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Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Studio: VCA
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
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DeathIncarnate's ratings for Dream Catcher:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Dream Catcher overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Dream Catcher Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Dream Catcher Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Dream Catcher Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Dream Catcher Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Dream Catcher DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dream Catcher A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by DeathIncarnate  on  8/4/2000
Production date 8 / 97
Directed by Michael Ninn
Starring Helen Duval, Jill Kelly, Alice, Midori, Roxanne Hall, Jake Steed, Eric Price et al.
A VCA Platinum Plus release

Introduction :

As avid readers of my, err, two reviews to date surely know, I'm a rather big fan of Michael Ninn since he always makes the best of the very limited resources and possibilities of the adult genre. While he never manages to tell great stories (or even genuinely interesting ones) his visual style, editing and especially the musical score woven around the scenes almost always hold my interest.

Since this picture had been given an AAAAA rating by AVN Magazine (though I should be wary of their reviews by now!) and since I hadn't found any in-depth articles of any kind on the 'net about 'Dream Catcher' I decided to check it out...

Synopsis and Scene Breakdown :

The movie starts out with a great title sequence, which consists of sex scenes being cut together to pounding techno music, showing us one girl after another doing what they do best (and it's not playing chess, folks).

We then have Helen Duval lying on her bed (in a completely white room) playing with herself, while her voice tells us about the 'dream catchers' who steal her dreams and give them to the people who can't dream. Or something like that.. in fact this is the first flaw of the movie, nothing is made clear or even sufficiently hinted at. The whole concept of the catchers is never explored.

The first sex sequence shows Helen stepping out of a limousine (visually interesting and comparable to Kylie Ireland stepping out of a 50's car in the first scene of 'Cashmere') and getting down and dirty with 3 guys whom I honestly have never seen before. The scene is very nasty for couples standards with a long DP, and simultaneous blowjob.. the whole thing lasts for 11 minutes with every guy blowing a wad on Helen's face or tits. Smuthounds rejoice (though I don't really care for that sort of scene).

We then get a long masturbation routine with Helen on her bed, intercut with a scene of 3 Helens (one of them being clad in black leather and black wig, another being the 'normal' version with blond hair and a white wedding gown) dancing around for a much too long period of time (though there are some interesting visual concepts in there)...

The second sex scene begins as Helen walks down an alley at night (rain-soaked of course) and starts to touch herself.. we then see two people (Jill Kelly and Eric Price) having sex against a wall. After a sloppy blowjob, the intercourse shifts from vaginal to anal (doggy- style) in this really great scene, that is filmed very nicely and is not too nasty (even the anal part looks erotic) and ends with a killer facial as Jill takes every shot into her mouth and then slowly drools it out again onto Eric's dick.

The third sex scene features unknown (to me) brunette Alice getiing it on with Colt Steele who eats her out, gets a good BJ performance out of her and then bangs her in a couple of positions before shooting on her face (though there's not a lot of jizz to speak of). A funny touch is that we see the action occurring not only on the bed but also on a TV in the same room (live transmission so to speak), so we can see every angle of the action. Good scene, though not a great one..

A lezbo encounter between 3 black women and Helen follows, the former being made up to look like the Supremes, with red and pink wigs to boot. The scene is uneventful (though it has interesting art direction and camerawork) and features too many dildos and not enough passion: Boring !

Who needs plot? asks Ninn and gives us the fifth sex scene between Helen Duval and a 'lover in the clouds' who gives her a really energetic doggy-style bang against a sofa. The background is nicely done, and unobtrusive, as we can see some clouds painted on a blue backdrop. This is one of the better scenes of the feature and ends with a good cumshot on Helen's breasts after which she licks the cock clean.

The final sex scene has Helen gently 'dominate' Roxanne Hall (who looks fabulous!) and then stand in the corner smoking a cigarette while Ms. Hall has sex with 2 guys, at first performing a double BJ and then getting a good tongue bath by one of her boy-toys. We then get treated to another DP, which comes as a contrast to the dreamy, slow-motion feel of the whole scene.

The rest of the movie, Helen masturbates yet again, and this for 8 minutes or so. I was definitely left wanting after this, extensive solo scenes just don't so it for me, and I'm left bored (or fast-forwarding through the whole affair)

The disc :

Sadly this was one of the earlier VCA releases, and we get nothing but 3 good trailers (NWH 5, Café Flesh 2 and DIVA 4) and filmographies for the ladies.. oh yeah, there's a decent scene selection menu, too.

The video quality is breathtaking (better than even their more recent releases), and the audio has a good feel to it too. The technical aspects of the movie, though shot on video, are flawless anyway.

Conclusion :

All in all, I was left less than convinced by this feature: It is just too repetitive, without any kind of plot or acting performance to hold my attention, I was drawn only to the visuals and the music.. the sex is often spicy, but not every scene here is a winner, the 4-way girl/girl scene is a good example of that. I was also tired of the endless shots of Duval dancing around and masturbating, especially since there wasn't any variety of sets for her to do it in (the white room is used in several scenes, the alley seems top be the only other locale) .

To top it off, you have to be a fan of the leading lady anyway to enjoy this feature as she is in most of the scenes here. If you are, and you're looking for a rather nasty piece of work in the arty style of Andrew Blake (but with a lot more heat!) you might want to check this one out.. For everyone else, Ninn's other work (Shock, Ritual etc.) would make a better purchase in my opinion.

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