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howie Drive Thru 4 2.5 starsDrive Thru 4 2.5 starsDrive Thru 4 2.5 stars
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Drive Thru 4

Drive Thru 4

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  All Sex
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Drive Thru 4:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Drive Thru 4 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Drive Thru 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Drive Thru 4 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Drive Thru 4 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Drive Thru 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Drive Thru 4 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Drive Thru 4 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  12/12/2005
Prologue This is a video whose premise is very near and dear to my heart. I reviewed the first edition and have seen the third, somehow skipping the second. It has always had the potential of delivering the most real and exciting sex possible, but never quite achieving it. I believe this is the first of the series to be filmed with American women and I think that might make a difference in a situation where communication between the participants is key, although volume 3 had Cassie Young and was probably filmed on American soil. No script. No directing. No breaks in action. No editing. An eclectic mix of women led by the scrumptious Jasmine Byrne. This one gives me great hope.
All scenes begin with something akin to a prefight interview. Quasar goes over the rules of engagement as the participants stand outside the staging area.
First up is Alexis Malone and Nadia Styles, who will gang up on Sascha. Nadia is going to do anal, and any lover of Alexis will tell you, she won't. Fine by me. She's sexy as all get out no matter what. This will only be Nadia's fourth anal scene and she looks ready to rock. Sascha's getting chummy with the women before the clock even starts on them and that's a very good sign. Nadia pulls off his jeans and Alexis engulfs his shlong. Sascha eats Nadia's cookie while Alexis gags on him, then shares the cock as Nadia throats him. Sascha grabs Alexis and sits her on his cock in CG. P2M for naughty Nadia, who also spanks her friend when she's back on the cock. She sits on Sascha's face and Alexis helps him eat her. Nadia replaces Alexis on the cock in RC and tries to drive the cock through her body. P2M for Alexis, who definitely plays nicely with other women. Nadia rides herself to a very wet orgasm and sucks the copious juices off of Sascha's cock. RC for Alexis, who also gives the cock a hard ride with Nadia all over her body. The chemistry between the girls is great and Alexis leaves her girly juice all over Sascha's cock as well. He's looking mighty happy as he moves behind Nadia to drill her in doggy. Alexis puts her pussy in her face with a black dildo buried for Nadia to pump. She licks the clit as well while Sascha bangs out another possible orgasm. Alexis gets boned in mish with Nadia sitting on her face. Sascha pulls out for Nadia to lick slit and suck dick. More mish, then a 69 interlude for the two hotties. Sascha moves Nadia into doggy position for the promised anal and Alexis lubes the hole with spit. Up and over deep in her ass while Alexis goes back to the dildo. Nadia calls her over to eat the sweet blonde's muffin. Mish anal with Alexis reaming her pussy with the black dildo. RCA with Alexis and Sascha making out behind the preoccupied brunette. Nadia finds her spot with the help of Alexis' hand and lets out a little squirt as she has a resounding cum. She really goes to town sucking the ass off of Sascha's cock, making it nice and clean for her friend's pussy. Doggy for the hot blonde. Sascha gives her a nice boning and pulls out to explode all over Nadia's face and tongue. Alexis kisses and licks her friend, then they both clean his cock and they all pose for post pop stills.
This is easily the best scene of the series to date. The chemistry was great and the action flowed beautifully. I think it's also safe to say that everyone had a great time.
Siren alert! The second pairing is with screecher Jamie Elle and Fabio wannabe Evan Stone. To me this is a huge leap for Evan because he's mostly been a feature player and there's more stopping and starting during the filming of sex there than most gonzo productions. Be that as it may, Jamie is a great looking young woman who has few boundaries, but will have dogs barking a few neighborhoods over. Quasarman follows Jamie's cute ass up some stairs to a den with red, white and blue leather chairs. I think I've reviewed this room before in Fuck Dolls 5. Laundry gets dropped, lube is applied and Evan makes a beeline for Jamie's extraordinary tits. She squirms on his fingers as he rubs her tight pussy, then sits on his cock in RC. She fucks him with her heels digging into his haunches and Evan doesn't seem to mind. They move to mish with a slew of insertions. Jamie looks great with her legs all splayed out and Evan deep in her honeyhole. He jams his cock down her throat for a little cleaning and they soon move to piledriver. She flips over right into doggy position as Evan drives home from behind. He's been liberal with the lube, so it's hard to tell how much of Jamie's wetness is natural, but her pussy is soaked. The deep dicking has actually quieted Jamie down and she's looking very intense as she builds up to a sweet release. CG affords Evan the opportunity to play with her body a little. P2M, and an up and over doggy anal insertion. A2M, anal piledriver gets Jamie deep. She gets laid back in the chair and can't do more anal, so Evan drives home in mish, pounding away at her pussy. He pulls out and pops a very small load at her face with a quick PCH.
This didn't work as well as it might have but some good things happened. Jamie was low key by past standards and a willing prick cushion. She didn't seem to be a full partner in the debauchery by going after her own pleasure or giving Evan much oral love. He turned out to be a pretty considerate lover. He used lots of lube and gave Jamie reach arounds whenever practical. A bit of a wiseass in the beginning, but a pro when it counted.
One of my favorite new girls this year has been Mia Bangg. She's built like a brick shithouse (all natural) and has a sweet disposition. Her partner is Chris Charming, and he's packing, as most of us know. Mia unveils her boobage and starts to suck Chris hard. As he grows he starts to fuck her face and the slobber flies. Chris takes advantage of Mia's great tits by fucking them. She removes her panties and sits on the cock in CG, a great position for Mia. She gives it a nice ride and there's plenty of girly juices on the shaft for Mia to suck off as she gags herself on cock. Spoon anal gets Mia's undivided attention as that big dick explores her digestive system. It looks difficult but Mia sounds like she's enjoying the reaming. They roll into RCA and Mia has a few comments about how big and deep Chris is. Her breathing is ragged and I think she hyperventilates when she cums. They move to doggy anal and Chris is starting to sound winded as he steams into Mia's ass. Some small gapes and he's got his wind back, stroking hard in an up and over. Vaginal missionary nails Mia into the couch and has her ready to explode. Chris pops first, on her tongue, but he can't get it all out and fucks Mia some more till he's ready to finish up. Mia strokes out what's left, but Chris seems to feel there's more. They take the stills and he goes back to bang her pussy some more, to the chagrin of Quasar and Mia both.
Mia started the scene with some vaginal issues (period?) and had to do most of the scene anally. Chris was quite a test for her but she pulled through nicely. Again, there wasn't much chemistry but the action flowed well. Some strangeness at the end points out the unpredictability of the format, and maybe some of it's charm.
Brooke Haven has drawn Sascha as her partner. She's made a pretty big splash this year and is a beautiful woman with a great body, made fuller looking by her store bought breasts. Sascha can't seem to wait for Quasar to finish the instructions and has his hand in her panties. They take the action to the couch and Sascha goes muff diving. A nice way to get things started. Brooke slaps her own thigh, so it's not a reach to suggest she likes being spanked. She reciprocates by jamming his cock into her throat. There's some off camera monkeying around by PA Travis that Sascha responds to throughout the scene. Not very professional. They start the fucking in doggy, the thrusts going balls deep and Brooke fucking back with some great hip motion at one point. They shift to RC and Brooke pounds her body down on Sascha's cock. P2M with Brooke calling for water, an unprecedented move in this series AFIK. Mish is next as Sascha seems to have found her sweet spot and he rivets her into the couch. Brooke's asshole is too pretty to ignore and the holes are switched. She's a bit tentative about the depth. I don't think she's too well lubed for this and Sascha has to put a governor on his stroking. Up and over doggy anal in a semi scissor, then straight down. He gets it balls deep and Brooke spanks her tits. She asks for a taste of her ass and Sascha skull fucks her with it, but gently. Spoon anal, then side entry. Sascha goes back to eating pussy for a bit, then plants her ass in mish. A2M and back to up and over doggy anal. Sascha holds his load long enough for Brooke to get to him and rains on her tits with enough left over to blast her mouth. PCH as Sascha looks exhausted.
Brooke did everything she was supposed to, but never seemed committed to the spirit of a sportfuck. It didn't help that there was some byplay with Travis and Sascha that effectively destroyed whatever intimacy might have been building.
The fifth scene brings us one of the real "finds" of 2005, Nikki Nievez. She could be a clone of Naudia Nyce and is just as dirty. A cute Cuban with a killer body. Mr. Pete is her paramour and can't keep his hands off of her during the interview. I don't blame him. That looks like tender flesh. Smiles come easily to Nikki's face and she seems undaunted by the prospect of 20+ minutes of non-stop sex. Pete leads her to a leapord skin covered chair and bends Nikki over to play with her hot holes. She likes having the 2 hole played with. She wants to suck dick but Pete hasn't finished taking in her body as he licks her lovely tits and goes south for some bearded clam. Speaking for myself, 20 minutes wouldn't be enough to even get started with Nikki. She just looks delicious. After a little more ass play, Nikki gets the cock she wanted and Pete gently strokes his half hard into her throat. They seem to genuinely be into each other and are making quiet conversation. Pete keeps it nasty, but erotic, by spitting into Nikki's mouth during a kiss. Just lubing her throat for a hard face fuck that Nikki not only doesn't back away from, but pushes her head forward. She gets back into the chair face down, ass up, and Pete buries four fingers in her pussy before plowing it with his cock. She twists her body around so we can see her hot tit wobble and starts to trash talk in Spanish and English. Nikki turns all the way around for mish and invites Pete into her ass. This girl is en fuego and orders Pete to remove her shoes so he can suck some tootsie. Pete settles Nikki down into the chair to finger a g-spot orgasm. He doesn't quite bring the rain but she gets plenty wet and a blue towel gets thrown under her from off camera. Back to mish anal. When Pete jumps off of her onto a matching chair, it breaks, and has Quasar in stitches. Nikki doesn't give a shit. She's in the moment and just wants to fuck. She shoves a glass dildo up her ass while Pete recovers, then sucks it clean. Pete replaces the toy in doggy and Nikki plays with her soaked twat. He goes up and over and Nikki can't get it too hard or deep. A2M, then vag CG. They go flying, then settle on the floor to fuck the shit out of each other. RCA has Nikki challenging him some more, then a pullout, facial, and PCH that came straight from Nikki's heart. Pete is just sucking wind.
This is the kind of scene that makes this series special. The chemistry is palpable and the action energetic. Nikki Nievez is a name to look out for in the future.
Jasmine Byrne no longer needs any introduction. If you don't know who she is, you've been living under a rock for the last year. She's one of the most sexy, beautiful and willing women to come along in a long time. When Quasar explains the rules she seems surprised. And delighted. A short day for her, she's probably thinking of all the extra shopping she can do. Evan Stone gets the honors again and they both seem confident they can pull it off. They start by making out standing up and Evan gets his mouth on Jasmine's sweet tits pretty quickly. He has a big stiffy for her to suck on and she's soon squatting in front of him. The face fucking gets pretty deep, almost down to the root, and it isn't long before Jasmine's naked and sitting on his cock in RC. His reach around has her bobbing and squirming, then she lays back on the couch for mish. Jasmine turns for doggy and suggests her ass but Evan's not finished with that cushiony pussy. They move to a modified spoon and Evan digs her out. He gets on the floor for Jasmine to ride CG. It gets really hot when she throws her hips into it, then does P2M. Doggy on the couch, lube on the cock, and a switch to mish that shows Jasmine's headlights shining. She's anticipating the anal and sucks his cock before sitting on him in CG, burying the bone in her rectum. A quick move to mish anal, then Jasmine's favorite, doggy anal. Evan's in an up and over scissor so you know Jasmine's getting it extra deep. A2M face fuck and Evan wants more pussy. He drills her deep in mish and Jasmine doesn't know what to do with herself or grab onto. They go to doggy as Evan continues to rail her. Back to deep mish as Evan tries to find his trigger. They fall out of the couch and continue on the floor reelin' and a rockin'. Evan does pushups into Jasmine's wet pussy, then pulls out and starts pacing and wanking like a madman. Jasmine tries to help by sucking his balls but he needs more pussy, which she's definitely down for. Mish on the couch has Jasmine getting plowed again. They both masturbate furiously, and if the sight of Jasmine getting her hands into her fat pussy doesn't bring the swimmers out, nothing will. Evan finally cums all over that hot pussy and the two performers look wiped out. Jasmine confirms that she enjoyed herself and is shaking and light headed.
Although the end was difficult because Evan couldn't cum on command, the action was hot and they dealt with the problem constructively. A very good scene.
Epilogue Of the volumes I've seen, this is the best edition of Drive Thru. Decidedly uneven, presenting amazing peaks combined with some weird and clumsy moments, it's ultimately a pretty satisfying video. I think ZT still needs to solidify its male roster, finding guys who aren't so porn conditioned about their orgasms, or who don't take viagra, if that's what's causing ejaculation problems. Getting great women to do this should be a cinch, and they have. For them it's a walk in the park compared to the lengthier shoots they're used to. Anyway, Alexis and Nadia rocked the house. Jamie, Brooke and Mia put in average scenes but Nikki pulled this one out of mediocrity by recapturing all the lost energy of the opener. Jasmine kept things rockin' to the end, and voila, a successful video. Special credit has to be given to Mike Quasar, who also gets no breaks during the action and managed to get great shots that were well lit.
The Disk Photo gallery, cumshot loop, BTS, striptease and trailers.
Recommendation It's a good rental choice and a buy for people who want a little bit of unpredictability in their porn.

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