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Double Parked 13

Double Parked 13

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Barely Legal
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for Double Parked 13:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Double Parked 13 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Double Parked 13 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Double Parked 13 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Double Parked 13 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Double Parked 13 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Double Parked 13 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Double Parked 13 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  10/24/2005
Double Parked 13

Dir: Alex Ladd

BTS: A couple of minutes of more-hardcore-than-usual BTS stuff mostly focussed on Crissy, then Jasmine, with a few giggles thrown in.
Solo Scenes: about 1min 40-ish of each girl masturbating.
Photo Gallery: A series of stills in autorun form. Very nice "pretty girl" shots.
Hot Shots: Cumshot recaps for each scene, basically.
Internet Access: Web-enable this disc by putting it into your PC..
Trailers: Lucky Bastard, Sakura Tales 7 (my copy of which, was Faulty), Teen Sensations 11.

I do wonder why DVSX bothers with the "solo scenes" in this way, though. with the extremely short runtime, it's not something you can really whack to, and as they're removed from the girls' scenes by half a dozen navigation button presses, it's not like they flow into anything. Even a "Play All" option here would make them a bit more integrated into each other.

A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind.

I keep reviewing these discs, because I do have a liking for the titular fetish of this series (DP's). But with these things it does seem to be very hit-or-miss. After the last volume, directed by KK, I'm hoping for an improvement as this one is again helmed by Alex Ladd. I think this is the first volume of DP lacking in a witty traffic-related subtitle. I guess the DVSX crew ran out of bad DP/traffic double-entendres.

All scenes feature DPs, none feature condoms. Anything else notable will be mentioned by scene.

Scene 1:
Katsumi, Nick Manning, James Deen.
Choking Bullshit.

Katsumi is first up. For those unfamiliar with her, Katsumi is a very pretty French girl of Vietnamese descent, with medium-sized natural breasts, longish black hair with red streaked through it. That's her in the middle of the front cover. She starts off by speaking to the cameraman in her thick French accent, she's wearing some nice lingere but as soon as the scene starts she's stripped down to a garter and stockings. There's some sepia slow-mo footage mixed in with colour footage for a decently-edited credit tease sequence.

She starts off in the doggy-rotissarie position while the idiot guys mouth off with the usual abusive macho bullshit that just makes me want to take an iron bar to the sides of their moron meat-puppet heads. "suck that dick you fucking cunt" and so forth. I turned the sound off here, because I'd like to perhaps be able to enjoy the scene. P2M, the moron screwing Katsumi from behind slaps her ass hard enough to leave his handprints, and the guy recieving the BJ has an idiot snarl permanently etched on his face, with all of his teeth showing.

They all change position, and snarlface screws Katsumi missionary, the closeup reveals where he's cut himself shaving the base of his cock, let there's apparently no problem doing a scene like that. Apparently. Hard pounding, then cut to doggie anal with/blowjob, Katsumi swaps sides and is back in doggy anal rotissarie, quick oral, then cowgirl DP. cut to RC DP and the moron on top decides to hold Katsumi by the throat, missionary screwing and then the guy screwing her pops all over her pubis, stomach, chest while the guy getting oral drops a thick load on her chin.

Sexually this scene was decent, but the throat-grabbing, verbal bullshit and cut-on-dick bring it down to avarage-ness.

Scene 2:
Sandy Rio, Roge, Jazz.
Choking Bullshit.

Ah, a sepia introduction to Sandy, in fact the entire tease is done in a sepia effect. Thanks for nothing, guys. Sandy has dark olive skin, a nose stud, small breasts, a navel piercing and dark hair just past her shoulders. She has a Brazillian look. Sandy poses and struts in her lingere, but is naked when the guys join in a minute later. Double-BJ to start with, though one of the guys grabs Sandy by the throat and forces her to deep throast the other guy, then spits into her mouth and does it again, and again. She goes back and forth between the two of them, and gag-man forces her down on the other guy, himself, the other guy again, then both guys shove their cocks into her mouth, I hope she had sharp teeth. Since she's bent over sucking the other guy's cock, gag-man plugs into her from behind for rotissarie.

Cut and Sandy gets plowed inj the missionry position, as the loser who's fucking her holds her two-handed by the throat, lifts her up and moves her to cowgirl for quite awhile, and so the other guy soon moves in front of her to get his dick sucked as she bounces around on the other guy. Cut to one of them fucking Sandy doggy anal, with both hands clenched tightly over her twat, some ATM, missionary anal with Sandy almost folded over double. RAC with more throat grabbing becomes RC-DP and by now all three of them atre covered in sweat. Cowgirl DP is next, followed by both guys standing over Sandy kneeling down and coming all over her face and chest, while holding her arms behind her head.

I dunno, is it the male performers who lack self esteem so much that they have to treat the girls like trash, or is it the directors telling them to do this shit because they're assuming that's what their audience wants to see? Again this scene had some heat, which was ruined by all the throat-grabbing and bullshit.

Scene 3:
Tamiry, D'Monez Portella, Don Picone.
Gagging, Nose pinching.

Tamiry has longish black hair, small breasts, a well grown bush up top and is stripped down to her fishnets by the time the two guys walk on set. One immediately starts groping her pussy, while the other grabs her head and throat-fucks her. She sucks the other guy, then throat- fucker again who decides to pinch her nostrils closed. She then rubs their dick heads together, then throat-fucker makes her gag on his cock. The other guy then starts to fuck her from behind.. and, you know what? I'm not going to waste a lot of effort in describing the action on this DVD in detail anymore if every scene is going to have a shitton of fucking choking and other bullshit in it.

They fuck in the usual assortment of positions with one guy fucking her while she sucks the other standing doggy, piledriver, some anal, cowgirl DP, anal gaping, guy jerks off in her face with an invisible load he should be ashamed of, the other guy does the same,. Weak. At least Tamiry looked like she tried.

Weak scene, even without the gagging, which just makes it weaker.

Scene 4:
Veronica Bella, Edu Costa, another guy.
Hey, no rough stuff!

Another Sepia-mix intro where Victoria Strips off. She has long straight hair, pretty face, navel piercing, small natural boobs and a tiny tattoo on her mid-tailbone, hidden by her g-string. She is still wearing her jean-skirt when the guys arrive, she starts by giving one guy a nice-looking blowjob as the other fingers both of her DP holes. The guy getting blown holds her hair back from her face, somehow managing to keep his hands off of Victoria's throat. Will this be true for the whole scene? I bloody hope so. As the BJ guy continues to get blown by Victoria, who now lays on her back, the secons guy eats her out, showing the first cunnilingus on this DVD. BJ guy then screws her missionary as she sucks his friend, then the other guy does. Doggy rotissarie for a bit, then cuts to a brief cowgirl DP already in progress, then to the RC-DP, back to doggy rotissarie (which looks like it was just edited from the previous shot, though the footage may have been fresh, then the fucking guy comes all over her butt while the sucking guy comes on her mouth and face.

Funny, this scene lacked the heat of some of the previous scenes, but at least there was no choking for a change.

Scene 5:
Crissy Cums, Van Damage, Sergio.

My first look at one of ADT's posters of recent times. Crissy has an attractive face, shoulder-length brown hair, medium-sized enhanced breasts with a ring through her right nipple and some visible stretch marks around the nipples when the camera zooms right in (go go DVD resolution!), pierced tongue, pierced clit hood. Like the other girls, Crissy starts off with a nice outfit on, but when the guys arrive onscene, she's not wearing it anymore anyway. Crissy's tease is allowed tro go on for much longer than is usual for this disc, or DP volumes in general.

When the boys turn up, we go straight into a back-and-forth-BJ on the couch, but Crissy quickly gets bent over and put into the rotissarie. After a few minutes, she swaps sides and Sergio (I think) is the fucker while VD is the suckee. Cut to Crissy on her back, sucking Sergio while Van Damage plows away in her butt missionary, then cut to a RC-DP already in action. After a few minutes we again cut to cowgirl DP in action, the guys plow away again for some time and we cut again to the cowgirl DP (which again looks to be out of sequence or almost looped, as in scene 4). We cut back to missionary in progress, as the guy fucking her pulls out and drops a big load on the couch and manages to get a smaller amount on Crissy's face, cut to the other guy pulling himself to come a weak watery bit of semen into Crissy's open mouth.

Crissy looks nice here, the guys manage to fuck her without choking or beating her up so it gets positives on both those points. On the other hand, the editing without regard ot sequence, the cuts straight into the middle of the action with no insertion shown makes the footage seem looped, and while Crissy smiles a lot during the scene, it lacked heat to me. the cuts straight into the middle of the action with no insertion shown makes the footage seem looped

Scene 6:
Jasmine Byrne, Brett Rockman, Chris Cannon.

Jasmine is on the bottom left of the front cover of the disc, and I have to say looks very nice indeed. Shaved pubes, clit piercing, natural breasts. She poses in the mix of colour and sepia that this volume is using for it's tease theme and after awhile brings out one of those ugly flesh-coloured double-penis dildoes that people presumably buy to DP themselves. Better yet, this one has a long white wire leading to the power box. So Jasmine shoves it up herself for a bit, then the guys show up, and she sucks them both off while the ugly dildo is inserted. Jasmine keeps her garter and stockings on for the sex. Cut to Jasmine kneeling and sucking both guys in turn, and thankfully the ugly dildo is gone. There's a bit of throat-fucking, but its done without the hostility and implied violence present in the earlier scenes. Finaly, Jasmine is bent over into the rotissarie for several minutes, then cowgirl as she sucks the other guy off, reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl DP that includes somehard anal pounding, Cut to RC-DP which nearly shows some insertion, but not quite. Unbfortunately, the guy on top's leg obscures our view of Jasmine's body in order to offer a clear view of the penetration, though the second shot following is one of pasty-man-ass, so I guess I should be happy with what I can get, eh?

Jasmine seems to be enjoying herself, and the performers are showing some sweat, so this scene has some plus points going for it. One guy screws Jasmine missionary while she sucks the other guy, and after a few minutes both guys come where they are, with a thick creamy load all over her pussy, and a weak watery load on her face.

For me the best scene of the disc. One hot girl and two guys that seemed to be into it, the ugly dildo disappeared quickly and was never seen again, and most importantly, no rough bullshit.

As is usual for DVSX releases, the whole video is pretty well-lit and well-shot. As is also usual for DVSX releases, it's overall an uneven DVD. The first three scenes containing rough crap really turned me off this disc - it's one thing for consenting adults to do what they want, but it's another thing to stick this shit in a DVD with no regard or warning for the consumer. If I wanted to watch that stuff, I'd seek it out. Since I don't want to watch that stuff, it pisses me off to no end when I find it. Especially when it just fucks up what was otherwise a good scene, such as Katsumi's.

Something else I'd really like to see improved in this series is that I really wish that they could portray the sex in a vaguely realistic light, with, you know, some insertion and movement footage rather than have the performers magically teleport from position to position. That stuff is always excised and occasionally a tiny bit ends up in the BTS, featuring the performers acting like people, smiling genuinely and laughing and stuff instead of making their fake "ooh, ahh" porn faces.

I'm torn between giving this DVD no stars because of the unannounced rough stuff, and just giving it a 5/10 as the average of the scenes. It's a shame, since it could have been so much better with the female cast assembled here...

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