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Down the Hatch 15

Down the Hatch 15

Studio: Diabolic
Category:  Cumshots , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Down the Hatch 15:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Down the Hatch 15 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Down the Hatch 15 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Down the Hatch 15 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Down the Hatch 15 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Down the Hatch 15 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Down the Hatch 15 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Down the Hatch 15 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/30/2005
This won't be a lengthy review by any means. I just wanted to say a few words about this Chico Wang title. You have some lovely girls in this one led by Hillary Scott, Holly Wellin, and Mrs. Chico Wang otherwise known as Chanel Chavez. The action was pretty typical with other swallowing titles out there with one added aspect I enjoyed, in moderation! You have Chico saying some pretty funny things to the girls and I wonder if even he knows what he's going to say before the words come flying out of his mouth. Let's hit some brief highlights.

Holly Wellin:

We get a quickie with this blond babe. Just listen to her sexy accent as she begs for cum, Chico would offer his splooge but he's married and we hear some merry tidbits from Mr. Wang about his marital status. So Holly goes up to a door where we see Arnold Scwarzenpecker open the door and Holly drops right down for some sucking, it's right there in full view. Chico gives you some good shots of Holly devouring his prick and we close this short bj with a sperm blast into a shot glass which Miss Wellin procedes to chug down. Well that was just an appetizer as the following scenes will feature more than one load for these pretty ladies along with more comedy courtesy of Mr. Chico Wang, this might turn some off but I like his frenzy style of talking to the girls, I wouldn't want this in every dvd but not every guy could pull it off like Chico does.

Chanel Chavez:

We start this scene with Chanel sitting in a swing and Chico starts a dialogue with Chanel about their recent trip to Las Vegas where the two decided to get married, neither remember the sex,lol. The back and forth between the two was amusing so you get a little laugh before watching this babe swallow sword. This soon leads to Chanel heading inside where Brian Surewood is all ready and he too adds to the comedy. Chanel does a fine job with the bj slowly enveloping his tool and Chico delivers a good side shot along with the close up view which I really like. You then see Chanel fucked pretty good including some anal before Brian leaves his load in her mouth. Not done, though, we head back outside where Chanel takes a seat on the bottom of a slide and we see several more sperm donors step up to leave a bit of spunk for Chanel to down. Still not satisfied Chanel is shown in the bathroom cleaning up and who is back again but Mr. Surewood and Chanel gives his cock one last sucking leading to one more load for her.

Myah Monroe:

Up next we get another quickie with this girl. You have more good comedy courtesy of Chico and Myah nicely plays along. This pretty young girl is also surrounded by a group of dicks and once they are done talking the guys are ready to splooge so her mouth is filled up with some pretty good loads and she does some cleanup.

Alicia Alighatti:

This next scene starts inside with Alicia resting comfortably on a couch. Chico has a good discussion about her last name which is based on pasta,lol, and listen how expertly Chico turns the discussion to jizz and also on Alicia's ability to write songs of which we get one performed! We go right from this stirring song to Alicia sucking cock and also being fucked. There are some good close shots here and Alicia does good with the blowjob. You get a good dp for Alicia in cowgirl with some nice gaping plus some A2M. The anal delights extend to RC as well with our second dp lensed. To end the sex/ bj part the boys do a good job with their loads finding her mouth. She gargles some before letting the jizz slide down her throat. We go from this scene to another quickie with Holly Wellin and she is sitting on the floor as Chico begins another earnest discussion about Holly's hunger for sperm. This leads to a few more loads for our blond babe to swallow. What these girls are saying is pretty funny and Chico keeps me interested with the close views and the guys are pretty accurate with their loads so far.

Keeani Lei:

This next scene forgoes the conversation and Chico gives us a close up shot of her open mouth and then the cocks descend on this Asian doll. The gagging was good from Keeani with somebody pinching her nostrils shut which I didn't care for. The men really punish her mouth with their cocks and the lense sees the result as her drool drops down coating it. There is some brief double stuffing but this isn't a passionate blowjob by any stretch, these men mean to throat fuck her but good and they succeed bigtime as her bug eyed look would lead you to believe. The guys also fuck this girl in a fine cowgirl position which sees a dp develop and there is some A2M gaggin from Keeani. The eyes are really red at this point but she seems to be fully into the scene so I keep on watching. Miss Lei also gets analized in RC with another dp resulting. The guys they put Keeani in an extreme piledriver, almost on her head and they give her ass some more dick pounding. Moving ot mish you get more anal with some gaping, the nostrils are pinched close again, and finally as she's begging the men launch their loads but they find a lot of her face instead of going right into her mouth, Keeani does a nice job scooping the jizz in and again some amusing dialogue is heard from her and Chico.

Intermission: Load Dumping Gone Awry:

Not sure what to expect as this graphic comes onscreen but let's find out! Chico goes for a nice little walk in his backyard and he finds Keeani surrounded by a lot of "milk cows" with some fucking her from behind and she's busy with a mouthfull of cock while Chico is talking to her. The loads start flying and the first goes right where it should, the second also and both are thick enough for her to show off a couple of times but she doesn't swallow. Our third load wasn't to much or it was so runny we couldn't see the jizz, fourth load was pretty thick and finally she chugs it down. We go right to another load which was right on target, she swallows, the next load was decent but again in her mouth, so far I don't see where we've gone awry, well Chanel then shows up and she gives Keeani a little kiss to sample all that jizz Miss Lei has tasted. Chico wants Keeani to suck him off while Chanel eats pussy but no says the wife so Chico must watch while Chanel still eats pussy with Arnold watching on and getting rock hard. The girls then move over to Arnold's cock and they both share his schlong while Chico must look on and be jealous,lol. A second cock is then brought in to begin fucking and we get a third and fourth dick with Chanel then beginning a bj. The scene moves to uncharted territory or unplanned as Chico tells us but the action is still good and we see some nice POV bj sucking by Chanel along with Chico further lamenting his marital restrictions as it pertains to his work. You then get another round of loads all for Keeani and she swallows them all like a champ, to bad Chanel didn't come in at the end for a little more lesbian games.

Myah Monroe:

This next scene starts with this pretty young girl lazily resting in her bed and we see her awake telling us about a dream she had. She was a farmer milking cows and then drinking their milk. Dr. Chico pontificates that this was a metaphor for Myah wanting to actually suck dick and swallow sperm and we get to watch this scenario play out as dicks are then visible and Myah goes a nice job doing back and forth plus some double stuffing is included. Moving on you get some fucking for this young lady in reverse cowgirl, mish, then it's dp time in cowgirl with A2M, a RCDP follows, then it's more anal in spoon, doggie and we end with Myah begging for their jizz and the guys deliver nicely right into her mouth. Well that wasn't a lot for Myah but a solid scene nonetheless.

Holly Wellin & Alicia Alighatti:

We finally get to see a bit more of Holly and her accent is such a turn on especially how she said the word cum, very hot. Moving on Holly gets fully engaged gagging hard on a cock before they progress to some sex featuring spoon, reverse cowgirl, then it's anal in spoon with A2M, doggie anal and Holly gives the salute letting us know the action is all to her liking! There is a very nice mish shot using a good overhead view and you see more ass tasting by Miss Wellin along with some good gaping. Holly soon receives her load and flips Chico off as she leaves,lol. We then watch Alicia bobbing up from behind a chair giving us a many words for cum,lol. Then we get Alicia on her knees with Chico showing off her body to the waiting gents who then step up to leave their dna for her to chug. She gets to much jizz in her mouth and you see that Chico had to stop, we don't see it but Alicia evidently spewed the built up jizz from her mouth. Chico doesn't seem to upset and the two have a calm dialogue before she has some fun sucking on pens and also on a hot dog? Well we get to include the real deal as Alicia moves to a live cock and she takes it in balls deep, eventually she takes the load in her mouth, fogs up Chico's lense,lol, and we see her gulp it down with no difficulties. Moving to a shower we find the lovely Myah Monroe getting cleaned off. She enjoyed the scene but immediately is in the shower much to Chico's amusement. More funny dialogue is heard about her boyfriend and it turns out he's waiting for Myah,lol. So what does she do, we see her go over and whip his black cock out. Check out the fro on this guy,lol. You get both sucking and then fucking for Miss Monroe. The fake fro is tossed aside and in a quick moment you see Chico shooting himself in the mirror while wearing the wig so all you wanting to catch a Chico glimpse here it is,hehe, slow it down like the Zapruder film to get a better look!! This bit of extra fun yields a decent load for Myah who also does some good cleanup. We are then treated to another interview with Chico's wife Chanel so listen at your leisure!

Hillary Scott:

We have arrived at our final scene and what a hottie we get to watch here! Watch how Hillary describes how she likes cum, where's she's from and how much better the cum tastes there,lol. She also does an amusing sound sticking her tongue out after every saying she shouts out. This was one final reminder how humor was used in this dvd and I for one appreciated the different approach and Miss Scott does a good job with her fun dialogue. Moving on, though, we get to watch Hillary do something she's really good at and that's sucking cock. The balls deep bj was handled well by this young lady with Chico delivering the shots you'd want. I love how the focus was kept on her pretty young face and I noticed no bad lighting details which could distract one from appreciating this young talented girl. You also get to watch Hillary be nailed in several appealing positions with some anal as well. I really enjoyed the mish and doggie anal positions but heck any way I can watch Hillary get assfucked is appealing to me. This girl knows how to handle a load in her mouth as anyone who's watched her work before knows so all the jizz finds it's way right down her throat. Not done though Hillary goes in search of more cum and she finds a good location, squats down and we see a good group of guys surround Hillary and proceed to leave more spunk for her to swallow. You even get one last return visit from Holly so this dvd was jizz packed from start to finish.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a good swallowing dvd with some incredible young girls led by Holly, Hillary, and and Chanel. You get good turns by all the ladies when the light shown on them but those first three really stood out for me. What really sets this dvd out from similar ones is the humor Chico tries to inject into just about every scene. I appreciated the effort he put into it even if I didn't always get what he was saying, it made me laugh while also getting hard which is a neat trick, don't you think! As for extras you are offered a photo gallery, a cumshot recap and that's basically it. I would have liked some behind the scenes but Chico shot a lot here so the movie itself will have to be enough and in this case it is. Well worth buying if you're a Holly Wellin, Hillary Scott, or a Chanel Chavez fan.

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