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Dreams Of Rafael

Dreams Of Rafael

Studio: Black Scorpion
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Overall Rating 4 stars
Dreams Of Rafael overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Dreams Of Rafael Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Dreams Of Rafael Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Dreams Of Rafael Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Dreams Of Rafael Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Dreams Of Rafael DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dreams Of Rafael A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by sydguy  on  3/13/2009
Brazilian stud Rafael Alencar made his porn debut in 2003, and he continues to perform for most of the top studios. In 2006 he set up his own studio, the New York-based Black Stallion. Its first film was “Dreams of Rafael”, for which Alencar was the producer, director, and (of course) star. He shows great promise as a director, but also makes several basic mistakes.

“Dreams of Rafael” is exactly what the title suggests: the erotic dreams of the star, who imagines himself the owner of a palatial beachside mansion in Florida. Since each scene is a dream fantasy, there is no plot or even dialogue, and four of the six scenes start with the actors already naked and ready to go.

The film begins with Rafael in a white stretch limo. His chauffeur, Antton, starts feeling his boss’ tool and then releases it. With both men fully clothed, all attention focuses on Rafael’s magnificent uncut dick – long and thick enough to be used as a club. They kiss briefly, before Antton (still with his sunglasses on) pays oral homage to Rafael’s dick and balls. Rafael face-fucks Antton briefly, before rimming his pretty, winking asshole. Still partially clothed, Rafael fucks Antton inside the spacious car, then suddenly both men are naked on top of the car, with Rafael fucking Antton sidesaddle. This (disappointingly) is over very quickly, and we see both men, now wearing some clothes again, standing beside the car fucking doggy-style. We don’t see Antton’s dick at all during the scene, though he does manage to produce a nice stream of cum at the end. Rafael then shoots a big load onto Antton’s face and sunglasses.

The next scene is the longest, and best. In his mansion, Rafael spies on red-headed boy-next-door Blu Kennedy and dark-skinned Puerto Rican, Marcos Pirelli. Both are slim and toned and, like the star, both have hefty cocks. They trade good blow jobs, though neither can deep-throat the other. Blu rims Marcos briefly, then Marcos rims and fucks Blu. In contrast to Antton, Blu’s dick remains visible and rock-hard throughout the fucking. There is a nice transition from missionary to cowboy position and a nice range of speeds, from romantically slow to jack-rabbit fast. Blu then fucks Marcos doggy, using elegant hip movements and full thrusting in and out. This changes to a scissors position – Marcos isn’t as hard as he could be, but manages to cum while being fucked. Blu then jerks himself and, after what seems an eternity, produces a dribble of cum – a disappointing end to what is otherwise an excellent scene, with real chemistry between two talented performers.

After that, the third scene is an anti-climax. Lightly bearded Diego, from Columbia, and dark-haired post-twink Kyler Cox are on a staircase lit by dozens of candles. Although it is a lovely romantic setting, both have problems getting it up, and they don’t spend much time sucking and rimming there before going upstairs, where Rafael is again a voyeur. Diego fucks Kyler missionary on the side of a bathtub, then doggy-style over a table. Rafael inserts himself in the scene (and Kyler) for no more than a few seconds (why bother?), before Diego cums on Kyler’s ass, then Kyler sprays a small load on his chest. Diego’s not a bad top, but the whole scene is over in just 11 minutes.

Rafael then watches from his balcony as the pool boy, bald black Brian Bodine, and the gardener, Sergio delCastillo from Spain, get it on in and around the pool. Their clothes soon come off, showing their big, muscular bodies. Sergio sucks Brian slowly and lovingly, Brian rims Sergio, Sergio rides Brian reverse cowboy, then Brian doggy-fucks Sergio (who has wood problems and always looks pained when getting fucked). Then Sergio sucks Brian above and below the water, and fucks him in the pool. Rafael, tired of just watching, imagines himself replacing Sergio, fucking Brian above and below the water. We finish with underwater ribbons of cum from Sergio and Brian. All of this happens in about 15 minutes (including foreplay).

What follows is a nine-man orgy in the living room. Antton, Blu, Marcos, Diego, Kyler and Sergio all return, and are joined by hairy-chested Paco Coimbra (from Portugal), all-American bottom boy Trent Atkins, and Hans Hintern (big, blond, German guy). Even more than usual for an orgy scene, the camera doesn’t linger long on any pair or group, sometimes as little as a few seconds. Most of the action is good, with the standout performers being Paco and Trent, who hungrily devours all of Marcos’ huge cock. When they pair up for anal action, Marcos fucks Klyer, Blu fucks Trent, Paco fucks Antton and Sergio fucks Hans, who sucks Diego. Rafael then joins in, and fucks Hans, while Diego fucks Antton. All that happens in less than five minutes. Then Rafael disappears again, and we have a beautiful nine-man rimming chain. The men display varying degrees of skill and enthusiasm, the winner being Paco for his animalistic tongue work. Finally, everyone dumps their cum on Hans and Trent, but none of the shots are memorable.

Hans is back for the final scene, again with Rafael. After some romantic scenes on a beach, we find them in the house engaging in some intense kissing and foreskin foreplay. Hans sucks Rafael languidly, Rafael rims lightly, then we have a 69 during which Rafael finally gets to display his good oral skills. Hans rims a bouncing Rafael, then we get a rimming 69 with their bodies beautifully intertwined. The fucking starts with Hans riding Rafael cowboy, then reverse cowboy. When they switch to doggy-style, Rafael plunges his big tool in and out repeatedly, then aggressively pounds Hans in missionary position. He pulls out and cums, but the camera is too far away for us to enjoy it much. Hans has wood problems throughout the scene, and doesn’t cum – a disappointing ending for the film.

The second DVD contains a bonus sex scene, a fun behind-the-scenes compilation, and very lightweight cast interviews (but no cumshot or fucking compilation). In the bonus scene, Trent and Paco have sex in, on and over the seats in a private movie theater. Since they were the best performers in the orgy scene, I thought the sex would be explosive, but it’s not. After the obligatory bottom sucking and top rimming, Paco fucks Trent in four positions. Only the brief reverse cowboy is good, as Trent otherwise can’t get hard. He manages to produce a decent cum shot at the end, then Paco cums on Trent’s flaccid dick. The lack of chemistry between them and the music-video-style editing help make this one of the weakest scenes.

Overall, Alencar has made a good start with “Dreams of Rafael” – the multi-national cast is good-looking and well endowed and generally perform well. There are a wide range of body types and colorings (though more chest hair would have been nice). Four of the guys are versatile. The luxurious setting, and the videography by Mr. Pam, give the film a beautiful, artistic look. The sucking is generally good, and the fucking is varied in position and tempo. There is quite a lot of kissing and plenty of rimming. Alencar shows some imagination as a director, including his use of different settings and positions.

On the other hand, the film suffers from having too many flaccid dicks (especially the big, bland bottoms: Antton, Sergio and Hans). Some of the cum shots are disappointing, or not shown to their best advantage. The music is good, but annoyingly loud, insistent and repetitive. Some might say the absence of any dialogue in a porn film is a blessing, but for me it was strange to have no context at all. Above all, the editing makes it difficult to get too excited by a particular sex act, as you know the focus will soon shift to a different one. The lack of context, and the jumpy editing, create a disjointed feel to the whole film. This may well have been intentional (given the dream theme) but doesn’t help to build anticipation or excitement.

Despite these flaws, “Dreams of Rafael” is a good effort and bodes well for other productions from Black Scorpion.

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