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LSBReviews Double Vision (Jules Jordan Video) 4.5 starsDouble Vision (Jules Jordan Video) 4.5 starsDouble Vision (Jules Jordan Video) 4.5 stars
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Double Vision (Jules Jordan Video)

Double Vision (Jules Jordan Video)

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  All Sex , POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Double Vision (Jules Jordan Video):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Double Vision (Jules Jordan Video) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Double Vision (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Double Vision (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Double Vision (Jules Jordan Video) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Double Vision (Jules Jordan Video) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Double Vision (Jules Jordan Video) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Double Vision (Jules Jordan Video) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/25/2007
Ok fans time to check out Erik Everhard's latest opus to romantic sex, Double Vision! Yep you have two hot girls in each scene here doing plenty to each other as well as some extra hot pov action so let's hit the highlights.

Lyndsey & Lacy Love-- The Love Twins:

The set up for this scene has Erik driving up to a house in the hills looking for a good car wash-- these are so hard to find in LA so he is in luck as today they're running a 2 for 1 special and little does Erik know but the special is for more than just getting his car washed!! The tease is really good here as the twins walk up and start to wash and work over his car-- funny thing is it's only one window they wash and wash and wash, hehe, forgetting the rest of the car. But hey the visual is awesome and the music's not to bad either and yes the twins are smoking hot as they work some sexy eye contact into the mix as they thoroughly clean Erik's window-- they eventually move to the drivers side window after a couple minutes of doing the one on the passenger side. Erik then rolls the window down and he might have had an idea of what was going on but then the twins get him to go inside with them and the rest of the full service package is delivered!!! You get some very nice POV head given to the hate plow, some shared knob polishing and the tongues do come close to touching but it gets better during the sex as indeed you get some Sister P2OGM. They try and swap the pop and it's good but I've seen the Steven's sisters do it better, still a very good opener to this one.

Annette Schwarz & Aline:

This scene opens with Erik arriving at the front door and Aline letting him in wearing a smoking hot business suit. Ahh seems Erik's going to housesit for Aline while she steps out, there is a 'pet' he will need to look after. Going outside we see that this pet is Annette wearing a nice catlike mask and she's in a small cage which Aline opens up. Like a good master she leaves some milk in a bowl for her kittie to lick up and Annette is indeed thirsty licking up a lot of milk so she's got a thirst which needs quenching and I don't think milk alone will do it. Annette works that kittie role for all it's worth licking up Aline's leg and then burying her face in Aline's ass though the skirt's in the way. Swinging the shot around like any good pornographer would do Erik spots that Annette's ass and pussy are laid bare for us to check out and as we're staring-- ok admit it you're staring, she lets loose with a torrent of piss onto the pavement. Aline's none to pleased and uses the strap to spank her bad kittie but the real punishment if you can call it that comes when Aline takes a dildo and shoves it up Annette's butt. This type scenario isn't as pleasing for me, I liked the carwash deal better. I will say Annette is very good in her submissive role and Aline seems to relish being the dom here, it's not easy to get two girls to work in concert this good but the girls pull it off. You see a few toys laid out on a towel which Aline could use but then she calls on Eril to release the hate plow-- ok if Annette's being such a bad girl how come she keeps getting rewarded, lol. Very good POV head from Miss Schwarz but I expected no less and Aline is watching at first but soon she can't resist a taste of her own so she gets in on the cock sucking. The scene starts working much better now as the girls work together to take on Erik. Staying near the cage to they start fucking as Annette takes cock while Aline gets her pussy eaten. The action then makes it inside and check out Annette following her master along munching her ass as Aline busies herself gagging on Erik's cock-- he's got a great POV shot of both things going on. Aline's dirty talk has been real good throughout the scene, not to much but it definitely fit the vibe the scene had going. Good interaction too between the girls and for me I actually thought Aline looked better being fucked in this scene, loved her sitting on Erik's getting that ass filled as she's facing out towards us. A very good pop here with Aline taking Erik's cock directly from Annette's pussy and right into her mouth as Erik lets loose with his load, I don't see enough internal mouth pops and it's great he choose that finish here and the cumswapping is much better here too than in the previous scene, obviously not being sisters they could be more nasty with the tongue kissing.

Lyndsey Meadows & Renna Ryann:

This scene opens with Erik helping Lyndsey pick out an outfit to wear, about to shoot a scene it appears, some good ass shots here too fans as she gets dressed. Ahh seems a girl from AVN is coming over to do an onset piece, Erik lets Lyndsey go off for a ciggy to get relaxed for the scene. The AVN girl then arrives, Renna is looking hot in her business suit, I'd even say better than Aline did. Renna goes into the living room to have a seat, the scene's going to start soon. Erik then goes to get Lyndsey and the show is ready to roll, even more good ass shots are given as the two girls say hello to each other. Erik has Lyndsey go against the wall for some ass tease, I'm all for that and he shoots while Renna watches attentively. Erik works in some fine ground shots too during this tease segment and you hear the give and take between the two sounding very hot. Pretty soon we have Lyndsey on her knees giving some POV head and that my friends looked awesome. The head gets so intense he has to stop as he's about to pop, instead he goes to get a camera for stills which affords Lyndsey the opportunity to go over and check in with Renna who's been impressed. Of course this leads to some hot g/g interaction. I like it too that Renna doesn't seem to mind, her character is very easy to give in to Lyndsey's advances and we soon have the girls kissing and even Miss Meadows goes down a bit on Renna before Erik walks in interrupting them. Of course the girls then set their sites jointly on his cock--I like the interaction /energy of these two the best so far, Renna looks very hot sucking on Erik's cock and Lyndsey is always ready to fuck and have fun, no different in this scene. Both girls get their fair share of Erik's pipe in their respective pussy and they both work the pop out and lick at the head to make sure those last few drops disappear. Ok I bet AVN gives a great review to this scene, just an educated guess!!

Diana Doll & Carolyn Reese:

Ok on to disc two where we have three more scenes to check out. Seems Eriks checking out a buddy's POV scenes where he's got a great thing going. Placing ads he doesn't promise the girls anything more than putting them in touch with agents and the like in the biz that he knows and of course they thank him for this generosity by giving him blowjobs-- ok this inspires Erik, hehe. So naturally while the guys are still shooting the breeze a couple hotties stop by, this is one great ad as we have two hot blonds waiting outside. The four head to the studio to take some shots, these girls are real trusting, buying this whole like about I'm doing this free of charge, just wanting to help you get a start, and of course he's got outfits, lol. Well the ladies soon return dressed in appropriate porn outfits and the test shots are taken, but after a few the card in the camera is malfunctioning so he needs to get another one. Everhard is more than willing to keep the girls company and do his own test shots, lol. Again these girls are far to trusting or perhaps they're just horny like the rest of us!! Everhard's camera moves in on both busty babes letting us check out the abundant cleavage, he also gets the girls to get a little frisky with each other! Good boob sucking!! Things get even better when the girls are fully naked, dropping down and sharing Everhard's cock, very good shared knob polishing. The pov fucking is good, really good in fact when he's nailing Carolyn doggiestyle while she's munching on Diana's cooch. The ladies are both plowed pretty good before sharing the pop at scene's end, I think these girls are ready for their closeups now Mr. Demille!!

Rachel Roxxx & Rachel Starr:

This scene gets going with Everhard dropping by at a house where a 'show' is supposed to be going on. Jimmy answers but isn't so nice, he wants to know how much money Erik has, this ain't no free show! Erik forks over the $200 and Jimmy directs him to where the show's about to start, seems Erik is the only dude in the audience, maybe some audience participation!! It begins with Rachel Starr leading in Rachel Roxxx and we have chains, ball gags, yep some serious fun times. Miss Starr uses a riding crop to gently tap at Miss Starr's cooch and the hands are doing their thing too roaming over the bodies. A little titty tasting too and the pulsing musical soundtrack wasn't to bad either adding to the mix. The ball gag is removed allowing some nice kissing and finally it's Rachel Starr going down on her friend licking pussy but that is sadly all to brief as we get some toy play mixed in. Would you rather watch a double dildo going in each pussy at the same time or some pussy eating, me I opt for the kittie licking wish Erik had too but the toy action looks good but he shouldn't have teased me with that snippet of pussy eating. I will say, though, the overhead shot of their asses crashing against each other was way hot. This rump bumping goes on for a bit too as the guitar track plays along. You then have Rachel Roxxx using the double dildo like a cock having a seat and pushing down as they both get fucked, she's in reverse I should say. Miss Starr then says she's ready for some real cock and lucky Erik he's the only dude there and the ladies both get his dick out and start playing with it. Good pov doggie pounding to Rachel Roxxx who in turn is licking up a storm on her friends clit and later on the roles are reversed and we get still more hot doggie pussy pounding and at the same time some pussy eating. There is some strap on action then added in towards the end and you get Rachel Roxxx ending the scene licking at his cock as it's popping, she's joined by Rachel Starr who wants a taste too, ok I need to know when the next show is, I've saved my paper route money and can just afford the $200!! Well we see Erik's not quite done yet, going back for more drilling Rachel Roxxx's pussy in mish followed soon after by some kittie work on Rachel Starr in the same position. A few more shots and we get another load this time in Rachel Starr's mouth and like before the girls swap it between them before we finally fade out, again I'm down for the next show!

Shyla Stylez & Starla Sterling:

Ok for some weird reason I skipped over this scene, lol, wasn't intentional I can assure you. Anyway the lovely Shyla opens up the door, a beaming smile on her gorgeous face and seems it's Erik's birthday and Shyla has a few birthday surprises for him! Check out the ripped jean pants she's got on, the ass is spilling out those ripped jeans!! Oopps she dropped the birthday balloons, so naturally this affords Erik another chance to zoom in when she bends over to pick them up! Great visual as she holds up a small birthday cake, the candle's burning and it's time to make a birthday wish-- I should also mention that her awesome titties are practically spilling out of her top so I imagine Erik's wish won't be to hard to figure out. Shyla might be a little to giggly here but she's so damn sexy I can look past that, it's those huge knockers which are mesmerizing me. Ok Shyla goes to get a present for him and once he's allowed to open his eyes he finds Starla Sterling there along with Shyla, Starla is wrapped like a present, thankfully it's Shyla who does the unwrapping as Erik watches on, gleefully I'm sure. We see that Shyla's friend has a nice set of tata's too once they're revealed and Shyla takes hers out too and Erik gets under for some great titty footage, sweet some ReddiWhip is sprayed over those huge knockers and licked off of course by hot sexy lips! A little kissing too as they exchange that frosty good topping. Shyla then drops down for a few licks on Starla's cooch. The action then moves to the bedroom where we still have Shyla in those sexy ripped jeans but those don't last to much longer, on her body and the girls are soon taking on Erik's raging hardon. The overhead shot of Erik pounding Shyla in mish was pretty good, Starla there to suck on those large melons, a little P2M from Shyla then it's Starla's turn in mish. You do get some anal here too in doggie for Shyla, having her sit up in this position was pretty hot too, ass facing us and she grinds a bit too. Shyla ends the scene taking the load in her mouth, doing clean up and the girls then swap the jizz like good porn girls. They each spill a bit out onto their titties and rub them together, a nice way to end a good scene.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

I'd say this was as solid a pov as I've seen in awhile, sexy girls throughout, good head and the fucking was strong too. I'd probably say the scene which I enjoyed the most was the Lyndsey Meadows/ Renna Ryann scene, the Love Twins seem to be getting better in their scenes but I'd still take the Steven's as the best set of sisters right now doing scenes together and how can you not lust after Shyla Stylez who is paired nicely with Starla Sterling. Now for extras you get some BTS, the pops are repeated and you can get a cast list if you need it for the scenes. Well worth a purchase.

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