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Dream Teens 3 (Sin City)

Dream Teens 3 (Sin City)

Studio: Sin City
Category:  Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Dream Teens 3 (Sin City):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Dream Teens 3 (Sin City) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Dream Teens 3 (Sin City) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Dream Teens 3 (Sin City) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Dream Teens 3 (Sin City) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Dream Teens 3 (Sin City) Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Dream Teens 3 (Sin City) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dream Teens 3 (Sin City) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  7/21/2005
Prologue What we have here is a Sin City feature (Or is it a featurette? Whatever, it has a plot. Trust me.). Hannah Harper is the director and also plays an agent seemingly based on Shylock who is the altruistic headmistress of her sorority of sin. In other words she doesn't just represent them, she houses them too. Notable performers besides Hannah herself are Marie Luv, Mia Bangg, Karina Kay, Amber Peach and Cassie Young, as well as Bobbi Blair playing an erstwhile reporter looking for some insight into the porn industry, and hopefully some dirt, that she can sell to a network. I told you there was a plot.
The first person Bobbi interviews is Hannah Harper herself. She asks Hannah if she had ever been taken advantage of, which causes a flashback to her first interview with sleezy agent Nick East. Part of the process is displaying a lack of modesty and disrobing on command. You know that Nick has to take a test drive before he can promote Hannah in good faith. He has her get to her knees and whips his dick out. Hannah shows unerring instincts by mouthing it without being asked. The bj switches from POV (Nick is holding a minicam) to side views and it's fairly pedestrian. Hannah's supposed to be eighteen here but even with the pigtails she's much too womanly looking to pull it off. When Nick sinks back into his chair, Hannah's intensity rises and she marches her lips down his cock. Cut to RC on the chair. Hannah's body is full and very squeezable. She rides Nick pretty hard, then in a move that not many neophytes would make, asks for the cock up her ass. Nick makes the switch with ease. Hannah's nice and sweaty, as she's been doing all the work. Nick finally gets up off his keister and rogers Hannah in doggy anal. I know it's probably not in the script but some trash talk by Hannah would work real well her. She's probably the only woman from the UK without a potty mouth. After a good period of anal probing there's a cut to Nick popping a small load on Hannah's mouth. Her answer to Bobbi is that she's never been taken advantage of.
Hannah offers to let Bobbi and her cameraman, Billy Glide, watch a scene being filmed in her home. Also, in a move unprecedented in modern agent history, she offers to let them stay with her for a few days. What could she be thinking? The scene being shot is with Mia Bangg in a threesome with Rick Masters and Jay Lassiter. Mia's a very cute blonde with an awesome body. She starts off on her knees administering a tandem bj to the guys' semi-hard dicks. It doesn't take too many pube kisses before they're hard as rocks. Her pink panties are pulled off and Mia's bent over for some rotisserie action. Her mammaries hang so sexily in this view. They're totally skewering her from both ends and Rick raises one of her legs to give us a clear view of the pussy plundering. Mia gets turned so the guys can switch orifices. Jay goes up and over, sinking balls deep into her very welcoming pussy. Some ass slaps so she doesn't get lazy, then a skull fucking P2M from Jay. Rick gets more pussy time in doggy as Jay fucks her throat and smacks Mia's tits. Cut to Rick in Mia's ass as she moans over Jay's cock. Jay tags in and the guys switch ends. Up and over he goes while Mia cleans Rick's cock. Mia asks for, and receives, a DP. CG on Rick as Jay returns to her rear. Mia loves it and sings the praises of two nice hard cocks. Cut to spoon anal with Jay getting an oral treat. Mia has no trouble deep throating him and does so repeatedly. Cut to a double wankfest as Rick and Jay shoot into Mia's open mouth. Dual cock post pop play and Bobbi interviews Mia after the scene.
Bobbi gets disgusted by the apparent wholesomeness of the girls and their comraderie. She hatches a plan to ruffle some feathers. She somehow cons Amber Peach into making a pass at Marie Luv's boyfriend, Lee Stone. Amber greets Lee, who she thinks is waiting for an interview with Hannah. Her greeting style is very warm and before you know it there are clothes being taken off. Amber mouths Lee's growing worm and bares her teacup titties. She's adorable, with chunky thighs and a nice round bottom. Marie walks in on them and Bobbi's plan backfires as she joins in the fun instead of getting pissed and breaking them up. Marie helps Amber lick Lee's long fuckstick. She shows her penchant for taking cocks deep in her throat. Marie gets first ride on the baloney pony in CG. Amber rides Lee's tongue. The cock gets a full burial with some grinding. Cut to some aerial fucking for Marie. Optimal penetration with Marie imploring him to "Get it!" Back down to earth, Lee penetrates Amber in mish with Marie supplying P2OGM and some helpful licks and stroking. Lee stacks the two babes belly to belly and slides from one cunt to the other. The girls pay some attention to each other. Nothing major. More P2OGM as Lee concentrates on Amber. Marie takes an RC ride. Lee dicks her deep and gets a heartfelt moan from the chocolate honey. P2OGM for Amber. More deep fucking and P2M for Marie. In a mild surprise, Amber gets her ass opened in RCA. Marie licks at her bald slit with puffy lips. A2OGM and back up Amber's ass. Marie works her pussy and sucks the dick out of the oven. They roll into spoon anal and Marie's got Amber's pussy a nice hot pink with all of her ministrations. More A2OGM and Lee goes back to jamming that long probe up her ass. Cut to a mish anal insertion. A2OGM face fucking and a cut to Lee dropping his seed on the girls' outstretched tongues. Shared PCH to end the scene.
Karina Kay has Billy Glide alone and is trying to impress him in an attempt at getting into the straight entertainment field. He'll play this for all he can get, and who can blame him? Karina's mad cute. Too pretty for porn, almost. Billy pulls her top down and it's on. Karina's tartan bra is removed to reveal a couple of perfectly shaped breasts that don't look like they needed any support. She wants to know it he has a big cock and doesn't wait for the answer before unzipping him. I don't know when her panties were removed but Karina's got a nice round ass and pretty pussy lips peeking through. She goes down on his fat cock, which barely fits in her mouth and takes Karina's breath away. Billy returns the favor and tongue fucks Karina's tiny twat. He rims her too, and even though ass isn't on the menu here, seemed to pique Karina's interest for a second. Cut to spoon. I feel cheated. I really wanted to see how he got that log into such a tight hole. Karina comments on his big cock as it saws in and out, going balls deep. Billy can't seem to stay seated for too long and keeps pulling out of her hot honeyhole. His cock is dripping with Karina's juices. Cut to RC. Karina's looking tired but she's bouncing on the cock and soaking Billy's balls. Cut ot Karina sucking fat cock again, this time to bring the semen shower that coats her tongue.
Cassie Young figures out what Bobbi Blair's game is and sets out to turn the tables on her. I don't know how she figured out that Bobbi was into women, maybe gaydar, but she sets up a camera and proceeds to seduce the reporter. Cassie is tall and willowy, and very blonde. Bobbi is brunette with nut brown skin. A nice contrast between the two and they're both very pretty. They kiss and Bobbi's iciness melts away. Cassie undresses Bobbi and plays with her wonderfully natural body. When she goes down to her holy of holies, it's dripping wet. Cassie gets a liplock on what looks like a very tight pussy. She manages to get a couple of fingers in there as her tongue works its magic. After Bobbi geta hers, reciprocation is in order. Cut to Cassie naked and laid out on a lounge chair. Now I've seen Cassie a couple of times before but I never noticed how small her pussy was. That little hole that Bobbi is teasing with her tongue doesn't look like it can acommodate an adult penis. It's that small. Of course, I can't think of an adult male heterosexual that wouldn't like to try. Unfortunately, this is a vegetarian meal. Bobbi gives her a one fingered probe. She tongue fucks the little hole, getting about an inch in. A little more lickety slit and they kiss to end the scene, and to all intents and purposes, the video.
Epilogue This was an ok video. No epic plot for sure and I wouldn't be waiting for a call from the academy but it was cohesive and followed all the way through. The sex was good but not memorable and the best was in the first half of the video. I think it was a mistake to leave the two weakest scenes for last. Especially, ending on a very weak lesbian scene doesn't make picman happy. Now, if they had added a twist and turned Bobbi Blair into a carnivore, that would have made my day.
The Disk BTS, interviews, bios, pop shots and photo gallery. There are also trailers and a director's commentary. I have to admit that I haven't sat through this while listening to Hannah explain how she makes the magic. You'll have to find out for yourself. This DVD was shot in HD.
Recommendation It's certainly not a must see but could make for a nice diversion. The women look good and will only offend the staunchly anti-anal.

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