finally get to them. The main menu has some nice animation and shows some nice care. The chapter menu is also nicely done, and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and a title for the scene.

The Feature

After chatting with Savanna as he drives her around on the night she broke up with her boyfriend, Rick gets Savanna a job as a chauffeur. As with all chauffeurs, she knows that thereís a time to talk to her fares and a time to be quiet and drive because they have more pressing things on their mind. Somehow, no matter how the night goes, her faces always turn to sex.

Scene 1 - Savannah Samson, Sarah Blake, and Manuel Ferrara

When drop dead gorgeous golden haired Savanna comes home early, she finds her man Manuel getting it on with brunette nymph Sarah in their bedroom. She watches as Sarah strips down so Manuel can kiss his way around Sarahís body. Rather than getting completely pissed off, Savanna comes in and watches in a hot black little outfit as Sarah moves in to suck Manuelís cock before helping her. Manuel moves underneath Savanna to play with her holes as the girls work on his cock and then has the girls get on all fours so he can admire them both. Manuel slides on his rubber before letting Savanna bounce on his bone reverse cowgirl style as Sarah plays with both of them. Sarah eats Savanna as Manuel gives her a turn on his cock doggie style before he moves back to spoon Savannaís ass. Finally, Manuel strokes his seed onto Savanna and Sarahís faces as they share a kiss.

This scene starts the movie out in a nicely hot manner. I like the little twist in the setup with Savanna joining in after watching Manuel and Sarah, and thereís some nice chemistry to help it fit. The girls look gorgeous, and Savanna makes taking it in the ass look easy. To top it all off, Red Ezra captures it all in a nicely sensual manner. This is a very good start to the movie.

Scene 2 - Katie Morgan and Steven St. Croix

After meeting outside a club, cute blonde Katie heads off for a fuck with Steven. He admires her nicely enhanced titties through her sheer black bra before moving inside for a taste and then moves down to repeat the process on one of Katieís feet as she lightly plays with her pussy. He moves up to eat both Katieís holes as well as playing with her pussy before sitting back and letting her mouth his manhood. She even gives him a handjob before sliding a rubber on his cock followed up impaling her pussy on it cowgirl style. Katie lets Steven fuck her doggie style next, followed by a little missionary work and a pop on her tits and face. Finally, they finish things with a passionate kiss.

This is another nicely done scene. The foreplay at the start is nicely done and the scene moves at a nice pace. Thereís very nice chemistry between Steven and Katie, and they keep it both passionate and playful as they fuck. This is a very well done couples scene.

Scene 3 - Austin Kincaid and Monique Alexander

While Savanna drives them to their destination, dishwater blonde Monique and brunette Austin get it on in the back seat. They lightly kiss and play with each other before getting in a modified sixty-nine to play with each otherís pussy. Austin lies back so Monique can fingerbang her, and then returns the favor a little later. Finally, the girls finish things up with a kiss.

This is a well done scene that didnít work quite as well for me. Red Ezra does a great job capturing the tight confines of sex in a car, and some of the camera angles suffer because of it. The girls seem to be into each other pretty good, but the highlight of the scene for me was Savanna. She does a great job looking like sheís trying to balance doing her job of driving the girls where they want to go with trying to watch them get it because of how worked up sheís getting. Monique and Austinís action is okay, but Savanna raises it up a bit with her part.

Scene 4 - Savannah Samson

After she gets worked up with Austin and Monique in the back of her car, Savanna calls up Rick. He talks dirty to her over the phone as she diddles herself, and she quickly strips down to her bra and panties while they talk and she plays. Finally, Ricky lets Savanna go after she has a small orgasm.

This is a nice little scene. Itís a nice tag to the previous scene, and Rick and Savanna have some nice chemistry. It works the phone sex angle extremely well, and doesnít drag things out too far. This is a very likeable scene.

Scene 5 - Katsumi and Brad Taylor

Katsumi, a hot Oriental, gets it on with security guy Brad in the penultimate scene. She starts out teasing him by sucking his fingers, and then kicks the tease up another notch by getting down on her knees to suck his fingers. They cover the security camera before Brad lets Katsumiís oral skills run rampant over his cock. He plays with her pussy a little in return before fucking Katsumi from behind, and as she climbs up to ride Brad reverse cowgirl style the jacket falls off the camera. Katsumi turns around for a cowgirl ride as well before taking an impressive facial finish.

Not surprisingly, this is a nicely done scene. I love Katsumiís finger sucking start, and Red Ezra gives the scene an extra artistic kick by mixing in a bit of the black and white ďsecurity cameraĒ footage. Thereís some nice chemistry and energy through the scene, and it works just as well as the others at creating mood and passion.

Scene 6 - Savannah Samson and Rick Patrick

After they get off work, Savanna and Ricky hook up to cure the longings theyíve had for each other throughout their work night. They exchange oral favors before Savanna climbs up for a reverse cowgirl ride. She turns around so Rick can fuck her pussy doggie style while fingering her ass before getting down for an anal pile driver. Finally, Rick pulls out and spews his seed down on her smiling face.

This is a nice closing scene. As one would expect, Savanna looks fantastic and makes anal a thing of beauty that seems like it should be as easy as putting your pants on in the morning. Rick does a very nice job as well, which I canít say that I expect too much. Heís an okay performer, but never does much for me for driving a scene. Here he and Savanna seem like a realistic couple and turn out a very nice scene.

Drive is a nice little movie. The plot is light, and takes it beyond a vignette movie without going so far as making it a feature movie. Savanna does a great job in the lead, and in addition to turning out three very nice sex scenes she lets her eyes and facial expressions say more in the setup sequences than many other leads do in a movie with several times the budget that Red Ezra had here. The rest of the cast helps Drive to succeed sexually as well. Although the last few of Red Ezraís movies seemed to be falling into a rut due to lack of positions, thereís a nice mix here and I never felt the ďHere comes position XĒ like happens with some couples movies. Ezra does a very nice job with the visuals. He keeps a nice balance of angles and his choice of angles almost always pleased me. Most importantly, I never felt any negatives jump out at me while watching Drive. It isnít anything thatís going to redefine adult entertainment, but it never feels like it wants to. Instead Drive feels like it wants to turn you on with some sex and chemistry for about an hour and a half, and thatís just what it does. Sometimes thatís all a porno should have to do.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Foot Work, Hard Candy, Les Bitches, and Wet Nurse. The positions room lets you watch specific sex acts such as pussy eating, cowgirl, or cumshots. The photo gallery for Savanna Samson lasts just over two minutes with about ten seconds per very good looking full screen photo. Thereís also a gallery for the feature lasting about a minute with roughly ten seconds per great looking full screen photo. Thereís also a bio for Savannah Samson, several bonus scenes, and a behind the scenes featurette.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts fifteen minutes. After a few words with Red Ezra about getting into the business, things move on with Katie Morgan. She talks about butt lines, boobs, and learns a little something as they talk with Steven before shooting her scene. Savanna Samson and Rick Patrick talk about the movie while Savanna gets ready before moving on with the shooting of their scene. Itís a nice little behind the scenes featurette that has some pretty good personality. I would have liked a bit more of Savanna, but Katie and Steven are fun enough that I canít complain too much. In the end, my biggest complaint is that only two of the scenes are really featured here. I would have much rather had a longer behind the scenes featurette and one less bonus scene.

Bonus Scene 1 - Savanna Samson and Kurt Lockwood

Paul Thomasí Last Girl Standing starts out the bonus scenes. Tuxedo sporting Kurt kisses and carries Savanna over to the couch to lay her back so he can tongue and finger her pussy. She sucks her fingers clean before taking Kurtís cock in her mouth, and then climbs up to bounce on his bone cowgirl style. Savanna lets Kurt take her from behind as well before letting him take her ass missionary and reverse cowgirl style. Finally, Savanna lets Kurt pop all over her front before giving her a kiss.

This is a pretty good scene. As always Savanna is drop dead gorgeous, and as usual she looks like sheís having a very good time through the sex. She and Kurt have very nice chemistry and both put some good energy into the scene. The only thing that really holds the scene back is the length, as I think Kurt and Savanna could have drawn it out three times as long and still made it completely enthralling.

Bonus Scene 2 - Savanna Samson, Seth Dickens, Otto Bauer, Gil Cortez, Mac Turner, and Vincent Vega

Chi Chi La Rueís Savanna Samson Superstar is featured next. When Savanna, looking as fantastic as always, sits down on a couch in a club, sheís immediately joined by Gil and Seth, who go after her tits while Otto and Vincent watch and grope themselves a bit. Savanna bends forward to suck Vincentís cock before moving over to give Otto a little oral loving. The other guys join in as Savanna works her oral skills all around, and even give her a little oral love in return. Otto starts off the fucking, giving it to Savanna missionary style before letting Seth and the others take their turns. The guys move Savanna on through doggie before moving back to missionary to fuck her ass. Of course Savanna also has them double team her before taking a string of facials from them.

This is a pretty good scene. Savanna and the guys play okay off each other, but thereís just something missing here. It might be that the camera work didnít capture the action as well as I would have liked and it might have been that the scene had a fairly slow pace. Whatever it was, I wasnít drawn into the scene as well as I would have expected with Savanna taking on five guys.

Bonus Scene 3 - Savanna Samson and Rick Patrick

David Stanley gets a turn in the bonus scenes with Wet Nurse. Savanna starts things out letting Rick kiss her and work her out of her white latex nurseís outfit to get at her creamy center. He gives her tits a little attention before moving down to tongue both her holes and to finger her pussy. Savanna reciprocates by titty fucking him briefly while kissing his nipples and then moving down to suck his cock. Rick nails Savannaís pussy missionary style on the desk before letting her turn around and fucking her from behind. Savanna also bounces on his bone in both cowgirl styles before sucking Rick to a good facial.

This is an okay scene. As always, Savanna looks gorgeous and turns out a nice performance. The problem with the scene is Rick, who some might remember as Tawny Robertsí suitcase pimp ďRicky RobertsĒ. He looks like he spends a good portion of the scene trying his darndest not to pop, and because of it and how he was looking I couldnít help but think that heíd be a shoe-in if they ever decide to make a sequel to Rain Man. I know Rickís supposed to be a nice guy, but he didnít add a thing to this scene other than an impressive pop at the end. With David Stanley and Savanna I had high expectations here, and this scene didnít come close to meeting them.

Bonus Scene 4 - Flower, Inari Vachs, and Liza Harper

Jay ďQuarantine ListĒ Ashleyís Femme 2 gets a turn next. The girls start things out playing in a pool and getting out to squirt their naughty bits against the camera. When they decide to get down to business, Flower (no, not the super hot squirting Flower Tucci) lies back and lets Inari eat her pussy before rolling over for Liza to eat her as she eats Inari. They break out the toys next, with Inari starting things out on Lizaís pussy and then Flower and Liza turning two toys loose on Lizaís holes afterwards. Inari joins in the fun letting Liza fuck her ass with a string of beads while Flower continues working on Lizaís holes. The scene finally ends feeling like thereís much more to go.

This is a pretty good scene. The girls look like theyíre having fun and keep a light feel to it. Unfortunately, it has a few things I hate. First is Jay Ashley behind the camera, who I avoid whenever possible due to his actions during the adult quarantine in 2004. Second is that you canít hear the girls. They look like theyíre having fun, but dammit, I want to hear them as well as seeing them as they have fun. This is a pretty good scene that shows the potential for being much better.

Bonus Scene 5 - Tori Welles and Ian Daniels

Finally, things return to Paul Thomas with Return of Tori Welles with Tori mislabeled as ďMalitiaĒ. Brunette Tori and Ian start things out in a dark room kissing on a bed. Malitia forces Ian onto his stomach so she can spank his ass before rolling him over and letting his clothes magically disappear so she can suck his cock. Ian slides a finger in Toriís pussy as he eats her in return before letting her strip down a little and sit on his face. He moves on to fuck her missionary style while sucking her toes before letting her get on all fours for a little doggie fucking. Tori rolls onto her back so Ian can fuck her ass before having him squirt his seed onto her face and sucking out the last little bit.

This is an okay scene. Tori looks pretty darn hot for her age despite her ugly arm tattoo, and she appears to have her same enthusiasm for sex. The lighting is really low for the scene, and although I think this is supposed to help with the romantic feeling of the scene instead it lost me because I didnít feel like I could see things well enough. The other thought it gave me was that PT was trying to hide signs of Toriís age. Neither is a good thing, and it held this back to a fairly average scene.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, voyeurism, group, anal, lesbian, rimming (male > female), handjobs, masturbation, and interracial

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: 100%

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Vividís DVDs can be found online for between about $15 and $28, with most stores appearing to offer them in the $20 range. At the low end this oneís a good buy. The movie is nicely done and has some well done sex. The technical aspects are nicely done, and although there are plenty of bonus scenes in the extra, there arenít that many extras that correspond to Drive. This is a nice movie on a pretty well done DVD.

Note to Vivid: Please let us skip your shitty commercials at the start of your DVDs! Theyíre annoying enough that they have kept me from checking out some of your movies.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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