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bono-ONE Double Parked 12 3.5 starsDouble Parked 12 3.5 starsDouble Parked 12 3.5 stars
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Double Parked 12

Double Parked 12

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Anal
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scipio's ratings for Double Parked 12:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Double Parked 12 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Double Parked 12 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Double Parked 12 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Double Parked 12 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Double Parked 12 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Double Parked 12 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Double Parked 12 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  9/26/2005
Double Parked 12 - Parking in Rear

Reviewed by scipio and Yoshi.

Dir: KK

BTS: A few amusing minutes of nondescript BTS stuff.
Solo Scenes: about 1min 45 of each girl masturbating.
Photo Gallery: A series of stills in autorun form. Just a shame the girls never look as good in the film as they do here. 3mins.
Hot Shots: Cumshot recaps for each scene, basically.
Internet Access: Web-enable this disc by outting it into your PC..
Trailers: Booty Central 7, Girls Interrupted 3, A Brotha's POV 2.

A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind. In the scene running times I start counting when the sex starts to happen, so I don't count the minute or two of tease that precedes it.

I keep reviewing these discs, because I do have a liking for the titular fetish of this series (DP's). But with these things it does seem to be very hit-or-miss. This edition of DP'ed is a real step down from the last edition, which was directed by Alex Ladd. All scenes feature DPs, none feature condoms. Anything else notable will be mentioned by scene.

Scene 1:
Jada Fire, Joel Lawrence, Sascha.

The scene starts out with Jada prancing on the couch while the editor plays with the B&W and solarising functions of his edit suite.

Jada is an attractive dark-skinned woman with big boobs and a pierced tongue, as well as braces. The guys quickly start fondling her and she briefly blows them both, but she's quickly put on the rotissarie and just as quickly they cut to cowgirl DP. A few quick cuts later and it's RC-DPP. Missionary/oral swapping between the guys. Jada's hot, but a little noisy with the fake OH FUCK YEAS. The scene ends with a double facial from the guys.

A decent start, if you like Jada, you'll like this scene.

Scene 2:
Ellen Saint, Dennis, Kid Jamaica.

Once agauin the idiot editor insists on wasting the tease footage with solarising and B&W, dropped frames/strobing. Well done. Ellen is a pretty blonde with nice-looking medium-sized breasts. One of the guys immediately starts looking for change up her twat while the other just gropes her generically, but we quickly move to the double-blowjob. One again these guys have no qualms with having their dicks rubbed together, as long as it's done by a girl. RC with oral, doggie rotissarie, oh yeah, oh yeah ohhh ummm, oh yeaah, and a bit of light ass-slapping. Cowgirl w/anal fingering w/oral, then cowgirl DP, then RC-DP, anal spoon w/oral, anal rotissarie and finally finished off with both guys on her mouth and face, and she thoughtfully rubs their dicks together as she gives both of them some post-cun head.

Ellen is cute, and looks good here, even though it's mechanical DP-sex-by-the-numbers. The dark guy (Kid Jamaica?) had a thick cock, and Yoshi was surprised that Ellen could fit it all up her ass, but fit it, she did!

Scene 3:
Myra, George Uhi, Dillon.

Hooray! Solarised and B&W-ed tease footage. Again. Myra's hair is Dark blonde, she has both a pierced navel and tongue, also a tiny nose stud and eyebrow piercing. Tattoo of some kind of tribal thing on her shoulder, and a completely shaved bush. Small breasts, which I normally don't like, but they look good on her.

We quickly jump to the double blowjob. This disc is more formulaic than Pierre Woodman's work. Does "KK" actually have a position checklist where he crosses them off as the performers move through them? Spoon rotissarie, cowgirl w/oral, anal doggy rotissarie, then RAC w/oral, then RC-DP, she blows them both, then we cut again to cowgirl DP. The guys have some realy bad tattoos happening. Anal rotissarie, sideways spoon w/oral, then the baby bird feeding position for the jerk-off double-popshots. The first dollop from the second guy lands on top of Myra's head, which is amusing.

Myra wasn't as appealing to either of us as Ellen or Jada at first, but has a kind of hot girl-next-door look to her that grew on me as the scene progressed. I'd like to see her in something directed by Jules or someone with more imagination. She'd be perfect for a Woodman era-Private film.

Scene 4:
Melissa Black, Jazz Duro, J.J.

More solarisation and B&W waste of most of the tease footage. Melissa is an average-looking blonde with small breasts, a pierced navel and a thick European accent "you want me talk to you the dirty?" The cameraman/director spends a few minutes groping her, and getting her to strip (we see that she has a bad tattoo of a cobra on her pubic bone, as well as a pierced clit hood) before the guys finally show up. And it's straight into the checklist: double-BJ, rotissarie, RC w/oral, fake moaning, RAC than RC-DP. Quick cut to cowgirl-DP, rotissarie, then one guy jerks off onto her face as the other keeps plugging away till he comes on her ass and pussy.

In a word, boring.

Scene 5:
Trinity, Joe Monti, Nick Manning (as seen on Hogan Knows Best!)
Light choking.

I want to smack this editor around the head. Trinity has dark hair, a slim body and a pair of store-bought canteloupes that might look decent if not for the expanse of chest in between them. Some kind of tattoo on her right shoulderblade. Anyway, the guys move in and she blows one while the other eats her out (the first cunnilingus I think I've seen in this disc!). We quickly change to doggy rotissarie, and really loud moaning and bellowing from all the parties involved. Perhaps she's giving birth? Cut to anal missionary w/oral (which actually looks quite good here, though the fake moaning spoils it a little). She tells us that she's coming, and immediately after we get some A2M, which is apparently a usual post-orgasm reaction from most women. We move to one guy shagging her from behind while she scks off the other guy, who holds her by the throat. No thanks. The british accent one guy has is also really annoying "a focking you're taking". Standing rotissarie doggy with more light choking. Get over it, guys. RAC with a bit gob of spit from her mouth to her gaping pussy, then RC-DP, cowgirl DP. Finally, baby bird jerk-off facials to end. A weak load from the first guy, and a thicker but dribbly load from the guy with the focking bad accent.

The scene could have been good, Trinity has potential, but the choking, gagging and really annoying yelling causes the mark from me to drop way, way down. Keep that shit segregated out of my regular porn, thanks.

Scene 6:
Tera Joy, Dennis, George Uhi.

More of the same shit from the editor. Tera has a thicker, European look to her face. Shoulder-length dark hair, nice-looking medium-large natural boobs, she also seems to have an accent. Pierced navel, shaved punanni. Anyway, the meat puppets enter and start groping and fingering her, and I wish that the director would STFU. While she sucks the other guy, the other looks for change, then fucks her doggystyle. Reverse cowgirl w/oral, cowgirl w/oral, which becomes cowgirl-DP and then a double BJ. RAC w/oral as she fingers herself, cuts to anal rotissarie, cuts to RAC w/oral ->RC-DP, some oral, then RC-DP again. She sucks and jerks both guys off onto her face and mouth and then licks and sucks them both for a good-looking finish.

Tera looks quite attractive and I'd call this the best scene of this rather formulaic DVD.

As is common, the whole video is reasonably well-lit and well-shot. The cuts throughout the video seems to be both too fast and disjointed, with no transitions, which made for a disjointred viewing experience. The introductory teases were ruined by the editor's solarization and B&W fetish. Most of the girls looked good, and while the nature of a themed (ie DP) disc means it will often be formulaic, most of the scenes here really did feel like they were checked off the boxes as we went along.

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