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Double Parked 14

Double Parked 14

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Anal
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for Double Parked 14:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Double Parked 14 overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Double Parked 14 Female looks rating 2 stars
Male Looks Double Parked 14 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Double Parked 14 Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Double Parked 14 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Double Parked 14 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Double Parked 14 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  10/30/2005
Double Parked 14

Dir: Bobby Manila

BTS: Some amusing BTS stuff with Staci Thorn, as the guys try (and fail) to DP her, then the shower scene. Followed by some small talk with helium-voiced covergirl Jamie Elle where they mention that she's all-natural (which I thought was odd, since her breasts look "too good to be true". Some amusing stuff with the other girls as well. One of the most interesting/amusing BTS I've yet seen. 6mins approx.
Solo Scenes: about 1min 40ish to 3mins of each girl masturbating.
Photo Gallery: A series of stills in autorun form. Very nice "pretty girl" shots as always from DVSX.
Hot Shots: Cumshot recaps for each scene, basically.
Internet Access: Web-enable this disc by putting it into your PC..
Trailers: Lucky Bastard 3, Sakura Tales 7 (my copy of which, was Faulty), Teen Sensations 11.Funny, the last volume of DP had the exact same trailers..

I do wonder why DVSX bothers with the "solo scenes" in this way, though. with the extremely short runtime, it's not something you can really whack to, and as they're removed from the girls' scenes by half a dozen navigation button presses, it's not like they flow into anything. Even a "Play All" option here would make them a bit more integrated into each other.

A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind.

DP 14 starts with the same annoying 30-second snippet of music that DP 13 had, which sounds vaguely like the beginning of the Eurythmics' "Love is a Stranger". This series has become more and more of a cookie-cutter template, and therefore so have my reviews of them..

I keep reviewing these discs because I do have a liking for the titular fetish of this series (DP's). But with these things it does seem to be very hit-or-miss. After the last volume, which was again helmed by Alex Ladd was such a disaster of wasted opportunity for me (with the choking and such), I'm hoping that Bobby Manila might redeem the series.
All scenes feature DPs, none feature condoms. Anything else notable will be mentioned by scene.

Scene 1:
Mia Bangg, 2 guys.
Gagging, cock-choking, hair-pulling, fish-hooking..

Mia has a bit of a California Girl look to her, with her blonde hair, tanned body and large natural breasts. She also has a tattoo of ..well, something just left of her spine. She wears blue lingere, but it's gone before the guys show up, so it's pretty irrelevent. A bit of the usual tease as she prances around inside a red phonebooth in the porn house, but she soon wanders out to where the guys are waiting on the couch and starts sucking them both off. Quickly we're treated to forced-gagging deepthroat on both guys, and my interest has already dropped in this scene and the DVD as a whole.. One of the guys even holds her nostrils closed while she's choking on his cock, some fish-hooking and there's far too much hair-pulling.

Anyway, they run through the usual gamut of positions, there's more cock-choking and hair-pulling, and basically I'm disinterested enough to simply scan through the rest of the scene on high speed. Eventually both guys come in her mouth and she's marched off by her hair back into the phone booth.

Shit scene. Who needs to see people having fun together when you can show brutality, eh?

Scene 2:
Stacy Thorn, 2 nameless guys.

Stacy is a blonde with smallish natural boobs, which hang down a little, and one of the worst tattoos I have ever seen - a large spiderweb taking up most of her right forearm with a spider hanging from a loose thread near her elbow. She's not my type, I'll leave it at that. Anyway, some guy has an eye-mask and a ball-gag on, and she blows him. I notice he holds her head down on his dick and skull-fucks her, so we're seeing the same thing that turned me off the last scene right upfront. Eventually, the other dude shows up, we see Stacy also has a rose tattoo on her left shoulderblade and is completely shaven. She also has a coating of body glitter. Rotisserie with her both on her knees and on her back, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and hey wow, Stacy has a tattoo of a sunburst face on her tailbone and a red crescent or yin/yang or pair of lips on her right tricep (it's hard to see properly). Stacy does the horrible-looking gagging thing on one guy's cock by herself, though he puts his hands on her face and neck for visual measure, though without force.

RAC is next, which leads neatly into the DP which goes for a bit, then cuts to the cowgirl DP, and after quite a bit more rumpy-pumpy. Eventually the guys com on her face and mouth, she gargles, she swallows in that contrived way that porn directors love, and we're thankfully done.

Not a fan of Stacy's body or her particular choices of ugly random tattoos. (And I'm one who likes a few tattoos on women, when they're well done.) The scene itself didn't hold my interest at all, though at least it lacked the fish-hooking and nostril-closing of the last one.

Scene 3:
Jamie Elle, 2 guys.

Well, all I can say about Jamie's appearance is wow. Our covergirl has an uncanny mix of innocence and sexiness about her, but also an overriding cuteness. I'll be pretty pissed off if they fuck her scene up as well. Jamie has an ankle tattoo on her inside left ankle (of what I can't tell), tailbone tattoo, pierced navel, pierced tongue, small stud in her right nostril, tanned or olive skin, long medium-brown hair, pretty-cute face, helium voice, shaved pussy, and large breasts which may be natural as they claim but look pretty suspicious.

Anyway, she's bound behind her back, though why porn producers bother with this kind of setup when we know they won't follow through (because of the Cambria list) is beyond me. A guy turns up and pokes at her breasts with a riding crop a little, and damn, it's one of the brutaloids from scene one. The second guy turns up and undoes her wrists, and she immediately starts sucking the guys off, and while after a bit the guys seem to try to make her gag down, she's not into it and doesn't let them. After a cut, she's still blowing them, but it seems to have calmed down a little on that front. Her underpants are soon stripped off, and she's rotisseried doggystyle till she swaps sides, though on her side this time. RC with oral on the other guy, cowgirl with oral, RAC with oral, piledriver anal, a quick suck, brief cowgirl which becomes cowgirl-DP, a quick blow, and while riding the RAC she peels her bra off. We get a quick gape, then cut to RC-DP already in progress. Jamie's face isn't exactly a picture of pleasure here, either. Next cut is to the guys squeezing their jizz out onto Jamie's mouth and chin, swallowed in the typical artificial porn way while the camera does it's best fish- eye-lens impersonation. Then Jamie goes back to looking like a cute girlie, despite the semen dripping down the side of her mouth.

Well, Jamie is quite a hot girlie, and the scene wasn't brutal at all. I'd really like to see her enjoying herself in a future scene with more chemistry and less porno by-the-numbers to it, shot by someone with more skill at the craft.

Scene 4:
Taryn Thomas, 2 generic white guys.
Slapping, choking, etc..

Taryn starts out in a hot pink racing-girl themed outfit, she has dyed medium-length black hair and a pierced tongue, and crawls around the kitchen benchtop in her little pink outfit, which actually shows off her butt and camel toe quite nicely, surprisingly to me. Not so surprisingly, the outfit comes off quickly, revealing a black string g-string, which also looks great. It's only now that I cn see her breasts, and I see that Taryn has smallish natural ones, and though her sexypornface is as fake as any you've seen, she does manage to look sexy despite it. Of course, generic guy #234 comes along and gropes at her a bit until she decides to go down on him to get away from gis pussy-groping hand. cue guy #273 and his dick, but not before the first jackass tries to force her head down on his cock. Again with this bullshit. Standing doggy rotisserie, then laying on the couch. Next one guy fucks her doggystyle while the other guy holds her by the throat as she slaps him.. ? um, great.

Anyway, they fuck, DP in the two versions of cowgirl, there's some throat-grabbing, and eventually both guys come on her face/in her mouth with weak watery loads which are swallowed in the look down my throat, there-it-is-now-it's-gone way and we're done.

Scene 5:
Jasmine Tame, black guy, mulatto guy.
Anal Creampie, brief fishhooking.

Jasmien is a bright, bubbly looking blonde with large implants. GO GO California girls! She looks good to me, but will her scene be riuned by gagging and choking? She plays with her pussy, then inexplicably picks up and plays around with an ugly, tiny dog which my cat could beat up, hugging it and blowing it kisses and all the rest. Then two big black dudes who apparently aren't scared of dog lips all over their cocks turn up, she puts the dog down and it wanders off, and the guys go to work, kissing and licking her breasts, before she starts sucking them both off. Hopefully these guys can manage to not fuck up the scene. Alternating BJs, double BJ, then the guys go to work, she Jasmine lowers herself down for RC as she sucks the other guy off, then swaps guys and rides the second guy cowgirl while sucking the first guy. Rotisserie in doggy, then she swaps sides (and guys) with a half-second of ugly fishhooking, RAC, then with oral, then spoon anal with oral, cowgirl and then the DP. RAC then RC-DP, and Jasmine has really worked up quite a sweat by now. Some more RAC, and jasmine lifts herself up, letting a thick load of cum drop out of her ass and onto the guy's cock. After a cut she then licks the cum off his dick and balls, then we cut again to the other guy jerking his thick load all over Jasmine's face.

Well, this wasn't the best scene I've ever seen, but it was the best scene this DVD has had to offer so far, by far, and was good on it's own merits. Hot girl, interested sex, decent cumshot.

Scene 6:
Naudia Nyce, Alex Sanders, Some guy..

Naudia is a brunette with a gap through her front teeth that Belladonna would be proud of. She has a nice body but her face doesn't do it for me. As she's perched on a chair we can see that she really does have a very nice looking set of labia, and she also shows off her anal control for us, before sticking a large clear glass/pyrex dildo up there and A2Ming it a few times too many. Naudia also has a tattoo on her right shoulder and smallish natural breasts.

Soon, she meets the two guys by kneeling down and blowing them. They both fuck her mouth but without the brutality we saw in earlier scenes, though she lets out an enormous amount of thick gob and spit all over their cocks and her own mouth and chin. It's so thick it actually looks like cum, certainly moreso than some of the actual cumshots from this disc. Anyway, doggy rotisserrie, doggy anal rotiesserie, she swaps guys and there's more doggy rotisserie, and that fuckwit Alex Sanders grabs Naudia by the throat and chokes her while his Shaggy-hair falls over his face looking like a stupid blonde afro.

Anyway, there's RAC, RC-DP, more choking, cowgirl DP, hair-pulling, etc. I don't care enough to review it in detail after what I've already seen. It ends with that same contrived cum-swallowing. Sorry guys, I lost interest.

As is usual for DVSX releases, the whole video is pretty well-lit and well-shot. As is also usual for DVSX releases, it's overall an uneven DVD, though the're getting rougher and rougher. Since when was Double Parked supposed to be a rough sex title with choking and gagging in almost every scene?

NOTE TO DVSX: though if the Double Parked series is going to degrade to this rough sex bullshit as standard, I won't have to worry about reviewing them anymore. I just wish they'd state it on the cover so I knew which titles to avoid. Instead, I'll be avoiding everything new by Alex Ladd and Bobby Manila, or perhaps by the whole company overall.

Although I personally hate it, my main issue with the rough sex stuff is finding it unannounced on discs that aren't specifically advertised as such or mention it on the box copy. I'm not stupid, if there's a title like "Riot Sluts" or "Tough Love" I know it's there and I can avoid it, and by the same logic people who want to see choking and gagging can seek it out. If it's just randomly inserted into multiple volumes of a series that I have previously enjoyed, like "Double Parked", then I stop enjoying that series, and stop purchasing it. QED.

Well, there was only one scene that I found enjoyable, and that was Jasmine's, and though Jamie is a hottie, her scene lacked chemistry. I used to enjoy this series, too. bleh.

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