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Double Parked 15

Double Parked 15

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Double Parked 15:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Double Parked 15 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Double Parked 15 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Double Parked 15 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Double Parked 15 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Double Parked 15 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Double Parked 15 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Double Parked 15 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/12/2006
Well fans time to check out this popular series and you'll notice by the title the girls all take on two cocks. Among the girls that you'll get to see are Hillary Scott and Holly Wellin. Those two make this at least worth a rental, then add in the strong technical aspects which I associate with DVSX products and I'm pretty confident slipping this one into the player.

Alicia Angel:

Ok time to get this party started and starting with the orange tinted tease segment that I've seen for awhile now the girl reveals her body to us and after about a minute the regular picture kicks in and you get a bit more tease with Alicia. This also involves some toy usage, at least there's some fine bootie footage as she's using the plastic on her ass. We soon have the two dicks in on the fun and Alicia gets right in between Anthony Hardwood and Brett Rockman with their cocks slipping into her mouth smoothly. Good focus on Alicia's face as the cocks get their attention. You then have Brett getting behind to sample her ass a bit before slipping into her pussy with his cock. The boys make an easy transition to Anthony pounding her pussy while Brett's schlong is serviced. There are good tight views on Alicia's body as they trio do their thing. The first dp is in cowgirl and you get Alicia opened up to the camera showing off her right ass cheek and when they go to reverse cowgirl the good side shot stays. Wrapping up the scene the fellas leave some jizz on her tongue and with the mouth wide open Alicia gave an inviting target and thankfully the aim was true by both men.

Holly Wellin:

Our next girl up is a fun one to watch and a big turn on for a lot of you I imagine is the accent but before getting to that you get to watch a smiling Holly give us a good look at what's she's got to offer. No talking even when the regular picture comes in, Talon and Tommy Gunn are more intent on getting to fucking Holly and I can't blame them, she's got a great looking body. The fellas get a good feel for that bod before Holly flips around onto her knees and the cocks are thrust in her face and she expertly goes back and forth. The energy seemed a bit more in this scene and I'm not surprised as Holly does have a healthy appetite for dick and she's got two here so I think she's real hungry!! Sexwise we begin with cowgirl and this gets some talkin from Holly enabling that sexy accent to drive your cock even closer to it's destination. The dp soon comes into play as well with more sexy dirty talk coming from Holly. Miss Wellin then hops off for a quick Ass and pussy to mouth cleanoff before jumping back in the saddle taking both cocks once more in her holes. The shadows were pretty easy to see right where the cocks were pumping into her which might drag you down a bit but I was appreciating the good moaning from Holly and I've seen this type of action a lot now so I don't necessarily have to have a crystal clear shot to know what's going on, though it is nice. One more time Holly cleans the cocks off and then the guys dp this sexy minx in reverse and moving in close you see the two schlongs sliding into her body in tandem almost so I am thinking this felt pretty good to Holly. The guys fuck her some more including a couple mish positions before they bust their nuts and Holly accumulates the cum and saying it was yummy in her native accent the scene closes out. A really good effort for fans of this woman with only a few shadows holding it back from being truly great.

Lucy Love:

Onward we go and not surprisingly this next girl is pretty sexy with modest sized hooters, a cute face, and a great looking ass. Going to the scene we see a couple guys laying in the bed when pulling the satin blanket back they find Lucy lying underneath and the hands soon start caressing over her lingerie clad body with the boobs getting some early attention and they are actually bigger than I originally thought so modest gives way to good sized tits. There is also some kittie licking done even while Lucy busies herself sucking on a cock. Miss Love then sits up to give both cocks some attention at the same time though no double stuffing occurs. Now for the sex Lucy is tested in doggie, spoon, then on to the anal where you see a very good reverse shot with one fella straddling her face to skull fuck Lucy. Both men get to analized Lucy in spoon, then you get the dp's in reverse and cowgirl with the scene concluding soon with the guys coating her face with their cum. Lucy does some cleanup while giving the camera one more sexy look. A good scene but it suffers a bit with everyone being Euro I think and I don't recall any talking really, still Lucy is very sexy, took a good anal pounding and they fire point blank to her face to end the scene so overall not to bad.


Ok this next young girl is new to me but she's got a cute smile and I just wish they'd get rid of the orange tint during the first minute or so of the tease, not sure why they do this. I like the tease much more when it's normal color as you can have a full appreciation on just what the girl looks like and Carmelita is a looker folks. There is some good boob caressing when we get to the regular picture and you get some good ass appreciation too when she turns around. Our young hottie soon has a seat on a couch and the fellas soon descend on her fingering her pussy a bit while Carmelita gets busy sucking a cock. Both schlongs are soon finding their way into her mouth and I very much appreciated the slow style she mostly used with a few seconds of sped up sucking, nice up close shots too of her trading off their cocks. Sexwise you see her done in cowgirl, then onto a dp in the same position. There is some brief gaping shown but mostly the guys pounded away on Carmelita also double penetrating her in reverse with more gaping shown. A short hard pounding in doggie and the jizz starts to fly with Carmelita doing some cleanup too. Not a bad scene at all, the lighting seemed a bit dark perhaps but still everything looked pretty good so overall a solid scene.

Nikki Sun:

This next scene stars a young woman I have seen before though I wasn't sure until the scene actually began, the name did sound familiar though. She's got a beautiful smile, great ass, and I love how the hair flows down either side of her face. Nikki does a good job when we get to the good picture of showing off her body some more, I just wish this was the shot we got right from the get go. Nikki sits on the bed spreading her pussy open for us and doing some stroking which was very very nice. It isn't long until the swinging dicks are on either side and there is some good fingering and caressing to Nikki's sexy bod leading right to the blowjobs. Nice balance of slow and aggressive style from Nikki, it's pretty easy to tell when a girl's feeling her oats and it seems Nikki's having a pretty good day as she is able to stuff both bad boys into her mouth. Her reward is some brief pussy eating, then fingering and finally her kittie is purred by the penetration of one of the cocks. We go with some reverse vag to start and the shadows here were a bit on the dark side but the overall vibe was still pretty good mainly do to Nikki's energy which has been good throughout. They move on to some fucking doggiestyle, spoon both vag and anal and finally the dp's follow. The views for those were seemed better might be the up close shots they give you. Nikki seems to have a smile the whole time which helps me in enjoying the scene even with the shadows being the worst I've seen in this dvd though we get good shots of the guys cumming on her face along with the cleanup afterwards. Nikki is a hot girl to watch and I would love to see her some more when the shadows aren't so bad. I don't recall seeing this many dark spots in a DVSX dvd so I'm surprised.

Hillary Scott:

On we go to our last scene and saving the best for last we get this sexy windy city babe. The orange tinted tease visits my screen one final time this trip and you get some nice shots of Hillary with some nipple licking even. I think she does this just to tease me, hehe. The new boobies are looking better and I can say from first "hand" experience they feel great!! Already the picture is better when they get to the real action with a couple guys soon getting up close and personal with Miss Scott. They are all over her slapping that ass and fondling her boobs. Hillary even works in a small bit of dirty talk before she engulfs their stiff cocks and her trademark gaggin is seen right from the start, I'm just wondering if her makeup will run or not as Hillary gives 110% in her scenes and this tends to make her face a bit messy by the scenes conclusion. Well the makeup stays intact for the time being as they begin fucking with cowgirl leading off and the floor shots give you a good view of that bunghole which will soon be violated. Alex Sanders even begins slipping a finger or two in that bootie to say hey we're coming!! Sure enough staying in cowgirl you get a smooth transition to her ass prompting some verbal praise from Hillary. She then hops off to do some A2M as the second schlong slips right into the vacated asshole and soon we're on to the dp's. I am pleased to see Hillary giving such a good scene and the makeup is staying intact and notice too the dirty talk intensifies as they keep fucking her. After the dp's you get some anal pounding in doggie and then in mish/ spoon and fuckin A they really drill her ass here and just listen to Hillary the sounds of sex!! I see the makeup starting to wilter a bit and after that kind of fucking you'd expect it too but it's all the way at the end of the scene after she's been royally fucked so it's perfectly fine I guess to have the hair and makeup a little messed up. The cum finds a good home inside her mouth and after a bit of gargling Hillary down's the jizz. A fitting ending to a good dvd.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Overall a good dvd with only some shadows in parts of a few scenes to hold this one back a bit. Hillary gave easily the best scene I thought with Holly also being up there. Nikki and Lucy both impressed me a lot too so lot's to check out if you enjoy 2 on 1 scenes. Extra wise you have a photo gallery, some solo tease scenes, and yes some behind the scenes to check out so please do. A worthy rental for sure and perhaps the shadows won't bother you to much and you'll end up keeping this one

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