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Down To His Knee

Down To His Knee

Studio: Midnight
Category:  Gay
Released on: 
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Down To His Knee:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Down To His Knee overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Down To His Knee Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Down To His Knee Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Down To His Knee Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Down To His Knee Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Down To His Knee DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Down To His Knee A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  7/20/2003
1976 was indeed a golden age, when sex was performed without fear; when guys ate cum and fucked without condoms. These performers belonged to the first generation of porn superstars. They were our fantasies, our familiar friends, our teachers. None of them were pumped up with steroids or heavy workouts. They had naturally beautiful bodies. None of them could deliver lines worth a damn, but they sure knew how to fuck, rim, and suck cock. Although he is now a bit long in the tooth—as well as in the dick—Chad Johnson is still going strong. But it is hard to realize that today these gorgeous twinks—if they are still alive, and I hope they are—would be middle-aged. In their films, however, they are forever young. This one of their best.

Michael Cummings and Dane Ford, two twinks to hunger for, are sunning themselves on the beach after a day of surfing. Ford is being ogled from afar by a young scruffy dude, Matt Hawks. Cummings leaves the beach only to discover the tires on his car are flat. He goes to the nearest house to call a garage, and this leads to the first scene.

The door is opened by youthful Steve Sommers, a chicken hawk’s dream come to life. As Michael uses the phone, Steve starts playing with himself. Michael learns that the mechanic cannot get there for at least an hour. “What am I supposed to do for an hour?” he petulantly asks the garage man. Then he spots Steve’s stiff prick. “Take your time!” he tells the guy on telephone, and dives onto Steve’s upright flesh. Although it is quite large, Michael deep-throats it. Michael, a cute pixyish little dude, is very, very good at sucking dick. Steve kindly returns the favor; then licks Michael’s testicles as Michael licks and sucks the head of his own penis. To conclude, Michael throws an energetic fuck into Steve until both cum.

Meanwhile Dane Ford has finished surfing on his buggy board. Dane is a handsome blond, the epitome of the blond California surfer. As he is returning home, he is accosted by the lustful Hawks whom he invites home and into his ass. Matt buggers him bareback on the buggy board. After a variety of positions are utilized, Matt applies sperm lotion to Dane’s back and Dane greases up his surfboard.

The phone rings, waking Justin Rhodes and Steven James who are sleeping naked on top of the covers. Justin, who later used the name Geoffrey Spears, was a thin blond with attitude; Steven, a perky brunet with wavy hair—a smattering of which also graces his torso. They get fully awake by pulling on one another’s puds. Steven goes down on Justin and sucks him to climax. Justin’s ejaculate, however, wouldn’t fill a fairy’s thimble. Steven cums not at all. This is the weakest scene in an otherwise superlative film.

Justin and Steven encounter Chad Johnson on the beach. (He is the hairy-chested hunk on the DVD cover.) They don’t get together. Instead, Chad goes home and jacks off on the john, shooting a good 2½ feet into the air.

Chad is not alone forever. Chris Allen and Calvin Worth, clad only in bathing trunks, come to visit. Chris was a petit blond with an uncut cock and an accommodating ass whose appearance in films of this age always raised their standards (and other things as well). And as for Calvin Worth—well, let it be said that if Michelangelo had lived in the American mid-west in the 1970’s, he would have sculpted Calvin instead of David. Blond, built, incredibly handsome, he was the All-American Dream! Calvin entertains the others with a tale of two guys in the navy: Melchor and Peter King.

They are on a ship and wearing those little sailor hats. (Hello, sailor!) Peter was a skinny, somewhat hirsute guy. Melchor had a solid build and his trademark was a little caterpillar of hair above his uncut dick—but here he is completely shaven, presenting the hirsute King with a hairless peter. King rims Melchor’s anus (which surprisingly has hair on it) and then Melchor fucks him.

This tale has gotten the boys hot. They strip out of their bathing trunks and start stroking their dicks. Chris initiates greater action when he chows down on Chad’s cock. Calvin follows suit and both boys begin to vie for Chad’s big boner. Seeing the god-like Calvin with a dick in his mouth is awesome! Chris leaves Calvin in full possession and moves to get some head from Chad. Next Chris sits in a chair where Calvin begins sucking his uncut dick. As he is getting sucked by Calvin, Chris goes back to sucking Chad. After this, Calvin is once again fellating Chad but this time it is while getting fucked by Chris. (Seeing this incredible beauty sucking dick was awesome enough, but seeing him bottom is mind-boggling.) He even sits on Chris' cock for a ride before all is done. Calvin disappears momentarily as Chris lies on his back on the floor, the proud recipient of Chad’s large endowment in his tiny rear. Chad impales the little lad vigorously. After a while Calvin returns to thrust his stiff dick into Chris’ willing mouth. Chris cums on his belly as all this is going on. Chad withdraws from Chris’ ass to add his contribution to the belly fund. Calvin cums in Chris’ mouth. “Why did you cum in my mouth?” whines an annoyed Chris. I doubt if any viewer would have objected. After all, it it’s 1976. The age of gold was upon us. And as this was the Bicentennial of America’s birth, they boys go off to watch the Fourth of July fireworks. But we viewers have been watching fireworks all along in what is one of the best scenes in the history of gay porn!

It is true that the DVD, being transferred from video that in turn was transferred from film, is not as sharp as our present day direct digital recordings. Nevertheless, it stands the test of time. And that is not the only thing that will stand as one watches it. Here is a film that will always stand up to repeated viewings.

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