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Drive Thru 3

Drive Thru 3

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Drive Thru 3:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Drive Thru 3 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Drive Thru 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Drive Thru 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Drive Thru 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Drive Thru 3 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Drive Thru 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Drive Thru 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/31/2005
Here we go with an interesting premise for a dvd. The scenes are like what you'll see in just about any other dvd but the difference here is that once Mike Quasar starts rolling he doesn't stop filming so we get to see the whole process unfold so any mistakes we see, someone bangs their head on something we see, etc. You have some really beautiful girls in this one too led by Monica Sweetheart and Rita Faltoyano so I say let's roll em and see how it all plays out.

Rita Faltoyano:

First thing I notice upon clicking her scene is a very good menu listing all the fun activities this hottie will be doing and you are able then to jump to whichever area strikes your fancy which is very much appreciated by a lot of you I imagine. Just clicking on her name at the top lets you watch the scene unfold normally. We see Rita standing outside along with David Perry and in the background we see the whole of porn valley laid out. Quasarman lays out the ground rules about not being able to stop shooting once the camera starts rolling even if one should become injured,lol. They twosome go right to it as Rita drops down for a spirited blowjob. The outside location was great and the shadows were actually minimal so the views were good too. I just love Rita's body starting with her boobs and her face is distinctive too in it's beauty. Watch her work in some nipple licking while giving head and we get some great ass shots too while Rita is going down on David. Sexwise the best position I saw might have been the very first one in reverse cowgirl as Rita got such a great bounce going and you had the blue sky behind her, it really was a great shot by Quaze. Cowgirl follows and the shot was similarly great with the sky there and Rita slaps her ass a few times. There are some shadows during the scene but the flow was so good between the two I really didn't let that bother me to much. Rita is anal friendly as most of you know so her pooper gets some action too in spoon with A2M, another shot in reverse cowgirl and I'm telling you the views looking up were incredible. They go back to cowgirl again but only in her pussy before it's on to some titty fucking with Rita jerking the jizz onto those perfect boobs of hers. I liked this scene a lot, the outdoor location was a huge plus and Rita was as beautiful to watch as ever.


Our next girl is a very sexy looking spanish one. Chris Charming is a veteran of this fucking no stopping series but Carmen is new so we get the process explained to her. She has a big smile even when looking at Chris's huge penis which will soon be invading her tight ass and speaking of that ass Quaze gives us a nice shot of it before the action heads over to a couch. Carmen has a seat and Chris whips out his monster cock and she goes right to it engulfing his stiffy. I like her jet black hair too because when she opens her eyes to look up at him they are set off nicely with that dark hair on either side plus her dark tan skin was a nice asset. You get a good POV shot worked in along with the nice side views of her sucking cock. Sexwise they move smoothly into mish with some fine boob movement from Carmen. The transition to cowgirl was handled easily enough and Mike moves in close on that tush and you will like what you see I'm sure. Stayin in cowgirl you see the cock move effortlessly into her ass and the bouncing Carmen doesn't miss a beat. Doggie anal then follows, RCA after that and Mike gives you a fine shot of Carmen's legs spread open and moving to spoon anal we get some A2M from this pretty lady. They close with a combo of doggie and mish anal leading to Carmen receiving a good facial blast with some cleanup. A solid scene all around from both performers.

Cassie Young:

Up next we have our pretty cover girl and Sasha is already with his babe. Mike amusingly explains the process which is about to unfold and Cassie has a nice wide smile as she hears this explanation. The action moves to a big bed where we see Cassie lay down and Sasha bury his face in her pussy. I like her facial expression here as she seems to enjoy Sasha's efforts at tonguing her twat. Moving up we see her tits freed for some sucking and with his hands he continues to pleasure Cassie's pussy. Cassie then gets to wrap her lips around what she calls his fat cock, her hair was in the way at first but it's quickly moved back so the bj was captured nicely from up close. As for sex they move to spoon and I notice some slowness at first as he works his cock in and Cassie does get a look like she's having trouble handling his schlong but they finally start cranking after this initial difficulty. Moving on I liked the reverse cowgirl as Cassie's tits were moving perfectly and Mike delivers a nice shot looking straight at the action and also from up close so both areas get covered. After some P2M Cassie turns around so we see her bootie as there's more fine pussy fucking done in cowgirl. Sasha then pulls out so he can get behind Cassie and he goes right back to it pounding her kittie in doggie. They close with missionary leading to a good facial blast and cleanup. Only the initial difficulty in the first position holds this scene down a little but then you have to give it to Cassie as she then handles Sasha the rest of the scene with no real troubles as I saw it.

Terri Summers:

Our next girl is a very pretty one who has posted with some regularity to ADT. Such a pretty face on Terri and the smile will light you up when she shows it as she does during the scenes opening. David Perry is the lucky dude who gets to pleasure her and Mike again explains the no stopping process while he shoots and each time it's gets a chuckle out of me. The action then moves to a very red couch where Terri gets to move in on David's cock, the slow sucking looks very good here. Terri keeps her outfit on as she hops on his dick for a ride in reverse cowgirl, wish we could see her tits at least,lol. Still you don't see a lot of fucking done with so much clothes on so fans of that get a little love here. During this nice position we do get her tits at least pulled out from her bikini top and the shots Mike uses for this one are all excellent especially the shot looking up at Terri. You also get a good looking spoon where we see some fine tit movement and Terri gives a good look back to David as he is pounding her pussy. Miss Summers then does some P2M and check out her lustful stare she gives to David here, very hot, then the skirt is taken off leaving on her g-string on and Terri bends over to give his dick more love before she squats on it for a ride in cowgirl. David then moves around for a good hard pounding in doggie, there's more P2M and we finally see Terri fully nude as she goes once more for a spin in reverse cowgirl. This time the shot really kicks ass as there is nothing between Terri's hot body and the camera, such a beautiful woman as we can easily see here. David then fucks her in mish with some good skull fucking P2M mixed in and from mish we get a good pop with Terri giving some nice cleanup. This was perhaps her best scene I've seen yet, David is very sweaty and Terri was totally on her game for this one.

Sandra Romain:

Our next girl up is one sexual animal who totally rocks the house each and every time she's on camera. Sandra has such a ferociousness to her scenes I just hope we see some of that during this one. You see how beauitful she is here when she comes on camera and you also see Chris Charming will be the lucky dude who gets the pleasure of making love to this woman. Mike then follows right behind Sandra's awesome ass as they head upstairs and she brings Chris over to a chair. The two share a passionate kiss as she then works him out of his shirt, then she loses her top and her chest looks much better than his,lol. Sandra then kisses her way down that manly chest until his pants are the only obstacle between her and his cock. That is easily taken care of by Miss Romain and with those sultry eyes beaming up she engulfs his cock. There isn't a better woman sucking dick on camera today than Sandra Romain so the blowjob here was awesome and needs no further description, she kicks ass. As for sex you see them start with a standing doggie so we get the fun of oogling her bootie to start and it's quite the ass too as any fan of hers can vouch for. Sandra gives his cock some good cleaning too before we move on to cowgirl and here that awesome ass really gets a chance to shine. OMG look at the grinding she does here then it's on to a very bouncy ride in CG. Changing to reverse cowgirl anal you see Sandra's equally stunning tits and face get to shine through the screen. I loved the floor shot here as we get some more sexy grinding done by Sandra on his cock. You see this sexy babe give that dick some A2M love before it's back inside her ass this time in spoon and finally you watch Sandra work a good load out onto her tongue and face. Damn this woman is such a great performer, the energy and vibe she brings to a scene just sets her apart from so many of the girls today. Easily the best scene so far for this dvd.

Monica Sweetheart:

Our last girl up is also one of the hottest ladies making porn today and if anyone can follow a Sandra Romain scene it's Monica Sweetheart. Her vibe is different than Sandra's but she just exudes a beauty that is really second to none. Sasha is the lucky guy who is paired with her. The leopard style outfit Monica has on really looks good with her hair color. The two walk by Mike with Monica running into the camera and hey he keeps on shooting just like he said he would,lol. The two kiss briefly before Sasha moves down to sample that tasty pussy of Monica's using his fingers also to get her juices flowing. Damn I just loved how she looked here and the only problem was it wasn't me there licking her pussy, of course I'd not have Mike there filming us,hehe. After tasting herself from one of his fingers we get to watch Monica do something she's very good at and that's polishing the ole knob. Not as demonstrative as in the previous scene but Monica has a style all her own that really gets me hard every time. I can tell she enjoys this so that really helps me get into the action. As for the sex you see mish, cowgirl-- damn she's got a fine ass, then on to doggie with P2M, reverse cowgirl-- great floor shots, then it's spoon which really shows off her frontside so well. Sasha then goes back to pounding her hard in doggie and Mike is able to get as much of her ass in the shot with also working his ass out of the shot, tricky sure but I appreciated the effort. They close with mish but you really don't get much of Monica shown but we end with a very good facial for her and Monica does a solid job with the cleanup, I was surprised to not see her ass fucked here unless I missed it.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

For this type of series I thought all the girls did great and the only real glitch I could tell was some initial difficulty during the sex in Cassie's scene but that was quickly resolved and the scene went on rather nicely. Sandra Romain really stands out here with her sexual energy, the outdoor scene with Rita offered some breathtaking views of her body and I was impressed with what I saw from Terri Summers who I haven't seen a lot from. As for extras you have a photo gallery and this one offers a lot of hot shots of some beautiful young ladies. There is also some sexy strip tease done by the girls, the pops are repeated and we finally get to see more of the comdic genuis of Mike Quasar as there are some behind the scenes to check out-- sure you also get to look at some sexy babes too!! A definite winner for Zero and one I'd check out if I was you.

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