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Down Your Throat 6 (Smash Pictures)

Down Your Throat 6 (Smash Pictures)

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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nvs's ratings for Down Your Throat 6 (Smash Pictures):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Down Your Throat 6 (Smash Pictures) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Down Your Throat 6 (Smash Pictures) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Down Your Throat 6 (Smash Pictures) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Down Your Throat 6 (Smash Pictures) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Down Your Throat 6 (Smash Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Down Your Throat 6 (Smash Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Down Your Throat 6 (Smash Pictures) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by nvs  on  2/16/2009
Directed by Kevin Moore

Scene 1:
Brynn Tyler and Guy

Brynn, in a bikini, talks on the phone and gets interrupted by a neighbor. She brings him into the house. She is pretty lonely, but not much longer. They sit on a couch. She takes her top off and goes down on him. Nice amount of spit. Cool shot of her bend over, sucking his cock. Slight deep throat. Her bottoms come off. She rubs her pussy a bit and back to the cock as he stands and she gets on her knees. Ball sucking. Cute shot of her face as the camera looks down on her from atop. Ball licking. She looks hot looking up at the guy. Her pussy is wet and she wants to make the guy cum. She sucks and strokes his dick--some drool at times. Cool two hand stroking action. She’s eager for his cum; she strokes him hard as he cums on her face. She continues stroking and sucking. She tastes his cum. Scene ends with camera moving away from her.

A strong start to the film with Brynn, a cute blond with sexy blue eyes and a hot natural body, doing some good oral action. She uses a lot of spit--always a plus. Nice interaction as she looks up at the guy a lot. This scene is strong, but it could’ve been great with some harsher deep throat and some gagging. Still, this is a good scene. The begging is rushed, but that’s fine--it gets to the action quicker.

Scene 2:
Bridgette B and Guy

Bridgette, in a dress, slowly strips out of it. Scene cuts with Bridgette being clothed again and gets interviewed for an agency job. She gets naked again. She need to be auditioned for a job and the first step in this audition is a BJ. He sits on a chair and she gets on her knees. She deep throats his cock. She looks adorable looking up at him as she sucks nicely. Ball licking. Back to sucking as she strokes occasionally. Nice sucking sounds as well. They move to the couch. Cool shot of her crawling towards him as he sit on a couch. More sucking her. Quick tushy shot and back to the action. She has a nice simultaneous stroking sucking action going for her. She speaks Spanish here and sounds freaking hot. Scene cuts to her bobbling on his dick. Scene cuts to the facial as he cums on her lips and mouth. She sucks on his dick a bit. She tastes his cum and swallows it. Camera moves away from her as the scene ends.

Bridgette B is a cute Latin bleached blond. Natural body as well. She has okay chemistry with the guy. She does a lot of ball sucking interludes. Quite a bit of deep throat here, but no gagging or spit--which effects the overall scene. Although, she’s a great sucker and the scene ends with swallowing--which makes this a good the scene. Nice strip tease in the beginning as well.

Scene 3:
Emilianna and Guy

Emilianna does a tease and gets naked. Scene cuts to her clothes and in a room where she’s trying to wake up a guy asleep on a bed. She reveals her tits and walks over to the bed. She looks adorable walking towards the bed and waking the guy up. She licks his dick and balls and starts to suck. She lets the dick get hard in her mouth. She does this head shaking thing as she sucks. Some ball licking. Spit with stroke. Rubs dick on her nipples a bit and goes back to sucking. Deep throat--some gagging. Emilianna makes these cool slurping sounds. Nice shot of her sucking his balls as she strokes his cock. Deep throats and gags and gets some drool out of her mouth and rubs it on her cock. Slaps her mouth with it. More deep throat and gag with spit. Scene cuts as he stands and she gets on her knees. The nice oral continues with cool sucking, deep throat, gagging, spitting and slurping. Titty fucking with spit. At one point she gags so good that she slaps her chest--pretty hot. She’s eager for him to cum. Sucks and strokes and she gets a facial in her mouth. She sucks the dick a bit. She swallows. She kisses his dick and a quick suck and scene ends.

Emilianna is an adorable blonde with a nice natural body. She’s a great sucker and has fun throughout the scene; she’s very playful and giggles. Quite a bit of deep throat, gagging and spit. Good chemistry with guy. Shot in POV with good camera work. A fun girl and great scene.

Scene 4:
Jennifer Dark and Guy

Jennifer does a tease and gets naked. Scene cuts to Jennifer getting dress in a bathroom. Guy comes in, a la POV, and they talk about her lingerie. Nice tush shot here. She wants to play with him. She gets on her knees and starts to suck on his dick. Spit. Awesome shot of her face in this sequence--lots of eye contact with camera. Ball licking. Back to the dick. Slap her face with the dick a bit. Takes her top off. Spits and sucks. They get up and walk out of the bathroom as she holds on to the cock. Scene cuts to a bed as Jennifer in bent over a bed as her dry humps her ass. She lays on the bed as he slaps his cock on her pussy. She continues to suck. Some ball sucking. She gets on all fours and sucks--bites the dick a bit. Scene cuts as he sits and she gets on her knees. Sexy shot as she rubs her lips up his cock. More ball sucking. She sucks and strokes--quick scene cut, but not very noticeable. Scene cut--noticeable--as the scene comes to an end with a facial in her moth. She sucks the cock and tastes the cum.

Jennifer is a cute black haired beauty with a skinny tiny body which looks great. This girl loves to give oral. She is into the guy and scene. Great sucker, good amount of spit. No deep throat of gagging, but she makes up with her talking--hot sounding accent-- to the guy which is pretty hot and at times funny. Strong scene, although swallowing would’ve finished this scene nicely. Jennifer gives awesome oral. Great girl and great scene.

Scene 5:
Jessica Lynn and Guy

Scene starts as Jessica does a striptease. Scene cuts and she’s clothed again. She looks at herself in a mirror and a guy comes into the room. She wants to go out with her friends, but the guy won’t let her, unless she gives him something--a BJ. She gets on her knees and starts the oral. Nice sucking and she looks cute looking up at the guy. Her see through shirt comes off--gets caught on her jewelry, but it eventually comes off. She rubs his cock on her nipples and then titty fucks her. Back to oral. Some deep throat and light gagging. He sits on a couch and she gets down on all fours. Quick ball licking and sucking. More oral. He fucks he cheek and slaps it. Guy stands and she’s on her knees as they titty fuck. More oral--some deep throat and gagging. Nice quick pussy shot. Scene cuts to the guy stroking his cock for a facial on her lips and chin--a wad hits her left eye. She sucks and licks his cock a bit. Camera goes up and down on her body as she’s allowed to go out with her friends. Scene ends as she gives a sexy face to the camera.

Jessica is a cute blonde with a nice ass and fake tits. She has okay chemistry with guy and the scene is okay. Nothing memorable. Some deep throat and light gagging. This scene could’ve been better, but it’s okay as it is. Silver lightning in this scene, the runaway wad of cum in her eye.

Scene 6:
Megan Murray and Guy

Cute Megan enters the guy’s house and they sit on a couch. She’s a musician and wants to get sign to the guy’s label, but she has to do a little something extra to get signed--BJ. The oral starts. The guy give too much demands and she gets angry. Scene cuts as the guy stands and she’s on her knees. Some ball licking. Back to oral. She takes her shirt and bra off to show some cute little titties. She looks very adorable when she looks up at the guy. Nice close-up of her tits at during this sequence. Quick ball licking and back to oral. He sits back on the couch. She sucks his cock. He gets up and she gets on her knees as he gives a quite a facial. A quick suck of his dick and scene ends with Megan looking at the guy and getting the record contract.

Megan is a beautiful black haired teen with gorgeous face and awesome tiny body. Yet this scene is weak. She does not have good chemistry with the guy--she even yells at him during the beginning of the scene. She rarely looks up at eh guy which is a shame because she has cute eyes which look great when looking up at or at the camera. I can’t blame Megan, she’s hot, but not into the scene. Not much in this scene--just sucking. Megan is beautiful, but this scene weak.

Scene 7:
Mickey Graham and Guy

Note: in the Chapter menu, Mickey Graham is mistakenly listed as Lily Li. Mickey does a striptease, showing a cute body. Scene cuts as a guy pays bills in the kitchen and Mickey, clothed, wants to do other things--BJ. Scene cuts to Mickey dancing and back to the kitchen--a shot out is given to Adult Swim. She shows her tits and gets on her knees as the oral starts. Good deep throat and gagging--her eyes tear up nicely and she looks adorable as she gasps for air. Pretty good oral thus far. Guy sits on an island and she bends over to suck--same awesome oral with deep throat and gagging. Nice sequence as she licks his cock and head and back to the oral. This girl gags wonderfully. She gets on her knees and the guy stands for some more cool oral. Scene cuts as the guy jacks off and gives Mickey a facial. She strokes his dick and licks it quickly. Scene ends.

Mickey is a cute redhead with highlights, juicy lips--nice body as well. This girl, and this scene, is awesome. This is what an oral scene is about. Great combination of sucking, deep throat, and gagging. The deep throat/gag combo is what makes this scene shine. She really goes down on his cock and her eyes tear up and her whole body twitches at several points. Awesome to look at. This girl digs the guy and the scene. Just a great scene. Best thus far. The facial could’ve been better, but it’s not Mickey’s fault.

Scene 8:
Mariah Milano and Guy

Mariah does a striptease. Scene cuts and she’s clothed again. She’s interviewed by the camera man. They talk about the new Mariah--boob job? She shows the goods and poses the nice body she has. She’s naked, the oral starts as she gets on her knees--this is a POV scene. Some deep throat and gagging. Great sucking sounds. She’s pretty good at oral. Scene cuts for a tushy shot as she’s on all fours. Another scene cut as she rubs some oily tits and sucks the guy’s dick as he sits. Some more nice sucking from Mariah with deep throat and gagging. Titty fucking with brakes for oral--deep throat and gagging included. Scene cuts as she titty fucks the guy until he cums on her tits. She rubs her tits and scene ends.

Mariah is a hot black haired chick with great ass and fake tits. She has a deep voice, but it’s not a turn off. She has lots of interaction with the guy and has good chemistry with him--also looks at the camera quite a bit which looks pretty good. She enjoys oral. Nice amount of deep throat and gagging--not too harsh, but just the right amount. Nice titty fucking sequence. Nice camera work in this POV scene. Could’ve used a facial for an ending. A good scene nonetheless.

Scene 9:
Lily Li and Guy

Note: Lily is credited in the Chapter section as Mickey Graham. Lily, an adorable Asian beauty, does a striptease and shows an adorable tiny body. Scene cuts as she’s clothed in a bathroom where she’s doing her makeup. She’s in a hot little dress and has a cute girly voice. The guy comes in and wants to have some fun. Lily doesn’t want to be late for a dinner reservation that they have. She kisses the guy, but its not really shown as this scene is shot in POV. She gets on her knees and starts oral. Her eyes look so hot as they look up at the camera. Some slight deep throat and gagging. Scene cuts to a room where she takes off her dress to reveal her cute little tits and some kick ass tits. She bends over and the guy dry humps her ass. The guy lays on the ground and she gets on her knees and sucks. Nice interaction with camera. Some spit. Lily is a great sucker. Some deep throat and gagging. Everything Lily does looks adorable, even as she strokes the guy. Scene cut as she’s on her back and the guy is over her as she sucks nicely. The guy then gives her a facial. The cum is all over her face as she licks and sucks a few more times as the scene ends with Lily looking cute and giggling--they’re going to be late for dinner.

Lily is an adorable Asian with black hair and a cut little body--some nice ink as well. This is girl is so fun to look at. She is into the scene and the guy. She exudes cuteness and her voice and giggles are enough to melt you. She’s great at oral and the light deep throat and gagging are enough to make this a strong scene. Pretty good ending as well. Lily is great and I cannot say enough to this statement. Great scene.

Scene 10:
Scarlet Faye and Guy

Scarlet does a striptease. Scene cuts and she’s clothed. She’s on the floor stretching with the help of a guy. They talk about working out, even some extra curricular activities. The stretching goes into some workout positions--which get sexier. She wants to get a little more intimate and they do. It’s her jaw that really need a workout. He sits on the couch and she gets on her knees and sucks his cock. Some ball licking. Oral continues. Her shirt and bra come off to show some nice little tits. Oral goes on--quick ball lick. She gets her hair pulled back and she looks hot. Slight deep throat. At one point she says she’s a virgin. She gets up and takes her bottoms off--she plays with her pussy. Guy stands up and she gets on her knees and sucks--slight deep throat. Nice sucking sequence here with good deep throat. She says she needs a protein shake, which she gets as she strokes his cock until she gets a facial. She rubs the dick on her lips, a quick suck, lick, and stroke. Scarlet and the trainer making plans for another workout. Scene ends with Scarlet getting some cum off her chest and tasting it.

Scarlet is a cute redhead with a tiny natural body. She’s pretty good at oral and has good chemistry with the guy. Some slight deep throats. Lots of interaction with the guy. They talk a lot with sexual innuendo about working out as it’s related to sex. Sometimes it’s hot, but other times it gets annoying. Good scene.

Scene 11:
Beverly Hills, Diana Doll, and Guy

Beverly and Diana sit on a couch and talk about Diana’s hired help. They talk about sucking cock. Diana breaks out some toys and shows Beverly how to suck cock--she’s a good teacher. They decide to get real cock and use the hired help to have some fun. They get on their knees and start to suck his dick. They go back and forth as Diana continues the lesson. Some deep throat. Double licking. The girls show their tits. Back to some cock sharing. The girl’s bottoms come off. Sucking goes on. Some dick slapping and dick popping as well. Scene cuts to POV as the girls continue to share dick. Scene cuts and no more POV. They keep the sharing theme going until he gives them a facial. They keep sucking his cock and the scene ends with the girls kissing with cum on their lips.

This scene features Beverly, black hair and nice body, and Diana, a blonde cutie, in a dual effort on a lucky guy. Good oral throughout with some nice deep throat. The sharing of the cock is a strong point in this scene. Okay chemistry with guy; the best chemistry is between the girls. Beverly’s sweet moaning and Diana’s sexy accent add to this scene. Okay ending. The interaction between the girls is fun and make this scene a good one.


This is a pretty good oral film. No sex, just sucking. The film features some deep throat and gagging, but sparingly throughout. The standout starlets of this film are Emilianna, Jennifer, Lily, and Mickey--which gives a great oral scene and is the star of the film. The rest of the girls are good. Only Megan’s scene suffers due to no chemistry with the guy. She’s a cute girl, but is not utilized properly in this film. Some funny setups in film. Good camerawork. Some scene cuts can be annoying and bad acting drag the movie down, but this can be over looked due to the beautiful women and oral. This film is a renter, or own it for Emilianna, Jennifer, Mickey and Lily’s scenes.


The Main Menus selections are: Play Feature--were you can choose to see the whole film, with or without intros, Scene Selection and Bonus Features, which features Behind the Scenes where Emilianna plays with a stuffed monkey and gets interviewed and she’s laid back and pretty uninhibited; a photo shoot takes place as well where she proclaims that she’s a whore. BTS also features Strip Teases, Cum Shots, Photo Gallery, Website Previews, and Smash Previews for the films:
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Registered Nurse
Clothes Freaks
Mother Lode
Cheating Housewives
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Teen Idol 4

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