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aybesea Double O Blonde 3.5 starsDouble O Blonde 3.5 starsDouble O Blonde 3.5 stars
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Double O Blonde

Double O Blonde

Studio: VCA
Category:  Feature film , Interactive
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astroknight's ratings for Double O Blonde:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Double O Blonde overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Double O Blonde Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Double O Blonde Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Double O Blonde Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Double O Blonde Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Double O Blonde DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Double O Blonde A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  1/18/2003

NOTE: This review is for the standard Double O Blonde DVD, not the Voice Activated Double O Blonde DVD.

Running Time: 110 min.

Production Date: 5 / 2002

Director: Wit Maverick

Cast: Tawny Roberts, Sabrine Maui, Fujiko Kano, Cherie, Tiffany Mason, Wanda Curtis, Steve Hatcher, Cheyne Collins, Bunny Luv, Dayton, Chris Cannon, Chris Evans, T. J. Cummings, Ian Daniels, Antony Hardware, and Rick (Ricky Roberts) in sexual roles and Monica Mayhem, Evan Stone, Jim Holliday, George “Fozzi” Kaplan, and many others in non-sex roles

Initial Expectations: This one looks like a heck of a lot of fun. I’m going in with pretty high hopes.

Initial Reaction: It’s okay, but some of the execution didn’t do much for me.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting some fairly cheesy porn (in mostly the good way)

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting nastier sex or a well acted feature

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is clear and well balanced, but sometimes feels a little on the quiet side. There are a few spots that are dubbed, but it often works for the scene. The video is nicely lit throughout the feature, btu there are more than a few instances that look slightly blurry. Yes, there are a few minor shadows in the feature, but none of them feel out of place.

Music: The music has a bit of a mysterious feel, similar to what you’d find in a lot of spy movies. It rests extremely nicely in the background, and is so low that at times I had to deliberately listen for it to hear it (which I really liked).

Menus: As usual, the menus are pretty lackluster and generic. The main menu has a minimal amount of animation, although the chapter menu nicely integrates the scene breakdowns while showing a small clip of each scene and a normally fun title for each scene.

The Feature: The extremists are at it again. They’re not content managing their own lives and are out to take control of everybody else’s, especially in the bedroom. Their plans are getting nasty now, since they’re somehow able to catch people with their pants down at inopportune moments. The only person who can possibly save the world is secret agent Double O.

Dayton, who I think has been under contract with every company under the sun, starts things off with T. J. Cummings, the only bi male porn star that I know of that can regularly get a gig in straight porn, after they solve the big case. She immediately drops down to suck his schlong before trying to run upstairs. T. J. catches her on the steps, and eats her pussy as she lays back before boning her from behind. They keep things moving with a bit of cowgirl and missionary before he pulls out and sprays down Dayton’s boot. It’s a pretty good scene, but seemed a little mechanical at times. Knowing T. J.’s bi, I couldn’t help but think he’d rather be with a man than a woman throughout much of this scene.

Fujiko Kano takes on Steve Hatcher in the next scene. Fujiko, a cute Japanese girl who looks great in a kimono, drops to her knees to give Steve a little head before he gives her nipples and pussy a little oral attention. He has her remove her panties before she rides his cock reverse cowgirl style, and later takes her from behind. Finally, Steve spoons Fujiko before she sucks and tit-fucks him, and then lets him blast his ball butter onto her great boobs while playing with her pussy. It’s a pretty hot scene, but the editing didn’t do much for me. It often used close-ups to concentrat somewhere I didn’t want it to, and it held the scene back despite Steve and Fujiko seeming to have some great chemistry.

Chris Cannon takes on Sabrine Maui and Wanda Curtis next. The girls start off teaming up to give Chris’ manhood an oral inspection. They move on to ride him, with Wanda settling down on his cock while Sabrine rides his face. Chris continues to take turns with the girls, and neither of them is ever left out of the action. Wanda rides Sabrine’s face as Chris fucks her missionary style, and Sabrine gives Wanda some hard kissing as Chris fucks her from behind. Finally, Wanda goes down under to watch and lick Chris’ balls as Sabrine rides his cock, before Chris unloads his dick droppings in Sabrine’s mouth and on Wanda’s tits. It’s a pretty good scene that once again seems to have great chemistry. Unfortunately, there are very few decent distance shots, which is what really makes a scene for me.

Tawny Roberts tests out a new toy in the next scene as her supervisors watch. She starts out fully dressed with her fingers, strips down while working her pussy over a bit more, and finally works it over with the new gold vibe, all at the encouragement of her boss. The entire scene is edited a little different, and has the MTV video feel to it, complete with dubbed audio. It’s eye candy, but it’s good eye candy.

Cheyne Collins watches Bunny Luv, dressed as a sexy schoolteacher take on mistress Tawny Roberts, who looks absolutely smoking in a kind of schoolgirl fetishwear outfit, next. Tawny has Bunny spank her pussy with a crop before going down on it, and spanks and eats it on Tawny’s command. Bunny rides her mistress’ face next, at Tawny’s command of course, before fucking Tawny from behind with a jelly dildo. Sadly, the scene ends feeling like there’s much more to go. It’s a common problem with lesbian scenes, but seems much worse than usual here.

Cherie and Tiffany Mason take on Chris Evans and Antony Hardwood at an orgy next. The two couples stay together throughout the feature, but the girls do interact a little as they fuck. Cherie plays the nasty girl here, and lets her partner fuck her ass in a couple positions, before taking her partner’s guy goo on her nice ass and Tiffany takes a nice facial. This one didn’t do much for me in almost any way. Cherie seemed to like getting her ass fucked, which was easily the highlight of the scene, but it still didn’t do much.

Finally, Tawny puts on a tax collector disguise and goes after Cheyne Collins. She drops down to suck Cheyne off, rather than just bending him over and doing him from behind without even the benefit of lube like most tax collectors. She lets him go directly to fucking her bald beaver from behind, before riding him reverse cowgirl style and letting him pile driver her on the couch. Finally, Cheyne pulls out and decorates Tawny’s stomach and gives her a ball butter bush. It’s another pretty good scene that just didn’t do a heck of a lot for me due to the camera work. It never seemed to stop long enough to let me really enjoy what I was seeing, and rarely gave me angles I really wanted.

The feature of Double O Blonde is a good idea that seems like it should have come out pretty well, yet somehow didn’t. I watched this with a cold that had me barely able to think straight, figuring that a porno should be easy enough to follow in the state of mind I was in (plus Wit Maverick normally keeps me very entertained). I’m not sure, but I think part of my dissatisfaction with the title might have been that I could barely think straight and this was a fairly fast moving movie. Another part of the blame here I put on Tawny Roberts in the lead. She looks great in every scene of the movie and seems like she’s having fun, but also seems to have a hard time pronouncing and understanding words that are over three syllables long. Furthermore, the plot seemed a little forced and preachy at times, which never does anything for me even when it does have a few fun ideas in it. Finally, for the feature movie version, I didn’t really care for the editing and camera work during the sex. It often had an MTV-like editing style, which didn’t work at all for me, and brought down every scene with the help of way too many close-ups for my tastes. That isn’t to say that there isn’t any good sex here. Bunny Luv’s pairing with Tawny is easily the best in the feature, but was brought down by feeling cut off at the end. Fujiko Kano also looked like she was having an excellent time with Steve Hatcher, but never quite seemed to live up to its full potential. Despite these problems, I couldn’t help but feel that Double O Blonde would be better interactively. Something about the shortness of the plot segments and cheesiness of some of the non-sex portions just felt game-like, which would fit the interactive title better. Double O Blonde leaves a bit to be desired as a standard feature, but shows signs of great potential as an interactive title.

Extras: Once again, VCA pushes the limits a bit by giving multiple ways to view the movie. First, you can Join the Action, which lets you jump to FantaSex with Tawny at almost any time in the movie. Next, you can watch the movie in Wall to Wall mode, which gets rid of all the fast forward fodder. Finally, you can just do FantaSex, VCA’s interactive sex feature.

The Fantasex segments each last between one and two minutes, except for the noticeably shorter orgasm sequences, and have three degrees of heat or nastiness. There isn’t always that much of a difference between the three degrees of heat in the warmup areas, but Tawny pulls out the stops both in energy and trash talking in the hotter levels very nicely while fucking. As usual, you have the choice of oral pleasures between eating her pussy and having her suck your cock. You can also choose between fingering, fondling, and fucking Tawny with a toy to warm her up. Finally, you have your choice of how you want to fuck Tawny, as well as two angles for your viewing pleasure. You can fuck her missionary style, doggie style, cowgirl, or in the keister. As always you can choose to pop at any time, but unlike most virtual sex simulators, every pop shot here is a real one that Tawny directs to different parts of her body with naughty enjoyment. Throughout it all, Tawny plays nicely to the camera. Playing to the camera always seems like a hit or miss thing to me, but is important in a virtual feature, and something Tawny does pretty well. Tawny Roberts does a good job with her Fantasex outing.

There’s also a virtual date with Tawny. It’s basically an interview that lasts about four minutes. She talks about her hobbies, her past, her favorite foods, and of course, some sexy things and porn. It’s very heavily edited, giving it almost an MTV video feel, and might give some people a bit of motion sickness. It’s a pretty good interview that shows Tawny in a very positive light, but the editing does hold it back a little bit.

Trailers are included for Being with Juli Ashton and Touch Me. There’s also internet and contact information, as well as a cast list. Unlike most cast lists, which include mostly bios, this one only includes a bio and extra stuff for Tawny. The rest of the list is a scene breakdown and lets you jump to any scene based on a cast pairing. You’re given a chapter menu for Tawny, an audio bio, box covers for most of her VCA movies, a photo gallery with a dozen nice looking snapshots, and a two minute striptease. The tease lasts about a minute and three quarters, and is more teasing than stripping. As with the virtual date, it’s edited a bit on the heavy side, but I can’t complain too much about watching Tawny strip down.

Themes: Straight, inter-racial, tit-fucking, group, lesbian, masturbation, toys, fetish-wear, B&D, and anal

Raincoat Factor: Medium high

Overall: Currently, most of VCA’s regular releases can be found online for between about $18 and $25, with most stores offering them for about $20. I wouldn’t recommend picking this one up simply because the voice activated version should be coming out fairly soon. The movie itself is okay, with a typical porn plot, bad acting, and average sex. The technical aspects didn’t seem quite up to VCA’s normally high level, but they put some great extras on the disc. If you really need to see this one before the voice activated version comes out, rent it.

Note to VCA: You’ve got a good start to an interactive feature here. I’m not sure why, but I’m expecting it to look a lot better with the voice activated interactive feature.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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